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Now in NYC, Santa Cruz, SF & Berkeley

August 9 13 in Cambridge & Boston
National Poetry Slam

August 10 in Milwaukee
Sherman Jackson

August 10 in NYC
Andrew Raha,l Anwyn Crawford, E. J. McAdams,
Camille Ikalina Robles, Stefanie Simons

August 10 in London
Helen Babbs + James Wilkes, Chris McCabe,
Isobel Dixon, Sarah Kelly, Matt Martin & Chrissy Williams

August 11 in SF
Evan Kennedy

August 11 in Bryn Mawr
Christine Weiser, Anthony DiFiore & Janet Spangler

August 11 in Philadelphia
Build & Eat

August 12 in San Jose, Santa Ana, West LA
& Portland OR
MagicTrip opens

August 12 in Venice, CA
Larry Hankin

August 12 in Doylestown, PA
Grant Clauser

August 12 – 18 in McCarthy, Alaska
Wrangell Mountain Poetry Workshop

with Elizabeth Bradfield & Jeremy Pataky

August 13 in Venice, CA
The Fourth Annual Philomenian

August 13 in Chicago
Noelle Kocot, Mike Hauser

August 13 19 in Edinburgh
Edinburgh International Book Festival

August 16 in Grasmere, Cumbria, UK
Fiona Sampson & Carola Luther

August 17 in Gloucester, MA
David Rich

August 18 in NYC
Cedar Sigo, Dara Weir & Rosanna Warren

August 18 in SF
Brent Cunningham

August 19 in Arcata, CA, DC,
Ashland, OR & Philadelphia
MagicTrip opens

August 20 in NYC
My Lorca:
Forrest Gander, Aracelis Girmay, Pablo Medina

August 20 in Chicago
Christ Golmski, Laura Goldstein

August 20 in Ogden, UT

August 20 in Brooklyn
Fort Greene Literary Festival

August 20 in Philadelphia
Poets on the Porch
Dan Maguire, Lynn Levin, Amy King,
Ana Bozicevic, Elizabeth Pallitto 
join Diane Sahms Guarnieri & G Emil Reutter

August 20 in Pacific Palisades, CA
Suzanne Lummis, John Harris, Bill Mohr

August 20 & 21 in Philadelphia
Miss Rockaway Armada flotilla

August 21 in Berkeley
Benefit for S Clay Wilson
with AD Winans, Luis Garcia, Richard Krech & Clive Matson

August 25 in Bloomington, IN & Hudson NY
MagicTrip opens

August 25 in SF
Yedda Morrison

August 26 in Santa Fe, Seattle
& University City, MO
MagicTrip opens

August 26 28 in Queensland, Australia
Queensland Poetry Festival

August 27 September 4 @ Burnt Norton
Explore the Cotswolds with Paul Muldoon,
Nigel Smith
et al

August 30 in Grasmere, Cumbria, UK
Michael Longley & Jane Routh

August 30 in Boulder, CO
MagicTrip opens



September 2 in Atlanta, Cambridge, MA,
Minneapolis, Ashville, NC
& Newburyport, MA
MagicTrip Opens

September 2 – 17 in Philadelphia
Fringe Fest

September 3 in Chicago
Sophie Robinson, Sandra Simonds

September 4 in Albuquerque
MagicTrip opens

September 6 January 22 2012 in Austin, TX
The Greenwich Village Bookshop Door

September 7 in Ridley Park, PA
Camille Norvaisas

September 8 in Columbus, OH
MagicTrip opens

September 8 in Bryn Mawr
Marylou Kelly Steznewski, Linda A. Cronin & Stu O'Connor

September 9 in Sacramento, Denver,
Gainesville & Tempe, AZ
MagicTrip opens

September 10 in Huntsville, Alabama
Limestone Dust Poetry Festival

September 10 11 in Edinburgh
Poetry, Politics & Form

September 12 in NYC
Michael Gottlieb’s The Dust

September 13 in Grasmere, Cumbria, UK
Christopher Reid & Elizabeth Burns

(apparently rescheduled from May)

September 14 & 15 in Philadelphia
Susan M Schultz

September 15 in San Rafael, CA
Tony & Willis Barnstone

September 15 in NYC
Deborah Landau, Srikanth Reddy & Atsuro Riley

September 15 18 in Nairobi
Hay Festival Nairobi

September 16 in San Diego
MagicTrip opens

September 17 in Kingston, NY
Stan Apps, Lynn Behrendt, Joe Elliott

September 18 23 in Fairfax, VA
Fall for the Book

September 21 24 in Brooklyn
Kronos Quartet’s The Awakening

September 21 in London
Sean Bonney

September 21 25 in Cape Town, RSA
Open Book Festival

September 22 in Philadelphia
Stephen Greenblatt

September 22 – 25 in Provincetown, MA
Tennessee Williams Theater Festival

September 22 25 in Segovia, Spain
Hay Festival Segovia

September 23 in Ithaca, NY
MagicTrip opens

September 23 in St Catharines, Ontario
Camille Martin, Shannon Maguire, Angela Szczepaniak,
Aisha Sasha John, & Zorras Multimedia Group

September 24 in many cities
100,000 Poets for change

September 25 in Philadelphia
Rodger Lowenthal & Catherine Staples

September 25 in Seattle
Jeannine Hall Gailey

September 26 in Toronto
Camille Martin, Jim Johnstone

September 26 in Minneapolis
Craig Thompson

September 27 in Philadelphia
Charles Alexander

September 27, in Grasmere, Cumbria, UK
Paul Muldoon

September 29 in Dallas
Joaquin Zuihuatenejo & Natasha Carrazosa

September 30 in Newtown, PA
Iain Haley Pollock

September 30 October 1 in Cincinnati
Cincinnati Small Press Festival

September 30 October 2 in NYC
NY Art Book Fair



October 2 in Portland, OR
Jeannine Hall Gailey, Molly Tenenbaum,
Martha Silano et al

