Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Marilyn Hacker on Adrienne Rich
Katie Degentesh:
Legitimate and illegitimate poems
Why typing Ashbery’s “The Instruction Manual” is a good thing
Robin Tremblay-McGaw’s SF reading report
Sean Bonney:
rewriting Baudelaire & Rimbaud
Roberto Calasso: My Baudelaire
La Folie Baudelaire

Homophonics translations of Andrews’ Fractura into English
Martha Ronk: No Sky
A feature on Pinay poets edited by Barbara Jane Reyes
Kent Johnson, Frank O’Hara & the question of author/ity
Talking with Andrea Selch
Stephen Burt on ways to the new
Gifts for the Beat wannabe that has everything
Some unfinal thoughts on ModPo
One class, 36,000 students
The end of the world as we know it?
the view from the
Paris Review
Mergermania is destroying the trade publishers
Handicapping the LA laureate race
Eloise Klein Healy is LA’s first poet laureate
Artemis in City Hall
A new laureate for Belfast, Maine
Signage underground
The Shire in Milwaukee
Graham Foust: The Good Historian
Vonnegut’s rules for reading fiction
CS Giscombe: Reading Denzel Washington
Garlands & mud for Mo Yan
The reluctant Nobel laureate
Why Mo Yan?
Is censorship ‘necessary’?
Muerong Xuecun challenges China’s censors
Judith Butler & the cause of the Other
Alan Moore’s Neonomicon banned in SC
The essays of TR Hummer
Four weddings & a haiku?
Children as absurdists
How to create suspense
This year’s NEA fellowships for poetry
The dictionary of scandal vs.
scandal of dictionaries
The OED as a global dictionary
The most “looked up” word of 2012:
socialism & capitalism?
Geoffrey Pullum: who’s whom?
Sianne Ngai lives in “interesting” times
Language & the problem of unicorns
Amy King: One Bird Behind One Bird
Ian McEwan: still reading poetry
Ecopoetics from Antler to Forrest Gander
The lure of the writer’s cabin
Let’s publicize
just how weird
Publisher Weekly’s Person of the Year
selection is
The LA Times list of poetry books for Xmas
Lots of comics but no poetry in
WashPo’s “best books” of 2012 list
Talking with Thaisa Frank
A Grant Souders sampler
Random House staff gets bonuses
Talking with James Franco
Mark Strand is Almost Invisible
Pacino rescues Mamet
Nancy Huston wins the Bad Sex award
Edmund White on writing good sex
A Wrinkle in Time:
the graphic novel
Doug Messerli on John Hurt
in Krapp’s Last Tape
When Beckett
drove André the Giant to school
Jonas Mekas:
scenes from an extraordinary life
Joyce reviews Ibsen
Danny Boyle vs. Shakespeare
Taking Shakespeare out of the curriculum
Trisha Brown is retiring
Who owns the choreography?
Where are the black ballet dancers?
China looks at British Modernism
Dancing with Duchamp
Inventing abstraction
Raphael’s stock rises
Praising Andy Warhol
Corcoran will stay put
Ronald McDonald on the cross
sparks investigation
The Hermitage
NY Times obit for Spain Rodriguez
Europe cuts back on public art
Robert C Jackson painting The Critic
Pollock @ 100
Miami’s other art fair
Sebastião Salgado: photographing the Nenets
Talking with Alice Hope
A lifetime of work destroyed at Westbeth
Niemeyer dead @ 104
NY Times obit for Dave Brubeck
NPR obit
Brubeck’s innovation
Charles Rosen has died
A guide to Philip Glass
Cuba bans reggaeton
Taking MIT’s Media Lab to the Motor City
Michael Bérubé on the crisis in the humanities
Who needs the Constitution?
Slut label refuses to die