Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Susan Howe
awarded the Bollingen Prize

A talk on the lyric
by Rae Armantrout

at the University of Chicago

Rae Armantrout reading

Remembering Akilah Oliver

To write as a woman
is political

The Critical Flame:
women & magazines

Fauzia Mughal
& the future of women’s poetry
in Pakistan

Elizabeth Bishop:
too much information

Tom Beckett on Lynn Behrendt

Geof Huth on Behrendt

Rachel Blau DuPlessis’
Drafts 77-95

Talking with Adrienne Rich

Judith Butler:
Who owns Kafka?

Talking with David Antin

Steampunk vs. the “Silliman Bump

Elizabeth Willis’ Address

Noah Eli Gordon, Arda Collins, Collin Schuster,
Julia Cohen, Mathias Svalina, Julie Carr,
Thibault Raoult, Eric Baus, Andrea Rexilius,
Sara Marshall & Michael Flatt read
from The Source

on March 6, 2011
at the Dikeou Collection

Noah Eli Gordon
tops SPD’s
February poetry best-seller list

Latino/a Poets Roundtable
Hope Maxwell Snyder, Roberto Tejada, Raina J. León,
Albino Carrillo, elena minor, Emma Trelles,
Juan J. Morales, Maria Melendez, Mark Smith-Soto,
Blas Falconer, & Felicia Gonzalez
(intro) (part 1) (part 2) (afterword)
(participant poems & bios

Talking with Reza Aslan
about the poetry of protest
in Tahrir Square

Amardeep Singh:
Poetry & protest: Egypt & Tunisia

Amardeep Singh’s blog

The poetry of revolution

Egyptian protest poet
passed over
in this season’s
Prince of Poets

The Poeticians of Dubai

Poetry, faith & the Muslim soul

Ed Roberson & Craig Santos Perez
are on the LA Times Book Prize
short list

Talking with Michael McClure

The Official Language of the United States

Craig Dworkin’s
Grammar Degree Zero

Tim Gaze
& the limits of vispo

Remembering Janine Pommy Vega

Talking with Matvei Yankelevich

Bim Ramke’s Theory of Mind

Talking with Charles Bernstein

43 Poets 1984
edited by Charles Bernstein
Johanna Drucker, Tom Mandel, Lydia Davis,
Aaron Shurin, Michael Palmer, Ron Silliman,
Laura Moriarty, Carla Harryman, Larry Price,
Abigail Child, Leslie Scalapino, Fiona Templeton,
Michael Davidson, Craig Watson, Stephen Rodefer,
Barbara Einzig, Tina Darragh, David Melnick,
Rae Armantrout, Jean Day, James Sherry,
Clark Coolidge, Kit Robinson, Ray DiPalma,
Steve McCaffery, Tom Beckett, Steve Benson,
Lynne Dreyer, David Bromige, Bob Perelman,
Lyn Hejinian, Alan Davies, Charles Bernstein,
Nick Piombino, Steven Roberts (now Farmer),
Douglas Messerli, Madeline Gins, Michael Gottlieb,
Susan Howe, Peter Seaton, Diane Ward,
Bruce Andrews, & Erica Hunt

Bruce Holsapple’s Vanishing Act

Having missed David Wolach

The Indie Booksellers’ Choice Awards
are open for voting!

Digital poetry:
a revolution in publishing?

Print books hold their own

Are e-book publishers
guilty of price fixing?

Kodansha calls it quits

Sandra Doller’s “Chita Ground”

Talking with Amjad Islam Amjad

Our Poems, Our Selves?
Stephen Burt

on poetry & autobiography

Duncan to HD
on Pound’s “hodge-podge”

Close reading aloud
Pound’s Canto III
with Kaplan Harris, Richard Sieburth
& Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Davis Schneiderman’s Blank

What is “experimental literature”?
(part 1) (part 2)

Edith Sitwell,
avant-garde poet

& the strawberry milkshake
of the avant-garde

The Bird is the Word

William Blake & the Fugs

CA Conrad & longevity

The metaphysics of landscape

Hugh Seidman, Susan Wheeler,
Lawrence Joseph & D Nurske
(May not be available forever)

Talking with derek beaulieu

French & Francophone lit

Dewclaw Journal #3
moves online
& looks, reads & sounds great

John Bennett’s Battle Scars

Nate Pritts on Geoffrey Nutter

Richard Wilbur turns 90

A reading to honor Wilbur

Victor Martinez has died

Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
“This wor(l)d as an illusion”

Linh Dinh
on the road

Brenda Cardenas
on the meaning of Wisconsin

George Lakoff:
The real issues in Wisconsin

Were America’s teachers
ever respected?


