Monday, August 15, 2011

A sonnagram
from K Silem Mohammad

Q&A with Rae Armantrout

Talking with Elaine Equi

Philip Levine:
Poet Laureate of the United States

A selection of poems by Levine

What will Philip Levine do as PLOTUS?

From one laureate to the next,
who do public poets
speak for?

What the point of the PLOTUS is

Anis Shivani on
Philip Levine & other mediocrities

Stephen Dunn:
$10K tax bill
for giving a reading in Philly!

Talking with Márton Koppány

Elizabeth Willis’ Address

Eileen Tabios:
147 Million Orphans: A Haibun

Close reading aloud:
Fred Wah

Haiku, North America,
Seattle 2011

The unmaking of a poet

Joseph Lease’s
Prophet Margin

American Book Review’s
issue on Uncreative Writing

I Hate Reading facebook page
gains over 440,000 likes

The two Gertrude Steins

5 kinds of poetry phobia

Could the Poetry Society start over?

A poetics of responsiveness

Sherman Alexi:
The Lost Colony at Roanoke, 1587

White Pine’s
sale of signed first editions

The Herbarium anthology launch:
videos of 35 readings

Kathleen Spivak:
Boston as a literary city

Djuna Barnes:
The Book of Repulsive Women

From Chike & the River
by Chinua Achebe

The mechanics of rejection at AWP

Talking with Peter O’Leary

VS Naipaul,
man without a country

Did the KGB murder Camus?

Poe museum in Baltimore
may close

The uncomfortable act
of reading a poem aloud
(check out the audio clips)

LA Times
cuts review freelancers

The death of journalism
in Los Angeles

Women’s Poetry of the 1930s

Willa Cather,
meeting Stephen Crane

The human face of type

Support endangered alphabets!

Kickstart I’ll Drown My Book:
Conceptual Writing by Women

Will Apple buy B&N?

Why do e-books cost so much?

Class action
against Apple & big publishers
over e-book price-fixing

What is the true price
of publishing?

Publishing not as moribund
as previously thought

Time for publishers
to fight dirty

Tariq Ali:
A few questions for
the Muslim brothers
in Tahrir Square
on July 29

Tagging in Kabul

Pugilistica videos

Talking with Matthew Zapruder

Howard Junker’s Quiet Lightning

Q&A with Jorie Graham

Beyond translation

The gardener of language

Why there will one day
be just one language

Seeking one copy
of every book
ever printed

Kate Greenstreet:

William Sleator has died

Angie Ellis’ Spared

Q&A with Mark Doty

A poet is called to jury duty

Melville House goes hybrid

Talking with Paul Siegell

Jana Harris’ True Colors

Hey, Mrs Ahab,
where’s the hyphen?

Q&A with Robert Hass

Save East Coker!

Vita & Violet

How to save
Dickens’ journal?

Britain to legalize
format shifting

Calligraphers go against type

Why you should care
about typography

Can I have your Kindlegraph?

How to publish your own
Amazon Kindle e-book

Why did Facebook
buy an e-book publisher?

Print books:
should they stay or should they go?

Literary agents can survive
the digital revolution

My life at
the world’s dumbest bookstore

Websites for bookworms

The TQ Manifesto

Juliana Leslie’s
More Radiant Signal

Comparing Maggie Nelson,
not unfavorably,
to John Berger & Susan Sontag

Remembering Len Fulton

Snail mail your email

Love Letter to Jim Brodey

The Found Poetry Review

David Budbill’s Happy Life

Cold poems for a hot summer

Peter Richards’ Helsinki

Talking with Sapphire

The Greatest Generation vs. the Beats

Neal Cassady’s photo album

Bruce Boone’s
The Truth About Ted
is back

Maurice Manning’s
poetry focuses on Kentucky

Rosaire Appel:
The Metabolism of Rugs

Nicholson Baker
returns to raunch

Nicholson Baker
needs a Nicholson Baker

NY Times’ writers
views of smut
suggests they don’t
get out much

Andy Warhol’s
children’s books

Washington Post
tries its hand at
erotic Beat poetry

A literary festival in Kashmir

12 or 20 questions for
Rupert Loydell

Martin Amis in Brooklyn

Poetry Foundation’s
DC walking tour
as seen from down under

About that 4th Stieg Larsson novel

Best closing lines

Tao Lin gets a new agent

Funding for the movie of
Shoplifting From American Apparel
is down to the wire

The problems of realism in 2011

Mystery or poetry?

