Tuesday, April 26, 2011


the Poetry Center Digital Archive
is coming online

William Carlos Williams,
reading at the SF Museum of Art
May 19, 1955

Robert Creeley on anger
in the work of WCW

Marianne Moore
reading at the SF Museum of Art
October 10, 1957

Denise Levertov
reading for 80 minutes
at SF State
February 10, 1958

Robert Duncan
reading Opening of the Field
May 18 1959

Lisa Jarnot
on Robert Duncan’s
HD Book

Bob Perelman on Louis Zukofsky

The Ulysses of poetry

Hugh Kenner on Zukofsky,
the OED & more

A teaser for Anew,
Zukofsky’s shorter poems

Meet the Objectivists

Talking with Charles Bernstein

Kay Ryan has received
the 2011 Pulitzer Prize

And the Hall-Kenyon Prize

Talking with Kay Ryan

Kay Ryan opens minds

Ryan is golden

Jacket 2 has arrived!

A trove of
Langston Hughes’
work turns up

Anne Blonstein has died

As has Jeanne Leiby

Alice Beer has died

& Douglas Lochhead

& Ellen Shapiro

Hannah Weiner’s
The Book of Revelations

Craig Santos Perez:
The basic savagery
of the White Poets Society

Joshua Corey on 2 Parisians:
Marcel & Alice

Nick Piombino
on The Grand Piano

The Grand Piano
at Poets House

Listening to The Grand Piano

Using Amazon
to identify schools of poetry

Helen White’s
soluble colonies

Kenneth Irby’s
The Intent On:
Collected Poems 1962

From shoures soote to scumble:
poetry moves the language

Rae Armantrout
& Duran Duran

Armantrout’s Money Shot
“is like someone juggling chainsaws”

Being a poet
is a “real job”

The No Slander Podcast
features Dara Wier

Talking with Bernadette Mayer

Barbara Jane Reyes:
Women of color
& body politics

Nominations for
Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere

are now open

Cecilia CT Perez
& Chamoru poetry

Talking with Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop

Talking with John Ashbery
about translating Rimbaud

The Selected Poems of John Ashbery
(registration required)

Clark Coolidge & Filip Marinovich, reading

The digital deluge
is upon us all

New Whitman archive found

Whitman reading Whitman

Whitman the scrivener

The clerk

Walt Whitman in Yiddish

Morgan Gibson’s Nonzen Poems

Talking with Tyrone Williams

NY Times obit
for Paul Violi

A Violi memorial blog

Talking with Barbara Henning

The brief correspondence
of Roberto Bolaño & Enrique Linh

Bolaño’s Burroughs

William S Burroughs
& The Fluke

David Foster Wallace
wrote two novels
& The Pale King is not one of them

Building David Foster Wallace

Why Wallace inspires devotion

From The Pale King

The verbal ethics
of David Foster Wallace

The Forgiveness Machine

The problematic process
of posthumous publishing

Jonathan Franzen
on Crusoe’s island

Geoffrey Hill:
Mr Difficult

John Olson:
nearly a book of prose pieces
+ an interview

DIY Detroit

David Ferry
wins the Lilly Prize

The Boston Phoenix
has named Elisa Gabbert
Boston’s best poet 2011

The business of
Steve Roggenbuck

Fluxfest NYC
April 2011

The James Joyce Book Club

Kate Bush
gets permission
to use the words
of James Joyce

Pound’s letters
to his parents

Elizabeth Bishop
writes to the New Yorker

Kaplan Harris’
“The Small Press Traffic
school of dissimulation”

Not dead yet

Not the first time he’s been wrong

Marjorie Garber gets it wrong too

Doug Lang @ 70

How to beat a dead octopus

Amazon profits are small press losses

Not so

Name 5 poets you must read

Who is your favorite poet?

