Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Erín Moure:
translating Tarzan
Maria Damon:
Cross-Stitch Poetry
Orson Welles interviews Isidore Isou
on Lettrism & sound poetry
Fanny Howe: Three Persons
Marilyn Nelson, Claudia Rankine & CD Wright
become chancellors of the Academy of American Poets
Foundation for Contemporary Arts awards
Beverly Dahlen & Robert Grenier
Ben McFall,
the oracle of Strand Books

Richard Blanco, inaugural poet
Talking with Richard Blanco
Poetry for presidents
Fear of poets
A Raymond Roussel website
All of Roof
Close-reading aloud:
Bill Berkson’s Signature Song
The lonesome death of
The Partisan Review
Looking for Bill Knott
Sylvia Plath’s secret book
Charles Bernstein:
the kind of poetry I want
Talking with Don Share,
Memphian of Denmark
Don Share: glutton for poetry
The Greek cult of Kiki Dimoula
Elena Fanailova’s Lena and Lena
Harry Northup on laureates & power
Talking with Eileen Myles
Has the e-book bubble burst?
A war of definitions:
what is a
Musical scores as visual poetry
Wendell Berry on gay marriage
Who comes in
when your publishing house
is $3 billion
(not a typo) in debt
Julian Talamantez-Brolaski:
3 poems from Advice for Lovers
Wilderness House
says no to the Pushcart
Talking (in the New Yorker) with Michael McClure
Paradise Road:
Dean Moriarty’s old nabe
is full of juice bars
William Burroughs, Scientologist
Allen Ginsberg, photographer
Siduri Beckman:
Philly’s Youth Poet Laureate
Itō Hiromi:
cooking & poetry
NY Times obit for Jayne Cortez
Sheila Heti:
how should a writer
Michael Schiavo:
first notes on ‘spheric meter’
Christian Wiman to leave Poetry
Coping with bookshelf chaos
Maxine Kumin:
How I got serious
Bob Grumman
on poetry & math in
Scientific American
Casting the lead for the Ron Silliman story
I read “Carbon” from The Alphabet
The poems of Paz
Kitasono Katue:
3 poems from Black Fire
The big bang of prose poetry
The Memoirs of JonBenet by Kathy Acker
by Michael DuPlessis
Ilya Kaminsky in Celania
The meaning of John Ashbery
Ritsos in exile
Longenbach’s Keats vs Nicholas Roe’s
Self reads Borges
Orwell, the style cop
Prison poetry in Oregon
Should you go to the Iowa Writers Workshop
Saving the whistling language
Silbo gomera
Yet another kerfuffle over creaky voice
Repurposing anthimeria
New voices in Mennonite poetry
David Foster Wallace among the Mennonites
Sharon Olds on Stag’s Leap
Poetry & Gunsmoke
Jill Magi on Evie Shockley
Swimming with Jim Harrison
The January Poetry is the “takedown” issue:
Michael Robbins on Dylan Thomas
Jason Guriel on
e.e. cummings
Laura Kasischke on Wallace Stevens
Peter Campion on
DH Lawrence
Daisy Fried on Baudelaire
Ange Mlinko on
Elizabeth Bishop
Natasha Trethewey:
Poetry showed me I wasn’t alone
Margaret Atwood on George Orwell
Poe’s mystery visitor
comes nevermore
(not since David Franks died)
The short list for the last Man Asia
A novelist & his brother
sell out Carnegie Hall
Philip Roth:
it’s all over but the marketing
Max Schwartz has died
Salman Rushdie & Joseph Anton
David Kirby on
the lectures of
Mary Ruefle
The book trade
looks ahead
Ditto for poetry
1,000-year-old manuscripts
from the caves of Afghanistan
Love the typewriter:
the workspace of
Harry E Northup
Stephen Burt on Lucy Perillo
The bar on book trailers keeps going up:
Styron’s letters
NYRB turns 50
(it doesn’t look a day under 100)
Libraries find
few are using the books
Librarians of the twitterverse
Quotes about poetry
30 under 30: women photographers
Top concerns while
degrading myself for art
Schwitters in England
Eddie Johnson:
the value of the little-known artist
(as the article itself put it
before the NYT copy-editors
vandalized the text)
Nayland Blake on
No prem for
Indiana Love sculptures
Marcel Duchamp,
grandpa of the avant
The quiet in Cage
Robert Morris on
50 years of the
Judson Dance Theater
John Yau on Hiroshi Sugimoto
Jorge Selaron dies on his own steps
Cordy Ryman’s subversive formalism
Censoring Kara Walker
Barry Schwabsky on Ian Wallace
Diego Rivera turns up on
Antiques Roadshow
Black Cake at Team Gallery
Žižek: the opera
David Bowie & the late lyric
Siegfried Kracauer, early film critic
Nagisa Oshima has died
Michael Mack’s
Conversations with My Molester
The Iliad as mush
Taraf’s troubles
Where cease & stop go their separate ways
Christopher Hitchens:
from socialist to neocon
Burning Man time lapse
The delights of disgust
Why young-girl theory?
What should we be worried about?
Rebooting graduate education in the humanities
(i.e., it’s not about teaching if there are no jobs)