Thursday, August 25, 2011

on racism & reception

Talking with Barbara Guest

Talking with Cathy Park Hong

Marjorie Perloff on the conceptual lyric

Ange Mlinko on Roy Fisher

Daisy Fried
on Fisher, Susan Howe
& Laura Kasischke

Talking with Ted Pearson

Anne Born has died

NY Times obit for Samuel Menashe

An obit for Scott Wannberg

The LA Times on Wannberg

Associated Press Wannberg obit

Peter Middleton
on neologisms & sound poetry
in the work of Maggie O’Sullivan

Lisa Samuels: 4 poems

2 views of Vasko Popa

Joseph Brodsky:
the anti-Soviet Soviet poet

Márton Koppány:
4 visual poems

Liz Lochhead
on the Scottish Poetry Library

Poetry’s $21M “palace”

UC Santa Cruz
gets $500K to start
The George Hitchcock Modern Poetry Fund

Poetry Society
Judith Palmer

Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney:
2 collaboration

Susan Stewart:
A Language

Marcus Slease reading

Spencer Selby: 5 visual poems

Bei Dao:
Chinese literature is uninspired

A poet fights for change
in Mexico

JD Nelson: 4 poems

2 poems by Don Share

Burroughs’ belongings

Talking with Kirsten Kaschock
plus 3 poems by Kaschock

The first collaborative MFA project

Why MFA programs matter

Do big name MFA hires
amount to anything?

Poor. Old. Tired. Horse.
Ian Hamilton Finlay’s legendary journal

Plus work by
Dom Sylvester Houédard (dsh)
& other hard-to-find
vispo classics

Font wonks fight

dan raphael: 2 poems

Talking with Bruce Andrews


In re waka

Where do dead words go?

Sheila E Murphy: from American Ghazals
plus 5 visual poems

Philip Levine’s
Absolute Truth

Tough yet tender

Philip Levine
& the return of revolutionary anger

A good laureate for bad times

A poet of drudgery

Anis Shivani vs. Philip Levine

Revenge of the middle-brow:
who thinks who
is overrated

What if Rimbaud
just burned out?

Joyce Sutphen,
Minnesota’s new poet laureate

Red poets’ society:
why the CP-USSR feared poets

Andrei Codrescu,
disciple of Charles Olson(

Books you could have been
jailed for reading

National Bad Poetry Day

David Orr
trying to revive the rep
of A.R. Ammons

Rhymes with poetess

Talking with Daniel Kane

Norman Fischer:
a test case for being

Anny Ballardini
on a theme by Blind Willie Johnson

Happy birthday, Charles Bukowski

SNOOTitude & David Foster Wallace

Infinite Jest,
the rock video

2 Joseph Heller bios

Tony Hoagland & the NY School

Deborah Landau, Syd Lea, David Hernandez

Bob Heman: Information

Laughlin award to Anna Moschovakis

Hunter S Thompson
writes a rejection letter

Walking the lobster with
Joshua Mehigan

Court rejects settlement
in publisher-freelancer case

Sci-Fi gateway
proposes to sell
o.p. volumes as e-books

Talking with John Burnside

Connor Stratman: 2 poems

Tao Lin gets $50K deal with Random House

Nicholson Baker’s “high smut”

Nicholson Baker’s
thing for sex

Missing physical media

90 frogs (no waiting)

Hipster Lit
(Billy Collins?)

The unholy pursuit of god
in Moby-Dick

Literary Brooklyn
hobbled by cliché

Isherwood in Berlin

Talking with Alex MacDonald

A memoir not from Neal Cassady,
but Butch Cassidy

Here come the © wars


Microsoft halts support
for its e-book reader

Tablet & Pen:
Literary Landscapes
from the Modern Middle East
(subscription required)

Information Week
on the e-book pricing conspiracy

Amazon sales tax boycott
gains momentum

Silicon Valley bookstores
tells Amazon
enough already

Who makes $$ writing fiction?

JK Rowling scam

Poetry book clubs?