Everybody’s favorite books of poetry
(well, everybody they asked)
plus a few interviews

An ambush of verse

Nicholson Baker:
We don’t know the language
we don’t know

John Berger:
A life in writing

Modern Canadian Poets:
the anthology as provocation

Leonard Cohen
reading in 1966

The letters of Rosa Luxemburg

The Battle of Gloucester:
Vincent Ferrini meets Charles Olson

Global publishing is worth 80B

Henry Ferrini’s
Polis is This:
Charles Olson & the Persistence of Place

viewable in its entirety

Jack Kerouac Slept Here

Carol Novack & Sheila E Murphy:

Camille T Dungy
has won the
Northern California Book Award

Scott Watson’s
Sendai Journal

David Kirby:
How to read poetry

Talking with Tim Stafford

impractical but important

David Orr:
How poets achieve their style

Talking with David Orr

All poetry is public

The best thing about The Paris Review
is its liquor stash

David Orr’s
Beautiful and Pointless

David Orr is pointless

What poets & readers need to know

Populist concerns in
contemporary Egyptian literature

Talking with Ben Friedlander

3 new poems
from Edwin Torres

Shira Dentz
Black Seeds on a White Dish

Philadelphia is poetry town

David Hernández & Street Sounds

Matthew Zapruder, Vera Pavlova, Kristin Naca

Many familiar names
among this year’s Guggenheim fellows

Horatio Bucklesby Ogden’s
The Wire

Allen Ginsberg:
Plutonium Ode

The Allen Ginsberg marathon

The Collected Poems
of Allen Ginsberg

The Ginsberg-Leary
plot to turn on the world

Adrienne Rich, reading

Will Alexander:
2 new poems

A new poem by Susan Stewart

Dean Young
gets a new heart

Bowl haiku

& fox

& walking

Spilled Milk:
Haiku Destinies

Blyth on waka

A waka anthology

Minnie Bruce Pratt’s
Inside the Money Machine

Timely vs. timeless

The poetry of Scrooge McDuck

Marge Piercy’s The Hunger Moon

The bizarre, beautiful world
of Yusef Komunyakaa

Talking with Caroline Bergvall

Flirting with pedophilia?

Thomas Devaney on Ross Gay

Is that a poem in your pocket?

Talking with the editors of

Clayton Eshleman:
5 new poems
& an interview

Nuyorican, Nuyorexican

The world’s oldest writing
is not poetry

Talking with Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Traveling with Twain

Simon Schama:
the essayist as star

Talking with VS Naipaul

Penn State cuts MFA program

42% of college graduates
never read another book

Spoken word poetics @ Harvard

Unofficial verse culture @ Yale

Poetry @ Yale
here & now

How to create
word of mouth

On vocality
Divya Victor, Vanessa Place, Kim Rosenfield

Sherman Alexie
among authors most challenged
by wannabe censors

Little support for censoring Twain

China bars Liao Yiwu
from attend PEN writers conference

A return to the Cultural Revolution?
(See also the Ai Weiwei links below)

New poems from Jessica Grim

Gary Snyder
on Grover Norquist

Tom Hibbard:
a trip to DC

The scene in Salem,
Oregon that is

A history of the dictionary

Anne Tardos:
new Nines

Merwin’s Berryman

Troy Jollimore on
Robert Pinsky

Susan M Schultz:
Pacific Poetries

Thinking of Albert Huffstickler

Alden Nowlan’s
Selected Poems

What are the right questions
to ask about literature?

Tasini vs. Huffington

Tasini sues for freelance “volunteers”

Garrison Keillor vs. Auggie Kleinzahler

Wendy Kramer’s
Diagrams & Examples

Thomas Sayers Ellis,
Timothy Donnelly,
CD Wright,
Eleanor Wilner

New Brazilian poetry

Pierre Joris:
interview & poem

A 600-year-old book
in Utah

Pashto poetry satires

Celebrating the poetry of Pakistan
in Abu Dubai

the poet of Kashmir

The small press scene
in India

An Octavio Paz exhibit
in India

Pamuk leads short list
for independent foreign fiction prize

Allen Bramhall’s Days Poem (both volumes)

