Thursday, July 07, 2011


Stephen Ratcliffe’s trilogy:
Human / Nature
Remarks on Color / Sound

Previously unpublished poems
by the Baroness
Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven

Numerousness & its Discontents:
Peter Nicholls on
George Oppen & Lyn Hejinian

Dean Young’s new heart

Remembering Darrell Gray

Don Wentworth’s
Past All Traps

Pigrimage to the sources
of Javier Sicilia

In Malaysia,
poetry gets treated
like a weapon

Robert Coover: A life in writing

A 1974 Beat festival
in North Dakota (!)
goes online

Kenneth Rexroth
reading & pontificating

Remembering the Beats

Michael McClure:
Peyote Poem excerpt

Celebrating May Swenson

Martin P “Inkblot HurricaneAbramson has died

Publishing’s wrong #s

David Foster Wallace’s
11-step program

Wallace’s private
self-help library

Head of school for writers
rips off Wallace
for commencement address

David Foster Wallace:

How to promote
a poetry blog

Talking with Jason Morris
& Erin Morrill

agrees to be sold

The sales at Borders
blamed for big loss
at B&N

The Booksmith

Shop online,
pick up locally

Zippy on E-books

Flipback books
are now in English

Who needs bookstores,
when there is a
farmer’s market?

Sven Birkerts
on Marshall McLuhan

& Wikipedia

10 + 2 things about
Dan Masterson

Talking with Jake Kennedy

The small presses of San Antone

WCW, baseball & history

Why are the feds
researching metaphor?

a single word

The poetry of Susan Howe

How American writers
coped with
the Civil War

Adam Zagajewski’s
Unseen Hand

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project

The Poetic Labor Project:
TC Marshall, Dolsy Smith, Mary Austin Speaker

Talking with Michael Gottlieb

Curtis Faville on Christopher Isherwood

Remembering Robert Kroetsch

Forrest Gander & Robert Bringhurst

Core Samples from the World

The Academy of American Poets
video archive

BH Fairchild’s
Occult Memory Systems
of the Lower Midwest

Rosamond Purcell’s Bookworm

Christine Hume: Hum

Donna de la Perrière’s
Saint Erasure

Talking with Travis Nichols

Mirza Ghalib

Emily Dickinson &
the “modern literati”

Arty Bollocks Generator

Virginia Woolf’s late essays

Sesshu Foster:
Notes on Good
(“New & Improved!”)

From the Poesie Festival in Berlin

Qu Yuan
& the dragon boat festival

Eavan Boland
eroticizing the past

The Man Closing Up:
Eugene Guillevic & Donald Justice

genius & villain

hounded by the feds

Hemingway’s legacy

When Ernest left Hadley

A book with a rare cover
(Since when is human skin “hard cover”?)

Ronaldo V. Wilson:
Poetics in Dream Tracking

Brian Eno & Rick Holland

NYPL paid $900K
for Timothy Leary’s papers

What big media can learn
from NYPL

Rachel Dacus
Femme au chapeau

Talking with Anis Shivani

Anis prefers
his indie presses large

& preferably institutionally based

718 iPad apps for poetry

Make mine Moleskine

David Gewanter:
The Problem of Originality

An obit of Edwin Honig

An obit of Bill Kloefkorn

Talking with Alexandra Teague

3 poems by Chris McCreary

Nature poetry at the zoo

The New Collected Poems of
Tomas Tranströmer

Poetry of the Jersey Shore

Doug Messerli’s
Project for Innovative Poetry

Laura Healy,
reading translations
of the poetry of
Roberto Bolaño

A museum for writers
in Chicago?

6 Egyptian writers
you should know

15 new poems by
Davíd Stefánsson

Talking with Stephen Dunn

Paul Muldoon
is a people person

Talking with Muldoon

12 Theses on John Ashbery

Plath’s depression

A new tavern
where Whitman drank

Some excellent microreviews
of CA Conrad, Wislawa Szymborska,
Allison Titus, LS Klatt & Grace Zabriskie

Harry Smith & Brian Lucas

Nigeria --
copying Egypt & Abu Dubai --
starts its own
poetry idol reality TV show

Millions Poet
starts a new season

A drama of spectacle
immersed in aesthetics

10 contemporary
Southern & Midwestern poets

you ought to know

Brenda Iijima’s
If not Metamorphic

Poetry Society:
Things go from bad to verse

Ruth Padel
on what’s wrong with that article

Ramsey Nasr,
talking with Padel

Poetry still publishes
less than 1% of all submissions

Poetry Foundation
dedicates its new home

Poetry nears 100

Talking with Brian Teare

A curious thing to consider is
an author

Hysterical Sex
in the Time of Cholera

& other literary games

Setting poetry to silk

Needling Anselm Berrigan

Carol Muske-Dukes
on Crossing State Lines:
An American Renga

Ginsberg & Bashō

Ginsberg’s Wonder Years

Having already been anthologized,
conceptual writing
finally gets a journal,
Crux Desperationis

The Morgan Library curator
discusses his work

In LA, downloading songs
at the library is

250,000 antique books
will go online

Recreating Baghdad’s
lost literary avenue

Book artists
can still get in on
the Al-Mutanabbi Street Project

Whither the Oxford comma?

