Friday, February 10, 2012

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February 10 in Berkeley
Tom Commita

February 10 in Tucson
Renee Angle, Judith Goldman, Bhanu Kapil,
Laura Mullen, & Laynie Browne
I’ll Drown My Book

February 10 in NYC
The Hole, a gathering
Melissa Buzzeo, CAConrad, Rob Halpern,
Brenda Iijima, Madhu Kaza, Robert Kocik,
Dorothea Lasky, Andrew Levy, C.J. Martin,
Eléna Rivera, Eleni Stecopoulos, Brian Whitener,
Tyrone Williams,
plus presumably Thom Donovan

February 10 in Venice, CA
David Steiner

February 10 in Princeton, NJ
James Joyce as chamber music

February 10 & 11 in Chicago
The poetry of Langston Hughes

February 10 – 17 in Brooklyn
Per-Oskar Leu

February 11 in Philadelphia
Laura Magnoli & Jamie Townsend

February 11 in Kingston, NY
Caroline Crumpacker, LS Asekoff

February 11 in NYC
Jon Leon & Dot Devota

February 11 in Chicago
Barry Schwabsky

February 11 in Venice, CA
Stacy Gnall & Alissa Nutting

February 11 in London
The Camarade Project (Edition II):
with collaborations by
Sean Bonney & Keston Sutherland
Chris McCabe & Tom Jenks
Sophie Collins & Sam Riviere
Colin Herd & Patrick Coyle
Maria Fusco & Andrea Brady
Richard Barrett & Nathan Jones
James Davies & Stephen Emmerson
Philip Terry & Jeff Hilson
Tim Atkins & Carrie Etter
Katerine Kashchavtseva
& Lucy Harvest Clarke
Peter Jaeger & Marcus Slease

February 11 in Manchester, UK
Eric Ormsby, Adam Strickson, Tara Bergin
with music by
Our Liberated Winter

February 11 in Venice, CA
Bill Mohr

February 11 in NYC
Molly Peacock
on Donne & Herbert

February 12 in Philadelphia
Manya Bean, Lynn Blue, Mel Brake,
Ashini Desai, Maria Fama,  Emiliano Martin,
& Al Tacconelli

February 12 in NYC
Mariette Lamson & Alina Gregorian

February 12 in Venice, CA
Sherman Pearl, Lee Rossi, David Alpaugh
+ later the same day
Douglas Kearney, Michael C Ford, Melissa F Ford,
Brendan Constantine, Corrie Geathouse, Billy Burgos
& Carlyle Archibeque

February 13 in NYC
Bridge (collab issue), with
Allyson Paty, Ben Estes, Ben Fama,
Ben Kopel, Ben Mirov, Ben Pease,
Chris Martin, Christian Hawkey, Danniel Schoonebeek,
David Lehman, David Shapiro, Emily Pettit,
Guy Pettit, Jocelyn Spaar, Mary Austin Speaker,
Paul Legault, Simone Kearney

February 13 in Berkeley
Rebecca Eland, Norman Fischer,
Andrew Schelling, Stephen Ratcliffe

February 13 @ Harvard
Filip Marinovich

February 13 & 14 in Philadelphia
Karen Finley

February 14 in SF
Micah Ballard & Aaron Shurin

February 14 in Chicago
William Waters on Rilke

February 14 in Philadelphia
Anne Rice

February 14 in Berkeley
Richard Krech, John Oliver Simon,
Luis Garcia, Andy Clausen

February 15 in Gloucester, MA
Jim Dunn

February 15 in NYC
Brandon Downing, Aaron Kunin

February 15 in Philadelphia
Norman Finkelstein & Brian Teare

February 15 in NYC
David Horvitz

February 16 in Darmstadt, Germany
Mitglieder des Staatsorchesters Darmstadt
performs Steve Reich

