Tuesday, June 07, 2011


To Be,
Lynn Behrendt’s

collage poem master work

A teaser for
Rachel Blau DuPlessis’

The Collage Poems of Drafts

Mark Wallace, Rachel Blau DuPlessis
&Sueyeun Juliette Lee
on Jupiter 88

La Monte Young & Jackson Mac Low:
An Anthology of Chance Operations

Talking with Rae Armantrout

Katie Price’s

Talking with Hank Lazer

Talking with Kevin Young

The impact of the Allen anthology in the UK

Talking with Allison Cobb

Remembering Lee Lally

Doug Lang & Michael Lally
remembering Lee

Language is Hell

Talking with Christian Bök

Talking even more with Christian Bök

Virginia Woolf
“was great fun at parties”

The “Best” American

Talking with Bill Berkson

Stephen Ross
on concept & form

Ernesto Cardenal can still bring it
at age 86

Who killed Pablo Neruda?

Celebrating Neruda

Talking with Arundhati Roy

Talking with Charles Bernstein

Talking some more
with Charles Bernstein

Gertrude Stein’s To Do

The great lonesome novel
of Gertrude Stein

On his birthday,
Walt Whitman is very much alive

With Walt, May 31, 1889

A manuscript by Whitman

Milosz @ 100

Allen Curnow @ 100

Qiu Xiaolong
on classic Chinese poetry

American haibun

A new breath of Yiddish poetry

Tom Beckett (& David Bromige)
on keywords

Rachel Zucker:
An anatomy of the long poem

Don Wentworth’s
Past All Traps

“Ibuprofen” a headache
at spelling bee

The hardest words

How many years
has Kevin Killian
won the SPD Bee-In?

Archbishop of Canterbury:
Shakespeare was Catholic

William Burroughs’ wild ride

Leonard Cohen wins the Asturias Prize

& the Glenn Gould Prize

The Griffin Prize goes to
Dionne Brand & Gjertrud Schnackenberg

7 visual poems by Marcelo Sahea

For the first time ever,
the chief editor of the NY Times
is a woman

VS Naipaul:
“No woman is my equal

The Naipaul test:
can you tell the author’s gender
just by the text?

The impact of war on language

Richard Wilbur:
last of the rhyming poets

4 poems by Rachel Abramowitz

A 1946 Columbia workshop
on two of Eliot’s
Four Quartets

Bernard Spencer:
Complete Poetry & more

Celebrating Hugh Fox

Talking with China Miéville

Bilingualism & the brain

30% of UK kids
own no books

Talking with Susie Bright

Finding The Grotesquiad

Under the Volcano Books,
Mexico City

How the Harvard Bookshop
competes with Amazon

Waterstone’s buyer:
I don’t recognize
that books are dead

How indies can use
Google & Groupon

Borders has several bidders

Borders asks for time

Borders transfers
its e-books to Kobo

free e-books

Robots retrieve books
at new U Chicago library

Endangered species:
school librarians

Library of Congress
building the Twitter archive

The archives of David Foster Wallace

Talking with Colin Herd

Leslie Marmon Silko’s
The Turquoise Ledge

Geoffrey Hill’s Clavics

Poetry, soap & racism

Suzanne Burns’ Paris Poems

Baudelaire: Be drunk!

Bomb Pupil,
a collaboration-in-progress
by Nicholas Deboer & Debrah Morkun

A Keats’ letter to Fanny Brawne
goes on display

Autumn haiku
a tad early

Haiku, locally sourced

Away with Words
(NY Times kills off its linguistics column)

A poetic encounter:
Wilfred Owen, Rabindranath Tagore

Kurt Vonnegut:
Still speaking to the war weary

Talking with Sam Hamill
on why not to read at the White House

The head on the old Mercury (pre-FDR) dime
was Mrs Wallace Stevens

Jonathan Morse
on first seeing through the eyes
of Wallace Stevens

Why Groupon hires poets

What’s at stake in
the Georgia State © case

Joseph Brodsky
& the fortunes of misfortune

Translating Coleridge into Arabic

Talking with Emily Kendal Frey

Hundreds remember
Will Bell

Readers react
to the death of
Wll “Da Real One” Bell

Bell’s death leaves a void

The NY Daily News on Bell

How Bell sounded

A vigil for Will “Da Real One” Bell

Certain Circuits

Penelope Shuttle’s Bread

Contests are the stupidest way
to publish first books

3 Minnesota poets

5 quietists

The heart of Dean Young’s
pre-transplant poetry

A streetcar named diwan

Captain Kentucky is back

Talking with Elizabeth McClellan

Poetry puzzles

Margaret Young’s Almond Town

Is downloading a threat
to national security?

John Poch: Echo

The journals of Alfred Kazin

Kazin’s profession

Excerpts of Kazin’s journals

4 poems by Ian Pindar

Frieda Hughes
feels a poem coming on

Talking with David Reich

Robert Pinsky
& the saxophone

Growing up Styron

Paul Siegell:
Highlights of a life writing poetry

Talking with Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz

The nature of EB White

Conan Doyle’s lost novel

Johnny Depp,
reading Kerouac & Ginsberg

Could pirates be your friends?

Russell Libby’s Moments

What can you tell
from a fancy prose style

Auggie Kleinzahler on
Mehrota’s Kabir

A bio of GK Chesterton

The most influential man in history

Writing a book with Larry Flynt

A new U in London
doubles the price
& offers star faculty

Drastic cuts for Pennsylvania arts

This year’s Mobys

3 views of The Ontological Museum
& the International Post-Dogmatist Group

Site-specific dance @ MoMA

attacking the past

John Cage:
A Year from Monday:
New Lectures & Writings

Artists recall Gil Scott-Heron

was the forerunner to rap

Talkin’ with Doc Watson

On Cold Mountain:
Songs on Poems of Gary Snyder

Seasick Steve
in 360

Reasons to sing the blues

3 new Dylan books

40 years ago
in Peanuts

Happy (belated) birthday,
Mr Townsend

Retro Manifesto
for Late 20th Century Pop

The Moors!

Jake Berry’s
Ash on the Roses

Adolfas Mekas has died

The Tree of Life,
a film about feeling

Human Centipede sequel
banned in the UK

The trailer for
!Women Art Revolution


An obit for Leonora Carrington

Enhancing the image
of feminist art

Latino artists
come to London

Rx: art attack
(Melamid sans Komar)

Helping artists learn to teach

Mary Burger on
Amy Trachtenberg’s Groundwork

Steve Martin
doesn’t know his Campendonk

Vivian Maier:
the best street photographer
you never heard of
(unless you read this blog)

Art, Ritual, Performance

One street artist
who’s been stopped

The production of art
in an age of interns & outsourcing

Mega Words @ ICA

Internet access is a human right

Geronimo Pratt has died

What the Supreme Court did
about California prisons

Arthur C Danto
on the faces of Philosophers

The battle over
Phonehenge West

The Phantom Bible

How the net changes reading

Gilles Deleuze:
Image & Text

Žižek’s Ontology

Marilynne Robinson’s
Absence of Mind

The design of the brain

The Recursive Mind

The iPad & daily life

The diary of Taras Shevchenko

Fighting computer attacks
with really old tools

The psychology of denial
over climate change

Jonathan Franzen:
is for cowards

It’s been pointed out to me twice
that Bill Corbett’s family
“became Irish” at Ellis Island
& is in fact Hungarian
I would say
I stand corrected
but it’s more of a wobble, really


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