Thursday, May 19, 2011


Bahraini forces rape & kill
Ayat al-Ghermezi

China bars
Liao Yiwu from traveling

In Yemen,
a poet has his tongue cut off

A Mexican poet abandons poetry

The importance of writing in prison

Craig Santos Perez:
Why are white editors so mean?

Vietnam arrests award-winning publisher

Jerry Rothenberg on Khurbn

Publisher on trial in Turkey
for publishing William Burroughs

Joe Enzweiler has died

Kristin Prevallet
on Robert Kelly &
the need to say thanks

Remembering Peter Seaton

Fanny Howe:
“What Did You See?”

For Rae Armantrout,
a life changing year

Emily Critchley
on North-American Women Writers

Charles Bernstein:
The Art and Practice
of the Ordinary

Steve Benson & Suzanne Stein
improvised web exchanges
(first) (second)

Steve Benson on Michael Gottlieb’s
Memoir & Essay

Talking with Christian Bök

Christian Bök & I & others
are “devoured
by the totality of global capitalism” --
so send the check already!

Christian Bök “is a disco worm


Richard Deming on Susan Howe

HD in London

Michael Palmer, reading

Talking with Mark Weiss
about Cuban poetry

Eduardo C. Corrall,
the first Latino
Yale Younger Poet

Remembering Peter Howard

Brandon Shimoda & Matthew Henriksen

“We wanted to get England out of our ears”:
Talking with WS Merwin
(subscription required)

5 articles by Merwin
that appeared in The Nation

Wendell Berry comes to Washington

Franz Wright:
“Our Conversation”

Kalamu ya Salaam:
Two Trains Running:
Black Poetry 1965

Denja Abdulahi: Poet of the City

Nikky Finney
on Radio Times

Albert Murray
& the Aesthetic Imagination
of a Nation

John Edgar Wideman’s son
comes up for parole

Talking with Ishmael Reed

Ishmael Reed’s Juice!

Eleni Sikelianos
on Akilah Oliver

Lagos of the Poets

Poetry After Cultural Studies

Daisy Fried speaks up
for Tony Hoagland

Camille Roy’s Sherwood Forest

Francisco Aragón & Brenda Cárdenas

Jeffrey Jullich’s
Portrait of Colon Dash Parenthesis
(with a great video)

Abar Ashibo Phirey:
A Bengali-centric celebration of poetry
just north of Boston

6 poets, 3 countries,
transcending borders

Remembering Daniel Jones

Marjorie Perloff
on Hawkey’s Trakl

Archambeau on Perloff’s


DJ Matt’s Writers Block

Michael Savage calls Kenny G
“the destruction of Western Civilization”

White House poetry flap:
Patrick Pressl’s POV

Bill O’Reilly & Jon Stewart
debate Common’s appearance

Caliban no. 3
is a George Hitchcock Festschrift

Clive James on product placement

Paired poems by
Robb & Vanessa Furse Jackson

Tao Lin is broke

Tao Lin:
a good use for negative reviews

Aaron Belz, reading

Philly to pick a poet laureate

Children’s laureate,
J. Patrick Lewis

Barb Day:
Slam poet laureate of Paris

No one wants to be the laureate
of Owen Sound

P3: Poetic People Power

offers poetry to the people
of Indonesia

The MFA Octopus:
writing & shame

Twitter MFA

The story-teller & the tsunami

The towering Tagore

Tagore & the renaissance of India

Ubuweb at 15

Archiving as the new folk art

Reading the archives as a living witness

from the Parisian Anglophone series

Teen writing community Figment
gets $1M “angel” funding


Self-publishing ebooks


Iraq is invaded again,
this time by poets

Talking with Sam Donsky

The simple world of Robert Bly

David Ferry in disguise

Allen Ginsberg celebration

La Belle Dame Sans Merci:
the comic

Comix & poetry

Poetic edits

Love in literature

Meghan O’Rourke:
The Long Goodbye

Cilla McQueen’s The Radio Room

The secret of Joyce Carol Oates

Teresa Borleson, cowgirl poet

Talking with Charlie Seemann,
head cowpoke

Talking with John Maloney

Kerouac in Florida

Love Always, Carolyn:
A Film About Kerouac, Cassady and Me

John High’s A Book of Unknowing

Ernesto Cardenal’s
poetry is evolving

Talking with Ken Babstock

John Koethe & the NY School

Nick Flynn, Matthew Zapruder,
David St. John

Poems from the Turks of the Western Thrace

Ashbery’s Rimbaud,
Ish Klein & Yusef Komunyakaa

John Ashbery & common sense

Niedecker, Whitman &
Vladislav Khodasevich

Laura Moriarty & Rob Halpern

Sally Doyle’s Kafka Psalms

Narayan Shrestha’s Shashki

Gerard Fanning, Eva Bourke, Kerry Hardie

the conservative poets of today
are not even good
when measured by ‘conservative’ standards”

