Thursday, February 03, 2011

Dave Morice
publishes a 10,000 page poem!

How to bind
a ten thousand page book
(with slide show)

Poetry City Marathon
read it here
(Please note the two alternate chapters 73
not that I could find Door Number One –
& don’t miss the translation of Dante into haiku)

That’s one big book!

Peter Schjeldahl on
Painters & Poets

Talking with Tom Raworth

Close reading aloud:
Susan Schultz’ Dementia Blog
with Leonard Schwartz, Michelle Taransky,
Jamie-Lee Josselyn & Al Filreis

Code of Best Practices
in Fair Use
for Poetry

Peripheral Writing
edited by Tan Lin
in the new issue of EAOGH

Vanessa Place on
Caroline Bergvall’s
Meddle English

3 poems by
Kim Gek Lin Short

6 questions with Amy King

Talking with Joel Chace

Chace’s Periods, 16-21

Ursula K LeGuin on Roberto Bolaño

Ian Hamilton Finlay’s detached sentences

The poetry & prose of
Deborah Digges

Michael Palmer on Robert Duncan

Stephen Kessler’s obit
for F.A. Nettelbeck

The Nettelbeck archives

bring light towards you
poems from survivors of the Holocaust
with Philip Davenport & Lois Blackburn

Charles Bernstein on
Reznikoff’s voices

Yehoshua November’s
God’s Optimism

A reading to celebrate Israel

Language shapes thought


Joseph Massey’s “The Process”

Satu Kaikkonen: 7 visual poems

Kajal Ahmad’s “Pregnancy
(a translation podcast via iTunes)

Prince of Poets
competitor causes stir

Robert Pinsky on
poets under pressure

Somali poet goes into hiding

Gwen Ifill
on poetry in Haiti

Anna Yablonksaya
died in the Moscow airport bombing

Poets theater @ Small Press Traffic

Gifts of the reading life

Franklin Bruno’s gourmet classic, “1959”

Plus “Approach to Ziggurat

Jill Chan’s “What Is This Waiting?”

a film by Lee Chang-dong

Mary Szybist’s
“All Times and All Tenses in This Moment”

Handwriting strengthens
the learning process

MoMA buys 23 fonts

Here they are

A review that tells you
everything you need to know

about the book

Extreme book design

Modernism & the radio

Longer words tell you more

Revolt of the elites

John Barr on
poetry & architecture
& Poetry

(the way you make a statement
in Chicago
is with a building)

K.S. Ernst’s Sequencing

Rich Villar on race &
inclusivity in publishing

Anis Shivani’s advice
& how he himself ignores it

Foreign rights
as a source of revenue

Market yourself

If poetry is more popular than ever,
why don’t we know

Jo Shapcott
wins Britain’s
Costa Book of the Year Award

Jo Shapcott:
the book of life

J.D. Nelson: 6 poems

Tuesdays with Andrei

Matthew Landis on Michael Cross

Catherine Daly’s Vauxhall

Paul Siegell: 6 poems

Tom Waits’ chapbook
raises $90,000

Michael Farrell: 3 visual poems

Philip Pullman:
Leave the libraries alone

Pullman goes viral

Libraries in Liverpool
are at risk

Where do libraries & e-books meet?

Paul Allen Foundation grants
to Copper Canyon,
Port Townsend library

The hawk who liked to read

Arlene Ang’s
Seeing Birds in Church
is a Kind of Adieu

Poetry focusing on
migrant labor in Qatar

In Halifax, MA,
the paper adds a poet

Talking with Kim Roberts

The problem with memoirs

Sawako Nakayasu’s
“Flying Accusations”

Japanese poetry
from Basho to
Araki Yasusada

Don’t Lose Heart
Japanese poet
publishes best-seller
at 99

How far flarf has come
in such a short time

Canadians buy or borrow
2.7 million books
per week

Borders moves toward financing
but doesn’t rule out bankruptcy

DC’s best bookstores

And libraries

Death of a bookstore
in Fishtown

Small bookstores look for niches

It’s too soon
to bid adieu

to books

The number of printing machine operators,
for example, was nearly halved
from the fourth quarter of 2007
to the fourth quarter of 2009”

Best apps
for reading & downloading
free e-books

CEOs look at e-book profits

Awards for e-books & apps

Yale guidelines for preserving
your archives!

13 years after the arrival of Jacket,
Poets & Writers finally figures out
that lit mags “are learning to surf”

Talking with Karen Russell

The Great Floridian Novel

Finding Oliver Twist’s workhouse

On Merrill Gilfillan & Tony Judt
(subscription required)

Baby talk with Jonathan Swift

6 questions for Daniel Nester

An audience of one

The other thing grammar is good for

The door to the forest slams shut

Talking with Mike Scott
about Yeats

Stephen Burt on WB Yeats

Gjertrud Schnackenberg’s
elegy for her husband

David Cole:
vispo as a graphic novel
(or vice versa)

Herman Melville:
the last great enigma of American lit

Term paper ghost writer
gets a book deal

William Gibson:
25 years of hacking

The novel as an editor’s medium
in a post-editorial age

How to untangle a plot

In defense of Jane Eyre

A Little Treasure of Haiku

ST Coleridge
is further evidence that
the GOP can’t read

Joseph McElroy’s Night Soul

Maxine Hong Kingston’s
next chapter

Timothy Leary & Allen Ginsberg

Rudy Rucker on Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch:
the screenplay by David Cronenberg

Waiting for Coetzee

The future speaks English,
sez he

Brand India

The word’s best book fair

Asia’s largest book festival
will get even bigger

Same ol’ story,
great new look

Reading between the lines

Talking with William Dalrymple

The Literary Raj

“The Literary Raj” is racist

“Does Dalrymple
know what racism really is?”

