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On Natural Language:
4 conversations between Stephen Ratcliffe & Robert Grenier

Talking with Vanessa Place

Rae Armantrout, reading

Talking with Michael Lally

Talking with Harry E Northup

No ideas but in stamps!

Jim Behrle & I
go to a ballgame

Carol Watts: Sundog


Alan Davies
reading in Windsor, Ontario

Drunken Boat’s
Bernadette Mayer folio

Hannah Weiner’s
The Book of Revelations

Radical Poetics
& Secular Jewish Culture

Eliot’s anti-Semitism

New poems by Norman Fischer

Brian Unger on Norman Fischer

Michel Houellebecq is missing

Or maybe just forgetful

Talking with Houellebecq

artistic license to thrill

The high-Tory aesthetics of Yvor Winters

Better Than Language

What the Fluxus?


It’s not plagiarizing
if you’re Kenny Goldsmith
it’s repurposing
(See Richard Prince item
in visual arts section below)

Talking with Kenny Goldsmith

The Occupy Wall Street Library

Poets occupy Wall Street
(see links at bottom of list)

JD Salinger occupies Ebay
-- you can buy this letter

Poetry & context
in work of Ammiel Alcalay

The mysterious book sculptor of Edinburgh

Talking with AE Stallings

Talking with Amiri Baraka

Talking with Andrew Schelling

20th Century Heresies:
Duncan, Pound, HD

Peter Campion
on The HD Book

Stein & Vichy

The education of Tao Lin

Jonathan Lethem:
Postmodernism as Liberty Valence

The Pocket Rumi

Ken & Ann Mikolowski’s
TAP project

Ariel Dorfman:
Losing my library

Ransom Center restricts
part of David Foster Wallace archive

Barney Rosset
& the history of Grove Press

Censorship lurks
in high tech

Prisoner forbidden to read
Pulitzer Prize winning history

Talking with Paolo Coelho

Kenneth Patchen @ 100

The Buffalo Poetics Program
turns 20

Shig Murao:
The secret hero of Howl

Steve Evans’
legendary Attention Span
roster of poets’ current interests
is under way, including to date:
Bill Berkson, G.C. Waldrep, Patrick Pritchett,
Leonard Schwartz, Laura Carter, James Wagner,
Joshua Edwards, Meredith Quartermain, Suzanne Stein,
John Palattella, David Trinidad, Pam Brown,
John Sakkis, Andrew Schelling, Michael Scharf,
Simon Schuchat, Philip Metres, Julie Carr,
Dan Beachy-Quick, Stacy Szymaszek, Paul Stephens,
Kevin Killian, C.E. Putnam, Brian Ang,
Robin Brox, Vanessa Place, Stephen Collis,
David Dowker, Eric Baus, Anne Boyer,
Harold Abramowitz, Erín Moure

Uncollected Hecht

Who deserves the Nobel Prize?

Who is Adonis?

Nobel betting is underway

The favorite is Bob Dylan

Stealing the archives

And pleading guilty

3 poems by Jane Hirshfield

Stephen Burt
on Harmony Holiday

Litia Perta’s Wrong Love

Joseph Heller:
Midnight at the Rickshaw Garage

Sign my book!

Mistakes are made
but using the passive
isn’t one of them

Automatic writing,
corporate style

If spell check could spell

Writers sue universities
for digitizing books

Judge sets schedule
in Google book deal case

Re-uniting an author with an “orphan” work

Kindle adds library e-books

Affordable 3D printing

Peter Gizzi: Apocrypha

Xi Chuan reading

Curtis Faville:
considering Larry Eigner’s cerebral palsy

Poets going postal

OK is okay

Protest @ the Poetry Foundation

Maxine Tynes has died

Shira Dentz Units & Increments

Kevin Young: Pietà

Negotiating the risks
of writers’ conferences

Novelist ditches publisher
at the book launch

to make 5,000 titles
available via
Espresso book machine

Services for self-publishing

Typos in e-books

Electro Þerdix

Retailers bank on Kindle

The fate of St Marks Bookshop
is still in doubt

Even Christian bookstores struggle

Should we fight to save
indie bookstores?

I love bookshops because

Borders, we hardly knew ye

Beyond Borders

Borders employees
say goodbye

The bookstore closes
but Salem Literary Fest
goes on

A new home for
orphan literary works

Poetry as a means
of recovering from brain injury

Fear of happiness
especially among writers

Dodie Bellamy’s the buddhist

Reginald Dwayne Betts: retrophilia

100,000 poets
make things happen

The Guerneville poet
behind 100K Poets for Change

A profile of Afaa Michael Weaver

JM Coetzee on Les Murray

Lifting the ban
on a book by Twain
100 years later

The drawing in question

Iowa Review
creates a translation forum

Toward a translation culture

Translators struggle to prove
their bona fides

Reading Bei Dao in translation

Shakespeare in sign & hip hop

Jon Stewart
discusses poetry @ the White House
with Common

2 poems by Larissa Szporluk

The BlazeVOX controversy

Geoffrey Gatza’s original letter

Rescinding the program

A new plan of action

Michael Kelleher’s 1st take
(Title makes sense if you watch Treme)

Michael Kelleher’s 2nd take

the zombie college,
rises from the dead
yet again

Poetry (and YouTube)
are “protected speech

Talking with Aisha Sasha John

Sharon Olds: The Flurry

Poems that have
nothing to do
with their titles

Kay Ryan & A.E. Stallings win MacArthurs

22geniuses,” no waiting

Kay Ryan on Marin County

I sing the subjunctive

Talking with Franz Wright


The Berenstain Bears
go Lakota

Raymond Carver:
Why Don’t You Dance?

