Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Barack Obama
awards Maya Angelou

the Medal of Freedom

Frances E.W. Harper,
the best-known
African American poet
of the 19th Century

African poets

Readings from poets
of Africa & its diaspora

African poetry web

Zimbabwe poets
commemorate Black History Month

Nikki Giovanni’s
The 100 Best African American Poems
(*but I cheated)

Rita Dove channels Rosa Parks

Why does a white girl
get to write about lynching?

in Robert Grenier’s Series

My poem ®
translated into Spanish

The return of Lisa Jarnot

The Mimeo Mimeo blog
is into an extraordinary run
of posts on all things
Black Mountain

Plus Stan Persky’s
Open Space

Creeley’s correspondence
with Charles Olson

Dim future for marginalia

Wendell Berry at the sit-in

Wendell Berry
talks about civil protest

William Logan
on Elizabeth Bishop

Looking for life
in Bishop’s letters

Michael McClure
as the counterpoint
of Kenneth Koch

The Guardian remembers Glissant

Jesse Glass
translates “The Ruin

12 or 20 questions
with Jesse Glass

Will your e-library
(not to mention your own work)
survive the first
electromagnetic pulse attack?
(Hard copy is truth!)

Gender, publishing & Poetry

Less than 15%
of contributions to Wikipedia
are by women

Roxane Gay:
Bitches be Trippin

Of gender, number & submissions
@ Tin House

The war on women
can be lethal

Mezangelle’n with Mez
(scroll down in the frame
for a translation)

Mike Heck & Salena Bennett

“Graffiti 12th Cubicle
Men’s Room Syracuse Airport”

Howl “sparked a revolution
(the film opens in the UK this week)

The Civil War changed Whitman’s poetry

Readings from emerging poets

Return to Ulysses

John Olson on
Paul Verlaine’s The Cursed Poets

Inside Peter Finch

You should date
an illiterate girl

No, date one who reads

Dancing poetry

Waltzing with Lorca

Where Lorca ate & danced
in Manhattan
(Check out the Friday blues dancing)

10 great food moments
in literature

A profile of “Lorrie” Niedecker

The calendar poems of
Lorine Niedecker

Duchamp & Man Ray
the first conceptualists

David Gordon, poet

Prince of Poets contestant
returns after Egypt protest

Pakistan Academy of Letters
pays tribute to Faiz

Mumbai neglects Faiz

It’s happening, Faiz

In Pomona,
an open mic series
celebrates a decade

An open mic in Cape Cod

Charles Bernstein’s
political placards

The Glamour of Grammar
& 4 other books about words

Jeanette Winterson, Linton Kwesi Johnson,
Alexander McCall Smith, Michèle Roberts,
David Crystal & Diarmaid MacCulloch

on the King James Bible

Just how revolutionary
was the King James version?

The longest word

The “takeaway language
of slang

Latin is the “key to success

Language as a window
into social relations

Kickstart a virtual letterpress app

Most-borrowed library books

Seeking 500
Asian / Pacific Islander American poets

on Wallace Stevens

The Bus to Ramallah
by Jasmine Donahaye

A room of
Montaigne’s own

Gary Snyder’s Robin poems

Emileigh Barnes’
3 geometric poems

Talking with Jazz Hudson

January best sellers

Remembering John Ross

The real Arthur Hallam

A year’s worth of

How to turn
a great American novel
into a Great American Novel
(Hint: it’s better to have a penis)

Auto-corrected text
leads to killing

NY Times adds
e-book best-sellers

Do formats matter?

Is Borders
closing a store near you?

Borders may close
even more stores

Borders bankruptcy
shakes industry

Page One
in Albuquerque
also goes Chapter 11

An opportunity for indies
in the wake of Borders?

More indie bookstore
responses to the Borders debacle

20 years of Borders’ blunders

Indies opening
in 2 former Walden mall locations

open letter
to Amazon affiliates

CoffeeTree Books
& the Fuzzy Duck

move to Main Street

Talking with Coffee House Press

LA librarians struggle

An abandoned library
in Detroit

The library at
Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport

Making libraries cool

Small Press Traffic
does some audience research

Who are the
ten greatest poets”?

Dean Rader thinks he knows

trade secrets of the great poets”

And then there is
The Worst Poet on the Palouse

Or “top ten fictional poets”

Celebs read breathless poetry

Post-post-modern poetry

When to stop reading
a bad book

Poets come clean
in Beverly, MA

Patti Smith
comes full circle

Walt Whitman, Victorian

How to design
a house for books

Voice in verse

Old English
translated anew

More on
The Little Treasury of Haiku

the reader
Salinger always wanted

Talking with Anthony Doerr

A teaser for
Cynthia Ozick
on Bellow’s Letters

Yet another NY Times review
of Joyce Carol Oates’
A Widow’s Story

An excerpt of A Widow’s Story

Talking with Joyce Carol Oates

Panel discussion
on & with
Joyce Carol Oates

Daniel Halpern:
editing Oates

Michelle Latiolais “Caduceus”

Larry McMurtry on the writing of
Marilyn Monroe

Writers & artists
as they age

Literature’s “dirty-old-men

The road to Wigan Pier

The letters of Bruce Chatwin

The Smith College Poetry Center

William Meredith’s “The Illiterate”

All of NYC is Shakespeare’s stage

Romeo & Juliet
in 60 seconds

Shakespeare’s best female role

& the American Civil War

Why writers make
reluctant revolutionaries

The Man Asian Literary Prize

Gatsby on Nintendo

Roland Barthes’
The Preparation of the Novel

Barbara Kingsolver
on TC Boyle

Vonnegut the moralist

Genius, a diagnosis

Stephen Duncombe’s
Notes from the Underground:
Zines & the Politics
of Alternative Culture

GOP seeks 26%
cut in the NEA

Anne Boyer on
Why is art?


Seeing Things as We Are

Is Banksy actually
campaigning for an Oscar?

Margate’s answer to William Blake,
Tracey Emin

James Franco,
the painter

The “tragic history
of poetry on film

Painting MI6

Balancing with Bill Dan

Roy Gussow has died

Pete Eckert,
blind photographer

Robert Frank
@ Ursinus College

Photographers & their families

Howard Bond at 80

Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests

16 questions for Jim Dine

Mimi Gross & friends:
The Oddness of Parts

The capsized work of art

Talking with Juana de Aizpuru

Chris Raab on
heroin, mom, art

Reviving Tennessee Williams

The best film for
the Best Picture Oscar
doesn’t stand a chance

Ballet is dying,
yet again

Can Rhymefest
get elected to the
Chicago City Council?

My Angie Dickinson:
Steve Reich’s Clapping Music

Talking with ROVA’s Larry Ochs

McCoy Tyner, Ahmad Jamal

Jamie Smith’s
Gil Scott-Heron

“God’s empty chair”
George Shearing
& the beats


Anna Nicole,
the opera

Johnny Nitro
goes out to applause

Dan Chiasson
on Keith Richards’ Life

Talking with Andrew Whiteman

The King of Limbs
pro & con

What makes
a great protest song?

Singing The Tractatus

A Habermas biography

My Žižek problem

On James Miller
(subscription required)

Freeman Dyson on James Gleick

The revolution in chess
in Uganda

Gov. Walker’s manufactured “crisis”

George Lakoff:
What conservatives really want

A Trungpa biopic


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