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March 21 in Berlin
Alarm will Sound

March 21 in NYC
Tender Buttons
with special guest Kate Colby

March 21 in NYC
A talk by Sergio Bessa & Mónica de la Torre

March 21 in Toronto
Jasper Fforde, Gail Scott, Don Winslow

March 21 in NYC
A celebration of Czeslaw Milosz
with Robert Hass, Adam Zagajewski, Clare Cavanagh

March 21 in Brooklyn
Letters to Distant Cities

March 21 & 22 in Philadelphia
Edward Albee

March 22 & 23 in Providence
New Directions
75th anniversary celebration

March 22 in Paris
Anna Moschovakis & Françoise Valéry
avec Ha-Yang Kim

March 22 in Brooklyn
Kristin Dombeck, David Buuck

March 22 in SF
Cyrus Cassells

March 23 in Northampton, MA
Maryrose Larkin & Anne Gorrick

March 23 in NYC
The Apocryphal Lorca

with Jonathan Mayhew, David Shapiro, & Mark Statman

March 23 in Chicago
Matthew Zapruder & Ed Healey

March 23 in NYC
Raj Per Tot

March 23 in Milwaukee
Daniel Khalastchi & Zach Savich

March 23 in NYC
Douglas Coupland & Chuck Klosterman

March 23 @ Bryn Mawr, PA
Jorie Graham, Rachel Hadas, Susan Wheeler

March 23 in Berkeley
Patrick Dunagan & Julien Poirer

March 23 in NYC
Directors of the Poetry Project, with
Anne Waldman, Ron Padgett, Bernadette Mayer,
Eileen Myles, Ed Friedman, Anselm Berrigan
Stacy Szymaszek

March 24 in Philadelphia
Vanessa Place

March 24 in London
Elaine Feinstein & Sasha Dugdale

March 24 in SF
Jennifer Martenson & Claire Becker

March 24 in SF
Susie Bright

March 24 in NYC
David Buuck: Barge

March 24 in Brooklyn
Ammiel Alcalay, Julian Brolaski, Christian Hawkey

March 24 in Philadelphia
Bhanu Kapil

March 24 in SF
Rebecca Solnit

March 24 in NYC
The poetry of Zbigniew Herbert
with Edward Hirsch, Charles Simic, Alissa Valles
& Adam Zagajewski

March 24 @ Villanova
Eleanor Wilner

March 24 in Madison
Carla Harryman

March 24 in Ann Arbor
Ken Mikolowski & Big Enigma

March 24 in Pleasantville, NY
Maryrose Larkin & Anne Gorrick

March 24 & 25 in Pittsburgh
Camille Dungy & contributors to
Black Nature

March 25 & 26 in Windsor, Ontario
The Alphabet Symposium
with Rae Armantrout, Ron Silliman, Jed Rasula
Barrett Watten, Carla Harryman, Steve McCaffery
& more

March 24 August 7 in Philadelphia
Sheila Hicks

March 25 in NYC
Jeremy Hoevenaar & Kristen Kosmas

March 25 April 23 in Brooklyn
Emma Bee Bernstein

March 25 in Santa Monica
Raindog & Michael Paul

March 25 in Brooklyn
Jackie Clark, Ben Fama, Matthew Reiter,
Bianca Stone, Amish Trivedi, Genya Turovskaya

March 25 in NYC
Miguel Angel Zapata, Yván Yauri

March 25 in Albany, NY
Anne Gorrick, Maryrose Larkin, Lynn Behrendt

March 25 in Brooklyn
Lonely Christopher, David Buuck, Astrid Lorange,
& Steve Orth

March 25 – 27 in Detroit
Poetry – a film by Lee Chang-dong

March 26 in DC
Catherine Wagner, chris cheek,
Keith Tuma, Tom Orange

March 26 in NYC
A celebration of The H.D. Book
by Robert Duncan
Michael Boughn, Victor Coleman, Lisa Jarnot
& Elizabeth Willis

March 26 in Tucson
George Mattingly & Frank Parker

March 26 in Seattle
Sommer Browning & Noah Eli Gordon

March 26 in Santa Monica
New Poets of the American West

March 26 in NYC
Brandon Brown & Liz Fodaski

March 26 in Chicago
The Ladies Ring Shout
(Felicia Holman, Abra Johnson & Meida McNeal)
Adam Roberts
with Erika Jo Brown, Matthew Klane & BJ Love

