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September 26 in NYC
David Meltzer, Paolo Javier

September 26 in Toronto
Camille Martin, Jim Johnstone

September 26 in SF
David Amram
plus a screening of
Pull My Daisy

September 26 in Minneapolis
Craig Thompson

September 26 in NYC
Seamus Heaney

September 27 in Philadelphia
Charles Alexander

September 27 in Mill Valley, CA
Camille Dungy

September 27 in Chicago
Raúl Zurita

September 27 in Philadelphia
Banned Books @ the Rosenbach

September 27, in Grasmere, Cumbria, UK
Paul Muldoon

September 27 in Philadelphia
Ernest Hilbert, Daniel Nester, David Yezzi

September 28 in NYC
Anselm Berrigan & David Trinidad

September 28 in Princeton
Anthony Carelli & Danai Gurira

September 28 October 2 in Henley, UK
Henley Literary Festival

September 29 in DC
Dan Gutstein & Terence Winch

September 29 @ Harvard
Lisa Jarnot on Robert Duncan

September 29 in Seattle
Xi Chuan, Zhou Zan

September 29 in Dallas
Joaquin Zuihuatenejo & Natasha Carrazosa

September 29 @ Yale
Ben Lerner

September 30 in Buffalo
Ron Silliman

September 30 in Newtown, PA
Iain Haley Pollock & Joseph Chelius

September 30 in NYC
Lydia Davis

September 30 October 1 in Cincinnati
Cincinnati Small Press Festival

September 30 October 2 in NYC
NY Art Book Fair

September 30 October 8 in Chelmsford, Essex
The Essex Poetry Festival

September 30 October 9 in Santa Fe
New Mexico Women Authors’ Book Festival



October 1 in Berkeley
Robert Hass, Camille Dungy, Jane Hirshfield,
DA Powell, Judy Grahn et al

October 1 in NYC
Matthew Abess & Laura Neuman

October 1 in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, South Wales
Robert Minhinnick & Sean O’Brien

October 1 in Port Townsend, WA
Xi Chuan, Zhou Zan

October 1 in Seattle
Christine Deavel
with Robin Holcomb & Jacqueline Barnett

October 2 in San Francisco
A night with How(ever)
with Kathleen Fraser, Beverly Dahlen, Susan Gevirtz

October 2 in Portland, OR
Jeannine Hall Gailey, Molly Tenenbaum,
Martha Silano et al

October 2 in Oakland
Gloria Frym & Donna de la Perriere

October 3 in NYC
Anne Enright & Michael Ondaatje

October 4 in Philadelphia
John Coletti & Ebony Malaika Collier

October 4 in Cambridge, MA
Rosanna Warren & Anne Stevenson

October 4 in Oakland
Rae Armantrout

October 4 in Chicago
Xi Chuan, Zhou Zan, Li-Young Lee, Maurice Kilwein Guevara

October 4 in London
Linda Black & Ian Seed

October 4 @ Harvard
Kathleen Ossip

October 5 in NYC
Charles Bernstein & Maggie O’Sullivan

October 5 in Ridley Park, PA
Mike Cohen

October 5 in Oneonta, NY
Anne Waldman

October 5 in London
Laurie Duggan

October 5 @ Yale
Robert Pinsky

October 5 8 in Buffalo
Oulipo 50

October 5 9 in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Ubud Writers & Readers Festival

October 6 in Brooklyn
Robert Wilson

October 6 in Iowa City
Xi Chuan, Zhou Zan

October 6 in SF
Rodger Jacobs on
Jack Kerouac & Jack London

October 6 in Chicago
WS Merwin

October 6 in Philadelphia
Maria Lamba

October 6 in Lexington, MA
Robert Bly, David Whetstone, Fran Quinn

October 6 in Altoona, PA
Bill Budbill

October 6 in Berkeley
Robert Hass read Czeslaw Milosz

October 6 in NYC
Gerald Stern & Chris Martin

October 6 in SF
Rae Armantrout & Rachel Loden

October 6 in Berkeley
Linda Norton & Richard Moore

October 6 in Philadelphia
Def Jam
with Yellow Rage & Aneta Brodski

October 6 in Lewiston, ME
Camille Dungy

October 6 in Philadelphia
William Kennedy & Paul Hendrickson

October 6 9 in Buffalo
MSA 13:
Structures of Innovation

October 6 9 in Portland, OR

October 6 9 in Xalapa, Vera Cruz
Hay Festival Xalapa

October 6 9 in Exeter, UK
Exeter Poetry Festival

October 6 10 in Lowell, MA
Lowell celebrates Kerouac

October 6 16 in Birmingham, UK
Birmingham Book Festival

October 6 16 in Beverly, UK
Beverly Literature Festival

October 7 in NYC
Laura Solomon & Jamie Townsend

October 7 in Jamaica Plain, MA
Sandra Kohler, Jonathan Russell Clark, Jim Lafond-Lewis

