Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Doug Hall – Highway 50, Nevada #1, 1998

Carla Harryman & Lyn Hejinian:
The Wide Road

Lyn, Carla et al
at Belladonna’s Wide Road launch

Carla Harryman:
Cutting Corners
(a score)

Talking with Rae Armantrout

“Ambiguous pronouns are hot”
Robert Archambeau on Rae Armantrout

Rae Armantrout:
“The language of the will to live”

Jean Day’sUndersong

Readings from The Grand Piano

I have some new work in
Blackbox Manifold

Lots of good work in
Blackbox Manifold
including a tribute to
Edwin Morgan

Scott Watson’s Sendai Journal

An update from Scott Watson

Brian Edwards in Tokyo

Talking with Anne Waldman
about numbers trouble

Emily Critchley’s
A selection of North American women writers
from the Greenwich Cross-Genre Festival (July 2010),
and some thoughts about their work”

Women authors share passion
for the written word

Hybrid pastoral

Lynn Behrendt’sEzrasure

The Document:
Thalia Field, Erin Morrill, Allison Cobb

Claudia Rankine & Tony Hoagland
recordings of the entire exchange

Responses to the exchange

Talking sense to
Tony Hoagland

Bruno Ganz’ Bolaño

Anna Božičević
reading in Arizona

Talking with UKON

5 poems by
Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson

Anne Boyer, Tyrone Williams
& Lara Durback

on poetry & labor

The collapse of the poetry economy
(talking with
Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl)

Talking with David Orr

David Orr with leg cramps

Mark Scroggins on
the death of literary history

The art of the book

Sexuality is at the heart
of creativity

Ashbery’s Rimbaud

John Ashbery & Carol Ann Duffy

If John Ashbery were a US Senator…

Talking with Swedish, German,
Finish, Danish vispo
Cia Rinne

5 poems

Gillian Conoley:
Experiments in Patience

Urayoán Noel’s
Hi-Density Politics

WCW in “the lab”

Poetry from the Warsaw Ghetto

Frédéric Forte
is the youngest member of Oulipo

8 poems from Forte

Remembering John Haines

Sheila E. Murphy:
from American Ghazals

Talking with Bu-Ba-Bu poet
Yuri Andrukhovych

6 poems by Andrukhovych

The poems of Adonis

Jennifer Moore on Tao Lin

Mary Ruefle’s “erasure books:
Marie & The Mansion

Ruefle wins
the William Carlos Williams award

If, in fact,
David Foster Wallace’s
The Pale King
does indeed start with
Peoria (4),”
then it begins
with one of
the greatest first sentences ever

Robinson Jeffers:
“The Great Explosion”

JD Salinger’s days at Ursinus College
are not exactly a secret

John Wilkinson’s
“Ode: The Enigma of the Hour”

Talking with Tomica Bajsić

7 poems by Bajsić

War poets in their own words

Ed Baker
on the full moon

Harvard’s holdings

Willa Cather has admirers
all over the world

Striving for Tennyson
at the UK Olympiad

David Rivard’s
Otherwise Elsewhere

George Quasha reading
Verbal Paradise (Preverbs)

Rexroth, reading

Talking with Countee Cullen
(interviewed by his junior high school student,
James Baldwin)

Rob Fitterman’s
This Window Makes Me Feel

John Supko’s
This Window Makes Me Feel

for mezzo-soprano, keyboards,
percussion & electronics,
text by Rob Fitterman

Mark Scroggins
on Marjorie Perloff’s Unoriginal Genius

Baudelaire in India

2 new poems by
Barry Schwabsky

What poets can teach lawyers
(This could have been 1,000 pages longer)

Marshall McLuhan in Europe 2011

Exploring Alzheimer’s through poetry

Susan Schultz’
“Memory Cards: Ashbery Series”

Susan Schultz looks at Kansas

Major Jackson’s Holding Company

Liu Xiaobo’s
You Wait for Me with Dust

Talking with Jenn Ashworth

The jazz poems of Wayne Gilbert

Blake Butler, living on the net
but maybe without one

Talking with Pádraig Ó Méalóid

Writers walking

Maxine Hong Kingston’s
free-verse memoir

How to be a woman
in the boy’s club

How to make a book
(circa 1947)

The gate keepers are dead
Long live the gate keepers!

