Thursday, February 17, 2011


Anis Shivani
on Michael McClure

McClure still rings true

Beat poet helped to create
the hippie movement

Congratulations to Jordan Davis
for becoming poetry editor of
The Nation

3 Jordan Davis reviews
of Ed Sanders (two) &
Tadeusz Rozewicz

A walking poem
against censorship

Dickinson’s dashes

And her statue

Eileen Myles:
Being Female

Katha Pollitt
on numbers trouble:
old news

The NY Times asks why

Annie Finch on the gender count

Where have women poets gone?

The hermeneutics of a woman’s body

2 new books from Susan Howe

Susan Howe / James Welling:
Frolic Architecture

Lauren Ireland:
4 poems

Cia Rinne’s

Thomas Sayers Ellis
stole Langston Hughes
to inaugurate debate
over payment for poets

Will Alexander’s
“The Pope at Avignon”

Talking with Stephen Nelson

Kenny Goldsmith & Craig Dworkin’s
introductory essays from
Against Expression:
An Anthology of Conceptual Writing,
plus the table of contents

Talking with Ken Edwards

The Jewish Daily Forward
on Michael Gottlieb’s
Memoir and Essay

Basil King:
“My Seventy-Fifth Birthday”

Talking with Emma Trelles

Michael Kelleher
reads Steve McCaffery

Do androids dream
of electric
video lecture series?

Allen Fisher’s Proposals

Talking with Pierre Joris

new issue
includes an interview with Arthur Sze
plus work by him,
Laura Sims, George Moore, Erin Geegan Sharp,
Debrah Morkun, Shawn Huelle, Andrew Schelling,
Deborah Poe, kevin mcpherson, eckhoff,
Cindy Savett, Susanne Dyckman, Changming Yuan,
Scott Alexander Jones, & Nicholas Chiarella

Now batting
in Fact•Simile’s
trading card series:
The Wizard of Was,
Chucky B

Would the bard
have survived the web?

The linguistic genius
of babies

Talking with Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop

Jean Toomer’s
conflicted racial identity

Talking with Arundhati Roy

Ten Hindi poets

A festschrift for Tagore

Faiz’ poetry
continues to inspire progressives

Akkitham Achuthan Namboodiri
receives Moortidevi Prize

Marosa di Giorgio’s
The History of Violets

Paris Review to serialize
“lost” Bolaño novel

An excerpt from Bolaño’s
Third Reich

Rane Arroyo’s
White as Silver

Talking with Andrew Hoyem

The lost art of editing

Time spent teaching penmanship
is dropping

A haiku moment in James Joyce

Rock ‘n’ poetry
in Boise

Dating the Voynich manuscript

The Voynich manuscript (complete)

Tony Trigilio’s History Diary

Nazim Hikmet @ 110

Talking with Sean Bonney

Paul Blackburn
reading at Bard, 1968

Other early readings at Bard
including Ted Berrigan, 1982,
Diane Di Prima, 1973
Ted Weiss, circa 1976
Timothy Leary, 1968, lecturing “On Drugs”

Allen Ginsberg news roundup

Ginsberg named to
The Rainbow Honor Walk
in SF’s Castro

Ginsberg & Kerouac:
“It is clear that
Kerouac is the more rigorous writer”

David Amran remembers
Neal Cassady

“Mutate or die!”
A William Burroughs
biotech bestiary

Alexander Trocchi:
Junk Male

Ken Kesey & UFOs

A Richard Brautigan poem title
turns into
a short film
starring Elle Fanning

Pound, Williams & HD

Nabokov’s history
of the New York Yankees

Reading David Foster Wallace

Kathleen Spivak’s
A History of Yearning

InDigest Wikileaks
Centos E-Chapbook

Andrew Bahrenburg, Jenni B. Baker, Cara Benson,
Evan Commander, Matthew Daddona, Joseph Fritsch,
Damien W. Green, Lauren Ireland, Lily Ladewig,
Ashleigh Lambert, Eric Lindley,
Ricardo Alberto Maldonado, Ben Nardolilli,
Dustin Luke Nelson, Elsbeth Pancrazi, Rebecca Porte,
Martin Rock, Christina Shah, Leigh Stein,
and Andrew Strombeck


Juliana Spahr
on the impact of MFA programs
on poetry itself

Talking with Emilian Galaicu-Păun

2 poems by Galaicu-Păun

After 20 years,
Kevin Young publishes
his epic,

Elizabeth Alexander,

The first thing you notice about
is that every contributor

is listed with their academic affiliation
(the anxiety of credentialing)

Jackie Kay’s Fiere

Bob Grumman’s
Correction of the Alphabet


LaMonte Young:
An Anthology of Chance Operations

How much collaboration is too much?

Tony Towle & Bean Spasms

NY Times mini-reviews of
Christian Wiman, CD Wright,
Sarah Riggs, Aimee
Anya Kugovy Silver, James Richardson
& Dorothy Baressi

Talking with New Hampshire laureate
Walter E Butts

Ed Markowski’s “Earth Day”

3 poets at Minase

Some linked verse

Writing without a center

Experimental Language Factory

Life as a left-handed bluejay

Wayne Koestenbaum’s
“Distant Incident
on Paper with Square Holes”

Mark Twain:
His own best straight man

Talking with Anatol Knotek

8 visual poems by Knotek

Ryu Murakami:
Young, numb, and violent

Literature & ceramics

Powell’s lays off 31 employees

Powell’s defends layoffs

Borders files for bankruptcy

Borders on the brink

The fall of Borders
thru its email newsletters

What, if anything,
you need to know
about the Borders’ bankruptcy

Hope for small bookstores
in a digital age?