October 7 in Exeter, UK
Jaime Robles, Eleanor Rees, Ben Smith,
Jackie Tarleton and Jos Smith

October 7 9 in Exeter, UK
Exeter Poetry Festival

October 7 16 in Cheltenham, UK
Cheltenham Literary Festival

October 7 24 in London
The DSC South Asian Literature Festival

October 8 in Buffalo
Gertrude Stein’s
Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights

October 8 in London
Andrew Spragg’s
Notes for Fatty Cakes

with Julie Groves & Matt Cockshutt

October 8 in NYC
Michele Taransky & Rosmarie Waldrop

October 9 in Plymouth, MA
Elizabeth Hanson & Jadene Felina Stevens

October 9 in DC
Anselm Berrigan

October 10 in NYC
Steve Timm & Abraham Smith

October 10 in NYC
Xi Chuan, Zhou Zan, Marilyn Chin,
Li-Young Lee, Forrest Gander

October 10 23 in Manchester, UK
Manchester Literature Festival

October 11 in Philadelphia
Russell Banks

October 11 in NYC
Deborah Landau

October 11 21 in Wells, Somerset, UK
Wells Festival of Literature

October 12 in NYC
Teju Cole, Anna Solomon, Rebecca Wolff

October 12 in Syracuse, NY
Iain Haley Pollock

October 12 in Philadelphia
Jerome Rothenberg & Amish Trivedi
& (
later the same day)
Rusty Morrison & Elizabeth Robinson

October 12 in NYC
Anne Waldman & Charles North

October 12 in DC
Xi Chuan, Zhou Zan

October 12 & 13 in Buffalo
Jed Rasula

October 12 16 in Liverpool
Chapter & Verse Literary Festival

October 13 in Bryn Mawr
WD Ehrhart & Louis McKee

October 13 in Philadelphia
Cecilia Vicuña

October 13 – 15 in San Diego
&NOW 5 conference

October 14 in NYC
Derrick Weston Brown, Aracelis Girmay, Kevin Simmonds

October 14 @ Harvard
Chris Mattison
on the Hong Kong poetry scene

October 14 in NYC
Mohammed Naseehu Ali

October 14 23 in Lancaster, UK
Lancaster Literature Festival

October 14 30 in Chester, UK
The Essar Oil Chester Literature Festival

October 15 in Minneapolis
Twin Cities Book Festival

October 15 in London
The Camarade Project
(collaborations evening)

October 15 in Gloucester, MA
Iain Sinclair on Charles Olson

& his influence on British poets
of the 1960s & ‘70s

October 15 in Chicago
Tony Hoagland, J Patrick Lewis, Mary Zimmerman et al

October 15 in SF
John Taggart & CS Giscombe

October 15 in Boston
Susan Howe, Forrest Gander, Michael Palmer

October 15 in Philadelphia
Diane Sahms Guarnieri

October 15 in NYC
Doug Nufer & Filip Marinovich

October 15 19 in Canterbury, UK
Canterbury Festival

October 16 in Chicago
Claudia Rankine

October 16 in SF
Dance World Gym
by Kevin Killian & Karla Milosovich

October 16 in Chicago
William Gibson

October 16 in DC
Drew Gardner

October 17 in NYC
Robert Fernandez & Jennifer Tamayo

October 17 @ Harvard
Michael Palmer

October 17 @ Harvard
Robert Pinsky

October 17 20 in Chicago
Creative Nonfiction Week

October 17 23 in Durham, UK
Durham Book Festival

October 18 in Philadelphia
Jane Hirshfield

October 18 in London
Peter Philpott & Emily Critchley

October 19 in NYC
Brent Hayes Edwards, Anne Waldman, Jayne Cortez,
Jerome Rothenberg, Thomas Glave, Heller Levinson,
& Clayton Eshleman

read Aim
é Césaire

October 19 in Princeton
Rita Dove & James Salter

October 19 in Chicago
Timothy Donnelly

October 19 in Seattle
Ben Lerner

October 19 21 in NYC
Crossing the Borders:
25th National Conference
on Liberal Arts & the Education of Artists