March 26 in Providence
Ish Klein & Robert Hernandez

March 26 & 27 in Pleasanton, CA
Poetry, Prose & Arts Festival
with Al Young

March 27 in Philadelphia
Josh Edwards, Ish Klein & Robert Fernandez

March 27 in NYC
Vanessa Place & Rob Fitterman
The Bedbug Variations

March 27 in Philadelphia
John Dorsey & Rebecca Schumedjda

March 27 in Edinburgh
JL Williams, Pauline Prior-Pitt & Nancy Somerville

March 27 in Chicago
Erika Jo Brown, BJ Love, Matthew Klane & Adam Roberts

March 27 in Philadelphia
Encyclopedia (vol. 2) launch reading

Amra Brooks, CA Conrad, Carolina Maugeri ,
Emily Abendroth, Jena Osman, Mary Hoeffel,
& Patrick Scanlon

March 28 in NYC
Barbara Hammer, Maggie Nelson,
Janlori Goldman

March 28 in NYC
Adam Zagajewski introduces
Marie Lundquist (Sweden), Tomasz Rozycki (Poland)
& Lutz Seiler (Germany)

March 28 in NYC

March 28 in Wendell, MA
Whit Griffin & Kate Colby

March 28 in NYC
Chris Glomski & Paul Foster Johnson

March 29 in Washington, DC
Ilya Kaminsky, Valzhyna Mort, Nikola Madzirov

March 29 in Oakland
M NourbeSe Philip

March 29 in Norwich, UK
Sadie Jones

March 29 & 30 in Chicago
Lyn Hejinian

March 30 in Berkeley
Ron Silliman, Steve Farmer

March 30 in NYC
Erica Kaufman & Maureen Owen

March 30 in Milwaukee
Jim Chapson

March 30 in Ambler, PA

March 30 in NYC
Jaimy Gordon with Jayne Anne Phillips

March 30 July 17 in New Paltz, NY
Tim Davis

March 31 in NYC
Bei Dao & Rosanna Warren

March 31 in Philadelphia
Derek Beaulieu

March 31 in Chicago
Ales Steger

March 31 in Dallas
Dan Savage

March 31 in NYC
Jean Valentine & Brian Teare

March 31 in Bangor, ME
James Wagner

March 31 in Seattle
Robyn Schiff

March 31 in NYC
Nikky Finney & Aracelis Girmay

March 31 in Lawrence, KS
Justin Runge, Jim McCrary, Robert Baumann



April 1 in Brooklyn
Rob Halpern, Julia Bloch, & Paul Foster Johnson

April 1 in SF
Vanessa Place & Kenneth Goldsmith

April 1 in Oakland
Nik De Dominic, Amanda Nadelberg and Geoffrey G O'Brien

April 1 & 2 in Columbus, OH
Poetry – a film by Lee Chang-dong

April 2 in Tucson
Rae Armantrout

April 2 in Paris
Collaboration & the Artist’s Book
Susan Bee, Bill Berkson, Charles Bernstein,
Vincent Katz, Contrat Maint, Raphael Rubinstein
& Peter Soriano

April 2 in NYC
Bruce Andrews & Nada Gordon

April 2 in Chicago
Tony Trigilio

April 2 in NYC
“An Afternoon of Failure”
with Joshua Cohen, Eileen Myles, Helen DeWitt,
Sam Frank, Travis Jeppesen, Keith Gessen,
Elevator Repair Service, Us Girls
& the late William Gaddis

April 2 in Philadelphia
Joshua Beckman, Meg Barboza, Anthony McCann

April 2 in Chicago
Cris Mazza, Davis Schneiderman & Lidia Yuknavtich

April 2 in Philadelphia
Sophocles’ Ajax

April 2 in NYC
Queer Optimism & Affective Poetry
with Wendy Lee, Michael Snediker, Brian Teare
& Dara Wier

