Tuesday, July 19, 2011


so much depends

a red wheel

at the Poetry Society
in London

William Carlos Williams:
new translations from the Spanish

The epic of
the great Lithuanian-American poet
is back in print

The making of Tender Buttons

Jeanette Winterson:
All I Know About Gertrude Stein

Has the Arab Spring
rendered Adonis

Lydia Davis:
The Dreadful Mucamas

Joseph Lease’s Testify

Talking with
Souvankham Thammavongsa

Danzy Senna
& the “mulatto millennium”

Keiichi Nakamura:

Susan M Schultz:
A syllabus for a course in
documentary poetry

Jimmy Schuyler’s Other Flowers

Carolee Schneemann’s
Correspondence Course

Geraldine Monk, Nerys Williams
& WH Auden

Charles Bernstein & Susan Bee:

A zine ecology of
Charles Bernstein’s
Selected Poems

UC Press
suspends the New California Poetry series

Columbia’s publishing course
in the age of the e-book

No one knows what a book is

Even Readers Digest
is up for sale

The price of typos

Borders deal falls through

the future (if any) is nebulous

How to build a bookstore

Kindle lovers are bloodless nerds

iRiver Story HD debuts @ Target

British Museum
may close library

Is a library without books
still a library?

Tell HarperCollins:
Limited checkouts on ebooks is wrong
for libraries

Some tributes to Robert Kroetsch

Remembering Ernesto Sabato

12 or 20 questions with Deborah Poe

Talking with Kaplan Harris

Barbara Guest’s typescripts

Talking with Linda Hogan
for 3 hours(!)

Hovering at a Low Altitude:
The Complete Poetry of
Dahlia Ravikovitch

What Carolyn Kellog
has in common with
Raymond Chandler

Oxford Comma:
Vampire Weekend

The Capilano Review’s
George Stanley issue

Why Neal Cassady’s son
wasn’t named Jack

Neal Cassady & I went upstairs…

4,000 miles in a ’49 Hudson

+ the original Magic Bus

The trailer for
Magic Trip

Moving Ken Kesey further

More songs of Neal Cassady

Painting with Kerouac

Talking with Theo
about Ti Jean, Banksy & the cops

William S Burroughs:
A curse on Truman Capote

Geocaching the Beats

you can’t step
in the same Allen twice

@Tweets of Grass

Paul Auster:
Why Philip Roth is wrong

20 questions for Tao Lin

Did the Incas
actually have writing

Friday morning with Po-Chu-i

12 or 20 questions with
Amanda Ackerman & Harold Abramowitz

Lindy Hough:
a residency at Saul’s Deli

John Gallaher & GC Waldrep
in conversation

The Suzanne Stein / Steve Benson
LiveChat collaborations
now number 6

Talking with Lars Iyer

12 or 20 questions with Hailey Higdon

Chaucer board game
raises $27K on Kickstarter

To the Lighthouse:
a new introduction by
Helen Dunmore

The book that named itself

Roy Miki’s Mannequin Rising

12th century codex
stolen from a Spanish curch

Lost Byron memorial
found at a Georgia church sale

Setting Coleridge to stone

Fashion & Fanny Brawne

Creative Writing Professors
of the silver screen

Why we keep rereading
Donald Justice

Defining the School of Quietude
in the 1950s

Anne Sexton
& the glamour of despair

The Poetry Society of America’s
growing audio collection
mostly of quietist poets

Harold Bloom
as Quietism’s Custer

Forward shortlist:
Hill, O’Brien, Longley,
Nurske, Harsent, Burnside

Burnside: The Listener

Amy Gerstler:
Fortunate It Is
If Her Skirts
Do Not Catch Fire

Wayne Koestenbaum,
the embarrassment artist

12 or 20 questions with Sandra Nicholls

Julie Kane,
Louisiana’s new poet laureate

Diann Blakely’s
Dead Shrimp Blues

Stop writing books!

William Allegrezza’s
Inshore Seeds

NoViolet Bulawayo wins Africa’s Caine Prize

12 or 20 questions with j/j hastain

Beckenham Bubble Two

Readymade Baroness:
the gendered language of Dadaist dress

von Freytag-Loringhoven’s German poetry

12 or 20 questions with Marthe Reed

The most Kafka-esque city in Turkey

A Message from the Emperor

Talking with Sina Queyras

Feminism’s other totems
(starting with Henry James)

Liao Yiwu chooses exile

Ai Weiwei is also
heading to Berlin

Chinese authors struggle
to carve out niche
in international literary

US DOJ subpoenas
unpublished oral history notes

Overseas artists
boycott Britain

over passport restrictions

There should be a contest
for most petty
© / ® enforcement

Thurston Moore’s notes from Naropa

José Saramago’s Small Memories

Peter Riley’s
The Road & The Road (remix)

12 or 20 questions with Eleni Zisimatos

George RR Martin
“better than Tolkien”

A world without Harry Potter

The anti-rejection note

In the new economy
even academic stars
lack job mobility

Jackson Mac Low talks entropy

Sharon Olds: the Easel

Brodsky’s nose in the air
at the US Embassy

12 or 20 questions
with Miriam Toews

Mark Twain’s Advice to Little Girls

A good joke spoiled

Michael Dickman, Ross Gay, C. Dale Young
and Chris Martin

Talking with Iain Sinclair:
The Olympics
have destroyed my London

In Calgary,
2 books of poetry
reach #s 2 & 4
of the “fiction” bestseller list
(Both are from BookThug)

60 years
of Peter Owen Books

A Dance with Dragons
shows life left still
both in hardbacks & bookstores

Talking with Andrew Zawacki

Just how close
to greeting card humor
can the poetry of erasure get?