October 19 22 in Vancouver
Vancouver 125 Poetry Conference

October 19 23 in Louth, Lincolnshire, UK
Wolds Words
Festival of Reading, Writing & Performance

October 20 in Philadelphia
9 Dylanologists close-read
Bob Dylan

October 20 in Middletown, CT
Clayton Eshleman

October 20 in Berkeley
Nina Corwin & Adrene Zawinski

October 20 @ Harvard
Kathleen Fraser, Elizabeth Willis

October 20 in Chicago
Terrance Hayes

October 20 in DC
Shanna Compton, Susana Gardner, Maureen Thorson

October 20 in Philadelphia
Brian Evanson

October 20 @ Harvard
Wendell Berry

October 20 22 in NYC
Poets’ Forum
Victor Hernández Cruz, Mark Doty, Rita Dove,
Marilyn Hacker, Lyn Hejinian, Juan Felipe Herrera,
Edward Hirsch, Naomi Shihab Nye, Sharon Olds,
Ron Padgett, Carl Phillips, Marie Ponsot,
Kay Ryan, Gerald Stern, Anne Waldman
& many, many more

October 21 in Philadelphia
A celebration of
Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Bob Perelman, Ron Silliman, Libbie Rifkin,
Eric Keeneghan, Jena Osman, Brian Teare,
Pattie McCarthy, Kevin Varrone, Emily Abendroth,
Holly Bittner, C.A. Conrad, Tom Devaney,
Sarah Dowling, Ryan Eckes, Lucia Gbaya-Kanga,
Chris McCreary, Michelle Taransky, Heather Thomas
& more

October 21 in Buffalo
Kent Johnson

October 21 in NYC
Allison Carter & Jibade-Khalil Huffman

October 21 in Seattle
Matt Hart & Joseph Mains

October 22 in Philadelphia
Susana Gardner, Jenn McCreary, Kirsten Kaschock

October 23 in Chicago
Amitav Ghosh

October 23 in Seattle
Jane Alynn & Carolyne Wright

October 24 in NYC
John Coletti & Jacqueline Waters

October 24 @ Harvard
Jennifer Clarvoe & April Bernard

October 25 in Tucson
Noah Saterstrom & Anne Waldman
exhibit opens

October 25 in Athens, GA
Dorothea Lasky, Travis Nichols, Monica Fambrough

October 26 at Bryn Mawr
The Quietist Short Story

October 26 in NYC
Kathleen Fraser & David Larsen

October 26 in Chicago
Eiléan Chuilleanáin, Rita Ann Higgins,
Caitríona O’Reilly, & Leontia Flynn

October 26 in Milwaukee
Magic Trip opens

October 26 in Buffalo
Jerome Rothenberg

October 26 in Chicago
Elaine Equi & Jerome Sala

October 26-28 in Carbondale, IL
Devil’s Kitchen Literary Festival

October 27 in NYC
Rae Armantrout & Lisa Jarnot

October 27 in DC
Camille Martin, Mel Nichols, Amy Wright

October 27 in NYC
Garrett Hongo

October 27 & 29 in SF
Anna Moschovakis & John Sakkis

October 27 30 in London
Sentinel Literature Festival

October 28 in NYC
Erin Belieu, Barrie Jean Borich, Kekla Magoon,
Cate Marvin, Danielle Pafunda, Susan Steinberg,
Cheryl Strayed, and Ann Townsend

October 28 in Buffalo
K Silem Mohammad

October 28 in Seattle
Carl Adamshick & Melissa Stein

October 29 in NYC
Rae Armantrout, Camille Martin

October 29 in Chicago
Jesse Seldess

October 29 in Cambridge, MA
Allen Fisher, Chuck Stebleton

October 30 in Philadelphia
Jim Mancinelli & Michael Steffan

October 30 in London
Anne Gorrick & Pat Hartigan

October 30 in Concord, MA
Teresa Cader & Charles W Pratt

October 31 in NYC
James Copeland & Ariana Reines

October 31 in Cambridge, MA
Marsha Pomerantz & Judith Baumel

October 31 in NYC
Eiléan Chuilleanáin, Leontia Flynn, Rita Ann Higgins
& Caitriona O'Reilly



