Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Daisy Aldan’s A New Folder

Satu Kaikkonen:
from totems

In Syria, Ali Dirbak
arrested for reading poetry

Phil Whalen:
excerpts from Kyoto Notebooks

On Robert Duncan’s
The Opening of the Field

Duncan’s notes on Silliman’s “Opening”

The Flame is Ours:
The Letters of Stan Brakhage & Michael McClure

Javier Sicilia,
moving beyond words

Jerome McGann’s
Postmodern Poetries

Flarf turns 10

Geof Huth’s 365 Ltrs

Tom Beckett on Huth

Vanessa Place
on Kenny Goldsmith @ the White House

Kenny Goldsmith on Brion Gysin

Material poet

Mapping Contemporary Poetry

Craig Santos Perez:
The Poetics of Mapping Diaspora,
Navigating Culture, and Being From
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

The FSG Book
of 20th Century Latin-American Poetry

Erica Kaufman on Barbara Guest

Dorothea Lasky on Guest & Stanley Kunitz

There’s more to eating like Poldy Bloom
than the inner organs of beasts & fowls

Ulysses meets Twitters

CD Wright on PBS

John Giorno’s Dial-a-Poem

Jeanette Winterson:
All I know about Gertrude Stein

Nathaniel Mackey’s
Song of the Andoumboulou
& the Migration from Mu

Bioregional poetics
& the legacy of Lew Welch

Abstracts for
Legacies of Modernism:
The State of British Poetry Today

Roddy Lumsden’s Identity Parade:
New British & Irish Poets

Jane Austen manuscript
up for sale

Tina Darragh & Marcella Durand:
Deep Eco Pré

Al Filreis on the poetry & poetics of 1960

Bob Perelman on The New American Poetry

Talking with Bill Knott

9 poems by Pat Nolan

Orange and Raw,
by Sandy Berrigan & Pat Nolan

John Ashbery study guides

Talking with Emily Critchley

Jennifer Moxley: 3 poems

Rexroth to Kerouac

Kerouac’s Lowell

Vladimir Putin’s Hemingway

Susan M Schultz:
against the market economy of words
(thinking with Oppen & Riding)

Remembering Albert G.T. Malikongwa

a vispo gallery

3 amigos:
Bruce Andrews, Michael Lally, Ray DiPalma

Basil King:
Learning to Draw / Bring it Home

The beauty of folded corners

Academic publishers unite
to fight fair use

Andrew Ervin on
The Pale King

Is Tagore untranslatable?

Talking with Kristin Prevallet

from Everywhere Here and in Brooklyn:
Four Quartets

Talking with Holly Pester

The magical lyricism of Urdu

Stephen Collis
The Primordial Density Perturbation

Márton Koppány’s
The Last Ellipsis

Norma Cole:
Do the Monkey

Eileen Myles, Brian Teare, Anna Swanson
win Lambda Lit Awards

Talking with Barbara Jane Reyes

Reyes on Shirley Ancheta

Reyes on Carlos Bulosan

Talking with Pekko Käppi

3 poems/songs by Käppi
(the sound files are a must)

Charles Simic:
A country without libraries

Funding cuts halt
the buying of books

for Queens’ libraries

SF libraries
are open again
for volunteers

Susan Gevirtz:
Prosthesis :: Caesarea

Fred Wah on Ed Dorn

Linda Besner’s The Id Kid

Ted Greenwald’s
Permanent Record

Lew Welch “went Southwest

Jordon Davis
on Michael Palmer & Dorothy Barresi

Will Stone’s Drawing in Ash

Divya Victor’s Sutures

Galacian Poetry & Prose:
a trilingual anthology

Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni
& black poetry placement power

Writing while white

Steve Benson & Suzanne Stein:
3rd live chat performance

The Wayback Machine
as archive:
non is now

Wallace Stevens’ “Sunday Morning”

John Ashbery reads Wallace Stevens

Singing Walt Whitman

Bill Berkson & Frank O’Hara:
Hymns to St. Bridget

Garrett Caples on
The Man who Shot Frank O’Hara

Rachel Blau DuPlessis
on O’Hara’s “Second Avene

Talking with Michael Rothenberg

How Creativity Occurs

All the sad young literary rappers

Working with
Young Chicago Authors

Talking with Bhanu Kapil

Martin Amis
on Kingsley’s English

Charles Bernstein on Larry Eigner

Curtis Faville responds

Tina Bartolome:
on becoming an ex-writer

Bob Kaufman:
Does the Secret Mind Whisper?