Talking with Nell Taylor
about the Chicago Underground Library

Paddy Galvin died in May

Borges in Texas

Re-reading Borges’ Poetry

Dante in Love

Fleurs du mal dot org

Be drunk – that’s all that matters

Does Metamorphosis really need a movie?

3 kinds of literary afterlife

Kannada poetry
goes to Ljubljana

Five-finger discounts

small is beautiful

Martin Stannard’s

Gerald Stern,
reading & talking

Kabir’s legacy

Lalla & Kabir

Medieval Odia Poetry

Remembering Changampuzha

Amir Khusrao,
the medieval poet
who also invented the sitar

K Satchidanandan’s
While I Write

Greg Djanikian’s
“Immigrant Picnic”

Connecticut’s history of verse

Shi Zhi,
the troubled man
at the heart of Chinese poetry

The chan of Hsu Yun

Ann Patchett
hopes to open
a bookstore in Nashville

Mark Wallace on
A Community Writing Itself:
Conversations with Vanguard Writers
of the Bay Area

UK Poetry, the mailing list

George RR Martin
offers to decapitate
whoever shipped
his novel too soon

A narrative of the image:
Charles Wright & Charlie Simic
in correspondence

Talking with Sophie Mayer

The story of
The Story of O

Talking with Ariel Sands

Dorianne Laux
Book of Men

Posting the odds
for the next Nobel

Writers who died
in motor accidents

Add Hassan Dars to that list

JG Ballard’s
Millennium People

From Clarissa to DSK

Charles Wright’s Bedtime Story

The POOR Press Project

Kamila Shamsie
on the perils of translation

Sudeep Sen’s Aria

Translating French poetry

Romanticism has never
been properly judged

A Myanmar poet
reading in Columbia

The history of haiku

Dandelion haiku

The horror of hockey haiku

Chad Davidson’s Consolation Miracle

A Canadian poetry chronicle

Anna Marie Sewell
is the new laureate of Edmonton

The patchwork poem
that takes up
1290 square feet

John Gallaher’s
“Eyeball Eyeball Poem”

Poet as Radio

Penguin Classics
on your iPhone

Raising the bar
for digital poetry

Merrill Leffler,
the laureate of Takoma Park, MD

Modern Poetry of Pakistan

Marathi poetries
in the digital age

Sandy Pool
writes of murder

Gary Soto:
No man who grew up
in a home without books
writes alone

Poetry, cinema, Naropa

Sydney’s laureate
will be paid for poems

Talking with Children’s Laureate,
J Patrick Lewis

A world without English majors

Philip Roth, wising up

Aaron Belz’ Lovely Rasberry

An untitled poem
by Mimi Khalvati

Experiments with N+7

The uses of sidewalks
in bookselling

Should unpublished writers

How self-publishing
came of age

Best-selling self-publishers

Cherish the publishers:
you’ll miss them
when they’re gone

is the key to
the transformation of publishing

Sans publishers,
Ugandan poets turn to readings

Can bookstores get customers
to pay to see authors

What about the authors themselves?

Some prefer pencils
(not me!)

Bookcase in a stairwell
that you access
via a bosun’s chair

Ed Baker’s
Stone Girl E-Pic

Some letters from
JD Salinger

Jennifer Karmin’s

Tray Drumhann’s Construct

DM Black’s
first collection in 20 years

Tennis as literature,
literature as tennis

Langston Hughes’
Tambourines to Glory

Charles Deemer,
talking to himself

Sapphire’s The Kid

Talking with Laura Shoven

The FSG Book
of 20th Century
Latin American Poetry

Kim Roberts’
Full Moon on K Street

Linh Dinh’s Love Like Hate

Pound in Pisa

Hugh Kenner
on The Pisan Cantos

Talking with
Patrick Ryan Frank

Mark Strand
gives up poetry… again

Jim Murdoch:
Having nothing to say

Rescuing Granta

What Yeats inherited

Keillor’s latest woebegone collection
& 3 more serious books of poetry
by Sue Goyette, Rachel Thompson
& Ken Babstock

Tao Lin: Relationship Story

Diary: Patti Smith

LA poets, unite!

Was Shakespeare Chinese?

Shakespeare the stoner?

Here comes
the Earl of Oxford

Ilya Kaminsky:
9 poets

Does JK Rowling
really need an agent?