April 3 in Milwaukee
Edible Books

April 4 in NYC
Jack Halberstam, Rob Halpern, Brenda Iijima

April 4 in Philadelphia
Teresa Leo & Kate Northrop

April 5 in Buffalo
The Quote’s the Thing

© in Scholarly Criticism

April 5 in Chicago
Mary Karr

April 5 in Oakland
Chana Block

April 5 in NYC
Sophocles’ Ajax

April 5 in New Haven, CT
Annie Murphy Paul & Carl Zimmer

April 6 in NYC
Etgar Keret & Jonathan Safran Foer

April 6 in Manchester, UK
Carrie Etter

April 6 in SF
Ralph Metzner

April 6 in NYC
Noelle Kocot & Joseph Lease

April 7 in Berkeley
Geoffrey G. O’Brien

April 7 in NYC
Alice Notley

April 7 in Philadelphia
celebrating Gertrude Stein

April 7 in SF
Reginald Dwayne Betts

April 7 in Bangor, ME
Rosmarie Waldrop

April 7 in NYC
Christopher Middleton with John Yau

April 7 & 8 in Chicago
Marjorie Welish

April 8 in DC
Lee Ann Brown, Chris Vitiello,
Diane Timblin

April 8 in NYC
Bonnie Jones & Samita Sinha

April 8 in Oakland
Jena Osman, Brian Whitener, Ted Rees

April 8 – 14 in St. Louis
Poetry – a film by Lee Chang-dong

April 9 in Santa Monica
Harry E. Northup

April 9 in NYC
Tan Lin & Sara Wintz

April 9 in Hadley, MA
Lauren Ireland, Luke Bloomfield, Lily Ladewig, Ben Mirov

April 9 in Chicago
Larry Sawyer & Connor Stratman

April 10 in N. Kingstown, RI
Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop

April 9 & 10 in Milwaukee
Poetry – a film by Lee Chang-dong

April 10 in Philadelphia
Jerome McGann

April 11 in West Chester, PA
Karl Kirchwey

April 11 in NYC
Rachel Glaser & Amy Lawless

April 11 13 in London
The London Book Fair

April 12 in Tucson
David Gitin & Sherwin Bitsui

April 12 in Berkeley
Joseph Lease

April 12 @ Bryn Mawr, PA
Karl Kirchwey

April 12 in Paris, TX
Nicole Peyrafitte

April 12 in SF
Yiyun Li

April 13 in NYC
Tina Chang & Ross Gay

April 13 in Chicago
Kiki Petrosino & Evan Lavender-Smith

April 13 in Rochester, NY
Piotr Sommer & Bill Martin

April 13 in NYC
Elaine Equi & Ron Padgett

April 13 in NYC
The Phoneme Choir

April 13 in Chicago
Daniel Tiffany, Andy Fitch, Anna Moschovakis

April 14 in Philadelphia
Kit Robinson

April 14 in Chicago
Judith Goldman

April 14 in SF
Camille Roy & Robert Glück

April 14 in Bangor, ME
Brock Clarke

April 14 in NYC
Karen Swenson on Robert Browning

April 14 in Keene, NH
Jennifer Militello

April 14 in Philadelphia
Mark Nowak

April 15 in Boulder
Poetry – a film by Lee Chang-dong

April 14 in Brooklyn
Dorothea Lasky, Julia Guez, Danniel Schoonebeek,
Emily Brandt and Eric Helms Dalton

April 15 in Philadelphia
Kit Robinson, Kate Greenstreet,
Ryan Eckes & Matthew Landis

April 15 in London
Martin Anderson, Anthony Barnett, Amy Evans & John Mateer

April 15 in Brooklyn
Eric Baus, Andrea Rexilius, and Natalie Lyalin

April 15 & 16 in Chicago
A Roy Fisher Celebration
with Auggie Kleinzahler, Maureen McLane
& Tom Pickard

April 15 & 16 in Amherst, MA
Juniper Literary Festival

April 15 17 in Bronxville, NY
Sarah Lawrence Poetry Festival,
Kazim Ali, Christian Bök, Heather Christle,
Thomas Sayers Ellis, Paul Guest, Cathy Park Hong,
Douglas Kearney, Ann Lauterbach, Paul Legault,
Jeffrey McDaniel, K. Silem Mohammad, Vanessa Place,
D. A. Powell, Khadijah Queen, Patrick Rosal

