Monday, August 12, 2013

Catherine Wagner interviews Rae Armantrout
Jane Austen on the ₤10 note?
The woman behind the Austen campaign
subjected to
Twitter threats & abuse
Twitter apologizes & takes action
Austen campaign brings out both
pride & prejudice
Kelly Clarkson
banned from taking
Austen’s ring out of UK
William Corbett’s
Elegies for Michael Gizzi
A view of Fanny Howe
from Martha’s Vineyard
33 reasons
not to date a small press publisher
Dumbing down conceptual writing
Kenneth Goldsmith deforesting the Amazon
In re the conceptual debate,
Marjorie Perloff weighs in
Robert Archambeau
on conceptualism being
charmless & interesting
Seth Abramson:
the most interesting thing about conceptualism
is that it doesn’t exist
Conceptualism vs. Art & Language
Johan Jönson’s soiled conceptualism
Tony Lopez
on the
Dublin Pound conference
Remembering Lise Sinclair
Talking with Maureen N McLane
A bio of Czeslaw Miłosz
‘Poland’s Sappho’:
Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzeska
The late poems of
Aleksander Wat
Digitizing a Homer mss. from 1059
The 100 best-selling
small press poetry books
of the decade thus far
Talking with Jim McCrary
Jean Daive:
from Narration of Equilibrium 4: W
Talking with Anne Waldman
Dangling Denglisch
Talking with Matthea Harvey
Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror:
first page of the original draft
© & the death of mid-century literature
Just how much quoting
is fair
in poetry & song?
Paul Hoover
on editing the Norton PoMo
Dutch Leonard in hospital after stroke
Sesame Street tries reality TV
Sons of Poetry
Who’s unhappy
@ Apple’s penalties?
Trade publishers
America’s largest library
used to be a Walmart
Jeff Bezos buys The Washington Post
What was Bezos thinking?
Bezos: I just clicked on the Post by mistake
5 myths about Jeff Bezos
(according to
the Washington Post)
Time’s former editor is “thrilled”
WashPo’s bad bet
The economics of journalism
Newspapers aren’t worth squat
Jane Yeh’s The Ninjas
Samuel Vriezen:
Beckett’s failure to fail
Endgame online
George Stanley:
a trailer for After Desire
Jeroen Mettes:
Political Poetry
23 people
who will make you care about poetry
in 2013
A list of things to ask yourself
when making a list of poets
23 poets
Flavorwire ought to be thinking about instead
Time spent reading?
USA ranks 23rd
What happened to Canadian literature?
Do a skipping beat & great
book production values
David Rakoff’s verse novel
good poetry?
Riot Grrrl reaches The Paris Review
(The ‘90s really are over)
Seth Abramson:
America, meet your poets
Robert Pinsky:
poetry for the verse averse
On being “too old” for Saul Bellow,
tho his junior by 40 years
Daisy Fried
@ a conference of laureates
ten years ago
Photos from Black Mountain College’s archives
What is a Compendium?
Parataxis, Hypotaxis &
the Question of the Book
The Ransom Center goes pop,
McSweeney’s archive
Vonnegut fan fiction
is legal
so long as Amazon controls it
Stephen King’s family business
Rob Wilson’s
Towards the Nuclear Sublime
Scarriet declares itself
anti-modern & pre-modern
The sounds of English
Poets with opinions
10 things emerging writers
need to learn
David Kirby reviews Adam Fitzgerald
in the NY Times
To love literature is necrophilia
My copier, my collaborator
The NY Times
goes all heteronymic
Shakespeare’s “dark lady”
Rowling’s law firm pays dearly
for having leaked
her authorship of
The Cuckoo’s Calling
The ten “best” writer-in-novel novels:
a very conventional list
John Updike’s
Lovely Troubled Daughters
Michael Robbins
feels benevolent toward song
Todd Swift:
The Wanted are not wanted
Remembering Paul Butterfield
The opening chord to
A Hard Day’s Night
Talking with Phill Niblock
Dylan’s portraits
@ the London National Portrait Gallery
Collectors in search of “comforting” art
The avant-garde should cheer up
Live from the grave of Andy Warhol!
Buy Local’
can apply to the arts
Detroit museum director:
too soon to panic
Schjeldahl apologizes
for his
Detroit gaffe
What Detroit art really needs
is a big can of Crisco
How does your economic reality
relate to your art practice?
Nelson Shanks @ the Michener
Bacon’s brushes are up for sale
Glasgow School of Art
threatens street artist
with expulsion, deportation
Building a major art collection
on a limited budget
A gallery of the forged
Basil King:
Painter & poet
Balanchine & the Lost Muse
Paul Szilard has died
How not to get ahead in the Viennese orchestra:
be an Asian woman
Scott Scheidly’s The Pinks
& of course
What now for Jeffrey Deitch?
ReadyMades in the Social Sphere:
Talking with
Daniel Peltz
The return of Doug Wheeler
“Critics” don’t explain
The Lone Ranger’s
rotten tomatoes score of 28%
Bad art is definitely bad,
scientists say
Poverty is good for the arts,
it says here
Dear Herbert, Dear Teddy:
Marcuse – Adorno correspondence
Slavoj Žižek: The Great Pretender
“A frightful hobgoblin stalks through Europe”
Edward Snowden is not the story
The politics of privacy,
the privacy of politics
George Saunders
on failures of kindness
Jack White Flight:
hipsters flee Oakland