Antiquarian book fair thrives in SF

So does
Small World Books
in Venice, CA
so long as people want burgers!
(Best photos of a bookstore
in a major newspaper ever)

Janis Joplin’s books

The future of the book

The book is dead,
long live the Kindle app!

Kindle puts
readers & friends
on the same page

In Australia,
an indie bookshop goes online

Illegally downloading books
puts New Yorkers out of work

The pitfalls of e-book buying

Authors organize to support libraries
while the cops organize against them

Some councils rethink
library cuts

A reading at the library
where I first discovered poetry

Talking with Morton Søndergaard

4 Søndergaard poems

Andy Levine’s
Today Then Tomorrow

Best literary sex scenes
not penned by a
Great Male Novelist
(Kundera & Genet are on this list,
but so is an old gal pal of mine)

30 literary quotes
that are supposed to get you laid

but won’t

Finding yourself
in your ex’s poetry

Jane Austen
at the Superbowl

Kasandra Larsen’s
Stellar Telegram

Elizabeth Bishop:
The New Yorker’s house poet

Bishop: A centenary
to celebrate

John Timpane on Elizabeth Bishop

From Srikanth Reddy’s Voyager

Talking with Jonathan Lethem

African-American poetry
speaks to
culture and tradition

Proust, Wagner & spacetime

Robin Becker’s “Shopping”

Is the “Beryl Booker” a good idea?

Heartfelt poetry, literally

Talking with Kim Addonizio

Unlikely soldier Brian Turner
emerges as poet, teacher

Jane Hirshfield reads
“Some Enemy Took My Life”

Will Georgia schools
ditch books for iPads?

Note to Charles Olson

Robert Bly:
Warning to the reader

Electronic Literature Collection, vol. 2

Walter Benjamin:
Kafka & progress

TC Boyle’s
West Coast delusions

James Walsh’s
The Black Cloud

The importance of lighting
to reading

Doctrine on “internet poetry

How literature impacts a life

Poetry, creativity & mental illness

How to write a
killer first sentence

Blair Fuller
on J.D. Salinger

Salinger’s “ideal reader”

Jay McInerney
on Slawenski’s Salinger

An excerpt from
J.D. Salinger: A Life

Mon Amie
by Randolph Silliman Bourne

Parini’s Melville
& the perils of historical fiction

Merwin connects
nature and the arts

Talking with W.S. Merwin

Ronald Reagan’s ABCs

Alison Mudditt
takes over UC Press

Paul Theroux:
This was England

Jeanne Larsen’s
“My Aging Lover in My Arms, the Dharma”

Poems about school

One thorough-ish account
of the AWP

John Gallaher’s
account of the
Rankine-Hoagland affair
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Gallaher’s open letter
to Rankine

Sean Singer
responds to the contoversy

Poetry & moral authority

Famous literary fights

Bad reviews

The NY Review of Books
doesn’t like Mad Men

Andrei Codrescu’s
The Poetry Lesson

John Stammer’s
“top 10 love poems”

5 ways for the National Book Festival
to earn its second day

Sylvia Plath’s
“Two Views of a Cadaver Room”

Douglas Coupland
on Marshall McLuhan

Encountering Angela Carter

Digital tools for the humanities

Bringing Tolkien to the iPhone

Nayland Blake
on teaching & baggage
(slight is slow to load)

Matthew Brandt’s
Inkjet Alphabet

The Sadness Museum

Joyce Carol Oates’
“enthralling widowhood

Joyce Carol Oates
on The Fighter

G.I. Jane & D.H. Lawrence

Film scholar
Miriam Hansen
has died

So has Oakley Hall III

Banksy + cats =
Exit Through the Pet Shop

Confronting Parkinson’s,
Tim Andrews becomes an art project

Hey, kids! Let’s put on a reading!

NEA chair:
There are too many theaters

10 works of art
the right wants to censor

Artist forced to remove
head camera implant

Jon Cotner & Claire Hamilton
tour Art Basel Miami 2010

What drives street art?

Video profile of
Theodore A. Harris

Talking with Theodore Harris

This art critic comes with banjo

50 things you didn’t know about
Jackson Pollock

GOP legislator introduces bill
to force the University of Iowa

to sell its Pollock

Gartner again wants to sell the Pollock

Head of the board of regents:
a bad idea

Sale would threat Iowa accreditation

Should a university treat an art collection
as a financial asset?

Has time run out
for Jackson Pollock?

Talking with Sean Scully

Ai Weiwei
sells his sunflowers

Sotheby’s next sale
of modern art

Voina short-listed for Russian art prize
while members await trial
over 210-foot penis graffiti

Talking with Larry Clark

The Watts Towers
struggle with neglect

James Irvine Foundation
to the rescue

Frank Gehry’s 8 Spruce Street:
the best NYC skyscraper in 46 years

Some tree houses

Henry Rollins @ 50

The Waterboys sing Yeats

The Whorf-Yahoo Hypothesis:
Does the net
change how we think?

Social science
& the enemy within

AOL + HuffPost:
the difference
between journalism & content

The chess master
who defeated himself

The recipe for Coca Cola

Correction of the year
(if not the millennium)

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