Last 2 speakers
of a dying language

refuse to speak
with each other

Doug Holder to his readers:
take a hike

Elizabeth Alexander
on African-American poetry

Carlin Romano:
Harold Bloom by the numbers

Brendan Kennelly at 75

The essential Brendan Kennelly

Ed Baker at 70

Donald Keene at 88
is quitting Columbia
to move to Tokyo

Ange Mlinko on birdsong

A poetics of cleansing

The NY Times
does a poetry spread

The Washington Post
reviews 5 books of verse,
each one from a big trade publisher

For The Detroit Free Press
the number is 6

Another story on Garth Martens

Ben Ehrenreich on
The Death of the Book

are now the
top selling format

Because people who got
readers for Xmas
needed something to read

e-book innovations in Russia

How to use Twitter hashtags
inside your e-book

What authors & readers
need to know
about e-books

Print will survive!

Alberto Vitale:
paper books
will become more precious

Are e-book
special effects

bad for kids?

Poetry for boys
poetry for girls

What books will become

Print stumbles,
e-books soar

Publishers are
right to be afraid

Library books
coming to Kindle

B&N adds
to the Nook

You can’t always get
what you

Betta you should
everything in

The alphabets of Jim Flora

Famous authors
& their typewriters

The future of archives

British Library
purchases 40,000 emails
by Wendy Cope

Libraries join together
to buy Kafka archive

Jane Eyre’s autobiography

Sharon Olds & the Pope’s penis

Pulping the Pope
by accident

Lit journals thrive,
on paper & otherwise

Bookstore with a single book

A bitter Borders photo fest

Talking with Ifeanyi Menkiti
of Grolier Books

Indie bookstores in San Diego

International Union of Mail Artists

Christian Wiman’s
“Not Altogether Gone”

Remembering Daniel Thompson

Henry Denander’s
The Loulaki Bar

Christopher Benfey
on the poetry of Stephen Crane

Remembering Tagore

Dramatizing his work

7 poems that shook the world,
all of them in English

Do Anglos
lose too much in translation

Rexroth, Bukowski
& the politics of literature

O Miami
highlights poetry in translation

Tang in translation

Steinbeck “lied”
does it matter?

Remembering Anthony Hecht

Bookstore bingo:
dumb things
overheard in bookstores

Dear OED,
get your shittle together

At Brushstroke in NYC,
they’re using books
to build walls

Maine’s laureate
maps out 5-year program

Maureen Morehead,
Kentucky’s laureate

Convict who swiped
Larkin’s poem
for contest
finishes second

Philip Larkin,
the impossible man

The Gatsby House
comes down

The Indian
publishing industry

Happy Hour
with Suzanne Buffam

Priscilla Uppal & Goran Simic

Your brain on Shakespeare

Jacob McArthur Mooney:
Can a poet be earnest?

George Bowering
wins BC Lt. Governor’s
lit award

Shane Koyczan is well versed

50 best blogs
for National Poetry Month
(we’re # 3)

The Rime of the Modern Mariner:
the graphic novel

The Great Graphic Novel
Library Giveaway

Nobel lit juror
denies prize bias

The return of lit crit
as a glorified book review

Should reading be promoted
as a legal drug?

Talking with William Walsh

Rethinking Edith Sitwell

Gillian Clarke
supports the Dylan Centre

Elizabeth Bradfield’s
Approaching Ice

Editing the Bible

The Tragedy of Arthur

John Davidson,
extreme rationalist

Goethe goes to Iran

Michael Longley’s
A Hundred Doors

Parodying Atlas Shrugged

Rand rants on rise

Salman Rushdie’s
picking the books
for guests at NYC’s
Standard Hotel

Poetic locales in NYC

If the definition of quality
is Do they fund their students?
then this is a list
of under-rated MFA programs

David Brooks on metaphor

Ishmael Reed’s Juice!

The late politics of Jean Genet

John Boehner et al
go after
the one group of poets
who probably vote Republican!