Rewriting the Arcades Project

Auto-correcting Finnegans Wake

100 Notes on Violence

Samargo’s last memoir

2010 Pen Lit Awards

International Pen
is looking for
a communications director

The Spoken Word festival
in Zimbabwe

Talvikki Ansel’s “Glaze”

Vanessa Hidary’s
Last Kaiser Roll in the Bodega

Language alters imagery

On Amy Clampitt

Jersey Shore & Oscar Wilde

Quoth the raven “Jersey Shore

Ravens to the rescue
of Poe’s room at U VA

Litcrits diss reader feedback

Did the early Middle Ages
really exist?

CS Lewis’s Latin

New Collected Poems by Iain Crichton Smith

At the Text Festival in Bury,
an exhibit by the homeless

SPD’s poetry best-sellers
for April

Amazon as publisher,
publishers as booksellers

A set of signed Pynchon volumes
“for Fred & Phyllis”

The USB typewriter

James Finnegan,
West Hartford’s poet laureate

Celebrating Tom Kane in Brooklyn

The Simphabet

Open City has closed

Another reading by Diane di Prima

Eeyore @ 140

The “lost” Wittgenstein
is heading to print

A chimp vocabulary

A web tool for acrostic poetry

© kills a Frost adaptation

Researching © orphans

The fight over Kesey’s last novel
rages on

Talking with Lam Quang My

Lawrence Giffin’s
Practiced Restraint

Dean Young on the need
to stay away
from experimental poetry
(nothing “reckless” in that stance)

Bringing Harry Matthews to PennSound

Chile mourns Gonzalo Rojas

David Foster Wallace’s
The Pale King
is a celebration of bureaucracy

What if
The Pale King
isn’t boring enough?

David Foster Wallace
End-note Generator

Randall Brown’s flash fiction

David Rowe’s Unsolicited Poems

Reading in a biased culture

A profile of Frankétienne

Ravi Shankar:
Breast-Feeding at the Blue Mosque

Naipaul’s rules for writing

Neruda’s world

Tidbits re
Daphne Gottlieb & Joseph Lease

New novels by Rikki Ducornet & Vladimir Sorokin

The Fluxus Reader

Anis Shivani: 10 favorite poems

Emily Fragos
on Dickinson’s letters

The Autobiography of Mark Twain

Taking Elizabeth Bishop
to the bank
(subscription required)

How writers
build the brand

Nokia adopts
a new corporate typeface

come to Scrabble

Don’t blame Scrabble!

20 unpublished tales
by Anthony Burgess

The silence of Harper Lee

Talking with Harper Lee,

A signed copy of
To Kill a Mockingbird
sells for $25K

Starstruck with Boo Radley

Poetry, sound &
the designing of “phantom objectivity”

Talking with Siri Hustvedt

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

3 poems from Leonard Schwartz

Homecoming for Gail Mazur

Remembering RL Greenfield

The case for cursive

The last days of
A Different Light

Library closure battles won
but the war continues

Attacking LA school librarians

Does your library
have a glory hole?

Archives & alligators

Jeff Davis’ WordPlay archives

Books for low-income families

Curtis Faville
takes the Ron Paul approach
to arts funding

On Arvind Krishna Mehrotra’s
new translations of Kabir

Robert Pinsky’s
samurai song


Manuel Puig’s gravitas

Alistair Peebles:
Veni, Vidi, Violi

Rob Halpern on somatics

Fake memoir
with bogus Shakespeare

What Shakespeare
does to the brain

Dodie Bellamy’s
The Buddhist

makes the heart grow fonder

The novels of Jean-Patrick Manchette

The last Spenser novel

Charlie Simic
on Téa Obreht’s The Tiger’s Wife

Erika Meitner:
Yizer Bukh

Mailer’s place

Plagiarism & German politics

cannot be trusted
with our books

Google & the book tour

Did Borders
give out your info

Davis-Kidd Booksellers
saved from the brink
in Memphis

What point
is David Orr

trying to make, anyway?

