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Close Listening with Nathaniel Mackey

And reading

Robin Tremblay-McGaw
on reading

Mourning Édouard Glissant

Tisa Bryant on Claudia Rankine @ AWP

Ange Mlinko on The H.D. Book

Tyrone Williams’ “Genesis”

C.D. Wright’s
tour de force

Lisa Jarnot:
“After Catullus”

The plan to create a
Scottish Academy of Literature
has been dropped

Eileen Myles’ Inferno
has the best book trailer ever

Numbers trouble 2010

What is the real story?

The numbers speak for themselves

Poetry notes dissents

Stephen Elliot:
Vida just scratches the surface

Meghan O’Rourke asks about causes

why it matters

The literary glass ceiling

the sorry state of women

Submitting work
as a “woman’s problem

Jim Behrle weighs in

Laynie Browne’s
“Periodic Companions”

Are you ready for
Demi Moore’s poetry?

Maria Shriver,
poetry editor

Vanessa Place @ EPC

With + Stand 4:
The Lisa Robertson Issue

On Renee Gladman & Kazim Ali

Charlie Simic:
Where is poetry going?

Bringing Poetry into Communities

Talking with Maxine Hong Kingston

Marjorie Perloff’s Differentials:
Poetry, Poetics, Pedagogy

Talking with Christopher Salerno

Mahmoud Darwish’s Absent Presence

Egypt’s “rhyming revolution

The poetry of revolt

Poetry comes to Tahrir Square

Poetry & protest

Mubarak as a verb

Ryu Murakami’s
Almost Transparent Blue

Tagore at 150

Reading Betjeman’s
“Diary of a Church Mouse

for Black History Month in Zimbabwe

William Bronk, reading

Nathanaël’s tautological fury

Marthe Reed:
2 poems

David Harsent’s Night

How Ciardi left Bread Loaf

The Last Vispo

Denver honors Neal Cassady

On the magic bus

Talking of Kesey & Cassady on
Magic Trip

Cuckoo’s Nest changed psychiatry

Does this look like Kerouac & Co.
to you?

Or this?

On the Road Penguin flask
(worst merch award)

The many men
inside William Burroughs

The only writer
on Patti Smith’s “must read” list
born after 1930
is W.G. Sebald

New Smith essay
available only on Nook

great author,
absolute bastard

Wojnarowicz & Rimbaud

Ashbery & Rimbaud

Talking with Eliot Weinberger

Jim Goar’s Seoul Bus Poems

Bright objects hypnotize the mind
being the slogan
for the poster for this year’s
National Poetry Month

John Ashbery on Elizabeth Bishop

Katie Ford on obsessive imagery
in Elizabeth Bishop

Dana Gioia on Bishop

Was It in His Hand?”

Bishop & Nova Scotia

A long way from Worcester, Mass

Poems, prose & The New Yorker

Who was Ezra Pound?

Ronald Reagan’s ABCs

Red moon haiku

Pluperfect moon

Louder than a Bomb:
an “American Idol”
for kids with real talent

Talking with Kazuo Ishiguro

Dan Wyke’s Waiting for the Sky to Fall

Book apps:
what’s behind the curtain

4 reasons why
the sales growth of e-books
will be slower

than industry execs think

Rapturous yet weary

Exploring “the wild country

The Gary Soto Museum

Elaine Feinstein
on the tragedy of Amy Levy

Janice Haupt:
Profiles of a Thin Woman

Kafka’s covers

Genomic poetics

How many weeks
before Marilyn is doing flarf?

On form & flarf

On form & matter

$100K for Chase Twitchell

Anil Kamat Shankwalker’s
book of poems

Hindi poets
a big hit overseas

Remembering Faiz Ahmed Faiz

If you have to Esque,
it’s prob’lyoetry

Michael Wood on Carlos Fuentes

Who should write about
literature in translation?

Why isn’t anyone
dreaming in English?

French groups struggle
to beat back English

Best Translated Book Awards’
fiction long list

A Dutch variant:
The European Literature Prize

Rana Dasgupta’s Solo

3 arts administrators
for every working artist in the US

Save KUSF!