April 15 17 in Chicago
Quit Bullshittin:
solidarity in the arts

April 15 – 21 in Atlanta
Poetry – a film by Lee Chang-dong

April 15 June 12 in Wollongong
Coalcliff Days

April 16 in NYC
Grand Piano at Poets House
with Steve Benson, Carla Harryman, Tom Mandel,
Ted Pearson, Bob Perelman, Kit Robinson,
Ron Silliman & Barrett Watten

April 16 in SF
Philippe Beck, Guy Bennett

April 16 in Kingston, NY
Richard Deming & Brenda Iijima

April 16 in Chicago
Tim Yu

April 16 in Chicago
Ari Brown, Reginald Gibbons, Mabel Kwan,
Christina Pugh, Ed Roberson, & Rachel Jamison Webster

April 16 in Brockton, MA
F.D. Reeve & Diana Der-Hovanessian

April 16 in NYC
Patrick Lovelace & Alli Warren

April 17 in Philadelphia
Nathalie Anderson & Teresa Leo

April 17 in Chicago
Heather Palmer, Brandon Will, Cassandra Troyan,
Mark R. Brand

April 18 @ Harvard
Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop

April 19 in Philadelphia
Quincy Scott Jones & Holly Melgard

April 19 & 20 in Chicago
Rob Halpern

April 19 in NYC
Cecilia Vicuña, Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, & Carmen Giménez Smith

April 19 in London
Paul Holman

April 19 in Gloucester, MA
Vincent Katz & Anna Moschovakis

April 20 in SF
Lydia Davis

April 20 in Bristol, RI
Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop

April 21 in NYC
Michael Lally & Brenda Iijima

April 21 in Chicago
John Matthias

April 21 in San Rafael, CA
Jacqueline Berger & Alexandra Teague

April 22 in Oakland
K. Silem Mohammad, Rodney Koeneke, Lindsey Boldt

April 22 in Brooklyn
Joshua Beckman, Caroline Knox, and David Shapiro

April 22 in Oakland
Alissa Nutting and Janet Mitchell

April 22 in NYC
Shane Book, Kamau Rucker & Demetrice Anntia Worley

April 23 in NYC
Gary Sullivan & Derek Fenner

April 23 in SF
Will Alexander
with Cedar Sigo & Andrew Joron

April 23 in Philadelphia,
The Philadelphia Poetry Festival

April 25 in NYC

April 25 in NYC
Amanda Nadelberg & Genya Turovskaya

April 25 & 26 in Philadelphia,
Marjorie Perloff

April 26 in NYC
Illuminated Verses: Poetries of the Islamic World
Mohammed Bennis

April 26 in New Haven, CT
Gail Mazur and Eleanor Lerman

April 27 in NYC
Arthur Rimbaud
with Edwin Torres, Anne Tardos, Nicole Peyrafitte,
Franklin Bruno, David Shapiro, Bree Brenton,
Julie Patton, Madeline Gins, Richard Hell,
Evi Jundt, Anna Williams
& Sharon Mesmer

April 27 in Rochester, NY
Thomas Pfetzinger & Ross Benjamin

April 27 in NYC
Academy of American Poets
Assault on Poetry, with
Meryl Streep, Liev Schreiber, Cassandra Wilson,
Michael Cunningham, Uma Thurman, Chris Cooper,
Patti Smith, Alec Baldwin

April 28 in NYC
Illuminated Verses: Poetries of the Islamic World
Kewulay Kamara & West African Jali musicians
attempt to recreate an oral epic
after the lone written copy was destroyed
in Sierra Leone’s civil war

April 28 in Dallas
Susan Briante, Rachel Levitsky
& a tribute to Akilah Oliver

April 28 in SF
Bill Morgan

April 28 in New Paltz, NY
Tim Davis

April 29 in Rye, UK
The Moors

April 29 in Brooklyn
Harryette Mullen

April 29 in NYC
PEN World Voices
curated by Laurie Anderson

April 29 in NYC
Harryette Mullen with Barbara Henning

April 29 in Brooklyn
Deborah Landau, Mark Bibbins, and Dara Wier

April 29 & 30 in Princeton, NJ
The Princeton Poetry Festival
Michael Dickman, Meghan O'Rourke, Brenda Shaughnessy,
Tracy K. Smith, Susan Wheeler,CK Williams,
Paolo Henriques Britto, Idra Novey, Agi Mishol,
Aleš Šteger, Brian Henry, Anthony Carelli,
Kathleen Graber, Mark Doty, Sharon Olds,
Carl Philips, Charles Simic, & Natasha Trethewey