November 2011 in the Maldives
Hay Festival Maldives

November 1 in NYC
Camille Dungy, Marcus Jackson
& Nagueyalti Warren

November 1 in Seattle
Casey Fuller & Laura Read

November 2 in NYC
Ron Silliman & Doug Lang

November 2 in Ridley Park, PA
Nathalie Anderson

November 2 @ Bryn Mawr
Natasha Trethewey

November 2 in NYC
Deborah Landau

November 2 in Chicago
Laurie Anderson (talk)

November 2 & 3 in Berkeley
Clayton Eshleman

November 3 in SF
ruth weiss

November 3 in Brookline, MA
Dorothea Lasky & Christina Davis

November 3 in NYC
Tea Obreht, Alexi Zentner, Darin Strauss

November 3 in Buffalo
Marcella Durand

November 3 in Mahway, NJ
Camille Dungy

November 3 in Philadelphia
Alice Notley

November 3 in Moraga, CA
Clayton Eshleman

November 3 in Athens, GA
Anne Waldman

November 3 @ Yale
Dan Beachy-Quick

November 3 in Berkeley
Susan Kolodny & Mary Mackey

November 3 in Chicago
Jared Diamond

November 4 in NYC
Elizabeth Alexander, Vida Cross, Iain Halley Pollock

November 4 in Athens, GA
Anne Waldman

November 4 in Newtown, PA
Edmund White

November 4 in NYC
Iain Haley Pollock, Vida Cross

November 4 in NYC
Welcome to the Writing Machine
(an evening of collaborations)

November 4 6 in Aldeburgh, UK
Aldeburgh Poetry Festival

November 5 in NYC
Wayne Koestenbaum & Divya Victor

November 6 in Pasadena
Natasha Trethewey, TC Boyle, & Ron Carlson

November 6 in Chicago
Jonathan Franzen & Isabel Wilkerson

November 7 in San Francisco
Clayton Eshleman

November 7 in NYC
Harmony Holiday & Jared Stanley

November 7 in Cambridge, MA
Carol Moldaw, Lisa Olstein

November 7 in Athens, GA
Anne Waldman, talk:
the poet as activist

November 7 in SF
Lawrence Ferlinghetti & Gary Snyder

November 7 in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, South Wales
Catherine Fisher & Lemn Sissay

November 8 in Philadelphia
Peter Balakian

November 8 in San Jose, CA
Camille Dungy

November 8 in Cambridge, MA
Rosa Alcalá, Eduardo C. Corral & Aracelis Girmay

November 8 in Berkeley
Brian Turner, Joseph Woods & Eugene O’Connell

November 9 in San Luis Obispo
Clayton Eshleman

November 9 in SF
Mei-mei Berssenbrugge

November 9 in NYC
Tracie Morris & Elliott Sharp

November 9 in Berkeley
Tess Gallagher

November 9 – 20 in San Luis Obispo
Language of the Soul:
28th Annual San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival

November 10 in Bryn Mawr
Rosemary Cappello & Rosalind Kaplan

November 10 in Philadelphia
Umberto Eco

November 10 in Santa Barbara
Clayton Eshleman

November 10 in NYC
Alice Notley & Brenda Coultas

November 10 in Buffalo
Joyelle McSweeney

November 10 in SF
Will Alexander & Maria Damon

November 10 @ Yale
Claudia Rankine

November 10 in Berkeley
Chistopher Buckley, Eliot Schain & Gary Young

November 10 in NYC
Kevin Barry, Nick Laird

November 10 in Seattle
Dana Levin

November 10 13 in NYC
The Modern & Contemporary
Latin American Arts Show

November 11 in NYC
Janine Oshiro, Samuel Park, Jessica Hagedorn

November 11 in NYC
Samuel Lipsyte

November 11 in NYC
Khaled Mattawa

November 12 in SF
A Symposium on Bob Kaufman
with Maria Damon, Will Alexander & Justin Desmangles

November 12 in NYC
The Writing Life:
What does faith have to do with it?

