Friday, April 08, 2011


Michelle Detorie’s
American Poetry House

Fresh Poems by the Dozen

Reports of my demise
are a wee bit premature,
don’t you think?

Ron Silliman:
A few short questions
about a very long long poem

Reading with Steve Farmer @ Moe’s
(for cards, see here

The (post) avant-garde
that won’t go away

Rae Armantrout’s Money Shot

Armantrout’s “At Least”

Charles Bernstein’s My Way
as a free e-book

2 books by Lynn Behrendt

Behrendt’s petals, emblems

Julie Carr:
The Witch’s House: A Poetics

The last public poet

Robert Pinsky on Lola Ridge

Misogyny & slam


Tragic Bitches:
An Experiment in Queer
Xicana & Xicano
Performance Poetry

Preparing for the national slams
in Minnesota

Lyric Nation

Peter B. Howard has died

As has Bill Hetznecker

John Ashbery:
on translating Rimbaud

Ashbery’s Rimbaud,
Auster’s Mallarmé,
Kirchwey’s Verlaine

Brother Anthony
on the perfect translation

Ted Berrigan’s latest books

Cedar Sigo on
glamour & John Wieners

Too much quietude
in our poet laureate?

Talking with W.S. Merwin
about O Miami

M NourbeSe Philip @ Mills

The end of African-American literature

Black Nature

What Nigerian poetry needs now

Asian-American poetry
from Tim Yu’s bookshelves,
all of it published in
the last ten years

More from Scott Watson’s
Sendai Journal

(part 3) (part 4)
(part 5) (part 6)
(part 7) (part 8)
(part 9) (part 10)
(part 11) (part 12)
(part 13)

Oppen in battle

The scene in Pittsburgh

& in Asheville, NC

Celebrating Louise McNeill

Dan Beachy-Quick:
a notebook on poetics

Matthew Timmons’
The New Poetics

David Foster Wallace’s
unfinished business

CD Wright’s masterpiece

Virginia Woolf’s London walks

Ange Mlinko’s “Saint Days”

The cult of Jeremy Prynne

Poetry & adoption
(FYI: Silliman is a name
my grandfather was given
through adoption)

Colette has more punch than Proust

Heriberto Yépez:
Text, Lies & Role-Playing
(part 1) (part 2)

The 2011 MLA Offsite reading
All 67 poets
segmented or as it happened

They’re coming for the academics

Roberto Bolaño’s favorite books

Books everyone should read:
a “consensus cloud

Talking with Alan Halsey

Halsey’s alphabet poems

Alan Brownjohn on
The Poetry Wars
(no, not that one)

CA Conrad on Bernadette Mayer

Ange Mlinko:
An insider’s guide to blogging

Christian Bök
on the shifting definition
of the spoken word

Maureen Thorson
& post-avant confessionalism

Charting narrative
with Kurt Vonnegut

The Wilde Boys
read Elizabeth Bishop

OED adds OMG +

Les Murray & the poetry of depression

The London Alphabet

Jaimy Gordon wins at the track

Clark Coolidge’s
This Time We Are Both

The ecstasy of influence

2 books by Ron Padgett

Howard McCord
remembers George Hitchcock

$50K prize for a single poem

One Keats letter brings 96K
(That’s $150K)

Lawrence Ferlinghetti reading
at the 92nd St Y

The last great Yiddish modernist poet

When Melville & Dickinson made whoopee

The Poet and Writer Evening News

19 poets recommend recent titles

SPD’s March best sellers

Klaus Peter Dencker

James Wagner in Orono

John Gallaher:
Your Father on the Train of Ghosts

Why should writers
work for no pay?

Reading captcha

Tweet poetry

Atop Mount Hood in 1947,
the copy boy becomes a poet

Talking with Gary Snyder

How we know
the age of the prose poem
is over

CK Williams’
Jew on the Bridge

Prose of the Trans-Canada

The Academy of American Poets
has guest tweeters all month

14 ways to celebrate
National Poetry Month in LA

30 ways in Missouri

Angel House is offering
30 days of

The Boston Review
is offering special online features
this month

What do Robert Bly, Mary Oliver,
Allen Ginsberg & Conrad Aiken

have in common?

2 high-profile contests
bracket poetry month

Getting to poetry
through public TV

Jinanhie wins $2K
in DC Slam

Talking with Diane Lockward
about “Girl Talk”

A font based on Kafka

Thomas Edison’s film
of Mark Twain

Tennessee Williams @ 100

Talking with Scott Thurston

4 poems by Thurston

Ralph Waldo Vispo

Talking with Timothy Donnelly

Lord of the Wings
& other edible masterpieces

Talking with Travis Nichols

Jupiter 88
is an online journal
of poetry videos

New poems by Susanne Dyckman

Wordsworth home burns

Why Coleridge loved the sea

How Longfellow woke the dead

Byron’s “forgotten Hebrew melodies”

A fun Sylvia Plath page

In the UK,
the Poetry Book Society
loses Arts Council funding

The Last Poets
struggle with budget cuts

Matthew Zapruder
Poem for Wisconsin

Zapruder wins a Guggenheim

Merlie Alunan’s
Tales of the Spiderwoman

A Qwiki with Harry Northup

Amanda Hocking remembers
why publishers exist

Richard Burton’s favorite poem
read at Liz Taylor’s funeral

Debra Diblasi & Chris Richards
on the mashup novel

& young-adult fiction

Banning Gandhi in India

China tightens e-censorship

The death of the NY Times Book Review
& why that’s a good thing

Is the success of e-books
just hype?