Bringing Poetry into Communities

Simic, Mingestu
win Vilcek

Roseville is importing poetry
from Sacramento

A biography of Edward Thomas

Talking with Elizabeth McNeil

A year with Peter Porter

Talking with Dorianne Laux

The Oprah-fication
of National Poetry Month

Our first language is poetry

Voice of America
celebrates National Poetry Month
with Robert Frost

John Morgan:
National Poetry Month
in Alaska

Why celebrate
National Poetry Month

Emmanuel Moses
translated by Marilyn Hacker

Passover poems
from Bracha Meschaninov

A Poet’s Haggadah

7 poets discuss
the relation of their work
to Judaism

Yehoshua November:
the poet is a rabbi

3 kinds of poets in Israel

Academic freedom
in Pennsylvania

The other Nancy Mitford

Billy Collins
opens up a new chapter

Talking with Billy Collins

Billy Collins,
the poet as rock star

Ken Babstock’s
Methodist Hatchet

Mary Oliver
& the naturesque

Poetry Book Society cuts
spark outrage

Ted Badger,
the laureate of
Fort Bend, TX

Rick Santorum
opposes his own slogan,
stolen from Langston Hughes

Talking with Rick Santorum
about poetry

Kevin Spacey
speaks out for arts funding

Strathclyde University in Glasgow
closes its theater & art gallery
& plans to fire
the director of music

6 reasons Google Books failed

Private firm,
public libraries

Can LA libraries
reclaim Mondays?

Now visual artists
are suing Google over ©

Mynd Eraser:
a trailer for
an asemic blog novel

Who is Shaun Tan?

Artists remix
classic book covers

Talking with the art director
of Penguin

You call yourself
a museum!

On the Road
becomes a movie

Showing James Franco’s
film school flick

Talking with Paul Mariani,
on whose bio of Crane,
Franco’s film is based

Helena Bonham Carter
= Miss Havisham?

A trailer for
Love Always, Carolyn

Roger Ebert
on finding his voice,

Buster Keaton
& the world of objects

under the Misty Mountains

The Tolkien professor

10 most badly bungled
classic book to film

Eric Baum’s Dog Ear

Catholic protestors
Andres Serrano’s
Piss Christ

Jeff Koons Must Die!

Salman Rushdie
on Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei
& the artist’s role in China

Ai Weiwei’s
seeds of dissent

Ai Weiwei’s
other career

Is Ai Weiwei “confessing”?

Joan Miro at the Tate

Emma Bee Bernstein
in Brooklyn

A complex
of the human & the inhuman

When is art public?

Ed Ruscha:
Psycho Spaghetti Westerns

Fred Moten
& the resistance of the object

The Pulitzer
Eddie Adams
didn’t want

Painting & the MFA

Talking with Nayland Blake

Finding Superman

Creating the EyeWriter

The mural that set Maine aflame

A battle over the MTA card
as canvas

Chaz Bojórquez, Craig Stecyk & RISK

Street Art:
the show outside

The assemblages of Jess

Yto Barrada
@ the Deutsche Guggenheim

Is Chihuly tasteless?

Warhol self-portrait
could bring $40M

Feet in the Motor City?

Malevich & the American Legacy

The Washington Post
gets a new art critic

with the ghost of mural

The art destroyers

Paul McMahon has died

As has John McCracken

Chris Hondros died in Libya

View of St Petersburg
brings $746.5K

Marjorie Perloff on Merce Cunningham

Playing Steve Reich’s Drumming

Anthony Braxton
swims against the tide

Talking with Ronnie Wood

The Anthology of Rap

Bob Dylan in
Ho Chi Minh City

The real Dylan in China

Is it time to put Dylan
in the Captain’s Tower?

The letters of John Lennon

Patti Smith does Broadway

Marshall Walker Lee
on The White Stripes

Bomb the Bass:
Bug Powder Dust

Talking with Dave Grohl

How © law hurts music

Daniel Catán has died

As has Billy Bang

Charles Bukowski
as theater & dance

The persistence of the negative

A trip inside
the Fukushima evacuation zone

Martin Amis on Christopher Hitchens

Joshua Clover:
Swans & Zombies:
Neoliberalism’s permanent

“No pitbull without lipstick”
Slavoj Žižek on
politeness & ideology

Still fighting the Civil War

American Exceptionalism
is what, exactly?

David Brooks’ imaginary math

Alcheringa archive

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