Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Joshua Clover, Chris Nealon, & Juliana Spahr:
Poetry & politics

Sigizmund Dominikovich Krzhizhanovsky

In Bahrain,
write a poem, go to prison

Craig Santos Perez:
how to give a reading

Remembering Steve Abbott
as a father

Book of the Year, 2012:
Joe Ceravolo, Mad Angels

PoemTalk: John Wieners

Talking with Garrett Caples
about City Lights Spotlights

Vispo from Susan Sari

200 million Americans
want to publish a book

Jerome Rothenberg on Harold Bloom

Jonathan Mayhew
on Rothenberg’s Bloom

Richard Deming on Susan Howe

Is non-linear
the future of reading

Talking with Michael Gottlieb

Esque 2

Talking with Charles Alexander

New work from Aaron Shurin

Selling ebooks at $0.99
destroys minds

Is the ebook
just a way station
away from books altogether

to 3D e-narratives?

Lydia Davis
on Ashbery’s Rimbaud

How does Davis approach translations?

The perils of translation

Where Shall I Wander?

Bolaño’s essays

Into the wilds of
Roberto Bolaño

Mayhew’s Duncan,
Duncan’s Lorca

The vulnerability
of David Foster Wallace

Talking with David Foster Wallace

The impact of English
on world literature

focal point for criticism
as well as praise

How long should an author read
at an event

Karen Finley:
The Reality Shows

Francine Prose
on Naipaul & women

Charles Bernstein & Susan Bee:
Before You Go

Charles Bernstein & David Orr:
separated at birth?

Talking with Cara Benson

Benson on blogging

Cara Benson:
Poetry in the polis?

Allen Ginsberg & Ted Berrigan:
a collaborative postcard

Poet’s Q&A:
Mark Doty & Rae Armantrout

Bill Nelson
on Rae Armantrout’s Money Shot

William Logan
on Richard Wilbur, Yusef Komunyakaa,
Rae Armantrout, Carl Phillips, Les Murray
& Geoffrey Hill

Preserving Gullah

Prosody & autism spectrum disorders


Reading the latest
Lilliput Review

Who is driving
the transition of publishing

to a digital model?

John Locke:
1 million books,
all sold over Kindle

Excerpts from
The Poetry Project’
Artistic Directors’ reading

Rushdie turns
to sci-fi & TV

Salman Rushdie:
the best writing is on TV

Talking with Dale Smith

Bill Murray flies in
for poetry walk

The Ghost of a Flea

An illustrated Baudelaire

Maggie Nelson
in The New York Times

Taalam Acey:
I chose to be a poet
when I lost my mind

Ngwao Putswa
vows to win
Presidential Arts Prize

Finding the way of not the way

Are books for charity
really for charity?

Selling Irish e-books into America

Turning books
2D barcodes


Talking with Harriet Beecher Stowe
biographer Joan Hedrick

Memoirs are for victims,
fiction for the predators

Board “coup” leads to chaos
in Poets’ Corner

Ebooks for non-e nations?

Can The NY Times survive?

Jill Abramson,
the new executive editor
of The New York Times

We’re all literary omnivores now

Has digitization
increased typos

Learn the F**king Rules!

Every e-book needs a good editor

Kindles books

Specialist bookstores will survive

While other chains shrink,
Foyles expands

The real force behind e-book sales:
romance fiction

Lo-fi e-lit

Amazon cuts off Arkansas affiliates
to skirt state tax

Kolkata Books,
the largest book market
in the world

Talking with CA Conrad

Charles Olson:
Letters for Origin
(registration required)

UK lit-fests
defy the death of print

If you were dying,
what would you read?

Shakespeare changed everything

Colum McCann wins Impac award

Yale adds prizes for writing
(but not for poetry)

The vagaries of prizes

Rapper turns down
Cambridge (UK) scholarship

for lack of music scene

West Chester looks to griot & rap
for the future of rhyme

For Tony winner
Mark Rylance,
the poem’s the thing

Poem-talk: Nathaniel Tarn

Steinbeck’s son
loses rights to dad’s classics

Is voting speech?