February 16 in Philadelphia
Lance Olsen

February 16 in SF
Cecilia Vicuña

February 16 @ Harvard
Stephen Burt, Mark Leidner, Tom Sleigh

February 16 in Paris
Tracie Morris & Jody Pou

February 16 in Ottawa

February 17 in Newtown, PA
James Richardson & Ethel Rackin

February 17 in Venice, CA
Carol V Davis
+ one hour later
Leslie Monsour, Charlotte Innes,
Mehnaz Turner

February 17 in SF
Cecilia Vicuña’s Kon Kon

February 17 in Philadelphia
Rey Chow on
documentary realism between cultures

February 18 in Wels, Austria

February 18 in Venice, CA
Dorothy Barresi, Ron Koertge,
& Gary Brower

+ later the same day
Jesus Angel Garcia & Amy Schroeder

February 18 in Philadelphia
Ryan Eckes & Quincy Scott Jones

February 18 in NYC
Anne Tardos, David Buuck

February 18 in Oxnard, CA
Florence Weinberger & Polly Bee

February 18 in NYC
Linda Gregerson
on Milton & Spenser

February 19 in Zurich, Switzerland
Steve Reich’s Drumming
& The Four Sections

February 19 in NYC
Brian Johnstone, Uljana Wolf, Eugene Ostashevsky

February 19 in Vienna

February 19 in Venice, CA & Santa Monica
Celebrating the life of Scott Wannberg

February 19 – May 14 in NYC

February 19 in LA
First LA zine fest

February 19 in Venice, CA
Eloise Klein Healy, Sesshu Foster,
Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, Brittany Michelson

February 20 in Berkeley
Rebecca Walker

February 20 in Vancouver
Louise Dennys interviews Pico Iyer

February 20 in NYC
Alan Felsenthal & Matthew Klane

February 20 in Philadelphia
Eric Baudelaire’s
27 Years Without Images

February 20 – May 14 in NYC
Millennium Magazines

February 21 in SF
Pamela Z

February 21 in Philadelphia
Jean-Michel Rabaté, Mark Harman & Eric Jarosinski
on Rilke

February 21 @ Villanova
Juan Felipe Herrera

February 21 in Seattle
Carol Guess

February 21 in Philadelphia
Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon

February 21 – 23 in Bern, Switzerland

February 22 in NYC
Susan Landers, Rodrigo Toscano

February 22 in Vancouver
Richard Wagamese, Ann DeGrace, Robert Hough

February 22 in Philadelphia
Saul Williams

February 22 @ Harvard
Helen Vendler on Wallace Stevens

February 23 in Philadelphia
Edmund White

February 23 in NYC
Susan Bee

February 23 26 in Chicago

February 24 May 13 in NYC
John Chamberlain

February 24 in Jena, Germany

February 24 in Venice, CA
Jacqueline Berger & Eric Gudas
+ later the same day
Jimmy Cvetic

February 24 in Berkeley
Monica Peck
later the same day
Julia Mazawa, Matthew Zapruder & Believer

February 25 in Berlin

February 25 in NYC
Ish Klein, Corrine Fitzpatrick

February 25 in London, Ontario
Lise Downe, Cornelia Hoogland

February 25 in Venice, CA
Leslie Ross

February 25 in Portsmouth, NH
Celebrating Black Poetry
Kemi Albi, Royaline Edwards, Mckendy Fils-Aimé,
Ernest "Scripture" Gibson III, Regie O'Hare Gibson

February 26 in Philadelphia
Celebrating Gil Ott

February 26 in Philadelphia
Nathalie Anderson & Teresa Leo

February 26 in Bayreuth, Germany

February 26 in NYC
Douglas Florian

February 26 in NYC
Laura Henriksen & Matvei Yankelevich

February 26 in Venice, CA
Elizabeth Arnold & Sarah MacLay

February 27 in Cottbus, Germany

February 27 in NYC
Sarah Crowner
on Marcel Duchamp & Man Ray

February 28 in Metz, France

February 28 in Philadelphia
Anne Waldman

February 28 – March 4 in Ottawa

February 29 in Manchester, UK
Tim Allen, Andrea Brady, nick-e melville

February 29 in High Point, NC
Leigh Kotsilidis

February 29 in NYC
Barbara Henning & Frances Richard

February 29 in Chicago
Mtulu Blasing

February 29 March 3 in Chicago



March 1 in Berkeley
Louise Glück

March 1 in Paris

March 1 in Chicago
Christian Bök, Peter Gizzi, K. Silem Mohammed,
Tracie Morris, Vanessa Place, Sina Queyras,
Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop

March 2 in NYC
Modernist Manhattan

March 2 in Chicago
Illinois Poets Past & Present
with Christina Pugh, Susan Hahn, Laurence Lieberman,
Ed Roberson, & Kevin Stein

March 2 in Chicago
Carol Ann Duffy & Philip Levine

March 2 in Bruges, Belgium

March 2 in NYC
Bao Dei
with Forrest Gander, CD Wright & Eliot Weinberger

March 2 in Venice, CA
Erin Aubry Kaplan

March 3 in Ottawa
Rae Armantrout

March 3 in Torino, Italy

March 3 in Manchester, UK
Jane Draycott, Andrew McMillan, Luke Yates
with music by
Rebecca Joy Sharp

March 3 in Chicago
LaTasha Nevada Diggs

March 3 in NYC
Ariel Goldberg, James Hoff

March 3 in Venice, CA
Claudia Handler, Mitch Untch
& J Mark Beaver

March 4 in NYC
Brett Price & Nicole Wallace

March 5 in NYC
Federico García Lorca

March 5 in Philadelphia
Anne Marie Macari & KA Hays

March 5 in Berkeley
Aaron Shurin

March 5 – April 1 @ Bard
A Journal of Egghead Sexuality

March 6 in Windsor, Ontario
Fred Wah

March 7 in NYC
Charles Alexander, Sawako Nakayasu

March 7 @ Harvard
Juliana Spahr, Cole Swensen

March 7 in SF
Manuel Muñoz

March 7 in Vancouver
Steven Price, Julie Bruck, WH New

March 7 in Toronto
Rob Benvie, Heather Curley, Angel Szczepaniak

March 7 in NYC
Ariana Reines
on Sherri Levine’s
Gustave Flaubert: un coeur simple

March 8 in SF
Sawako Nakayasu & Michael Cross

March 8 in Philadelphia
CAConrad & Lonely Christopher

March 9 in Venice, CA
Brian M Tracy & David St. John

March 9 in Seattle
Christopher Howell

March 9 in Berkeley
Christian Nagler

March 10 in NYC
Haruo Shirane
on Bash
ō & haiku

March 10 in NYC
Tracey MacTague, Jennifer Tamayo

March 10 in Ottawa
Ron Silliman

March 10 & 11 in Chicago
Walt Whitman & Allen Ginsberg

March 11 in Venice, CA
Kerouac @ 90

March 13 @ Villanova
Hugo Hamilton

March 13 in Windsor, Ontario
Ron Silliman

March 14 in NYC
Bruce Covey & Amy King

March 15, Mount Vernon, Iowa
Camille Dungy

March 15 in Philadelphia
Cathy Park Hong

March 15 in NYC
K Silem Mohammad
on Coleridge & Wordsworth

March 15 in Seattle
Louise Glück

March 15 in Berkeley
Lorna Dee Cerventes & Barbara Jane Reyes

March 15 & 16 in SF
Dodie Bellamy & Alan Gilbert

March 16 in Philadelphia
Edwidge Danticat

March 16 in NYC
Zachary Schomburg & Fjords

March 16 in Berkeley
Ariel Goldberg

March 16 in NYC
Michael Harper, Judith Harris, Stanley Plumley
& Anne Wright
John Keats

March 16 in Venice, CA
Reading for Japan Relief

Jesse Glass, Jerry Rothenberg, Marthe Reed,
Amy Uyematsu & Hiromi Ito

March 17 in Oxnard, CA
Elijah Imlay & Aaron Saroyan

March 17 in NYC
Gigi Bradford on
Anne Bradstreet, Phillis Wheatley, &
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