November 12 in NYC
Gregory Laynor & Holly Melgard

November 13 in Chicago
David Grossman

November 13 in Chicago
Umberto Eco

November 13 in Venice, CA
Clayton Eshleman

November 13 in Chicago
Charles Bernstein

November 13 in Plymouth, MA
Paul Stone, Zvi Sesling

November 14 in Los Angeles
Clayton Eshleman

November 14 in Athens, GA
Ron Silliman

November 14 in NYC
Amaranth Borsuk & Kate Durbin

November 15 in NYC
Anne Waldman, Brenda Coultas, Anna Moschovakis

November 15 in Athens, GA
Catherine Wagner

November 15 in Seattle
Robert Bringhurst

November 16 in NYC
National Book Awards Dinner

November 16 in Chicago
George Kalamaras

November 16 in NYC
Hoa Nguyen, Jesse Seldess

November 16 – January 5 2012 in Chicago
Beautiful Outsiders:
Black Sparrow, Burning Deck & Fulcrum Presses

November 16 in La Jolla
Clayton Eshleman

November 17 in Philadelphia
Joyelle McSweeney & Kim Rosenfield :

The Gurlesque

November 17 in NYC
Lynne Tillman & Matthea Harvey

November 17 in Chicago
Don Share on
Black Sparrow, Burning Deck & Fulcrum Presses

November 17 in Berkeley
Madeline Tiger & Joan Tiger Bass

November 17 February 18 2012 in Buffalo
Language to Cover a Wall:
Visual Poetry Through Its Changing Media

November 18 in NYC
Elissa Schappell & Helen Schulman

November 18 in Buffalo
Philip Schultz

 November 18 20 in Kerala, India
Hay Festival Kerala

November 19 in San Rafael, CA
Dana Gioia

November 20 in SF
An evening with
the Grand Piano collective

November 20 in Seattle
John Burgess & Joannie Kervran Strangeland

November 21 in Cambridge, MA
Richard Hoffman, John Hodgen

November 22 in London
Kelvin Corcoran, Gavin Selerie

November 24 in Liverpool
Ian Seed, Jane Routh, Sarah Hymas,
Carol Coates, Elizabeth Burns, Mike Barlow

November 28 in NYC
What it means for
Alison Knowles & Kenny Goldsmith
to be invited to the White House,

Sandra Simonds, Rod Smith & Steven Zultanski

November 30 in SF
Anne Waldman

November 30 in Princeton
Rae Armantrout & John Irving

November 30 in Philadelphia
Dan Beachy-Quick & Laura Goldstein

November 30 in NYC
Julian T Brolaski & Elizabeth Willis

November 30 in Chicago
CM Burroughs & Michael Robins



December 1 in Berkeley
Anne Waldman

December 1 @ Yale
Andrew Hudgins

December 1 in NYC
Matthew Rohrer with Deborah Landau

December 1 in Berkeley
Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon

December 1 in SF
Alan Kaufman

December 2 in Seattle
Rigoberto González

December 2 in NYC
Jericho Brown & Mark Doty

December 2 in Buffalo
Rod Smith

December 2 in NYC
Jim Shepard

December 2 in Newtown, PA
Martha Rhodes

December 3 in Swindon, UK
Carrie Etter

December 3 in NYC
Kieran Daly & Lanny Jordan Jackson

December 3 in SF
Anne Waldman with Ambrose Bye

December 3 in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, South Wales
Roger McGough & Clare Potter

December 4 in SF
Kaplan Harris,
talking with Bruce Boone & Bob Gl
about the LeftWrite Conference
30 years later

December 5 in Cambridge, MA
Meghan O’Rourke

December 5 in DC
Aracelis Girmay on Emily Dickinson

December 7 10 in Brooklyn
Merce Cunningham Legacy Tour

December 7 21 in Nairobi
Summer Literary Seminar

December 8 in Bryn Mawr
Dave Steel, Frank D. Walsh

December 8 in NYC
Timothy Donnelly

December 8 in SF
Gerald Nicosia

December 9 in NYC
EL Doctorow

December 10 in SF
The annual George Oppen lecture
given by Peter Nicholls

December 10 in NYC
Barbara Cole & Mel Nichols

December 12 in Cambridge, MA
Rosanna Warren, David Yezzi

December 15 in NYC
Rivkah Galchen with Darin Strauss

December 15 in Chicago
Peter Sis

December 18 in SF
Asian-Pacific Islander-American poets
& the Avant-Garde
with Barbara Jane Reyes et al


