Friday, June 01, 2012


Ted Berrigan & Anne Waldman:
Memorial Day

The Paris Review & the CIA

Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘The University Poem’

Shakespeare in Indian prisons

10 feminist poets you should know

Naomi Shihab Nye’s Transfer

A good ‘taste’ of moi

Wanda Coleman, Lewis MacAdams & the rhythms of LA

Joe Safdie on Lewis MacAdams

Talking with Gary Snyder

A ‘total overkill’ biography of Richard Brautigan

John Waters on the road

On the Road is too tame on film

Kerouac’s fascination with Chicano culture

Bernard-Henri Lévi: Kerouac @ the cinema

James Franco: better as Ginsberg than Crane

Beckett’s letters

Pound’s letters to his parents

Robert Creeley on Stein & the New Sentence

Talking with Carlos Fuentes

John Timpane on Fuentes

Fuentes as a hero

Translating Fuentes

Total translation

Jennifer Scappettone wins the Raiziss / de Palachi

Orhan Pamuk’s Museum of Innocence

The Taliban poetry affair

Viktor Shklovsky wants to make you a better writer

Shklovsky & Tao Lin

The spell-check technique

Backmasking to generate text

Dictionary expansion

3D ©?

Susan Schultz on the economics of poetry

The affluence of poetry

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt files Chapter 11

The shrinking of Houghton Mifflin

Penguin & Macmillan deny price-fixing e-books

The fight to save the U of MO Press

Can big data save trade publishers?

Why is e-book marketing so bad?

The biggest threat to public libraries

What’s the worst library behavior?

Maybe it’s silencing the librarians

Talking with Peter Gizzi

Soon to be home to poetry mathematics: The Battersea Review

Crag Hill’s Digivis poems

Philly’s peace haiku project

Divination through literature

Parataxis as a commie plot

Comma mistakes

Learning to write the MFA poem

The passion of Christa Wolf

Herta Müller: I write to bear witness

Juan Felipe Herrera’s plans as California laureate

Talking with Joyce Meskis

Crystal Good, Appalachia’s future laureate

Talking with Kenny Goldsmith

Philip K Dick: sci-fi philosopher
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

To boldly go, but truthfully also

Super sad true habits of highly effective writers

The politically correct neologism

Talking with Leigh White

Alan Hollinghurst: The Booker makes you crazy

The essays of Jonathan Franzen

Talking with Franzen

An obit in the Inky for Paul Fussell

Ranking Jane Austen’s novels

10 questions for Jane Austen

10 scandalous authors

Late Hemingway

Hemingway’s nouns

New Orleans becomes the largest city with no daily paper

3 papers in Alabama cities follow suit

Should newspapers be nonprofits?

Whodunit @ the NY Times

Talking with Franz Wright

The capricious nature of the literary afterlife

The New Yorker starts a book blog

Publishers should be proud

Katerina Vandenberg’s The Alphabet Not Unlike the World

Toni Morrison’s Home

John Cheever @ 100

The Life of Slang

my delight / in wearing white / is due alone / to anthracite’

Jeanette Winterson on teaching creative writing

Dave Eggers on Norman Mailer’s Executioners Song

Barbara Maloutas’ ‘Birds without Glasses’

Talking with Joyelle McSweeney

Talking with Henri Cole

Seeking to restore the glamor of writing

Michael Robbins: Alien vs. Predator

Stanley Fish: What do spoilers spoil?

What is the function of criticism?

John Donne, priest & poet

Stanley Plumly’s ‘Cancer’

Shakespeare in tongues

William Deresiewicz on Kurt Vonnegut

A book club on Twitter

Helper hymns, Holmes & holy light

When an Oulipian (sic) poet is on an erasure kick

Franklin Bruno on Gil Scott-Heron’s Last Holiday
(subscribers only)

Jazz settings for classic poetry

A massacre at the alt-rock café

Doc Watson has died

Guardian obit for Doc

HuffPo on Watson

The Hickory (NC) Daily Record obit

LA Times appreciation of Watson

CNN on Watson

Patti Smith @ 65


A Syracuse film student killed in Syria

Ai Weiwei as a prisoner

Wharton Esherick: ‘the Thoreau of wood’

Sol Lewitt’s garden blooms in Philly

Manhole covers as an art form in Japan

Barry Schwabsky on Stanley Whitney & Jacqueline Humphries

Tadao Cern’s Blow Job

The faux Barnes

How to justify art theft

Just how the liars are lying

Another slide show of the simulacrum

Critics view the Barnes

Opponents of the theft soldier on

A big beginning for the faux Barnes

Dale Chihuly’s glass house

Frida & Diego in the North of England

A David Hockney bio

Ahae buys a village in France

Hamas Hebrew school

Can colleges be saved?

The battle over courseware platforms

Alain Badiou: a life in writing

How Roland Barthes gave us the TV recap

Wittgenstein’s intensity

Is America philosophical?

The myth of infatuated Žižekians

Žižek on Europe & the Greeks

Serious philosophical nonsense…for kids

Talking with Drew Gilpin Faust

Jared Diamond: What makes countries rich or poor?

Paul Krugman: how to end the depression

How private equity works: 8 simple steps

Naomi Wolf: behind the war on women

I remember CDs

I remember Brooklyn

Snake handlers rock out

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