April 30 in Bury, Lancashire
Ron Silliman, Satu Kaikkonen & Karri Kokko

April 30 in Brooklyn
Harryette Mullen, Niki Herd, Camille Rankine

April 30 in Philadelphia
Nathalie Anderson & Teresa Leo

April 30 in Pittsburgh, PA
Kelli Stevens Kane, Robin Clarke, Rose Fletcher,
E. B. Bortz, William James, Sheila B.,
Ann Ungar, Lewis Colyar, Katie Pugh,
Edward Murray, Johnathan White,
Adia & Art Soloman

April 30 in Chicago
Coya Paz, Susanna Lang, Parneshia Jones,
LinaRamona Vitkauskas, and Nina Corwin

April 30 in NYC
Nick Piombino & Pierre Joris

April 30 in Chicago
Nikki Giovanni



May 2 – 6
Chicago Durutti Skool with CA Conrad & Frank Rogaczewski

seminar on poetry & social existence
from anarchist/marxist perspective

May 3 in NYC
Illuminated Verses: Poetries of the Islamic World
Precarious Lives: Arab Poets since Pre-Islamic Times
with Muhsin al-Musawi

May 3 in London
Cralan Kelder et al

May 3 & 4 in NYC
Annual Chapbook Festival

May 4 in NYC
Jen Benka & Laura Mullen

May 5 in NYC
Illuminated Verses: Poetries of the Islamic World
From Tablet to Pen: A Literary History of Islam
with Reza Aslan

May 5 in Chicago
Columbia Poetry Review reading
featuring D.A. Powell

May 5 in SF
Joe Stroud & Peter Weltner

May 5 & 6 in Chicago
Jeffrey Yang

May 6 in Oakland
Anthony McCann, Robyn Schiff and Matthew Rohrer

May 6 in Dallas
Rage Almighty

May 6 in NYC
Gregg Bordowitz

May 6 – 12 in San Diego
Poetry – a film by Lee Chang-dong

May 7 in NYC
The Logic of the World
The Poetics of Robert Kelly
Vyt Bakaitis, Phong Bui, Mary Caponegro,
Carey Harrison, Pierre Joris, Jonas Mekas,
Tom Meyer, Nicole Peyrafitte, Kristen Prevallet,
Elizabeth Robinson, George Quasha, Robert Kelly,
Carolee Schneeman, Charles Stein, David Levi-Strauss,
Peter Lamborn Wilson, John Yau,
Roger Van Voorhees, Michael Ives & more

May 7 in NYC
Illuminated Verses: Poetries of the Islamic World
Bridging Cultures (Marathon!), with
Najwa Adra, Muzaffar Alam, Ammiel Alcalay,
Kazim Ali, Reza Aslan, Kaveh Bassiri,
Clarissa Burt, Steven Caton, Sylviane Diouf,
Pierre Joris, Mohja Kahf, Persis Karim,
Khaled Mattawa, Jawid Mojaddedi, Stefania Pandolfo,
Frances W. Pritchett, Mahwash Shoaib & Others

May 7 in NYC
Juliana Spahr, David Buuck, Maureen Thorson

May 8 in Brooklyn, OH

May 9 in NYC
Mary Campbell, Ronaldo Wilson,
Paul Foster Johnson

May 9 in NYC
Patrick James Dunagan & Daniel Nohejl

May 8 – 12 in Kansas City
Poetry – a film by Lee Chang-dong

May 10 & 11 in NYC
Michael McClure & Ray Manzarek

May 10 in SF
Stephen Snyder

May 11 in Chicago
Noah Eli Gordon, Sommer Browning

May 11 in NYC
Marcy Dermansky, Heather Kristin, Albert Mobilio,
& Stephen O’Connor