Sisyphus, Outdone:
Theatres of the Catastrophal

Judith Goldman
on Nathana
Sisyphus, Outdoe

Erica Kaufman’s Censory Impulse

Talking with Sorley MacLean

The Blagger’s Guide to Samuel Johnson

Poems from Anne-Adele Wight

Early works by Heaney & Longley
set Oxfam bookshop records

No one cares about your reading

The book as a fetish

The 5 most stolen books

Lewis Warsh’s
A Place in the Sun

Talking with Emily Berry

Unmade poems
with James Davies & Carol Watts
(available only thru July 21)

Don Share’s Harmonia

is an open journal,

Bolaño’s Between Parentheses

Talking with Jeremy James Thompson

10 ways to take bad author photos

Grammar in the songs of birds

& of course Hitler’s dogs

Robin Blaser
on responsibility in language

What’s a metaphor for?

Translation telephone

A dial-a-poem book tour

Talking with Heather Christle

Azar Nafisi
on Al-Mutanabbi Street

Ammiel Alcalay’s
“neither wit nor gold” (from then)

Remembering Stanley Burnshaw

Burnshaw @ PennSound

spears through / the dolmen

The writer in Athens

Talking with Tao Lin

Poems that speak to life

Writing is bad for you

Talking with Kenny G

Poetry & soccer

Thomas Pynchon slept here

I thought you were a poet

translation & its discontents

10 rules for translating (times 2)

Jed Rasula:
Modernism and Its Poetic Inspiration

Everybody complains
about ancient Greek poetry
but hardly anyone
does anything about it

Maximus, to Gloucester,
even now

Martin Duberman
interviewing Robert Creeley

re Black Mountain College

Billionaire explains
why he’d invest in B&N

Booksellers & publishers
oppose Amazon’s latest
UK aquisition

Mondays return
to the LA libraries

It’s ba-ack:
Poetry Northwest
rejoins the undead

Joshua Schuster on Craig Saper

Catherine Mulholland, historian,
friend of Mingus, Ginsberg & Kerouac,
(& the lover of Jack Spicer),
has died

Kathleen Osip’s The Cold War

The woman who lived with
Stieg Larsson

Mary Alice Gorman’s
impact on mystery writers

Henry Carlisle has died

Poetry “bomber”
sews verse
into thrift store clothing

Android apps from Poetry

Tim Cumming’s Flowers

Court restores ban
on monopoly media

Preserving Shakespeare’s
First Folio

Jennifer Knox’
The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway

Sarah Ferguson children’s book
“too offensive to publish”

Talking with Marion McCready

Flannery O’Connor’s cartoons

Susan Scarlata’s
It Might Turn Out We A
re Real

Anis Shivani’s
Most anticipated books,
Spring 2011

Charles H Harper’s
Making a Life

How to be a writer

Weird writing habits

5 myths about Jane Austen

Austen mss. brings $1.6M at auction

Poetry Council of North Carolina’s
2011 prize winners

Chris Lawrence:
Sparkles with Annie

Howie Good’s Inspired Remnants

Suzanne Vega
on Carson McCullers

Top 10 experimental
genre novels

you never heard of

Illustrating ideology
in children’s literature

Erica Jong:
Still flying

Art & psychedelics

A poem Bob Creeley
once told me
he wrote on acid

When the world spoke French

Mentors & their monsters

Hated books
that everyone else loved

Overly verbose
haiku reviews


An optical illusion
wood block alphabet

delirious in Beijing

Bill Viola, Anish Kapoor et al
win Japan’s “alternate Nobels

How Gertrude, Alice & even Leo
influenced everything

What we lost
when we lost The Barnes

Charles Saatchi:
the man who reinvented art

Utah now owns
Spiral Jetty

Kenneth Baker on Cy Twombly

Serra’s Sequence
goes to Stanford

Maggie Nelson’s The Art of Cruelty

A Kickstarter project
for Tanya Vlach’s

Elements of Style

Possible Worlds

Möbius Ship

Guy Wildenstein arrested

A Picasso stolen in SF

& the get-away
is caught on video
leading to
arrest & recovery

Oopsie, Picasso thief
has more stolen work
at home in NJ

Prince Twins Seven-Seven has died

When fashion meets art

The Marilyn upskirt
on the Mag Mile
goes up

U of Texas sues Ryan O’Neal
over Warhol portrait
of Farah Fawcett

The artlessness
of art thieves

Why Campbell’s Soup?

Bob Dylan, Patti Smith,
Carter Ratcliff, Ultra Violet,
John Giorno, Lawrence Weiner

et al make a Warhol tribute

How performance art
into pop

The LA art scene of the 1960s

Irvine Sandler:
Scene it all

The Oakland Museum’s
great political poster archive
is coming online

Ardis James has died

Wittgenstein the photographer

Painting with your lips

Carl Andre:
Less is still less

This painting
is not available
in your country

Recordings from Anthony Braxton’s
65th-birthday concerts
a year ago:
12+2tet, plus
Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser & Gerry Hemingway
with Braxton sitting in

Smooth jazz:
music’s own
school of quietude

Bob Ostertag
on the value of
giving your music away online

Appointment with Mr Yeats
due for CD release

Yeats’ first play
to be published & performed

Facundo Cabral assassinated

The “return”
of Gillian Welch & David Rawlings

6 dances for Jules Feiffer

We don’t care if it is Shakespeare,
no skinning rabbits on stage

Between thought & action
in Hamlet

the modernist screen poet

Lost films

Christopher Boghosian:
7 weeks, 7 films

The world is starting
to catch up to
Marshall McLuhan

Transsexuals in India

Harvard & class

Frederick Law Olmsted
on the South

What the sun
to the flowers

The Nietzsche Family Circus

Mutts goes plot

People staring at computers

The Poet’s Dream

Rick Santorum’s “frothy mix

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