Douglas Messerli
on rules for traveling
in the old USSR

Jo Shapcott:
poet changed utterly
by illness

The Eliot Prize-winning essay

Talking with Joshua Bennett

Craig Morrison’s
400th poem for the
Nottingham Post

Isle of Wight due to lose
9 of 11 libraries

Your library needs you!

Harvard, MIT
finally joint Ivies’
interlibrary loan

Philip Pullman is right

The Great Book Robbery

Press releases
vs. the text itself

What’s next
with trade press book reviews?

NY Times ends
standalone book blog

Lean mean zine machine

A well-done variant of the
blog as ezine is
The Planet Formerly Known as Earth

Talking with Johanna Skibsrud

Stephen Burt:
Does autobiography make for good poetry?

Confessional by choice

A manifesto for memoir

Imaginary appreciations of myself
as a Hebrew poet

Mima’amakim folds

What Ever Happened to Modernism?

Taking Blake’s “Tyger
to the forests of Goa

Joel Brouwer
reviews 5 books by
Mary Ruefle, Elizabeth Arnold, Todd Hearon,
Khaled Mattawa & Jean Valentine

Joyce Carol Oates on Newshour

Is Borders headed
for its final chapter?

Canada’s largest book distributor
files for bankruptcy

Book’em in South Pasadena

Death of a bookstore
in Morganton, NC

A bookstore opens in Sarasota

& another is coming in Knoxville

And the Powell’s Puddly for Poetry goes to…
(Oh, yes, we forgot that Powell’s
treats poetry worse even than Amazon)

Beowulf socks

“A vivid compilation
of ephemeral moments”

Alice Oswald & Judith Wright

Having underestimated the passive

Michelle Taransky
on being an American poet

more fun than the Bible

The Book of Frank,
the movie

Remembering Earth

CAConrad, American poet

John Burnett Payne’s
Emily and Walt,
Walt and Emily

The February issue
of Gentle Read Literature
is now online

Bashō goes to Manhattan

Matthew Zapruder’s
Come On All You Ghosts

Stanley Fish asks
What is academic work?

Stanley Fish’s
How to Write a Sentence,
and How to Read One

Language & the law

Another bad Salinger bio

Holden Caufield’s war

Saving Salinger

The books are better than
JD’s letters

A Booker
for Beryl Bainbridge?

It lives!

The Cabinet of Love

The price drops on
Truman Capote’s crib

Twain & the fortune teller

I want my Waugh-Waugh

Why Franzen’s Freedom is over-rated

Talking with Michael Moorcock

Chicago’s poetry brothel

The lyric essay

Save this for next year:
Do’s & Don’ts for attending the AWP

All the writers in the country
are in this building”

In vs. out @ AWP

Things to do
away from the AWP

AWP is the Write Stuff

Sharon Olds’ Gold Cell

Zonta Club
welcomes Texas poet laureate

Chile sponsors a poetry contest
in the Philippines

Can a poem be danced?

The work of art in the age of Google

Marshall McLuhan speaks

Doodles by famous writers

Alison Knowles’ Identical Lunch

Acknowledging indigenous artists

The 2010 Pew Fellows

Alan Uglow has died

Who owns balloon doggies?

Rare Lichtenstein
on display in Vienna

Smithsonian board
supports censorship

Another look into
The Heart of Darkness

Banksy at the Oscars
or just Mr Brainwash

The 50 NY collectors
who shape the art world

SF MoMA hits the jackpot

Barry Miles’
It Looked like a Load
of Rubbish to Me

North Korean pop art

Maria Altmann has died,
fought for return of looted artwork

Jack Chick
is Robert Crumb

Spiegelman wins French prize


Film found of the Ballet Russes

How make a swan
out of Natalie Portman

Talking with Tom Ford

Dress like an artist

New York Philharmonic
to put its archives online

Jazz history
at the Turkish Embassy

The Dead Prez invoke Orwell

A mighty wind

Rap’s “suspended adolescence”

Best & worst websites
for Bay Arts orgs

What we can learn about Cairo
from Tosca

Tariq Ramadan & Slavoj Žižek

Remembering Daniel Bell

4 horsemen of the

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