John Berryman
reading from Dream Songs, 1968

Re: Joyce,
Frank Delaney’s

epic project
to deconstruct Ulysses
reaches episode 50

Walking Ulysses

& a pub-free ride

Ronald Johnson:
Book of the Green Man
(registration required)

Martin Corless-Smith
on the sublime

The Academy of American Poets
celebrates LGBTQ poetry

The best LGBT books of all time

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge’s Nest

Talking with William Trowbridge

First sci-fi novel in Shona

Essays & poems by Anne Carson
(registration required)

Imre Kertész Fiasco

Georges Perec’s
The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise?

has finally been translated
directly into English

Tom Clark:
flat round

Rupert Loydell
talks about Smartarse

The Waste Land,
the app

Is this the future
of literary teaching tools?

How to future-proof publishing

Stephen Burt:
It’s too much

Pop culture & the anxiety of contamination

Johannes Göransson on contamination
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
(part 4) (part 5) (part 6)

Purging the temple of art:
Nazis & poetry

Concentration & poetry

A history of pseudonyms

Decline of the pseudonym

9 reasons to have a pseudonym

Sargon’s dictionary

The Assyrian Dictionary
of the Oriental Institute
of the University of Chicago

Talking with Eliot Weinberger

Awesome! Amazing! Ridiculous!

When bad people
write great books

Vonnegut & the children’s crusade

What it means to be
Eavan Boland

Why college exists

Edge City

School budgets
hit art programs hard

Burbank cuts library, services
but raises $$ for golf

Google signs deal
to digitize
the British Library

Is your library censoring the net?

Will the home library survive?


How to host
course packs online

Suddenly Akashic has a best-seller

The career arc of an author

Dodie Bellamy:
What is experimental literature?

The Jewish Jane Austen

2 parts of The Watsons
are in NYC at the same time

Lessons from Jane

An X-rated Austen?

Kathy Acker
& the anus
as the center of the brain

In Acker’s closet

Is BEA worth it?

Terry Pratchett
starts the process
to end his life

BBC flooded with complaints
about Pratchett documentary

Pratchett defends his position

In a world of Twitter & e-books,
Iowa clings to tradition

The Iowa Writers Workshop
at 75

The Iowa Writer’s Workshop
& popular culture

The workshop as phenomenon

Dean Young’s collisions

Who ransacked
America’s newspapers

Gannett lays off another 700

Forrest Gander’s
The Tinajera Notebook

Keanu’s excellent
haiku adventures

Talking with Mike Shatzkin

Roddy Lumsden’s
Identity Parade:
New British & Irish Poets

Thomas Hardy:
Under the Waterfall

Maggie Nelson’s Bluets

A beat-scene photo gallery
Charlie Plymell in SF & Sacramento

& Richard Brautigan

Phyllis Gebauer has died
(obit with an actual photo of Thomas Pynchon)

Gebauer’s collection
of signed Pynchon volumes

heads to UCLA

Talking with
James Thomas Romano

The judge who ordered
Lorca exhumed

John Sayles’
A Moment in the Sun

The Russian
“luxury lit mag”
that does
what Granta, Narrative
& Paris Review
only dream of:

Gruffalo author
is UK children’s laureate

Talking with Joe Hesch

Franz Wright’s Wheeling Motel

Craig Dworkin’s Dure

45 fragments by Xi Chuan
+ 4 poems
translated by Lucas Klein

Talking with Collin Kelley

The 2011 Arab American Book Awards

The novel isn’t dead
in spite of this argument

Nicholson Baker:
From the Index of First Lines

Ana Božičević’s anti-manifesto

Jane Sprague’s
The Port of Los Angeles

Alan Hollinghurst’s
The Stranger’s Child

Talking with Hollinghurst

China Miéville’s monsters

Junot Díaz on Haiti

The girl who
cast a spell on her rivals

The fight over
Anne Frank’s tree

Mss. page of Keats’ Endymion

Talking with Ron Hansen

Jeffrey Side on nuance

Cynthia Ozick, winging it

Robert Pinsky on PBS NewsHour

Cave Canem Workshops

Where readers just get in the way

Talking with the ABA’s Oren Teicher

Talking with Andrew Paul Nelson

7 poems by Ann Marie Thornburg

A good book for beginners

Grace Cavalieri’s
verse novella
Millie’s Sunshine Tiki Villas

Does Téa Obreht’s Orange Prize
signal a return to fabulism?