March 17 in Venice, CA
Gordon Ball

March 17 in NYC
K Silem Mohammad, Rick Wiggins

March 18 in Seattle
Kathleen Flenniken

March 19 in NYC
Lindsey Boldt & Krystal Languell

March 19 & 20 in Philadelphia
Ron Silliman

March 20 in NYC
Ariana Reines
on oppression & redemption songs

March 20 in Toronto
Leigh Kotsilidis

March 20 in Windsor, Ontario
Dennis Cooley

March 20 in NYC
Quincy Troupe
on the craft of poetry

March 21 in NYC
Ammiel Alcalay & David Henderson

March 21 in Vancouver
Tamara Faith Berger, Anakana Schofield, Ben Wood

March 21 in NYC
Renee Gladman, Eliot Weinberger, Francis R Jones
& Jeffrey Yang
Hans Faverey

March 22 at Bryn Mawr
Tom Sleigh

March 22 in Venice, CA
Joseph Lease

March 22 in Seattle
Mark O’Connor, Shin Yu Pai

March 22 in Philadelphia
Christian Campbell

March 22-25 in Washington, DC
Split This Rock
Poetry Festival

March 23 in Berkeley
Brian Ang

March 23 in Venice, CA
Laurel Ann Bogen on Erica Erdman

March 23-25 in York, UK
James Joyce’s nonfiction

March 24 in Buffalo
Small Press Book Fair

March 24 in NYC
John Godfrey, Rodney Koeneke

March 24 in Venice, CA
Mark Rhodes
reads The Waste Land

March 24 in NYC
Mark Doty
on Walt Whitman

March 25 in Philadelphia
Marie-Elizabeth Mali & Dilruba Ahmed

March 25 – 30 in Jacksonville, FL
John Cage @ 100
with Jaap Blonk, Tom Chiu
& Louis Goldstein

March 26 in NYC
Brandon Brown, Paul Legault

March 26 in NYC
Brian Turner, Kevin Young

March 27 @ Harvard
Elizabeth Bishop @ 100:
Frank Bidart, Joelle Biele, Gail Mazur,
Lisa Olstein, Katie Peterson, Robert Pinsky,
Lloyd Schwartz,
Mary Jo Salter & Rosanna Warren

March 28 in NYC
Michael Heller, Kristin Prevallet

March 27 in West Chester, PA
Joyce Carol Oates

March 28 in SF
Ye Chun, Laura van den Berg, Dave Madden,
Wayne Miller, & Deb Olin Unferth

March 28 in Princeton
James Tate & Jane Smiley

March 28 in NYC
Eamon Grennan
on William Butler Yeats

March 28 in SF
Osvaldo Sanchez & Omar Barrada

March 28 – 30 in NYC
Chapbook Festival

March 29 April 1 in NYC
National Black Writers Conference

March 29 in Berkeley
Susan Cohen & Rebecca Foust

March 29 in Philadelphia
Cecil Giscombe

March 29 in SF
Khaled Mattawa & Ravi Shankar

March 29 in Seattle
Carol V Davis

March 29 in NYC
Cole Swensen
on 19th century French poetry

March 30 in Newton, PA
April Linder

March 30 in Venice, CA
Kent Shaw, Carrie Oeding, Joshua Kryah

March 30 in NYC
Christopher Rizzo, Debrah Morkun, Russell Dillon,
Tracey McTague, Ben Mazer, Michael Peters,
Jess Mynes & more

March 31 in NYC
Carla Harryman & Emily Critchley

March 31 in Venice, CA
What Books
Chuck Rosenthal, Mona Houghton,
Ramon Garcia, Katherine Haake,
& Gronk



