Thursday, May 09, 2013


I’m with language
Amiri Baraka
doesn’t like Angles of Ascent:
A Norton Anthology of
Contemporary African American Poetry
A response to Baraka
Talking with Bhanu Kapil
A terrific new poem from
j/j hastain
Eileen Myles:
Painted Clear, Painted Black

Judicial activism, fair use
& the
arts of appropriation
Mr Brainwash’s
brain-dead © defense
UK’s Instagram act:
pushing © to the breaking point
Chris Nealon:
The Prynne Reflex
Jordan Davis on Charles North
Barrett Watten:
Dream of a Post-Soviet MLA
Gender-flipping book covers
Enemies of the South:
a festival of collaboration
Talking with Tan Lin
Fact-checking Daisy Fried
Kyle Schlesinger on recent broadsides
Sarah Ehlers on Martha Millet
Roberto Bolaño: Mexican Manifesto
An explosion of laureates
Pynchon in public day!
A tour of 707 Scott Street
Talking with Vincent Katz
about Black Mountain College
Talking with Benjamin Alire Sáenz
Ashbery wins a Bloomie
The return of Molly Bloom
Nia Davies’ Then Spree
Talking with Kate Durbin
Suffragist poetry in the new Northwest
The QWERTY myth debunked
A month of poems
Pew Fellows
(I was April 23)
Plus the same from
The Rumpus
Talking with Mónica de la Torre
how to perform a funeral
The dedication of Huffstickler Green
When worlds collide:
Aleksandar Hemon
Talking with Hemon
Tiny libraries
bring books to the people
Talking with a man
who created
15,000 libraries
The Library of Congress,
hamstrung by budget cuts,
can’t keep up
Brooklyn Public Library
faces a 36% cut --
act now!
Library fines are a life lesson
An alternative to Goodreads
What Borders still owes & to whom
The “Marketplace Fairness
(anti-Amazon, anti-Ebay)
Act sails through the Senate
Talking with Tyrone Williams
Natasha Trethewey still matters
Matter matters, monthly
New Yorker
writes the King James Bible
The new Sylvia Plath
F Scott Fitzgerald:
Bernice Bobs Her Hair
What makes Gatsby great?
Gatsby’s over-the-top lushness
makes narrative sense
To be or not to be,
that is Leo’s
How to speak Dothraki
Corrected Slogans:
Reading & Writing Conceptualism
Talking with Vanessa Place
I is not a Subject
Vanessa Place: making money
Eunoia is not an acceptable word
Canadian poets go digital
The poetry of Al Bundy
Poems don’t need deeper meanings
Graphology – it’s a French thing
5 new poems by Simon Perchik
Talking with Dan Beachy-Quick
William Burroughs’ daily routine
3 poems by Nura Yingling
10 words about love
don’t exist in English
Talking with Toril Moi
Attractions of the book club
Mnemonics of everyday life
The poetics of immersion
Baudelaire changed my life
The most well-read city in America
is filled with politicians
Poetry: a value-added investment
Pynchon’s Inherent Vice
starts filming
Geoffrey G O’Brien: Thanatopsis
Talking with Jena Osman
Joel Lewis:
a poem containing history
(also card tricks)
Talking with Brian Teare
4 poems from David McAleavey
Bellow’s boys bellow
Rachel Webster
makes the past a destination
Robert Archambeau:
Who is a contemporary poet
Kate Schapira on Ana Božičević
Margaret Atwood: against poetics
Gerald Stern on PBS
A quote female poet’s touch unquote
Stewart Home
& the literature of revenge
Talking with Home
5 books that will make you forget
Fifty Shades of Whatever
But Fifty Shades
is good for the book trade
Talking with Anis Shivani
Claire Messud: What kind of question is that?
How to find a book
Items in Hemingway’s Cuba home
head to JFK Library
Stein’s translations of Vichy’s Pétain
Gertrude Stein as a sandwich
(hats off to Franklinstein)
Talking with Calvin Bedient
Haiku for Mars
Academics’ letter
protesting education changes
bad-grammar award
Susan Howe on Stevens & poetics
Howe’s Sorting Facts:
Or Nineteen Ways of Looking at
Chris Marker
Joyce’s sketch of Leopold Bloom
12 or 20 questions with Dan Thomas-Glass
Talking with Robert Bly
Talking with Lynn Xu
The final pilgrimage of Craig Arnold
Talking with EJ McAdams
13 words & phrases
that need to return
Talking with Dan Chelotti
Correcting Anne Brontë’s grave error
Everything you need to know
about the
Desmond Elliott Prize
The Miles Franklin short list
is all women
A PEN award for Philip Roth
DeLillo receives
Library of Congress prize
Shane McCrae: Essay on Feedback
Publisher bets
on ‘
big collectible books
Text- vs film-based mental images
Middle Earth
Talking Taxi Driver with Harry E Northup
Bollywood mirrors Indian realities
A Google doodle for Hitchcock
NY Times obit for Herbert Blau
Seattle Times obit for Blau
Richard Foreman’s Old-Fashioned Prostitutes
A discography of Jayne Cortez
For sale:
lyrics to an unrecorded
Bob Dylan song
Mermaid Avenue:
the boxed set
Anthony Braxton & William Parker
among this year’s
Doris Duke Artists
Pavarotti’s UK debut
NY Times notices the death finally
Janos Starker
Cedric Brooks has died
BBC’s A Poet in New York
Dylan Thomas
Barbara Kruger’s Supreme Court
John Yau gets colorful
A Louvre to the north
I was the Chinese Girl
Is Chicago ready for William Pope L.?
Ivan Sigal’s White Road
Barry Schwabsky:
NYC 1993
Versus, say, 1963
Can China save
Britain’s art galleries
Toot sweet, Magritte
In defense of the artist’s statement
The Gramsci Monument
in the Bronx
A mural by Ellsworth Kelly
returns to Philadelphia
Pennsylvania man
busted for NY art theft
Seeking visibility for China’s art
Don’t worry, be happy
The Dude abides
on the other side
of the lens
The best-kept secret
the Chicago art world
is a b-school?
Urs Fischer:
the raw & the overcooked
In search of Serra’s Shift
Demolition Derby
the MoMA
Nicholas Nixon:
4 sisters every year for 36 years
Christine Keeler’s photo
still transgressive
50 years later
How Greek statues really looked
Learjet turns to
abstract expression
to celebrate its 50th birthday
Your sexts can be art
Punk this!
Dancing with Marina Abramovic
Le terroriste Nijinsky
Ada Louis Huxtable
& the fate of New York
Happy 200th, Søren
Having a body vs. being a mind
Jasper Bernes & Joshua Clover:
What was neo-liberalism?
Jaron Lanier:
Who Owns the Future?
A profile of Daniel Dennett
Anti-MOOC sentiment @ San Jose State
Outsourcing grading to Bangalore
Now you can major in porn
The darling of the Hollywood right
ain’t who he said he was
The Volta
continues to be stunning

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