Poetry makes nothing happen

Talking with Nina Bahadur

A Palinode

Touring the graves of writers

Katherine Larson’s
Radial Symmetry

Great posthumous novels

Hosho McCreesh’s
4th Street Vagaries

Death to high school English

3 Quietists read
Yeats’ “Easter 1916”

Severus Snape reads William Shakespeare

The bawd of Avon

Robert Thomas & Adrena Zawinski

The contest to become
a voice for Neil Gaiman’s
next audio book

Minnesota Republican calls Gaiman
“a pencil-necked little weasel”

Gaiman on Dr. Who
with a bunch of fans

Talking with Harold Bloom

How Jane Austen
taught me to be a man

Austen leaves the floor
stained with blood

A Jane Austen Education

Or a Russian one

A profile of China Miéville

Ode-ious prose
from Gray Jacobik

Procrastinators Anonymous

Celebrity poetry night in NYC

Poetic self-portraits

Pricksongs & Descants

Timothy Donnelly’s The Cloud Corporation

Reimagining the role of art
on campus

In which all of contemporary poetry
appears to sprout from
mostly by misstating the facts

The e-reader is already doomed

New Nook is nifty

Scammers infecting
Kindle e-books
with malicious links

What we’ve lost with the Kindle

African Booker” shortlist announced

The Anarchist Book Fair

Milosz & the rule of law

USA literary map
(trade press edition)

Intimate Orwell

Billy Collins comes
to Carroll County, MD

Yehoshua November’s
God’s Optimism

William T Vollmann:
journalism after paper

let’s crowd-source
the slush pile

Hard copy & first drafts

Arguing over Amis

Jessica Mitford
on the Famous Writers School

Literary England
is a small, cohesive place

The United States of Poetry

Poetry in Winona, MN,
vs. Medlin, Columbia

Eamon Grennan

Maxine Hong Kingston:
singing with Whitman

An honest children’s book

Realism & politics

What we know
about digital journalism

Slow publishing

Remembering Douglas Adams

Where next, Stanley Fish?

The book club
that abandoned books

15 most famous
literary cafés

CUNY blocks honor for
Tony Kushner

Tony Kushner
& the art of empathy

CUNY reconsiders
while Stanley Fish
defends institutional prerogatives

Fish: Sex, the Koch brothers
& academic freedom

& CUNY changes its mind

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld,
the man who wanted to deny
Tony Kushner

Tony Kushner,
an angel in America

I am the Wind
at the Young Vic

James Franco’s
theater of the absurd

Doric Wilson has died

Lantern haiku

The art of book plates

Regulate the art market?

Liz #5 sell for $27M

Typographic abstractions by
Cecil Touchon

The Guardian remembers
Ira Cohen

As does Indra Tamag,
the butler of Charles Henri Ford

The Met to take over
the Whitney’s home

When your art teacher is named Matisse

Susan Bee:
New Paintings

Ai Weiwei’s wife
is allowed a visit

Phong Bui on Ai Weiwei

A call to release Ai Weiwei

Anish Kapoor
calls for protest to support
Ai Weiwei

International PEN’s recommendations
on whom to write
concerning Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei:

China sentences artist
to labor camp
for sex performance

Stephen Vincent
in the Huffington Post
(see slide 5)

The gallery view

Alan Moore:
art is magic

Tracey Emin
@ London’s Hayward Gallery

Brian Dettmer’s book sculptures

A profile of John Chamberlain

The story behind
Art in the Streets

Talking with Richard Serra

Artists’ bookshelves

Insanely creative bookshelves

10 of the best
art galleries in Manhattan

Julião Sarmento’s reading list

12 photos of artists & their art

The Mumbai Beehive

Alexander McQueen,
savage beauty

Thornton Dial: Hard truths

Martha Graham
gets a Google logo

Extreme silence

100 composers under 40

Remix ROVA!

Leaky Lifeboat (for Gregory Corso)

Talking with Meredith Monk

Heavy metal comes to the Met

Talking with Matt Bauder

Mahler takes Manhattan

Robert Johnson at 100

Talking with Cory Smythe

Big drum

Talking with Anne Rhodes

Throwing the
(Bob Dylan song)
book at ‘em

Dylan responds
to reports of censorship
in China

Bob Dylan & Allen Ginsberg

Intellectuals miss Dylan’s significance

Roy Nathanson,
jazz with a poet’s pen

The composer’s other voice

Why 60s nostalgia
makes me cringe

Bringing Raymond Carver to screen

Talking with Gus Van Zant

The NY Times on Louder Than a Bomb

Talking with Nate Marshall

Another review of
Louder Than a Bomb

Talking with Werner Herzog
in 3D

Ideas vs. theory

Bernard-Henri Lévy &
Michel Houellebecq

Faux News indeed

How bin Laden lost his Mr

Deconstructing the situation room photo

Faulty Towers:
the crisis in higher education

John Lukacs
on The Future of History

The Malcom X project

Hitchens on Chomsky

Nicholson Baker’s case for pacifism

EM Cioran’s Hitler fetish

Be careful what you wish for:
gay marriage
in an otherwise unjust society

Hate speech as free speech

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