In Botswana,
poets promote Sekwena culture

Remembering Josh Malihabadi

Talking with Bronwen Tate

Like staying calm

Isabella Stewart Gardner,

Talking with Hoa Nguyen

Griselda Garcia’s
Hallucinations in the Alfalfa

Talking with
Mlindelwa Mahlangu

4 new poems from
Paul Cunningham

Donald Hall
receives a National Medal of Art

Fajr International Poetry Festival begins

John Clarke & Henry Corbin

Some Corbin texts online

Why Thomas Merton
never got Confucius right

Confessions of a
Self-Ordained Monk

A life of Montaigne

Gillian Conoley:
Experiments in Patience

George Mattingly:

The different faces
of Ottawa verse

Marathi-language poetry
takes to social networking

A reading series in Des Moines

Lisa Fishman: journals

Talking with Adrián Arancibia

Sort of the ultimate
test of translation
(Isn’t “editing out” the “human hand”
literally the ultimate cover-up?)

Joyce, Shakespeare
& everyday life

David Foster Wallace:

Editing “Backbone

DFW is fun to read
if you’re a med student

Why it’s important
to read Wallace

First draft
of the first page of
Infinite Jest

David Foster Wallace
makes my students yawn

David Foster Wallace,

Why do writers abandon novels?

A second national anthology
of the poetry of Bermuda

An “indispensible volume”
of Old English verse

A book-a-day blog
on National Book Award

poetry winners

The more you understand grammar
the less likely you are
to be religious

John Roberts, word nerd

Sasha Aslanian’s
concrete poetics

poetry was exceedingly teachable

3 poems by Aaron Roller

Amanda Hocking,
26-year-old best-selling
Kindle author
is entirely self-published

Literary prodigies

Poet Laureati:
A National Convergence of
Poets Laureate

Sally Ashton
is the poet laureate of
Santa Clara County

Harry E Northup
goes to school

So does Ed Hirsch

Robert Coover
going for a beer

Kenneth Frost’s Night Flight

Carl Phillips’ Double Shadow

Pearson freezes
Libya’s stake
in the publisher

Talking with Matthew Henriksen

Mary Ruefle
talking at the University of Chicago

A profile of Brian Turner

the crying giant

bests Browning, Levertov,
Hughes & O’Brien
in 2012 Olympic competition

Talking with Charles Wright

Bly in prose

Brad Leithauser on
The Age of Auden

Dave Morrison
intoned by Garrison Keillor

Ellen Moody
on Frances Power Cobbe

Celebrating John Berryman

Gently Read Literature’s
March edition

This is sad
on so many levels

Cheesy poems get new audience

Charlie Sheen,
reading his poetry

“For an insurance underwriter,
Ted Kooser
makes a pretty good poet”

The poetry of Lebron James

Bookselling sans Borders:
the word from Green Apple

Inner city snobs
cock a snook
at Borders woes

The 3rd grader who brought
Books-a-Million to town

Will the Kindle
be “free”
by Christmas?

Publishers look beyond bookstores

Harpers limits e-book checkouts
at the library

HarperCollins responds

SF Public Library
adds speed-dating
to the catalog

A library in Australia
establishes a residency

The library domino effect

Random House
makes its 17,000-book catalog
available thru iTunes

On Australian publishing

Michael Jacobson’s vispo novella
The Giant’s Fence

Party boy at the Paris Review

Abnam Piryaei’s Ode to Fragile

Prospects murky
for the novel Mirkwood

Toni Morrison at 80,
a quiz

Sady Doyle on
Diane Di Prima

Road-test your writing
by reading aloud

Chicago picks
Neil Gaiman’s
for its One Book program

Joyce Carol Oates & Meghan O’Rourke:
Why we write about grief

Jill Bialosky’s
memoir of suicide

Talking with Chang-rae Lee

Poetryman is suiting up

Peter Ciccariello & Mez Breeze
Vispo collabs

The prose poets of Belfast, Maine

The Chicago Poetry Brothel
mixes poetry, burlesque
& fortune telling

Julie Burstein with Donald Hall

The slightly horrifying Paul Guest

Vilcek Foundation
awards $100K to Charlie Simic

A report on the
Cork Spring Literary Festival

Monica Mody’s “Kala Pani

Ranking the states
by reading proficiency

Mike Smith’s Multiverse

William Carlos Williams
& Yusef Komunyakaa

Don’t forget the poetry
of the Jersey Shore

Jwoww vs. Jane Austen

Giving away
1,000,000 books

World Book Night

Which books do you give?

