Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Tony Lopez: Weymouth Sands
Cheyenne Nimes: Index & Rest Stop
GOP targets little magazines as “government waste”
Poetry turns 100
Tyrus Miller on Jackson Mac Low’s The Pronouns
Erín Moure: Translation is a performance
Poets, artists honor Al-Mutanabbi Street

Lucille Clifton: good enough to survive a Collected Poems
Sianne Ngai’s Our Aesthetic Categories: Zany, Cute, Interesting
Amy King: a suite of ekphrastic poems
Some works from The Last Vispo Anthology
Intro to Chicago Review’s AR Ammons feature
Talking not with Lyn Hejinian, but about her
10 images for Hejinian’s My Life
Chinua Achebe on writing Things Fall Apart
A profile of Linda Butare Mulira
Alexander Davidov & Ilya Kutik on the future of Russian writing
(in Russian)
Mo Yan’s creative space
Sabina Knight on NPR on Mo Yan
More views on Mo Yan
Will Mo Yan increase Chinese tourism?
Midwest Poets Series puts KC on the map
Charles Bernstein: High Tide at Race Point
Remembering Philip Whalen
In which I’m numero 41
Roy Fisher’s Selected Poems
Joyce Johnson’s chronicle of Jack Kerouac
Bernadette Mayer: close-reading aloud
John Olson’s Larynx Galaxy
Rabble: derek beaulieu:
All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy
Why Ferlinghetti turned down a €50,000 prize
Kenny G wins an ASAP for 2011 (how ASAP is that?!)
Mantel gets a 2nd Booker for the mantle
Man dumps the Man Asian prize
Mitt Romney & conservative poetry
David Foster Wallace at his best & worst
Grolier’s current best-seller list
Libraries as architecture
Hervé Guibert’s The Mausoleum of Lovers
Tom Devaney: Rear Window
Jena Osman’s The Network
Cole Swensen: from Landscapes on a Train
Talking with Yiyun Li
Naomi Shihab Nye wins children’s book award
Kafka archives will go public
An RTÉ exhibition on Paddy Kavanagh
Talking with Salman Rushdie
Chris Kraus’ Summer of Hate
Georges Perec’s The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise
Talking with Mary Oliver
Michael Hartnett, rescued, repaired, returned
Tom Clark: Phil Whalen in Bolinas
2 books by Cathy Park Hong
Borrowing from Salinger again
The mystery of Orwell
JR Coetzee: when is a door just a door?
Puns & their relation to the unconscionable
50 Shades: S&M for the rest of us
The language is science, the style is Faulkner
Why the F-bomb needs to stay loaded
Ben Lerner’s Leaving the Atocha Station
Creativity ‘entwined’ with mental illness
Philip Levine & the Dodge Poetry Festival
EL Doctorow: A Writer in the Family
The 2 careers of Shel Silverstein
A familiar tone to the trailer for Lemony Snicket
John Malkovich & Julian Sands do Harold Pinter
A coffee (& kitchen) table anthology from Kevin Young
Weird words won’t win
Neil Gaiman, Lemony Snicket et al read Coraline
Gone too soon: Gil Scott-Herron
Fela Kuti’s commune becomes a heritage site
Reconsidering Yoko Ono
A celebration of Ai Weiwei in London
After Photoshop @ the Met
Art: blood sport of the 1%
The greatest artist of our time – George Lucas?
Lichtenstein’s Cord turns up 40 years later
Lichtenstein @ the National Gallery
Main Line artists: Mary Cassatt & Violet Oakley
Video of the Rotterdam art heist
Schwitters’ Merz Barn faces closure
Universities are vast copy machines
Michael Bérubé: why I resigned the Paterno chair
Reagan, Hoover & their obsession with UC Berkeley
A VIDA for British journalism
Academic men explain things to me
Quotation magnets
The I Ching: A Biography
What is a Brony?