Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Tracy K Smith’s
Life on Mars

Excerpts & a reading

The Larry Fagin school of poetry

Talking with me!

Q&A with Rae Armantrout

Manuel Brito:
interviews with
Charles Bernstein & Barrett Watten

Access to Knowledge
in the Age of Intellectual Property

A 76-page crowd-sourced review
of Michael Cross’

Talking with Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl

Some questions for sound poetry

Tom Konyves:
Videopoetry: A Manifesto

Talking with Richard Tillinghast

Susan Stewart
on Susan Howe, Anne Carson,
CD Wright & Gjertrud Schnackenberg

Jhamak Kumari Ghimire
wins the Madan Puraskar prize

Daniel Green on The Alphabet

is an excellent show
on poetry & the arts

Stephen Vincent:
from Sleeping with Sappho

An EPC website for Lew Welch

2 poems by Peter Gizzi

Frank Kuenstler:
Two poems from The Enormous Chorus

Is it finally time
for Zukofsky’s “A”?

When quoting verse,
one must be terse

Carol Ann Duffy:
Poems are a form of texting

Is texting poetic?

Close reading, aloud: Fred Wah
with Lisa Robertson, Jeff Derksen, Bob Perelman

How different audiences
create different kinds of black poetry

Her grandfather & parents
having all been killed,
Fatima Bhutto
turns to poetry

What do Egypt’s writers do now?

Poet as Radio
audio archives

Deborah Poe:

A short history of pataphysics

Kashmir Literary Fest
cancelled over fears
of violence

21 Iraqi poets

Talking with Matthew Zapruder

How to write flarf

Brooklyn by the book

Paul Lindsay has died

Michael Hart,
founder of Project Gutenberg,
found dead

Sapphire’s The Kid

Orson Scott Card’s
“pedophile Hamlet”
still has capacity to offend

Grammatical slang, yo

Speed vs. information density
in different languages

The secret life of pronouns

Album cover typography

Poetry & the Police:
Communication Networks
in Eighteenth-Century Paris

The 85 Project

Pierre Joris:
from The Tang Extending
from the Blade

NY Times obit for
Susan Fromberg Schaeffer

The world of Samuel Menashe

Philip Schultz:
My Dyslexia

The New Yuri & Selected Yuri

Talking with Johannes Göransson

From Göransson’s
Entrance to a colonial pageant
in which we all
begin to intricate

The mongrel of many genres:
Michael Ondaatje

Ondaatje’s Cat’s Table

Haruki Murakami:
Town of Cats

James Salter
wins the Rea

Trevor Joyce:
work in progress (very short lines)

Dodie Bellamy’s
flammable Buddhist

An open air reading room

Meet the Uni

Who better to speak of boring?

The poetry of 9/11

Plus the scold of doggerel

Bland wins NZ PM’s poetry award

MLK memorial
makes King look arrogant

Angelou missed
the “carved in stone” part

Talking with Maya Angelou

Angelou & the power of words

Chinese writers
demand more book translations

make stories more satisfying

Geraldine Monk:
from The Marian Letters

Robert Pinsky on Ben Jonson

Juliet Cook’s
Thirteen Designer Vaginas

Dick of the Dead

The Inevitable:
Contemporary Writers Confront Death

PoetryNoir film challenge:
I Walked with a Zombie

Irene floods Bartleby’s Books
in Vermont

Serendipity Books, RIP

The Greenwich Village Bookshop Door

Bohemia in the Village

Making books by hand

How many books are too many?

Print books slump again

Do-it-yourself Detroit

Are books dead
& can authors survive?

Latest endangered species:
the mass-market paperback

The joy of books left behind

The death of the reference book

The death of books
has been greatly exaggerated

If it’s the end of books,
then it’s the end of
the Ikea Bookcase

Heads up:
Amazon’s preparing
the for-profit library

What killed American Lit?

In Seattle,
a week without the library

A pop-up bookstore
in Pittsburgh

What we do to books

The shittification
of book as object

Layoffs at Slate
include book editor

acquires the leases for
14 former Borders locations

Ex-employee sues Borders
over mass layoffs

Can Ann Arbor sustain
a new breed of bookshop?

The 100 most sought after
out-of-print books

27 book covers
using the same image

The Poetry Foundation library

Can Berkeley’s senator
block Amazon’s anti-tax referendum?

Conyers wants © revision

Using poetry to cope with tragedy

Poe Museum
in danger of closure

Talking with WS Merwin

Literature & psychology

The brothers Keats

Why JD Salinger
will never sell the film & stage rights
to Catcher in the Rye

What Salinger’s son
thinks about the fact
that you just read that

Alan Halsey: 3 poems

Jonathan Morse:
Mots gratuits

The Cloud Corporation

Comparison in poetry & politics

What Poetry Brings to Business

A poet flanked by bodyguards
in order to read in public

September is the cruelest month

Recent releases in poetry

Mark Neely wins the Field

Collin Kelley’s Slow to Burn

Tip of the Knife, no. 6

Hand-made books

Conquering the fear of fiction

Vargas Llosa:
In Praise of Reading & Fiction

John Tranter wins
book of the year prize

Philip Levine,
America’s poetry man

Camilla joins poetry drive

Danijela Kambaskovic-Sawers: 7 poems

Chinua Achebe’s
Chike and the River

Talking with Lies Van Gasse

7 poems by Van Gasse

When plagiarism nears 100%

The latest in
anti-plagiarism software

In Thailand,
be very careful
of whom you accuse
of plagiarism

Scraps of literature

It’s alive!