January 2012

January April 2012 in Philadelphia
Zoe Strauss: Ten Years

January 1 – 8 2012 in Puebla, Mexico
US Poets in Mexico
postponed for one year

January 5 – 8 2012 in Key West, FL
30th annual Key West Literary Seminar
with Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Lethem,
John Banville, Douglas Coupland,
Michael Cunningham, William Gibson,
Jennifer Egan, Joyce Carol Oates,
Janna Levin, Gary Shteyngart,
Dexter Palmer, George Saunders
& more

January 7 in NYC
Noah Eli Gordon & Marianne Morris

January 14 in NYC
David Lau & Lauren Spohrer

January 18 in London
Peter Jaeger:
John Cage’s Zen Poetics

January 21 in NYC
Karen Mac Cormack & Steve McCaffery

January 26 in NYC
Tony Towle & Jennifer Moxley

January 26 29 in Cartagena, Columbia
Hay Festival Columbia

January 28 in NYC
Chris Kraus & Aaron Winslow

January 30 February 4 in Elko, NV
28th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering


February & Beyond

February 2 in Berkeley
giovanni singleton

February 8 in Princeton
James Richardson & Jonathan Franzen

February 8 & 9 in Indianapolis, IN
Anne Waldman

February 9 in Walla Walla, WA
Camille Dungy

February 4 – 12 2012 in Florence, Italy
TS Eliot & the Heritage of
Rome & Italy in Modernism

February 17 in Newtown, PA
James Richardson & Ethel Rackin

February 18 in Oxnard, CA
Florence Weinberger & Polly Bee

February 29 March 3 in Chicago

March 1 in Berkeley
Louise Glück

March 15, Mount Vernon, Iowa
Camille Dungy

March 17 in Oxnard, CA
Elijah Imlay & Aaron Saroyan

March 22 at Bryn Mawr
Tom Sleigh

March 23-25 in York, UK
James Joyce’s nonfiction

March 28 in Princeton
James Tate & Jane Smiley

March 29 April 1 in NYC
National Black Writers Conference

March 30 in Newton, PA
April Linder

April 5 @ Yale
Susan Howe

April 5 in Berkeley
Richard Berengarten

April 6 in Walnut Creek
Camille Dungy

April 12 @ Yale
Ilya Kaminsky

April 14 in Oxnard, CA
Harry Northup & Holly Prado

April 19 at Bryn Mawr
Kimiko Hahn

April 27 in Newtown, PA
Mark Doty & Paul Lisicky

May 2012 in Beirut, Lebanon
Hay Festival Beirut

May 19 in Oxnard, CA
Brendan Constantine & Nina Corwin

June 8 12 in Homer, AK
Kechemak Bay Writers Conference

June 16 in Oxnard, CA
Tim Tipton & Terry Van Vliet

June 17 – 30 2012 in Montreal
Summer Literary Seminar

September 7-9 2012 in Kent, UK
European Network
for Avant-Garde & Modernism Studies



Now October 15 in Philadelphia
Alphabet of Art

Now October 15 in NYC
Perfect Man II

Now October 29 in NYC
Fred Hersch: A musician’s eye

Now November 6 in Gloucester, MA
Sam Feinstein

Now January 22 2012 in Austin, TX
The Greenwich Village Bookshop Door

Now November 22 in Richmond, VA
Tristin Lowe’s Mocha Dick

Now November 27 in Venice, Italy
Venice Biennale



Poets & Writers
offers a superb listing of readings
sortable by city, state & genre

Twin Cities Literary Calendar

San Francisco Bay Area Readings
are listed by

Chicago has a Poetry Calendar

Nathalie Anderson’s Lit-Philly
email list covers Philadelphia
as does
The Philly Lit Calendar

The DC Poetry Calendar is here

There is a calendar for Australian Poetry

Modern Poetry
catalogs events around London

The Bowery Poetry Club
hosts 20 to 30 events each week

If we are capturing
even 0.1%
of all that is going on
of interest to poets,
we would be shocked


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