May 11 in Dallas
Ricardo Garza & Michael Guinn

May 11 in NYC
Celebrating Tim Dlugos

Anselm Berrigan, Tom Carey, CA Conrad,
Jane DeLynn, Alex Dimitrov, Brad Gooch,
Duncan Hannah, Patricia Spears Jones, Erica Kaufman,
Michael Lally, Chip Livingston, Jaime Manrique,
Stephen Motika, Eileen Myles, Ron Padgett,
Aaron Smith, Stacy Szymaszek,  Marvin Taylor,
David Trinidad
& Terence Winch

May 12 in Tucson
Samuel Ace & Maureen Seaton

May 12 in Dallas
Paul Otremba & Young Eui Choi

May 12 in Brockton, MA
Bert Stern & January G. O’Neil

May 13 in Brooklyn
Meg Barboza, Michelle Taransky, and Sarah Shapiro

May 13 in NYC
Matt Hart & the Small Dance

May 13 & 14 in Salem, MA
Massachusetts Poetry Festival

May 14 in SF
Susan Thackrey
on Robert Duncan’s HD Book

May 14 in NYC
Marie Ponsot on myth

May 14 in Providence
Jennifer Militello

May 14 in NYC
Bernadette Mayer & Laynie Browne

May 16 in NYC
Vahni Capildeo & Vivek Narayanan

May 17 in Berkeley
Will Alexander, Garrett Caples & Cedar Sigo

May 17 in NYC
Renee Gladman, Danielle Dutton, Amina Cain

May 17 in London
Francis Presley & Zoë Skoulding

May 18 in NYC
Paula Cisewski & Ronaldo Wilson

May 18 in NYC
Greg Ames, Melissa Broder,
Joseph Colonna, & Richard Foerster

May 18 – 21 in Buffalo
E-Poetry [2011]

May 19 in NYC
Dorianne Laux on music & poetics

May 19 in San Rafael, CA
Askia Humphrey & Javier Jose Zamora

May 20 in New Haven, CT
Anthony Braxton Septet

May 20 – 22 in Princeton, NJ
Regimes of Language Under Socialism

May 20 22 in Chicago
Come as You Are:
arts with a conscience

May 21 in NYC
Steve McLaughlin & Bob Perelman

May 22 in Philadelphia
Maria Lisella & Gil Fagiani

May 23 in NYC
Curtis Jensen & Lynn Xu

May 24 in Norwich, UK
Jo Shapcott

May 24 in Cambridge, UK
Carrie Etter

May 25 in NYC
Angela Ashman, Dylan Landis,
Eric Lindley, & Shelly Oria

May 25 in Chicago
Coleman Barks & Phil Cousineau

May 25 in NYC
Andrew Joron & Adeena Karasick

May 26 in Exeter, UK
Norman Jope

May 27 in SF
Joan Retallack gives the first
Leslie Scalapino Lecture in 21st Century Poetics

May 27 in Brooklyn
Cara Benson, Sarah Dowling, Viraj Kamdar, and Mark Horosky

May 27 – 28 in Paris
Cognitive Joyce: the Neuronal Text

May 28 in Chicago
Serena Chopra, Michael Flatt, Oren Silverman,
Nancy Stohlman & Mathias Svalina



June 1 in NYC
Drew Gardner & Mark Yakich

June 3 in Sussex, UK
Black Mountain College into the 21st Century

June 5 in Montserrat, MO
The Montserrat Poetry Festival

E. John Knapp, Alex Wales, Faith Bemiss,
Neal Torrey, Carol Gorski Buckels, Gustavo Adolfo Aybar,
Brent Martin, Tony Shaffer, Diana Chang,
David Clewell, Larry Allen, Eva Ridenour,
James Coffman, Bernard Hartge, Clarence Wolfshohl,
Connie Kay Koch, Christina Pacosz, Tantra-ziwadi,
Robert Milton Ingram, Evelyn Aholt, & Daniel Mollenkamp

June 6 in NYC
Christopher Salerno & Matthew Yeager

June 7 in London
DS Marriott & Robert Shepherd

June 8 in Dallas
Christopher Soden, Jean Lamberty,
Sanderia Smith

June 9 – 11 in Paris
Legacies of Modernism:
The State of British Poetry Today

June 11 in NYC
Debrah Morkum, Marion Bell &
Carlos Soto Roman

June 11 in Chicago
Daniel Borzutzky, Krista Franklin, Judith Goldman,
Carla Harryman & Konrad Steiner