Talking with Meg Pokrass

In the company of
Amy Clampitt

Global Poetry Warming?

Map of the world’s
6,909 languages

Visual grammar

Typographic portraits

In London, Ontario,
poetry on the buses
goes the local route

Robin Hyde’s “Ku Li”

CS Lewis’ translation of The Aeneid

Jean Valentine’s Break the Glass

3 new poems from Paul Siegell

Amish Trivedi:
7 poems & a note on process

Stanley Fish:
a muddled Supreme Court
gets Snyder v. Phelps wrong

Persian poetry inspires Chinese bard

Li Bai
gets a Google doodle

Béla Balázs
The Cloak of Dreams

One-line haiku by Susan Diridoni

Talking with Elaine Feinstein

Celebrating the legacy of
Amir Khusrau

The wife of Henry Miller

Jay Landesman has died

Dear Thomas Pynchon,
blurb this book

The 10 best
neglected literary classics

L. Ron Hubbard @ 100

Best American Noir

The art of the police report

Jack London’s
“To Build a Fire”

The free complete works of
HP Lovecraft
for Kindle or Nook

Lovecraft’s favorite words

More than just the Danish
100 Years of Solitude

Twain’s editors
enjoy their 15 minutes of fame

The 2011 PEN/Faulkner short list

Charles Johnson’s
“Guinea Pig”

Kent Johnson & Peter Davis
on self-anthologizing

Bruce Chatwain
coming clean

Colum McCann’s
Let the Great World Spin

Open City closes shop

A TV report
of an Open Mic

A United Nations of poetry

Literary late bloomers

Luc Sante on
photos on book covers

David Wojahn’s “In the Attic”

Aaron McCollough’sUnderlight

Metaphor, Watson & Jeopardy:
& homonyms

James Geary on Studio 360

TC Boyle’s
When the Killing’s Done

Boyle’s best book?

Boyle on Bill Maher

3 out of 4 Americans
participate in the arts

Lucinda Childs’ Dance
32 years later

The first 100 fellows

The disappearing
art catalog essay

The art/canapé nexus

Richard Hawkins at the Hammer

Doyald Young has died

The photos of Rebecca Cairns

The photographic character of photographs

30 Under 30;
women photographers

Robert Frank & Tom Waits:
what were they thinking?

David Dope’s op art:
the GIF that keeps giving

2011 is his year

Saving Sendak’s only mural

The drawing of Charles Bukowski

Tours set
for Philly’s African-American murals

Big Art

Much of the 60s
happened in the 70s

The Wales Window of Alabama

“Poetry” beckons painter
Charles Garabedian

Eloy, Take Two

Manny Farber
on Cooper & Bogart

Yet another Philip K Dick tale
reaches the silver screen

The evil people in movies
prefer modernist homes

Screen Test

3 films by James Franco
all based on poems
(not including Howl)

Kickstarting a movie of
Tao Lin’s
Shoplifting from American Apparel

A Poetic Murder Mystery

The trailer for
Radio Free Albemuth

Speech defects in cinema

The President’s Speech

Beat deafness

Dylan going to China

Lou Harrison in Baltimore

Damon Tomblin
Sonata # 2

Eddie Kirkland has died

Deconstructing Lady Gaga

as the French Patti Smith

Steve Earle, novelist

Class war at NPR

The eyes have it

Thomas Kuhn
& the ashtray argument

Cyborg anthropology

Reading Roland Barthes in India

Radical Atheism and
‘The Arche-Materiality of Time’

James Gleick’s The Information
is to the nature, history and
significance of data
what the beach is to sand”

Aliens exist, and we have proof

Terry Eagleton on
Hobsbawm’s Marx

Ariel Dorfman on reconciliation

Bahrain & the battle
between Iran & Saudi Arabia

Software progress
is beating Moore’s Law

IBM’s Watson
loses to a Congressman
(not a member of the GOP)

Why it’s called snail mail

A fond farewell to
Patti Roberts