The Pakistani novel
“too hot” for Jaipur

Pamuk in Jaipur
complains over the marginalization
of every language but English

Pamuk’s absence in Sri Lanka
not related to censorship

Writers urge Sri Lanka boycott

India is “not to blame

Indian writers brought diversity
Martin Amis says

Colm Tóibín
takes over Martin Amis’ gig
teaching creative writing
in Manchester

J.D. Salinger:
the phony who reformed

Seymour Glass
& post-traumatic stress

Some Salinger letters surface
in East Anglia

J.D. Salinger liked Burger King

John Lennon & J.D. Salinger

James Franco on playing Hart Crane

Vonnegut’s posthumous books
“nowhere near as creepy”
as Hemingway’s

Channeling Shakespeare

Who wrote
Shakespeare’s “lost” play?

Shakespeare’s “fair friend
as seen thru the anagrams of
The Sonnets

Problems of literary profiling

Is the age of the critic kaput?

All art comes from art

Criticism: art’s loyal sidekick

Talking with Elaine Showalter

close reading my reading
of the links list”

Edna St. Vincent Millay:
a spiritual contemporary of Bronte
writing in the age of Eliot, Yeats & Stein

On the Eliot Prize readings

Derek Walcott’s triumphant return

New books of Irish verse

Henry Gould is Prester John

Don Paterson
finding new poets

If Poe had written
Humpty Dumpty

A Keats letter for sale,
“My dearest Fanny”

222-year-old unpublished
Robert Burns letter discovered

Burns for dummies

Isherwood in the ‘60s

Talking with Paul Legault

Annemarie Austin’s “Clothing”

Neil Conan’s poetry
set to music

When the last act
overwhelms the rest

Thomas Hardy’s home
in need of repair

The changing of the laureates
in Kingston, Canada

Roxane Gay on the future
of the book review

Nabokov was right
re butterfly evolution

Why Marcel?

Barnaby Conrad
keeping a promise
to Sinclair Lewis

Gabriel Fried’s “Ends Well”

John Gallaher’s tips for AWP

The origins of
indelicate words

Grzegorz Wróblewski’s
“Rooms and Gardens”

A better date
on which to celebrate poetry,
so sweet
and so cold

Simic wins the Frost Medal

Free samples
from every NBCC finalist’s books

Seth Abramson’s
“Top 10 Creative Writing MFA Websites”

Poetry & genomes

Patti Smith is writing
a detective novel

Another Kent Johnson
train wreck-in-slow motion

Montreal newspaper strike
hits 2nd anniversary

Talking with Marcus Speh

initiates program in
curating performance art

Remembering Milton Babbitt

A quintessentially American composer

Babbitt developed the first synthesizer

1.207 Seconds of NOISE,
(James Whitehead)

Arhoolie hits 50

A biography of Alan Lomax

& then there is John Cohen

Dylan arrived in NYC 50 years ago
this past week

The sex shop
near where Dylan lived

It never got better than 1961

Dylan on Great Jones Street

A kinder, gentler Bob Dylan

Nobody likes him in Hibbing

Revisiting the Gaslight,
the Village Gate & Café Wha

How many of Dylan’s
sixties albums can you name?

Name your favorite Dylan song

Talking with Scarlet Rivera

What would you say
if you met Bob Dylan?
(In ’64, I asked
“What are you writing?”)

Dylan’s ’74 travel journal
on display

Dylan rolling out 6 more books

57 years later,
Newport goes nonprofit

Chopin with ghosts

Slidvid 3.0
a slideshow program for JavaScript

Alastair Cook’s Filmpoem website

Poetry Barn

Rem Koolhaas can’t put his pen down

Looking at Frank Gehry’s latest

“The big news here is the high quality
of the sound” outdoors

Dennis Oppenheim has died

What Mugabe
doesn’t want you to see

The Smithsonian defends censorship

Ai Weiwei
& the art of social advocacy

Top 10 videos of 2010
plus lists of “top ten” lists
for the arts

Wang Qingsong:
When Worlds Collide

Néle Azevedo’s
urban interventions

On first seeing through the eyes
of Abel Buell

A museum for William Eggleston

Damien Hirst
searches for the right apprentice

Bettina Pousttchi:
World Time Clock
(love the use of neon here)

Picasso meets Looney Tunes

It’s written all over your face
Photography from the New China

The LA art-fair wars

The ghosts of Red Hook

The sales pitch for the
New Barnes

The art bars of LA

A golden age of foreign films,
mostly unseen

Spoiler Alert:
The Expendables
ends with a poem!

He’s ba-ack

Slavoj Žižek: My Europe

Umberto Eco on Wikileaks

Daniel Bell has died

Paul Berman on Irving Kristol

Frances Fox Piven vs. Glenn Beck
round 2

Brian Greene’s The Hidden Reality

“The Bounds of Reality”

Terry Gross talking with Brian Greene

Otoliths 20,
keeping up the tradition
of first-rate e-zines
from Down Under

Sink Review 7 is fabulous

Robert Fisk in Cairo

Al Jazeera English - livestream