Charlie Plymell in SF

Talking with Luke Kennard

Evie Shockley’s the new black

Vernon Frazer’s Emblematic Moon

Computer-aided poetry
from E-Poetry 2011

Computer-aided poetry:
the app

Jerry Rothenberg on 1960

Talking with David Ferry

Digitizing Creeley’s
reel-to-reel tapes

Talking with Marcus Slease

6 poems by Slease

Robert Pinsky, Jersey boy

Prison & prose

Gwendolyn Brooks’ The Bean Eaters

Joshua Corey’s Severance Songs

Severance Songs:
a reader’s companion

Talking with Joshua Corey

Jackson Mac Low as a “Shadow Beatnik”

Bitch on Sappho

Is poetry dead?

Matt Hart
on poetry & music
from the Sex Pistols to Kenneth Koch
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4)

Julian Brolaski’s
Gowanus Atropolis

Erg Arts Chaps

100 years of the NYPL

Margaret Rhee:
The meaning of smog:
translation & the Korean diaspora

Fred Wah on Ed Dorn

Henry Gould enraptured:
on faith, vision & poetry

Bill Kloefkorn has died

But not before
a school is named for him

Transformed by Virginia Woolf

Woolf, reading

Anne Tardos:
6 Nines

Alaa al-Aswany:
fears of an Egyptian counter-revolution

A protester
who asked al-Aswany

to write a novel about Tahrir Square
was killed by a sniper within minutes

Sina Queyras:
creation as consciousness

Jim Krusoe’s Toward You

Molly Peacock’s
The Paper Garden

Gambian poet heads to Dakar

Kate Moss moves into Coleridge’s house

The swan song of Harold Bloom

Harold Bloom
in conversation
@ the Pen World Voices Festival

Talking with Bloom

Bloom’s influence still holds sway

On the Kermode

Language, the body, prudery

Kristen Gallagher on LeRoi Jones

Talking with Mat Johnson

From Johnson’s Pym

Poetry puzzles

Things that make Ray DeJesús happy

Juicing with Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch

Martíin Espada’s
Trouble Ball

Martín Espada’s
The Lover of a Subversive
is also a Subversive

Vintage typewriters
are back in fashion

Let me sign your e-book

E-books outsell print
at Amazon

But not for everyone

Liberty Media
offers to buy B&N

for just $1B
(i.e. less than 1/8 of what
Microsoft paid for Skype)

Why Liberty wants B&N

B&N debuts
touch-screen e-reader

Borders may be forced
to close all stores

In Atlanta,
Outwrite tries to survive

A bookstore in the valley
like a favorite aunt

Waterstone’s rescued
by Russian billionaire

Waterstone’s future
is tied to a bookselling app

Why Waterstone’s matters

Bookstore compulsions

Amazon is starting
its own publishing house

Is Amazon aiming
to monopolize the book biz?

Bucking the e-book trend

How to market e-books

Proof that print ain’t dead

Gary Snyder’s Myths & Texts

On being the subject
of a work of art

The worst advice on grammar
you will ever get

Filip Marinovich’s
And if You Don’t Go Crazy
I’ll Meet You Here Tomorrow

Yedda Morrison’s
Darkness (Chapter 1)

Talking with Luke Kennard

The man who loved
The Man Who Loved
Books Too Much

WS Merwin’s
To Ruth Stone

That vs. which:
The Supreme Court view

Seth Abramson’s

5 free e-books for writers

Celebrating Philip Roth

Philip Roth
is one of the great artists
of the novel

Talking with Philip Roth

Roth wins the Booker -
judge quits in protest

“I don’t rate him as a writer at all”

Roth protest
is about his writing,
not his hatred of women

Why is every woman
who criticizes Roth
accused of political correctness?