Amazon preps Netflix-type book service

The International Istanbul
Poetry Festival

A distressed nation turns to
the Poet Laureate for solace

The far right
approves of Philip Levine

Talking with Nick Flynn

Remembering Alexei Parshchikov

Remembering Tom Noyes

Kerouac shooting pool

Auden & Dylan:
justice & the blues

No Tell Motel
shuts its doors

Australian Literary Review folds

Wislawa Szymborska:
Photograph from September 11

Poetry & the national defense

John Burnside’s
Black Cat Bone

Tess Kincaid’s Patina

Elizabeth Kate Switaj’s
Prezi Poems (1) (2)

Talking with Troy Jollimore

Airplane reading

Talking with Margaret Young

The Bill Murray poetry contest

Writing & fashion

David Kirby on Yusef Komunyakaa

Poetry & suicide

Talking with Stephen Dobyns

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa’s
Incidental Music

Literary Brooklyn

Utah State
gets the Charles Potts archives

Lawrence Kessenich,
the Somerville bagel bard
& the format of ten-minute plays

8 mini-reviews by Seth Abramson
plus 10 more, all raves

Talking with Michael Cervas

Diann Blakely’s Dead Shrimp Blues

Talking with Jane Hirshfield

Reading from the balcony
of the Cartoon Museum

10 completely wrong ways
to use commas

Facebook as muse

University of Nebraska
buys archive of
major Jewish publisher

Peter O’Leary’s Depth Theology

Poetry & the Mid-Autumn Moon

Mike Amado’s The Book of Arrows

Stephen Greenblatt’s The Swerve:
How the World Became Modern

Joyce Sutphen:
from poet to laureate

Sydney Lea
becomes Vermont’s laureate

Remember when newspapers
close read poems?
In Crozet, VA they still do!

A literary tour of Oxford, MS

Sentence of the Week,
inanimate objects edition

Talking with DeWitt Henry

Talking with Rebecca Makkai

Haiku by Kate MacQueen & Peter Rennick

Grandson disowns new Oscar Wilde play

Tony Kushner:
writing plays is a mug’s game

Vintage dust jackets

A new look
for the end of the alphabet

PoMo from A to Z

takes first place in
a handwriting OCR competition

Get real!

How applicable are
Yeats’ darkest lines?

The future of Christian fiction

The Beverly / Boston / North Shore
poetry mural project

In DC,
Art All Night
lasts until 3:00 AM

Cross currents
in LA painting

De Kooning at MoMA

Holland Carter on de Kooning

Bryan Ferry
in praise of Richard Hamilton

cargo cult in KC


Children’s authors
who broke the rules

Maurice Sendak,
sans Eugene

Talking with Maurice Sendak
(Listen to Terry Gross’ interview!!)

Shel Silverstein’s
Everything on It

The sky supports the street

In the Dominican Republic,
dueling museums

Folk art museum
on the edge of collapse

The Museum of Obsolete Objects

The man of a thousand faces

Islamic art at the Met

Dirt work

Caravaggio’s back

Richard Prince
can appeal
© ruling
in collage case

daVinci for the iPad

Barry Schwabsky on Lee Ufan

Warhol @ the National Mall

Peter Plagens:
on having written
Sunshine Muse

The graphic novel
that would have changed comics
if only…

DC superheroes take off

What’s the worst
public art ever?

Burning bank art is hot

Retrofitting cities for the arts

Seeing through Hemingway’s eyes

Jim Brashear, Warren Sonbert, Alan Bernheimer

Sonbert on the Web

The films of Warren Sonbert

Dylan’s sources
as a painter

Everybody Hurts

Everybody Hurts

Yeah, my favorite rock lyrics
are by Hugo Ball

Frank Zappa, his groupies
& the secretary

Hank Williams’ unfinished thoughts

& his son’s unvarnished ones

Bert Jansch has died

John & Alan Lomax
(subscription required)

Greil Marcus on James Gavin’s
Chet Baker bio

Musical genius, MacArthur-style

Will © stifle Hollywood?

The films of Jane Campion
(subscription required)

Goodybe Chaohu

Alan Wolfe’s Political Evil

The death penalty
& the history of the South


The speed of light
is so yesterday

the first open source code weapon

Christopher Hitchens on Wilhelm Reich

Bob Bellah on religion

Habermas’ god

When Stanley met Jürgennot!

Talking with
Terry Tempest Williams

Michael Kazin’s
history of the American left

The [Occupied] Wall Street Journal

Rescuing America from Wall Street

The revolution is being televised??

The great Leroy Looper has died

Talking with David Blight

Craig Santos Perez:
Surviving Our Fallen:
Chamorros, Militarism,
Religiosity & 9/11
(part 1) (part 2)
(part 3) (part 4)
(part 5) (part 6)
(part 7)

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