October 5 in Ridley Park, PA
Mike Cohen

October 6 in Brooklyn
Robert Wilson

October 6 in Philadelphia
William Kennedy & Paul Hendrickson

October 6 9 in Buffalo
MSA 13:
Structures of Innovation

October 6 9 in Xalapa, Vera Cruz
Hay Festival Xalapa

October 11 in Philadelphia
Russell Banks

October 12 in Syracuse, NY
Iain Haley Pollock

October 12 in Philadelphia
Jerome Rothenberg & Amish Trivedi
& (
later the same day)
Rusty Morrison & Elizabeth Robinson

October 12 in West Chester, PA
Michael Ondaatje

October 13 in Bryn Mawr
WD Ehrhart & Louis McKee

October 13 – 15 in San Diego
&NOW 5 conference

October 15 in Minneapolis
Twin Cities Book Festival

October 19 22 in Vancouver
Vancouver 125 Poetry Conference

October 20 in Philadelphia
9 Dylanologists close-read
Bob Dylan

October 20 22 in NYC
Poets’ Forum

October 21 in Philadelphia
A celebration of Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Bob Perelman, Ron Silliman, Libbie Rifkin,
Eric Keeneghan, Jena Osman, Brian Teare,
Pattie McCarthy, Kevin Varrone, Emily Abendroth,
Holly Bittner, C.A. Conrad, Tom Devaney,
Sarah Dowling, Ryan Eckes, Lucia Gbaya-Kanga,
Chris McCreary, Michelle Taransky, & Heather Thomas

October 26 at Bryn Mawr
The Quietist Short Story

October 26 in Milwaukee
MagicTrip opens

October 29 in NYC
Rae Armantrout, Camille Martin

October 30 in Philadelphia
Jim Mancinelli & Michael Steffan


November / December

November 2 in NYC
Ron Silliman & Doug Lang

November 2 in Ridley Park, PA
Nathalie Anderson

November 2 @ Bryn Mawr
Natasha Trethewey

November 4 in NYC
Iain Haley Pollock, Vida Cross

November 4 6 in Aldeburgh, UK
Aldeburgh Poetry Festival

November 6 in Pasadena
Natasha Trethewey, TC Boyle, & Ron Carlson

November 10 in Bryn Mawr
Rosemary Cappello & Rosalind Kaplan

November 10 in Philadelphia
Umberto Eco

November 10 13 in NYC
The Modern & Contemporary
Latin American Arts Show

November 16 in New York
National Book Awards Dinner

November 17 in Philadelphia
Joyelle McSweeney
The Gurlesque

November 19 in San Rafael, CA
Dana Gioia

November 2011 in the Maldives
Hay Festival Maldives

 November 18 20 in Kerala, India
Hay Festival Kerala

December 7 10 in Brooklyn
Merce Cunningham Legacy Tour

December 7 21 in Nairobi
Summer Literary Seminar

December 8 in Bryn Mawr
Dave Steel, Frank D. Walsh



January April 2012 in Philadelphia
Zoe Strauss: Ten Years

January 1 – 8 2012 in Puebla, Mexico
US Poets in Mexico

January 5 – 8 2012 in Key West, FL
30th annual Key West Literary Seminar
with Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Lethem,
John Banville, Douglas Coupland,
Michael Cunningham, William Gibson,
Jennifer Egan, Joyce Carol Oates,
Janna Levin, Gary Shteyngart,
Dexter Palmer, George Saunders
& more

January 26 29 in Cartagena, Columbia
Hay Festival Columbia

February 4 – 12 2012 in Florence, Italy
TS Eliot & the Heritage of
Rome & Italy in Modernism

March 22 at Bryn Mawr
Tom Sleigh

April 19 at Bryn Mawr
Kimiko Hahn

May 2012 in Beirut, Lebanon
Hay Festival Beirut

June 17 – 30 2012 in Montreal
Summer Literary Seminar

September 7-9 2012 in Kent, UK
European Network
for Avant-Garde & Modernism Studies



Now August 8 in LA
MOCA’s Street Art show

Now August 13, Grand River, Ontario
Fish Quill Poetry Boat Tour

Now August 25 in SF
Smut Capital of America

Now in Westminster, London, UK
Al-Mutanabbi Street

Now August 31 in NYC
Jimmy De Sana

Now – September 6 in SF
The Steins Collect

Now September 6 in SF
Seeing Gertrude Stein: 5 Stories

Now September 7 in NYC
Ray’s a Laugh:
responding to the work of Ray Johnson,
Joe Bradley, Dan Colen, Leo Fitzpatrick,
Ray Johnson, Hanna Liden, Nate Lowman,
Adam McEwen, Josh Smith & Dash Snow

Now September 11 in SF
Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance

Now September 18 in NYC
Kevin Jerome Everson

Now September 25 in London
Twombly & Poussin

Now November 22 in Richmond, VA
Tristin Lowe’s Mocha Dick

Now November 27 in Venice, Italy
Venice Biennale



Poets & Writers
offers a superb listing of readings
sortable by city, state & genre

Twin Cities Literary Calendar

San Francisco Bay Area Readings
are listed by

Chicago has a Poetry Calendar

Nathalie Anderson’s Lit-Philly
email list covers Philadelphia
as does
The Philly Lit Calendar

The DC Poetry Calendar is here

There is a calendar for Australian Poetry

Modern Poetry
catalogs events around London

The Bowery Poetry Club
hosts 20 to 30 events each week

If we are capturing
even 0.1%
of all that is going on
of interest to poets,
we would be shocked


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