Emily Dickinson’s Bible

Lord Byron meets a vampire

Putting off writing

Talking with Lou Reed
about Edgar Allan Poe

Poe fans restore
Bronx cottage

Angela Smith’s
The Geometry of Flight

Some notes re
James Liddy & Leontia Flynn

Kent Johnson:
Against Jacket2

The Claudius App:
a journal of negativity

Joyce Brown
gets Robert Bly
exactly right

Against the multiculture

Poems that cross all borders

Pushkin in Britain

Remembering Frost

Simon Armitage:
poetry & motion

Parley Pratt,
the murdered poet
who has not one but two
running for the GOP nomination
for president

Pratt’s Millennium

Book art by Dolph Smith

3 buildings constructed
just for poetry

Lew Ellingham:
San Francisco 33 Views

Talking with Lynne Tillman

Writers on the beach

William Burroughs:
The Old Army Game

Talking with William Burroughs

A Murakami roundtable

Quantum Physics for Poets

Forgiving Stein everything

Conceptual blending & intentionality

Patrick Moore
publishes first book of poems
at 88

Top books with one-letter titles:
(V. & a are included, but not “A”)

Bullwinkle’s corner

The 30 harshest
author-on-author insults

Indie publishers
we love for their spirit

California charges tax on internet transactions
(& Amazon drops its California affiliates)

B&N does a little happiness dance

Creative writing & the judiciary

for the “world’s best poem

You can lick Mark Twain

Teachers turn to hip-hop

Walking Brooklyn Bridge
for Poets House

William Cowper, hell-bent

Talking with Jennifer Militello

50 summer steals
from Brad Morrow to
Irish Murdoch

Which Jane Austen
don’t you know?

Talking with Alice Walker

Bosnia builds a town
to commemorate
Ivo Andrić

The poetry of Marion McCready

Aimee Nezhukumatahil’s
Lucky Fish

Save the John Llewellyn Rhys prize

Rhys Prize suspended

Book recommendations
from 23 authors
Time magazine has heard of
(Rushdie recommends Ulysses)

Wallace Shawn:
my summer reading

Breakfast at Truman’s

Downloadable broadsides

News from the West Chester conference

Talking with Roberta Gould

Arthur Binard,
an American ex-pat
who sometimes writes
in Japanese

NYTimes notices
Alaskan poet Tom Sexton

in the small press scene

Poetry for news junkies

Pulitzer-winning journalist
is an undocumented immigrant

SF art director’s
6,624-mile commute

The death of Spiderman
is just the beginning

© & the heirs
of Jack Kirby

Roberto Bedoya:
The color line & US cultural policy

The Barnes is moving

The Barnes is kaput!

Art market bounces back in London

Garrett Caples on Bruce Conner

Barbara Kruger @ L&M

Scribble, scribble, Mr Twombly

Twombly, a life in pictures

Twombly obit in The Guardian

LA Times obit

The MoMA / MOCA retrospective
of 1995

Twombly’s ceiling at the Louvre

The Economist obit

Twombly & Poussin

Subodh Gupta’s
kitchen sculptures

B. Wurtz @ Metro Pictures

Shea Hembrey:
imagine Pessoa
with multiple-personality disorder

Avedon’s influence

Jeff Wall:
Photography & the museum

Triple Canopy’s
issue on photography

Dennis Hopper’s
“stunning” photo archive

He’s ba-ack:
Ai Weiwei has been released
on bail in China

Beijing wants $2M
from Ai Weiwei
in back taxes

Ai wants review

Ai Weiwei’s NY period

Where is Ai Weiwei?
(mail art protest blog)

US Museum Directors
to Ai Weiwei
our bottom line comes first

South Korea vs. Frank Stella

Talking with Ella Kruglyanskaya

Warhol’s “missing” portrait
of Farrah Fawcett
is hanging
above Ryan O’Neal’s bed

A painting of Behan
sells for

Wyeth’s “Christina” house
now a US landmark

Anne Gorrick’s visual work

Frida vs. Diego

Mizuki manga makes it into English

Brandeis will not sell its art

Celebrity performance art

The disappearance artist

Russell Lee:
The South Side of Chicago, 1941

Encinitas rejects
Madonna “graffiti

Talking with
Winter Bone director
Debra Granik

James Franco
talks of playing
Hart Crane

Talking with members
of the Cinenova collective

The Coen Bros look to Dave Van Ronk

Shoplifting from American Apparel
the funniest fundraising trailer ever

The Dogs of History

Hamyul, prince of Denmark

Barbie goes to the museum

For Sale:
a major collection

of classical music manuscripts

Hail, hail, Chuck Berry

John Lennon:
not a Republican

Bjork’s Biophilia

Chick Corea’s playlist for a reunion

Tom tells Bachmann
the problem isn’t Petty

Talking with Sean Wilentz about Bob Dylan
(part 1) (part 2)

Radiohead as commodity

When does poetry become song?
Winter Day Acceptance

Jerome Sala on
Imported from Detroit

UC’s brain drain
picks up momentum

Apple’s pre-emptive strike
against free speech

Linh Dinh:
Fig Leaf Nation

Terry Eagleton
on secularism

Rational choice
in the age of unreason

How conscience fares
when considered subversive

It’s a man’s world

Women Living
Under Muslim Laws

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