Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Talking with Nate Mackey
Laura Sims on David Markson
(in two parts)
John Deming on Rae Armantrout
Christian Wiman looks at God
Nate Klug
on the intersection of poetry & theology
Dawn Lundy Martin: poetry as articulation
Edward de Grazia,
who gave us all the freedom to read
& to publish,
has died
Tom Devaney is awake

David Meltzer:
Impossible Music / 3 [Tracking]
Wikipedia puts women novelists
at the back of the bus
Ron Charles on VIDA
Claire Messud has her own ideas
Lynn Melnick on authenticity
Poets take over MoMA
Kevin Varrone, normalizing language
10 TED talks on language
Shanna Compton on making
My work as translated by Google Voice
Janet Holmes: Not everyone should write poetry
Rob Fitterman: Failure
Christian Bök reads Darren Wershler-Henry
The case of the stolen poem
(he should have called it a conceptual intervention)
US Court of Appeals:
appropriation is fair use
Stephen King
doing serious good
up in Maine
Jenny Browne has it in mind
Literary Brooklyn
Whitman to Lethem
Edwidge Danticat
wins the grand prize
of the Writers of the Caribbean
(in French)
Talking with Anselm Berrigan
Celebrating Ronald Johnson in Kansas
On the anagram in Ronald Johnson
Adrian Matejka,
boxing with the difference
between poet & persona
Kurt Vonnegut gets political
Recalculating Recalculating
Gaddis’ skin
Roger Reeves:
A reading list for a quietist
school of surrealism
Dan Brady on poetry & profit
Beckett, Joyce & the anxiety of influence
Emilia Phillips:
should poems stand alone?
Oliver de la Paz on metaphor
Sounding Shakespeare
Talking with Merlinda Bobis
Instructions for living
taken from fiction
Talking with Graham Foust
C Violet Eaton, reading & talking
Talking with Elizabeth Cohen
Self-publishing is for control freaks
Here comes KALQ to take on Qwerty
Carrie Oeding on whimsy
Talking with Bella Li
Larry Sawyer:
After a Painting  by Leonora Carrington
William Zinsser:
reading with one’s ears
Susan Wheeler on the day job
Gish Jen’s Tiger Writing
Noah Eli Gordon reading signs
Talking with Kirby Olson
Gregory Corso
& more
Talking with Farrah Field
Before there was Fox News,
there was
Ezra Pound
Secret codes left by
Portugal’s expelled Jews
Emory & Henry gets
a poetry collection
Covering Gatsby
Gatsby is selling like hotcakes
EM Cioran’s F Scott Fitzgerald
James Salter’s All That Is
Talking with Marguerite Yourcenar
Sarah Mangold, finding time to write
Talking with Jonathan Franzen
John M Bennett’s The Spitter
translated into ASL
Timothy Donnelly on the egotistical sublime
Trying to ban the ‘pornographic”
Diary of Anne Frank
Seth Abramson’s HuffPost review of poetry
(in 2 parts)
Putting away the kids’ books
Cornelius Eady on poetry & music
Talking with Caroline Kennedy
(registration required)
Miriam Bird Greenberg
on poetry & travel
Making the most of MOOCs
© infringement
& the strategy of
artists into submission
Updating laws on email privacy
Conservative culture minister:
the arts must pay
Talking with Blanka Zizka
Monarchy as performance art
Making classical music pay
Making The Commitments into a musical
Painting as noun & verb
Why William Eggleston
is the world’s greatest
John Yau on Joe Zucker
Maya Lin @ the Pace
Barrett Watten: Constructivist Poland
Carol Bove:
from the Emeryville mudflats to Highline Park
Forgotten photos of Andy Warhol
Domingo Zapata goes direct
Swimming with Eric Fischl
Kenny Scharf
on going 31 years between busts
for graffiti
Writings on the wall:
paintings in the basement
Late Monet & corporate art
Contemporary female artists
from the
Arabian Mediterranean
Robert Filliou in Leeds
A strong Turner field
Blame David Hockney:
Francesco Clemente works on an iPad
The “real” Karl Marx
Borges & Heisenberg,
Zeno & Kant
Heidegger speaks
Top 10 tech innovators
in the academy
Al Filreis
Discovering what dark matter is
could be a century away
26 things Jon Snow knows nothing about