The book as art as video:
3 projects from Katya Sanna

La Luccicanza

poetry & the tango

Talking with Susan Miller,
former director,
New Langton Arts

The art of the list

Some rare pix
of Tennessee Williams,
Robert Frost &
Hemingway’s home
in Key West

Larry Flynt @ home

Architecture & poetry

Woody Allen & Terrence Malick
in the architectural
nostalgia shop

Phonehenge owner is guilty

The best comment
on Phonehenge
is Daniel Pinkwater’s
Big Orange Splot

War photographers:
the shot that nearly killed me
(contains graphic images of death)

Romance in the kiss

Ada Limón:
A mandala for poetics

Steve Evans
on the Stein collection

Schindler’s factory
becomes an art gallery

A Walton builds a museum
in Bentonville, Arkansas

twice the size of the Whitney

Tibor de Nagy:
60 years of painters & poets

What went wrong at the Getty?

Chicago art leaders talk,
but is Rahm listening?

Art critic
meets a tough crowd

Tracking Hopper’s light

A major collection of paintings
heads to Stanford

Kate Durbin’s No Bikini

Women as Objects

Martynka Wawrzyniak’s
Chocolate 2010

Joan Mitchell, lady painter

New art from Iraq

The performance piece
that may have wrecked
a business

Jean-François Lyotard:
Duchamp’s TRANS/formers

Ben Wilson’s street art

Louis Vuitton’s
Young Arts Project

Bulgarian vandalism
with a pop twist

Artists decorate palazzos
& vice versa

A cornucopia of contemporary art

Can the Seoul
ministry of defense HQ
become an art museum

Killing the Barnes collection

Terry Gilliam, Jeff Koons et al:
why Magritte

MF Hussain has died

The Picasso of India

Picasso in depth in San Francisco

Picasso hoarders indicted for theft

Babies prefer Picasso

Painter’s Table:
top ten May posts

Make it newbie:
if modernism was everything,
it wasn’t much of nothing

Justin Timberlake on art

Jack Smith & the aesthetics of camp
in an era of political correctness

Kandinsky & Frank Stella

At Art Basel

Francesco Clemente
in Frankfurt

Soli Acosta
& the aesthetics of resourcefulness

Max Mathews,
one of the “5 most important” musicians
of the 20th century

Composing with Tape Recorders

Remix ROVA!

Adorno’s string quartets

Remembering Big Bill Broonzy

Gil Scott-Heron saved me

The Wall Street Journal
on Clarence Clemons

Lieberson’s song cycle
becomes his memorial

The Fugs play London

Lady Gaga & Slavoj Žižek

An extraordinary Ring in SF

One Ring to rule them all

Coltrane home in danger

11 most endangered
historic places

Doing justice to Morton Feldman

Feldman & poetry

Mid-century rebels

Taking Feldman lying down

3 Voices for Joan La Barbara

For Frank O’Hara (pt. 1)

Singing Frank O’Hara

Tosh talks Frank O’Hara

William Shatner as Frank O’Hara
in Psych

Atlas Shrugged, the movie trilogy

A film with 2 views
of contemporary China,

one thru poetry

The Welcome:
aiding the return of warriors
through poetry

Talking with Aaron Sorkin

Which book adaptations
got the most complaints?

Ian Rickson:
sex, lies & Pinter

Mamet goes shrill
in his move to the right

on the anti-Semitism
of British writers

on the innocence of Phil Spector

After $70M, 183 previews
& a string of mishaps,
Spiderman opens
to mediocre reviews

What is boring?

Timothy Leary’s archives
go to NYPL

What’s in those archives
(Charles Olson: “I had no sex organ”)

Think inside the (orgone) box

Hitchens on the art of the feud

Progressive Christians
chase the
Wild Goose

The Dalai Lama:
I am a Marxist

A new diary from
Che Guevara

Can Darwin
save Binghampton

To be
or not to be

it’s worse than you think


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