April 2 in Philadelphia
Harriet Levin & Leonard Garontek

April 3 @ Harvard
Karin Roffman on John Ashbery

April 4 in Seattle
Troy Jollimore & John Koethe

April 4 in Philadelphia
Edith Grossman & Rosalie Knecht

April 5 @ Yale
Susan Howe

April 5 in Berkeley
Richard Berengarten

April 5 in Philadelphia
Gary Lutz

April 5 @ Harvard
Monica de la Torre & Daniel Aguirre-Oteiza

on Spanish translation

April 5 in NYC
Marilynne Robinson

April 6 in Seattle
Andrew Feld

April 6 in Walnut Creek
Camille Dungy

April 7 in Chicago
Miguel Barnet & Ana Rossetti

April 7 in NYC
Brian Kim Stefans, Katie Degentesh

April 8 in SF
Ron Silliman

April 10 in SF
Carol Sklenicka

April 10 in Berkeley
Ron Silliman

April 12 @ Yale
Ilya Kaminsky

April 12 @ Villanova
Téa Obreht

April 12 in Chicago
The Dark Room Collective
with Thomas Sayers Ellis, Natasha Trethewey,
Kevin Young, Major Jackson, John Keene,
Sharan Strange, and Nehassaiu deGannes

April 12 @ Harvard
Patrick Donnelly

April 13 in Berkeley
Ted Rees

April 13 in NYC
Ghassan Zaqtan, Fady Joudah

April 13 in Seattle
Todd Boss & Matthew Nienow

April 14 in Oxnard, CA
Harry Northup & Holly Prado

April 14 in Chicago
Poetry & Piano, with
Averill Curdy, Calvin Forbes, Adam Marks,
George McRae, Coya Paz & Roger Reeves

April 14 in NYC
Simon Morris, Charles Bernstein

April 14 in NYC
Dutch poets today, with
Pieter Boskma, Hèléne Geléns, Erik Jan Harmens,
Lucas Hirsch, John Schoorl & Joost Zwagerman

April 16 in Long Beach, CA
Ron Silliman

April 16 & 17 in Chicago
Sharon Cameron

April 16 & 17 in Washington, DC
Arts Advocacy Day

April 17 in Philadelphia
Philip Levine

April 18 @ Harvard
Sabastien Smirou, Cole Swensen, Andrew Zawacki
on French translation

April 18 in Philadelphia
Caroline Bergvall

April 18 in San Diego
Ron Silliman

April 19 at Bryn Mawr
Kimiko Hahn

April 19 in NYC
Sébastien Smirou with Andrew Zawacki

April 21 in NYC
Jen Bervin, derek beaulieu

April 21 in Chicago
Camille Martin, Mark Goldstein

April 21 in NYC
Gertrude Stein: Stanzas in Meditation
Logan Esdale, Susannah Hollister, Liesl Olson,
Emily Setina, Nancy Kuhl, Paolo Javier,
Rachel Levitsky, Joan Retallack, Christopher Schmidt,
Laura Sims & Stacy Szymaszek

April 23 in the US & UK
World Book Night

April 23 & 24 in Philadelphia
John Barth

April 25 in Philadelphia
Andrew Ervin & Michael Martone

April 25 in NYC
CK Williams
on Robert Frost

April 26 in NYC
Heather McHugh & Lucia Perillo

April 26 @ Villanova
William Kennedy

April 26 & 27 in Chicago
Brenda Hillman

April 27 in Newtown, PA
Mark Doty & Paul Lisicky

April 27 in Seattle
Emily Kendal Frey & Arlene Kim

April 28 in Chicago
Les Murray

April 28 in NYC
Vanessa Place, Diana Hamilton

April 29 in Philadelphia
Louis McKee & Steve Delia



May in Beirut, Lebanon
Hay Festival Beirut

May 1 in NYC
Terese Svoboda
on Kay Boyle, Lola Ridge, Hart Crane,
Mina Loy & Marianne Moore