Sympathy for the pointless

12 or 20 questions for Brian Teare

To the Lighthouse

Half-Price Books
seek ex-Borders staff

How are indie bookstores faring?

What riots mean for UK bookshops

Why Waterstone’s
wasn’t looted

12 or 20 questions for Angie Abdou

Kei Miller’s The Longest Song

Excellent interview of Richard Krech
in the new Primal Urge

Write what you don’t know

Sheryl Noethe,
Poet Laureate of Montana

The TS Eliot Summer School

Anniversaries, anesthesia
& Elizabeth Bishop

A history of Arabian Nights

Q&A with David Lehman

Dear Charlie Simic,
wish you were here

The depressing art
of Philip Larkin

When Delmore Schwartz was famous

Jennifer Grotz
The Needle

Talking with Michael Pacey

Troy Jollimore
on JG Ballard’s
Millennium People

Revising Puff

Damn Slam LA

Hundred flock
to the National Slam Championship

Q&A with Eavan Boland

Snail mail my email

The pleasures of reading
in an age of distraction

On the Road to Babadag

The LA Review of Books
is to the LA Times as
The NYRB is to….

Wayne Koestenbaum’s Humiliation

Anis Shivani:
between short story & novel

Authors who visit book clubs

The contemporary novel

Vonnegut library
donates copies of
Slaughterhouse Five

to school district
that banned the book

The found art of
Barbara Cartland

My town needs a librarian

North Beach Library plan
gets sued

Pakistani bookmobile
turns to SF Public Library
for aid

Ludington librarian
fired for tell-all
Library Diaries

What states have
the highest concentration
of librarians?

7 ways to repurpose libraries
once books are obsolete

The Hazrat Shah Waliullah
Public Library

SF branch library
“preserves” historic sign
by hiding it

James Franco’s
Museum of Non-Visible Art

Reuniting Gertrude Stein’s art

4 Saints in 3 Acts

How John Marin
(not a bad poet either)
became a neglectorino

Brushing up Roy Lichtenstein

Roman Opalka has died

Ivana Lowell on Lucian Freud

Beach trash to yard art

Art curator beaten by police

Ai Weiwei
returns to Twitter

Why Chinese artists
head to Berlin

Public art:
soaring possibilities,
community outrage

Lynda Benglis @ MOCA

Photos from
this year’s Edible Sculpture event

Tony Curtis’ Warhol
& other things for sale

Controversial art exhibit
shut down in Manila

No further penalties

Jonathan Morse’s Green / Light

Politics of the subordinate clause

Richard Neutra’s Kronish House
is threatened with demolition

Phonehenge unhinged:
I’ll rebuild even better,
Fahey vows

Found (partly):
Hitchcock’s White Shadow

Magic Trip:
why the ‘60s were necessary

Paradise Lost,
the movie

Discovering Raoul Ruiz

Vincent Gallo
decides to eliminate
the audience

Gallo’s merch
maxes out
the narcissism index

Talking with Ain Gordon

Getting Shakespeare outdoors in LA

Shakespeare & country music

Shakespeare & the subjunctive

10 most disturbing deaths
in Shakespeare

The state of zombie literature

Let’s not forget zombies
as little yellow flowers

Larry Sawyer’s Werewolf Weather

Wendell “Mucho” Maas would approve:
The Thomas Pynchon playlist

Plus one for Jimmy Joyce

Tennyson’s first CD

One of the more circuitous
branches on my family tree
leads to Du Bose & Dorothy Heyward
& thus to Porgy & Bess

Think of this
as a metaphor
for how to think
about poetry

Wikipedia as something
your parents used

90% of Wikipedia contributors
are male

Does Stanley Fish matter?

World’s “strangest
(i.e. least British)

Just Another Day

Michele Bachmann:
It’s the Renaissance, stupid

Let Bert & Ernie get married!