The judge says NO
to the Google
book deal

The big trade presses
side with Google

What happens next

Who “wrote” this?

A digital library better than Google’s

Poetry defies the e-book trend

Milosz-ian Awe & the Rule of Law

A letter from the president
of the Japanese Book Publishers Association

What poets & Mark Zuckerberg have in common
(besides a total lack of social skills)

Book Ends on the move

First Modern Times,
now A Different Light

Nobody wants to buy B&N

Why we bought
Politics & Prose

Should Borders
pay $8.3M in bonuses?

Borders’ recovery “doubtful”

Squeezing cash
from shut-down Borders locations

Why lit mags should fold

Are cheaper e-book enhancements
better than more expensive ones?

Swiss reinstate fixed book pricing

Put your spine into it

wild, confused, disjointed, and improbable

Jennifer Knox’
Mystery of the Hidden Driveway

Parnell’s vigil

Remembering Kamala Das

Getting high with
Frank O’Hara & Lewis Hine

Allen Ginsberg
on marijuana tourism

Ginsberg testifies for the Chicago Seven

Remembering Anne Sexton
(with a film clip of her)

The letters of W.B. & George Yeats

Yeats & Behan, reading & sung

Simon Armitage, northern star

Guy R. Beining’s Nozzle 1-36

The best overview of baseball books ever
(3 cheers for Jim Brosnan!)

Adam Kirsch on Cynthia Ozick

Talking with Tim Seibles

HG Wells: prophet of free love

Paul Willis,
Santa Barbara’s new poet laureate

Art Goodtimes,
laureate of the western slope

New laureate to be chosen
in Cleveland Heights

Barbara Hunt’s
The Patternmaker’s Crumpled Plan

Reading the classics in a secular age

Egg haiku

Haiku’s “tender touch”

Looking at the moon

Shatner & the poets

Rita Dove on poetry & story

Cure baldness, kill literature

Rhetorical certainty & academic posturing

A poem for the royals

Kay Ryan
learns to share emotions

US 1 Poets Cooperative

Australia’s “café poets

From poverty to poetry

Construction worker
wins poetry prize

Shane Rhodes
will write for beer

Ted Hughes reading

How to write a poem

Patti Smith, meet Dave Eggers

Getting sonnets
back onto subways

Oh, the places we’ll go
7 “lost” tales
from Dr. Seuss

Sendak’s back
after a 30-year hiatus

In Louisiana,
Lt. Governor & poet laureate
put on a reading

(i.e. the corporate novel)
should think big
to save itself

The Russian book market

Why is the government
interested in narrative

Readers of the world unite!

Publishing in Turkey

Carrying Old English poetry
into the 21st Century

Elaine Feeney & the new
political poets of Ireland

What I’ve learned from Seamus Heaney

Heaney on Milosz

Heaney wins Irish Times award

Heaney makes the Griffin Prize shortlist
as does Dionne Brand

Making poetry “less terrifying

The “funniest man in po-biz

macabre, not morose”

Approaching Billy Collins

Sven Birkerts on idleness

A new translation of Rilke’s letters

Oprah’s adventures in poetry

O’s poetry-fashion shoot

Fashion Extremes

David Hoenigman’s
Burn Your Belongings

The work of Susan Sontag
in the age of self-promotion

Microsoft autocorrects
for prose that’s too smart

What kind of books have no pictures?

3,380 German Expressionist works online

Bleak visions from early rebels

Jon Cotner & Claire Hamilton:
4 hours @ the Armory

Cerith Wyn Evans:
Reference & Ventriloquism

California Conceptualism
dies and goes to heaven

Maine Republicans diss
their own art-censoring governor

Ai Weiwei seized in China

A call to release Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei’s arrest
marks a new escalation

Christo without Jeanne-Claude

American cave art

The drawings of Wayne Hogan

The new arts revolution
in France

Barry Schwabsky
on poets & painters

Sasha Grey, photographer

Collage centennial coming up

Talking with Annette Kulenkampff

Going after Gauguin

How the media covered
(in more ways than one)
the Gauguin story

The grammar of display
according to
Lina Bo Bardi

Steve Reich’s
WTC 9/11

Michael Tilson Thomas
fine tunes
YouTube Symphony

Anthony Braxton’s
“official bootleg” page

James Whitcomb Riley
rocks out

The impact of William Burroughs
on American music

Pinetop Perkins has died

John Adams in Miami

Ben Fama:
Things Brian Eno taught me

The Glass Bead Game

Bob Dylan & the law

Dylan in China

Hunter Thompson
interviews Keith Richards

Experimental music in China:
Talking with Yan Jun

The Langston Hughes Project

The Sax Cloud

Talking with Julian Schnabel

New films on poetry

Talking with James Franco

The Hobbit begins

Animating Lynne Tillman

Made a Machine
by Describing a Landscape


Manning Marable has died

But not before naming
the conspirators who killed Malcolm X

15 facts about income inequality
every American should know

The digital humanities
is booting up

Big oops

Jean-Luc Nancy (pro)
Alain Badiou (con)
on intervening in Libya

Can neuroscience explain art?

Werewolves, Magnetic Fields
& Fingerprints of a Technological Imaginary

The awesome archives of
Evening Will Come

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