Roth didn’t deserve the Booker

Did so

Roth is still self-obsessed

Roth’s prize triggers dissent

Why does Roth
provoke strong reactions?

Roth ain’t quitting yet

Outgrowing Salinger

What Auden liked

Reinventing the canon

Stieg Larsson, moralist

Top 10 short stories of all time
(no Kafka, no Borges)

The Sisters Karamozov

Zavatsky’s Rimbaud

Best first sentences

Howard Schwartz
returns to poetry

2011 Nebula Award Winners

Indie Bookseller’s Choice awards

Tao Lin: Into the Field

Harold Abramowitz:
Technique of Bandaging & Sleeping

George & WB Yeats

A feature on Greg Bem

Freedom of speech
& the uses of slander

Kasim Reed,
the mayor of Atlanta,
chooses to fund the arts

How to change museums

Museum architecture
forsakes the past

The last hand-written newspaper?

Dino Buzzati’s Poem Strip

A graphic novel
about being a john

Anna Von Mertens & Afaa Michael Weaver:
painting the aura

Who owns your photos?
(Hint: probably not you)

Talking with Taryn Simon

A Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters

Gertrude gets her due

The Steins Collect
reviewed by Kenneth Baker

This I think of as
Maria Damon meets Christo

In London, the Leonardo smackdown

Sundaram Tagore
turns his attention to Hong Kong

Art HK 11

Hong Kong shows
controversial Ai Weiwei sculpture

Ai Weiwei & David LaChapelle
set pace in Hong Kong

They’re all coming to Hong Kong

The rise of the female sculptor

Elizabeth Payton @ Gagosian Paris

Leonora Carrington has died

A week in the life of
Zandra Rhodes

The gendered art of
Tracey Emin

Lindsay Lohan, art star

Talking with Claes Gabriel

A show for black artists
including those
who hate the label

Poverty as / of art

Transforming art in Hong Kong

Photos of philosophers

heading to film?

An update on Big Sur

The genius of Buster Keaton

Roger Ebert
on the dying of the light

The New American Cinema

The notes for Network

Production design for
The Tree of Life

New Yorker review of
The Tree of Life

Where are the male playwrights?

David Mamet moves to the right

Danny Snelson
on John Cage

Gil Scott-Heron’s revolution

An obit in The Nation

Remembering Gil

LA Times on Gil Scott-Heron

NY Times on Scott-Heron

An obit in The Guardian

Jamie Byng remembers Scott-Heron

Talking with Gil Scott-Heron

MTV on Heron

Chicago Tribune

A story from the AP

An American Idol
just for opera

The Audio Book of the Year Award
goes to
Keith Richard’s Life

Annapurna Devi on YouTube

A biography of Devi

Bob Dylan @ 70

Dylan’s top 10 protest songs

Free Bob Dylan!

All the Bob Dylans

Guardian Music Weekly
celebrates Bob Dylan

The Seven Ages of Dylan

Dylan’s religious mystique endures

Forever Young

Robert Creeley on Bob Dylan

Franklin Bruno
on Dorian Lynskey & Sara Marcus
(subscription required)

The music of Prague spring

A Vijay Iyer playlist

Seasick Steve

Type to the beat

The Twitter Trap

Aesthetics & Politics:
Bloch, Lukács, Brecht, Benjamin & Adorno
afterword by Fredric Jameson

Steven Fama & co.
won the biggest
civil-rights-of-prisoners case
in decades

Literary influences of the Supreme Court

Carlin Romano on Primo Levi

Terry Castle’s The Professor

Breaking News:
Not All Black Intellectuals
Think Alike

Barack Obama’s theory of power

Why Marx was Right
even if Terry Eagleton’s not

Not with a bang,
but a whimper
(But wait, there was a bang)

Harmon Killebrew night
on David Letterman

A tribe without time

The new
Big Bridge
is remarkable

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