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Thursday, January 06, 2011


The many sides of Gertrude Stein


Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Michele Cahill

28 video readings
by some of the very best
poets down under

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Talking with Anne Gorrick

John Martone’s scrittura povera

The Newly Complicated
Zora Neale Hurston

Hurston’s “Monkey Junk:
A Satire on Modern Divorce”

The only “best poetry of 2010
to get it right

Rich Owens
also puts the Collected Eigner
at the head of his list
(Owens’ essay in the latest
Poetry Project Newsletter
is tremendous)

C.D. Wright:
“In a Word, a World”

Judaism & radical poetics

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Monday, January 03, 2011


Now January 9 in Tulum, Mexico
US Poets in Mexico
with Diane Wakoski, Paul Hoover, Jerry Rothenberg,
Jen Hofer, Mark Weiss, Luis Cort
és Bargalló,
Roció Cerón, Carla Faesler,
& Feliciano S
ánchez Chan

January 5 in NYC
Stephanie Brown & Patricia Spears Jones

January 6 in NYC
Philip Dray & Siri Hustvedt

January 6 – 16 in Key West
Key West Literary Seminar
Diana Abu-Jaber, Elizabeth Berg, Roy Blount Jr.,
Frank Bruni, Kate Christensen, Billy Collins,
John T. Edge, Jason Epstein, Jonathan Gold,
Darra Goldstein, Adam Gopnik, Gael Greene,
Daniel Halpern, Jane Hirshfield, Madhur Jaffrey,
Judith Jones, Mark Kurlansky, David Mas Masumoto,
Harry Mathews, Nicole Mones, Bich Minh Nguyen,
Molly O'Neill, Julia Reed, Ruth Reichl, Michael Ruhlman,
Patrick Symmes, Calvin Trillin, Kevin Young,
Paulette Bates Alden, Alan Cheuse, Jane Hirshfield,
Connie Regan-Blake, Porter Shreve, Susan Shreve,
Robert Stone, Dara Wier, & Hilma Wolitzer

January 6 – 9 in LA
Modern Language Association

January 7 @ the MLA in LA
The Grand Piano
with Rae Armantrout, Carla Harryman,
Lyn Hejinian, Barrett Watten, Ted Pearson
& Kit Robinson
(session open to the public)

January 7 in Seattle
Ben Lerner

January 7 in NYC
Beau Sievers & Ed Steck

January 7 in Detroit
William Burroughs: The Man Within

January 7 @ the MLA in LA
2 poets of the African diaspora
Gabeba Baderoon & Patricia Jabbeh Wesley
(session open to the public)

January 7 in NYC
Paul Thek stroller tour
(crying babies welcome)

January 8 @ the MLA in LA
John Tranter & Jacket
(session open to the public)

January 8 in Philadelphia
CAConrad & Heather Raquel Phillips

celebrate Elvis’ birthday

January 8 in LA
The MLA Offsite Reading
with Aaron Belz, Aaron Kunin, Allison Carter,
Amanda Ackerman, Amina Cain, Andrew Maxwell,
Andy Fitch, Anna Joy Springer, Ara Shirinyan,
Barrett Watten, Bibiana Maltos, Brent Cunningham,
Calvin Bedient, Carla Harryman, Catherine Daly,
Cathy Park Hong, Christine Wertheim, Clay Banes,
Daniel Tiffany, David Lau, David Lloyd,
Dawn Lundy, Deborah Meadows, Diane Ward,
Douglas Kearney, Duriel Harris, Eleni Stecopoulos,
Grant Jenkins, Guy Bennett, Harold Abramowitz,
James Meetze, Jane Sprague, Janet Sarbanes,
Janice Lee, Jena Osman, Johanna Drucker,
John Pleucker, John Tranter, Jonathan Skinner,
Josef Horaceck, Joseph Mosconi, Joshua Clover,
Julia Bloch, K. Lorraine Graham, Kit Robinson,
Linda Lay, Lisa Sewell, Marcella Durand,
Mathew Timmons, Matias Viegener, Michael Hennessey,
Molly Bendall, Noura Wedell, Patrick Durgin,
Rae Armantrout, Rocío Carlos, Rodrigo Toscano,
Román Luján, Ronaldo Wilson, Sarah Dowling,
Stuart Krimko, Susan Schultz, Ted Pearson,
Teresa Carmody, Therese Bachand, Timothy Yu,
Vanessa Place, Will Alexander & William Mohr

January 8 in NYC
Cecilia Corrigan & Mac Wellman

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Sunday, January 02, 2011


(photo by David Flores)

Nikky Finney
on Talk of the Nation

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Susan Bright

1945 2010

Plainview Press


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