Monday, July 22, 2013

Rita Dove’s Trayvon, Redux
Fanny Howe: Yellow Goblins
Amy King on Po-Biz --Part 2 takes on Perloff’s elitism
Perloff on Allen Ginsberg
Celebrating Anselm Hollo
Steve Benson As Is
Zeyar Lynn:
innovative poetics in Burma
Lawrence Upton’sCommentaries on Bob Cobbing
Rae Armantrout on Fanny Howe
Remembering Ruth Stone
Ashbery’s Pasternak(part one) (part two)
Jed Rasula on Charles Bernstein
Charles Bernstein on Charles Reznikoff
Blake’s cottage is for sale

Beckett mss. for Murphy
sells for ₤962,500
The the
5 forms of obsolete paper
Marilyn Nelson on Badger Clark
Aram Saroyan on Robert Duncan’s The HD Book
The NY Times discovers chap books
Ugly Duckling’s free digital proofs program
The Quantum of Kerouac
David Charbonneau:Amiri Baraka’s
‘thinking’s gone rancid’
Emily Warn:
The King and the Seer
The job of a poetry magazine
A map tracking
100,000 Poets for Change

events in over 100 countries
& the opportunity to add yours
Katie Heim’s
If My Vagina was a Gun
not a big hit with Texas GOP
Iquo Eke’s Symphony of Becoming
Apple guilty of e-book price-fixing
B&N CEO resigns
The price of Amazon
Reasons to link to Amazon
Amazon warehousesworse than coal mines
Authors should engage
indie booksellers
Kay Ryan: Salvations
Eric Wayne Dickey’s
Forgive Me, Tiny Robots
Amanda Byrnes:
Selfie in a Convex Mirror
17,826 words long
Librarian wanted
to look after the Queen’s
125,000 books
(Deadline to apply: July 22)
Arthur Sze on Walt Whitman
David Rakoff’s
last project,
a verse novel in
anapestic tetrameter,
is published
Merrill Gilfillan in the Midwest
Marilyn Chin on Bessie Smith
Danny Snelson
on the value of archives
How the great train robber
became a writer
While other bookstores close,Diesel expands
The secret to a successful  bookstore?
The smell of chocolate
Tope Folarin
wins the Caine Prize
for African Writing
Random Penguin is born!
David Raikes,
WW2 bomber poet,
finally laid to rest
Charles Harper Webb on Richard Garcia
Neruda’s remains
to be tested in Spain
Who wrote this?
Neruda or Taylor Swift
Lorca in Bushwick
From Canterbury this poem wends
Remembering Wislawa Szymborska
The Michael Hoffman effect
Angela Merkel
shitstorm into the German dictionary
Female writers pick their favorite books
boom in poetry
Edward Hirsch on William Carlos Williams
Donald Wellman on Peter O’Leary
5 forgotten classics worth revisiting
PEN 2013 literary awards:
judges & shortlists
JK Rowling is not amused
Not bad, sez the NY Times,know that it knows who’s who
How a linguist cracked Rowling’s code
Other authors with pseudonyms
Nikky Finney on Margaret Walker
Talking with Susan Sontag
JD McClatchy on Walt Whitman
Is literature dead,
or just to straight white guys

with Bad New England educations?
The complete short stories
of James Purdy
Ancient writing on Chinese axes
Amy Gerstler on James Tate
Loving Fay Weldon
NSA spying leads to surge in typewriters
Howard Moss to Elizabeth Bishop
Gerald Stern on Samuel Greenberg
Roger Ebert on poetry
Laura Kasischke on Randall Jarrell
The Great American Novel: 9 candidates(Mario Puzo?!?)
Sharon Olds on Lucille Clifton
Flaubert’s ‘Gueuloir’
Valente’s Artaud
Harry E Northup’s
Memory and Fire
10 great books
based on other books
Rhina P Espaillat on César Sánchez Beras
Debunking the origin of ‘upset’
Donald Hall on Richard Wilbur
Alicia Ostriker on Emma Lazarus
Daniel Nester’s ex-bosses
Faulkner estate
loses © suit
to Woody Allen
A selfie promo campaign
for Chris Kraus’

I Love Dick
Remembering James Dickey
Maya Lin’s
Disappearing Bodies of Water:
Arctic Ice
Art execs who make over $1M
(not a typo)
Hirshhorn chair resigns over infighting
China closes Kenny Goldsmith Museum
Dealer in abstract expressionist fakes
is busted
With Detroit bankrupt,
is DIA at greater risk
Some art belonging to WCW
goes to the WTC
Rubber Ducky, you’re the one
When in Manchester, Do it!
You are your brand
NY art after Bloomberg
John Hightower has died
Rijksmuseum acquires
earliest American landscape
(Jan Mostaert, 1535)
Zoe Strauss’ monument
to the values of
Homestead, PA
The Arbus twins
The death of photography
has been greatly exaggerated
John Yau on Phillip Allen
And on John Cronin
Susan Bee: Out the Window
10 facts about Artemisia Gentileschi
Horace Pippin:
See that my grave is kept clean
The big Oops:$20K of comics used for papier-mâché
Nick Carone in Jackson Pollock’s house
Rossetti masterpiece for sale
The fear of unfinished art
8 online series
focus on art
And in the 1980s
When the tax bureaucrats
decide that you are not
a ‘professional’ artist
Amanda Palmer:
Dear Daily Mail
Gone too soon:
Toshi Seeger

dies at 91
Outing Stravinsky
Wagner & the Edda
Russia sacks the Bolshoi’s head
Ballet is like porn
Willy Tsao & dance in China
The impact of Ballets Russes
The financial reality
of being a 
tenured prof
(now try the same financial costs
on an adjunct’s pay – sans
medical benefits)
Rebecca Solnit:
Letter to 
Edward Snowden
Nonsite politics in Detroit
Underground Las Vegas