May 2 in NYC
Micah Ballard, Joanne Kyger

May 3 in NYC
Susan Stewart
on Wallace Stevens

May 3 & 4 in Chicago
Fred Moten

May 5 in Philadelphia
Robert Ashley & ensemble

May 5 in NYC
Tao Lin & Matthew Timmons

May 5 in Manchester, UK
Menna Elfyn, Agnes Lehoczky

May 8 in NYC
Herbert Leibowitz
on William Carlos Williams

May 10 in NYC
Marjorie Welish
on the Imagists

May 11 in Berkeley
Lara Durback

May 12 in NYC
Ann Lauterbach
on the Objectivists

May 12 in NYC
Steve Zultanski, Danielle Aubert

May 14 in NYC
Kay Ryan

May 15 in Seattle
Michael & Matthew Dickman

May 15 in NYC
Cornelius Eady
on the Harlem Renaissance

May 16 in Philadelphia
Free Speech Film Fest

May 17 in NYC
Remembering John Cheever

May 17 in NYC
Vijay Seshadri
on WH Auden

May 18 20 in Tucson
Poetry Off the Page
Julie Carr & K.J. Holmes, Brent Cunningham, Johanna Drucker,
Christine Hume, Douglas Kearney, Ander Monson,
Julie Patton, Claudia Rankine & John Lucas, Cecilia Vicuña,
Dan Waber, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, The Black Took Collective
plus a screening featuring work by
Kate Greenstreet, Deborah Poe, Sawako Nakayasu,
Branding Downing, John Gallaher, Forrest Gander,
Eula Biss & John Bresland

May 19 in Oxnard, CA
Brendan Constantine & Nina Corwin

May 19 in NYC
Jena Osman & Mónica de la Torre

May 20 in Philadelphia
Jack Veasey, Marty Esworthy, Christine O’Leary Rockey

May 22 in NYC
Rosamond King
on Caribbean poets of the 20th century

May 27 in Seattle
Meredith Cole

May 31 in NYC
Martín Espada
on Puerto Rican poets



June 1 in Seattle
Dana Levin

June 2 in NYC
Lee Ann Brown
on the Black Mountain Poets

June 5 in NYC
Saskia Hamilton
on the Boston Brahmins

June 6 – 10 in Paris
&Now 2012

June 8 in NYC
Carol Muske-Dukes
on the Beats

June 8 12 in Homer, AK
Kechemak Bay Writers Conference

June 16 in Oxnard, CA
Tim Tipton & Terry Van Vliet

June 17 on the Brooklyn Bridge
Galway Kinnell
leads the $250 Bridgewalk

June 17 – 30 in Montreal
Summer Literary Seminar

June 24 in Philadelphia
JC Todd & Hayden Saunier

June 30 – July 1 in Oxford, UK
Poetry & Psychoanalysis


July & Beyond

September 7-9 in Kent, UK
European Network
for Avant-Garde & Modernism Studies

September 21 & 22 in London
Djuna Barnes Conference

September 23 in Philadelphia
Ditta Baron Hoeber & Kirsten Kaschock

September 29 everywhere
100K poets for change

October 18 – 21 in Las Vegas
Modernism & Spectacle

October 28 in Philadelphia
David Kozinski & Michele Belluomini

October or November in the Maldives
Hay Festival Maldives

January 5 – 12, 2013 in Mérida, Yucatán
US Poets in Mexico



Now – February 12 in Florence, Italy
TS Eliot & the Heritage of
Rome & Italy in Modernism

Now – February 17 in Lowell, MA
Raymond Pettibon:
The Punk Years

Now – February 18 in Buffalo
Language to Cover a Wall:
Visual Poetry Through Its Changing Media

Now – February 19 in Hartford, CT
Patti Smith
, Camera Solo

Now – February 25 in NYC
Fré Ilgen

Now– March 17 in Philadelphia
Reforesting: An Homage to Gil Ott
Julia Blumenreich & Wendy Osterweil

Now April 22 in Philadelphia
Zoe Strauss: Ten Years

Now – April 29 in Rome


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Modern Poetry
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The Bowery Poetry Club
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