Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free Pussy Riot now!

Prosecutor demands 3 years for Pussy Riot

Yekaterina Samutsevich’s closing statement

Pussy Riot compares Putin to Stalin

Inside the trial

Everything you need to know about Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot: No matter what the verdict is, we’ve won!

5 reasons why Pussy Riot has already won

No one can steal our inner freedom

Yoko Ono & Amnesty International: Free Pussy Riot!

Bundestag pols support Pussy Riot

Žižek on Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot & the 2 Russias

Artist fined over Pussy Riot icons

Between conservatism & conceptualism

Queer poets write to their younger selves:
Eileen Myles Dawn Lundy Martin Ching-In Chen Ely Shipley Stacy Szymaszek Timothy Liu

CAConrad is working to create a Poetry Hotel

Peep / Show always appears in increments: here is the intro

Message in a bottle

Poets’ prose: Lisa Robertson & Roger Farr

21,000 students are signed up to take this course in Modern American Poetry

Philip M Parker makes the ‘uncreative’ writing of Goldsmith, Place et al seem positively Victorian

The history of pulping books

The poetry of Marilyn Monroe

The latest photo of Emily D

Armantrout on Dickinson

Alice Walker, Sonia Sanchez & Ruby Dee on Zora Neale Hurston

Joanne Kyger on Richard Brautigan

Harriet on the New Orleans fiasco

Google: © will impact search results

Mary Jo Bang’s Inferno

Talking with Zheng Min

Archives of the Poetry & Revolution Conference

The ethics of reading

David Antin & Charles Bernstein

Robert Hass’ What Light Can Do

Carla Billitteri on James Wagner

Why are there no poets on this list?

What’s in your post-avant-garde toolbox?

A playground named for William Burroughs?

12 or 20 questions with Andrew McEwan

The whole 12 or 20 archives: (first series) (second series) (third series)

Reviewing new Canadian poetry

Conceptualism: Canada & Russia

Reviving Thomas Browne

300,000 titles in Larry McMurtry’s Last Book Sale

28 ways to promote bookstores (some great ideas here)

10 reasons why we should save St Marks Bookshop

Remembering Eleanor Ross Taylor

Talking with Charles Plymell

Cole Swensen’s Stele

More criticism, less liking, please

The mystery poem

Maureen N McLane’s My Poets

The Form of Forms

The 10 most difficult books ever

Sundance to fund BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez

S/N: New World Poetics: 3

The 23rd National Poetry Slam arrives in Charlotte

More on baseball & poetry

& basketball & poetry

Jerry Rothenberg on Tom o’ Bedlam

Paul Coelho’s snit: Ulysses a twit?

James Franco is targeting Faulkner & you could be there

Authors & their tatts

Sarah Jackson’s Pelt makes it to the Guardian’s first book longlist

Salinger to Hemingway

In Zafon’s novels, rare books are the McGuffin

George Meredith: Modern Love, pre-modern verse fiction

Joyce Carol Oates on Tomalin’s Dickens

2 new poems from Ben Mazer

4 recent quietist collections

Quietists of DC

Mss pages from great British writers

2 recordings by Philip Larkin

100 ways poetry is in your life

Rain of poems at the Olympics

Poetry & rowing at the Olympics

Why Olympic poetry died out

Poetry & the trampoline

NPR’s Olympic poem winner

Kazim Ali’s entry

What Romney means by culture

Ascent of the A-Word

Having completed the act of publication, she dies


Top 1,000 titles purchased by English-language libraries

Nicholson Baker’s miscellany

Philip Marlowe is back (sorta)

Molly Ringwald, fictioneer

A poetry contest just for med students

Oxford American fires editor over harassment

Gore Vidal on Italo Calvino

Detroit suburbs approve tax for DIA

Cleveland wades in to the dicey project of collecting antiquities

Is collecting art the new gold?

Talking with Ai Weiwei

Robert Hughes has died

Zoe Strauss joins Magnum, accepts NY Times assignment

Don Paterson goes to the Frick

Artwork seized in Serbia shows in DC

Photographing Hopper’s subjects

The Quay Brothers @ MoMA

Neocon painting is to painting as neocon policy is to policy

Finding John Cage in everyday life

Cage’s ideas & music

Cage & Zen & the inner life of the arts

Hearing Sonny Rollins

Pauline Oliveros @ 80

Remembering Michel-Rolph Trouillot

Here come the MOOCs

Which are not for mooks

290 pp of opposition research on Paul Ryan

Where Bain Capital got its start-up funding

Žižek’s visions