@ the Getty
a reading
headlined by
Marilyn Manson

Douglas Messerli
on Malcolm’s Stein

Koestenbaum’s Humiliation

Rana Farhan & the Persian blues

Poetry stops traffic in Kolkata (Calcutta)

Rafia Zafar on the Harlem Renaissance

The poetry of
StarMark Pet Products

Celebrity poets

Winesburg, Ohio:
the complete e-text

Jack London:
The Apostate

Arizona Poetry Center
changes direction

Art & Design
the Arizona Poetry Center

iPhone app
helps with “incomprehensible”
English dialect of Wigan

wins Goethe Prize

A poetic Labor Day

Leontia Flynn’s
Profit & Loss

Literary cemeteries

Ann Patchett’s writing lesson

Eoin Colfer’s Plugged
isn’t for the Artemis Fowl set

Post-colonial fiction
& the work of Amitav Ghosh

Talking with Gerard Malanga

Painted, spoken 21

+ Prose Supplement 7

In the Absence of Oulipo III

The best poetry book of 2011 (so far)
written by Robert Bly

Adam Zagajewski,
the poet of 9/11

The ultimate neglectorino,
Amos Almond
unpublished poet

Eliot’s letters

Holly Karapetkova’s
Words We Might One Day Say

When words die

Creative writing
& spiritual discipline
@ Creedmoor Psychiatric Center

The Word Weavers
of Frankfort, IL

A Google doodle
for Borges’ 112th

Google reaches © deal
with another French publisher

10 very long novels

Franco Moretti’s
Social Network analysis
applied to modernism
(with a response from Moretti)

Out of This World:
Science Fiction:
But Not as You Know It

Gateways to Geekery: Beat Poetry

Nerve Cowboy
keeps that beat spirit alive

Raw on the Road:
(part 1) (part 2)
(part 2 is a look at Kerouac’s legacy
in Lowell, MA)

Talking with Billy Collins

The Man Booker shortlist

2 Canadians on the Booker list

Surprises on (and off)
the Booker list

Booker list opts for
readability & topicality

The Giller long list really is

The recovering critic

Corrina Michelle Cardoza’s
Lawless Lines

Jack of all poetry fans

The enigma of Joseph Heller

Heller & the waitress

Denis Johnson’s Train Dreams

Josh Hockensmith
on the color of uranium

One last sunflower

Talking with Richard Nash

Coupland’s McLuhan

How [sic] is this?

Edinburgh’s Fringe
drowns in nostalgia

Ginsberg’s Kaddish
as theater

Wendy and the Lost Boys:
The Uncommon Life
of Wendy Wasserman

Arthur Hugh Clough
goes to Rome

Odysseus in Queens

Lee Chang-dong’s Poetry

The Schwarzenegger Trilogy

David Lynch
opens a night club in Paris

Syrian gunmen
break artist’s hands

Let a thousand
Ali Ferzats

US film-maker freed
from Libyan jail

June Wayne has died

As has Jeanette Ingberman

Budd Hopkins
has passed away

Our debt to Frank Furness

Cornell & Duchamp

A Field Guide to Chrysalies
They’re Not Fairies

Fake check scam
targets artists

Can a painting
i.d. you as a terrorist?

Old mug shots as art
& the problems of privacy

Public art in Chicago

What is the meaning
of Barry’s List?

The top 25
most powerful & influential people
in the nonprofit arts

Rethinking the Modern

Ai Weiwei’s
goofy charm

The girl with the
Damien Hirst tattoo

The masterpiece
of Los Angeles

David Hockney,
painting the bigger picture

Hockney’s use of 9 cameras

Ruby Bridges
gets her portrait
into the White House

Live art

100 years of neon

Lee Friedlander:
America by Car

Swamp Thing,
you make my heart sing

A visit from Warren Niesluchowski

Talking with Stephen Malkmus

How the new Malkmus
got its cover
& why it’s credited to Tom Clark

How musical genres
got their names

Should City Hall
run a jazz fest?

Susan Baca
fills the diversity slots
in new Peru regime

Environmental enforcement
snags guitars

Desert Blues

Raiding Gibson (again)

Whitman, the musical

The rise of Ghostpoet

Ken Loach:
The ruling class
are cracking the whip

The one economist
who got it right

makes money
from every Guy Fawkes mask

Hakim Bey: Immediatism
(registration required)

Utopia & modernism

What is naturalism?

William Gass:
On Being Blue
(registration required)

Cary Nelson:
the fierce humanities

Michael Berubé
The road to dystopia

Paul Berman:
Ideas in Latin America

The government of Zomia
will not come to order

Anne Lamott:
Unions & America
fit together like Legos

Framing Joe Hill

Rick Perry’s secret plan
to destroy
blue state America

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