A list Jack Spicer should be on

Terrance Hayes as fashion model

2 new poems by Thomas Devaney

Devaney on
Painters & Poets
Tibor de Nagy

Double Whammy
at the Tibor de Nagy

A James Joyce letter
goes up for sale

© law, James Joyce & a microbe
walk into a bar…

Joyce’s short stories

Hammad Niazi
& the new generation of Urdu poets

Iqtidar Javed,
pushing Urdu poetry into new places

Girdhar Rathi
wins the Bihari Puraskar prize

Anne Gorrick’s “R&F Iridescents

Profiles of Chicago’s small presses

A look in a book store
in Sendai

The end of the book

And of the bookstore

Amazing bookstores in Rabat

A fond farewell
to second-hand bookshops

One used-bookstore that’s thriving
belongs to SF’s
Friends of the Public Library

In San Francisco,
Modern Times
has lost its lease,
but not its will to carry on

Help save a book dealer
in East Jerusalem

A note on Munther Fahmy
from Palfest

An indie chain
watches its bankruptcy plan


Readers try to save
Queens’ last big indie bookshop

Trying to save
Buffalo Street in Ithaca

Lookin’ for bookstores in Marrakech

High Street bookshops
try a hive

PW’s bookstore of the year
is Anderson’s

Why B&N has not suffered
the fate of Borders

B&N’s stock drops

Microsoft sues B&N

Center City Borders location
in Philly

among 38 stores
added to the list of those closing

Pico Rivera
finds itself stuck
with an old Borders lease

In Australia,
more problems for owners of
Borders and Angus & Robertson

Bookstores in Casablanca?

EU is shocked, shocked!
to discover
price collusion
among big trade publishers

What’s bad for writers
is not good for readers

E-book sales up 116% in January,
paperbacks decline 31%

E-books & self-publishing

Turning down a $500K book contract
in order to self-publish

Daddy, why don’t you just self-publish?

Free e-books for mobile devices

Small press book fair bucks trends

Limiting the shelf-life of e-books

Andrei Codrescu
& marginalia in Kindle

Are flip books
a Kindle killer?

Poetry, VQR win Digital Ellies

Lost” Jewish texts
turn up in NYC

The design library at Reform

A book review
results in a criminal trial
in France

The “upside” of censorship
(subscription required)

The lost poems of Angela Carter

Auden & the postwar American scene

Books I’ve loved & lost

A hut of one’s own

Stan Apps:
The World as Phone Bill

A gaggle of laureates
in Lawrence, KS

Laureate’s gas money
is among Gov. Walker’s cuts

Gov. Corbett learns the risks
of quoting poetry sans context

Ottawa dithers over laureate

Wesley McNair
is Maine’s new laureate

Illinois Laureate Kevin Stein
proves well versed

Former Arkansas laureate
publishes her 13th book

Yeats’ grave

Joyce Carol Oates’
Give Me Your Heart
gives good dread

Sempre Susan … Sontag

Robert Mueller on Ronaldo Wilson

Talking with Gore Vidal

Remembering Maulvi Ghulam Rasool Alampuri

Brian Spears
& the Jehovah’s Witness movement

E-book lending takes off

dirty concrete” poetry

Open City magazine closes

& the work space is available

(you will find some of my earliest
writing in #5)

Reviews of the NBCC finalists

Elissa Gabbert’s
from The Self Unstable

Elissa Gabbert
on one of the worst poems ever

Do negative reviews
actually hurt sales?

Vanessa Place
& the meaning of “become”

The difference between
a new use & a misuse

Oprah’s poetry pages

Oprah’s Poetry 101

Talking with Mary Oliver

Edward Hirsch:
How to live your passion

Oprah mag rip-off scandal alleged

12 ways to write a poem

Garrison Keillor will retire

Peter Riley has written an obit
for RF Langley

EL Doctorow’s
All the Time
in the World

Talking with Timothy Donnelly

Walter Mosley’s
When the Thrill is Gone
makes you long
for when it wasn’t

Nadine Gordimer:
A room is nice,
but who needs a view?

Blast not from the past

Yet another photo
from On the Road

Kerouac in Grosse Pointe

Tracking Brautigan’s poetry
by the weather

A career for which
Robert Frost

was actually suited

What they’re reading in France

Poetry doesn’t traipse
into your mind by chance”

Women in publishing
twitter directory

Elizabeth Bishop,
as retro with her painting
as her poetry

Bishop’s poems, prose & letters

The culture of publishing assistants

The trailer for Red Poet

Trailer for
William Burroughs: The Man Within

Talking with John Giorno

Sidewalk poetry in St. Paul

Talking with Mike Hauser

3 New Zealand poets

The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath

Close reading Ted Hughes

Some thoughts on RH Blyth

The first blogger

A poetry reading
at the five-and-dime

Talking with TC Boyle

The neglectorino
Bernard Spencer

takes a back seat
even in this review
of his Collected Poetry,
Translations, & Selected Prose