June 11 -17
Nebraska Summer Writers Conference

June 13 in Cork, Ireland
Jennifer Militello

June 14 in London
Tom Loewenstein

June 14 in SF
Fanny Howe

June 16 – 19 in Chautauqua, NY
Chautauqua Writers Festival

June 19 – July 10 in Boulder, CO
The Naropa Summer Writing Program

June 23 – 26 in York, UK
Samuel Beckett: Out of the Archive

June 26 in Philadelphia
Paul Siegell & Ocean Vuong

June 8 – 11 in West Chester, PA
The West Chester Poetry Conference
Robert Pinsky, Kim Addonizio, Rafael Campo,
Dick Davis, Rhina P. Espaillat, Dana Gioia
Allison Joseph, David Mason, Micheal O'Siadhail,
Molly Peacock, AE Stallings, Timothy Steele,
& Terri Witek – 90th birthday celebration
Richard Wilbur


July & onward

July 9 in Chicago
Stella Radulescu, Gene Tanta & Ramona Tanta

July 12 – 22 in Paris
T.S. Eliot and France

July 16 in Philadelphia
Poets in the Park
as Thaddeus Rutkowski, Leonard Gontarek,
Chad Parenteau, Timothy Gager
join Diane Sahms Guarnieri & G Emil Reutter

July 24 – 26 in Vienna
100 Myles: The International
Flann O’Brien Centenary Conference

July 31 in Philadelphia
Nathan Graziano & David Blaine

August 3 – 7 in Seattle
Haiku North America

August 12 – 18 in McCarthy, Alaska
Wrangell Mountain Poetry Workshop

with Elizabeth Bradfield & Jeremy Pataky

August 20 in Philadelphia
Poets on the Porch
Dan Maguire, Lynn Levin, Amy King,
Ana Bozicevic, Elizabeth Pallitto 
join Diane Sahms Guarnieri & G Emil Reutter

September 10 11 in Edinburgh
Poetry, Politics & Form

September 15 in San Rafael, CA
Tony & Willis Barstone

September 22 – 25 in Provincetown, MA
Tennessee Williams Theater Festival

September 25 in Philadelphia
Rodger Lowenthal & Catherine Staples

September 29 in Dallas
Joaquin Zuihuatenejo & Natasha Carrazosa

October 6 9 in Buffalo
MSA 13:
Structures of Innovation

October 13 – 15 in San Diego
&NOW 5 conference

October 30 in Philadelphia
Jim Mancinelli & Michael Steffan

November 2 in NYC
Ron Silliman & Doug Lang

November 19 in San Rafael, CA
Dana Gioia



January 2 – 8 2012 in Puebla, Mexico
US Poets in Mexico

February 4 – 12 2012 in Florence, Italy
TS Eliot & the Heritage of
Rome & Italy in Modernism

January 5 – 8 2012 in Key West, FL
30th annual Key West Literary Seminar
with Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Lethem,
John Banville, Douglas Coupland,
Michael Cunningham, William Gibson,
Jennifer Egan, Joyce Carol Oates,
Janna Levin, Gary Shteyngart,
Dexter Palmer, George Saunders
& more

September 7-9 2012
European Network
for Avant-Garde & Modernism Studies

November 16 in New York
National Book Awards Dinner



Now – March 23 in Chicago
The Simulationists

Now – March 26 in NYC
Karlheinz Weinberger

In Washington, DC, thru March 27
Word, Shout, Sing

Now – April 3 in NYC
Olympia Dukakis in Tennessee Williams’
The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore

Now – April 3 in Chicago
Finding Vivian Maier

Now – April 13 in Philly,
Penn Humanities Forum
on Virtuality

Now – April 17 in Collegeville, PA
Robert Frank & Donald Camp

Now – April 17 in Wilmington, DE
The Book: A Contemporary View

Now – April 24 in LA
Photography in the New China

Now May 1 in Santa Fe, NM
Broadsides from the
Al-Mutanabbi Street Project

Now May 14 in NYC
Todd Zuniga

Now – May 15 in Vienna
Roy Lichtenstein

Now – May 25 in Venice, Italy


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