Obama’s reading in office
includes Walcott, Leithauser, Franzen

Bird & Beckett:
a San Francisco treasure

Indie bookstores
start a new chapter

Another solution

Obama goes indie

Christopher Robin’s
bookshop closing

A Pandora for e-reading?

Bird haiku

Conan haiku

Tracy K Smith & Dana Levin
reviewed in the New Yorker
(subscription required)

When writers’ kids
pick up the pen

Fantasy for adults

Coleridge’s cottage
has been restored

Death of the Chelsea Hotel

Suzanne Allen’s

More juice from Seuss
in September

Hipster Ipsum

Christian Bök’s
literary bacteria

A future for book reviews?

Against reviews

Slam packed
with popular themes

Cambridge hosts
the National Poetry Slam

The National Poetry Slam @ 25

What is Christian fiction?

Edith Wharton:
Sex, Satire, and the Older Woman

Perks of being an English major

Becoming Ray Bradbury

Talking with
Neil Gaiman

Pimping out
Jane Austen’s e-books

Jane McKie
wins the Edwin Morgan prize

Philip Mosley
on the Griffin short list

PEN American Center’s
2011 awards

Writers, drugs
& performance anxiety

Eliot fans
unhappy with development
@ East Coker

Talking with Jennifer Egan

Joan Didion,
patron saint apparently
of women who call themselves

Shel Silverstein:
Nasty School & other poems

Naked poets fight diabetes

The phantom poetry project

Literature as a guide
to the past

The Wanderings of Odysseus

Justin Katko on SoundEye

Niamh O’Mahony’s SoundEye report

Shakespeare on the subway

Willie & Wystan
for younger readers

Brittle Star #27

A bio of Wendy Wasserstein

Can you © a house?

wins right to store music

Art conferences
are all talk

Barry Schwabsky
on the Venice Biennale
& especially the role of
nationalism in the arts

The museum of socialist art

NYC as one big
conceptual art gallery

Naked on Wall Street

A Jersey poet wins in Wales

Did YouTube kill performance art?

Some classic performances

Ripping up the Bible
in your rock show
is going to be noticed

Ai Weiwei speaks

How Albert Barnes
outsmarted himself

The American Folk Art Museum
is in a death spiral

O’Keeffe & Stieglitz

The SpongeBob goon squad?

Shepard Fairey beaten
over “pro-government” propaganda

The 17-ton cuddly bear
& other sculptural surprises

John Waters
on what makes art successful

Italian art preservation
includes some censorship

Russian court bans
Mickey Mouse as Christ

The collector as artist:
a tour of the old Barnes Foundation

The LA art scene

Frida’s corsets

Oldenburg’s paintbrush

Manila art center
did not break law

Support for Mideo Cruz
among Philippine artists
is not unanimous

The genius of Damien Hirst

Tracey Emin
adds More Passion
to 10 Downing Street

Women in Lautrec

Stolen Rembrandt
turns up in church

Testing the Rembrandt
for DNA

Annette Seidenglanz:
Obscure Language Series

Men & women
respond to art differently

Becoming one
with your horse

Jerry Leiber has died

Steve Reich changes
album cover art
over 9/11 protest

Phil Glass
to write memoir

Play it again, Phil

What Beethoven heard

Peruvian cabinet
gets its first musician

Can Ridley Scott
catch lightning in the same bottle twice?

How many film versions
of Jane Eyre & Wuthering Heights
do we really need?

Patti Smith to collaborate
on Just Kids screenplay

Lee Chang-dong’s Poetry
is now available on DVD

Raoul Ruiz has died

Talking with Frederick Wiseman

The rumbustious Gallagher brothers

Consumerism with violence

New definition of addiction
is worth contemplating
given the disease’s
impact on the arts

If 58,000 students
can “take” a course
what is the future of higher ed?

The SF Bay Area
in toothpicks

Celebrating Alan Watts

She warned us about Shrub:
Molly Ivins
on Gov. Goodhair

Chester County’s
most important citizen

The Elvis-Nixon archives

Weird writer deaths
(What? No dune buggies?)

As always,
Otoliths 22
is filled with delights