Dan Beachy-Quick:

Talking with Stephen Sturgeon

David Wojahn & Ross Gay

Cynthia Hogue’s New Orleans

A profile of Jane O. Wayne

Sacramento’s poetry pantheon

Talking with L.S. Klatt

Derek Mahon’s “The Seasons”

A profile of Camille Norton

Norma Valdez-Jiminez

A tenured poet with no degrees,
Cornelius Eady

Learning from John Donne

Michael Longley,
the Irish poet who stayed Irish

Michael Longley’s
A Hundred Doors

Nuala Dhomhnaill,
who still writes in Irish

Irish poets abroad

The scene in Manila

Wang Wei:
Passing the Incense Temple

How Tu Fu works

Stepping inside

Talking with Jan Beatty

Bringing back beauty
with Randall Couch

The birth of a word
on a real live version of
The Truman Show

Henry James & the joys of binge reading

Top 10 slang narratives

Harry Reid:
Save fed funding for cowboy poets

One cowboy poet says No thanks

Kostelanetz sonnets

Perhaps the silliest
“top 10 novels that do X”
list ever

Laughs with Les Murray

Jay Parini’s
“The 10 Best American Poems”
is even funnier

Cento made of
Charlie Sheen quotes
by Ken Taylor

The poems of Charlie Sheen

Chefs, poets & views of the bay

Cooking with Ronald Johnson

Barry Schwabsky
on cabbages & pots

Paul Maliszewski on Why is Art?

The BC Book Prize

Talking with Hadara Bar-Nadav

Florence Dacey & Shirley Ensrud

The 2010 Book of the Year Awards
“shortlist” for poetry
has 37 “finalists”

Politics & poetry,
Douglasville, GA style

Classes at Poets House

Social media & the future of poetry

Twitter poetics

Twitter poems by
Billy Collins, Claudia Rankine,
Elizabeth Alexander & Robert Pinsky

Before there was
Billy Collins & Ted Kooser,
there was Edgar Guest

Mostly trade press poetry best-sellers

The “Gatsby house” is doomed

Clarissa explains everything

War is a force
that gives us theater

Wish I Had a Sylvia Plath

Another Plath play

Edna Walsh:
“I don’t know [expletive] about words”

All the world’s a page

Shakespeare’s Cardenio
or maybe not

Shakespeare & the law

A bookstore for the movies

Adjusting Philip K Dick

Adapting Ubik

Blade Runner 2:
pray for a Ridley Scott replicant

Animating Kahlil Gibran’s Prophet

Conversations with Scorsese

The next Jane Eyre

Austen vs. Bronte

3D Lovecraft flick
fails to get green light

Poetry & film

Daffy Duck in Hollywood
in Finnish

Stanley Fish
vs. the one-armed man

Snuff film aesthetics

Lynda Benglis & David Hammon

The jewels of Ife sculpture

Lee Krasner

Schjeldahl’s Malevich

The flatness of Clement Greenberg

Concrete art for the Transbay Terminal

If you take street art
off the street,
is it still art?

Erasing Smear

Smear busted
after LA Times profile

a new biography

The architecture of Peter Zumthor

Is Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture

James Elkins on
“the most beautiful painting in the world”

Japanese, Korean poem paintings
on display in Cleveland

Brian Dettmer’s book sculptures

Glenn Ligon at the Whitney

Gauguin’s nudes

NIMBYs vs. high-art erotica?

Will Koons’ Pink Panther
fetch $30M

Abu Dhabi Guggenheim
faces first protest

Sarah Palin
trashes NPR,NEA & NEH as

Like most major urban cultural institutions,
what the Kennedy Center lacks most
is imagination

Music for Merce

Odean Pope,
bebop & bipolar

Tom Waits
joins the mainstream,

Ish Klein
gets kinky
with Dave Davies

Struggling with the “Sea Songs”
of Creeley, Cummings & Dickinson

Katya Sanna’s
“The Ballad of Sacco & Vanzetti”

Jack Hardy
was a guitar pickin’ man

Joe Morello has died

John Cage’s
How to Get Started
realized by
Fred Wah, Johanna Drucker,
Laura Kuhn, Aaron Levy
& AJ Sabatini

Black holes
bang on spacetime like a drum

Can the brain
explain your mind

Owsley’s last trip
proves fatal

Is an algorithm
better than a buddy

Ask Sheldon

What the Luddites
really fought against

La Boheme?

Lacan speaks, Žižek provides Cliff Notes

What comes before
the question?

Dildos in the classroom

Goodnight Dune

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