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Talking with Anne Gorrick

John Martone’s scrittura povera

The Newly Complicated
Zora Neale Hurston

Hurston’s “Monkey Junk:
A Satire on Modern Divorce”

The only “best poetry of 2010
to get it right

Rich Owens
also puts the Collected Eigner
at the head of his list
(Owens’ essay in the latest
Poetry Project Newsletter
is tremendous)

C.D. Wright:
“In a Word, a World”

Judaism & radical poetics

Paul Buhle on Ginsberg’s Kaddish

The Arty Semite on 2010 in poetry

Jackson Mac Low’s Barnesbook

Icelandic & British poetry in collaboration

Translation as collaboration

Translation as intimacy

Re-reading Madame B

Retranslating Zhivago

Talking with Amy King

Jerome Rothenberg:
Found Poems from “The Emergence Notebooks”

African poets

Beltway Poetry’s tribute to
Langston Hughes

Remembering Paul Bowles

Installing Ghalib’s bust

Ghalib who?

Remembering Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Celebrating Faiz 100th birthday

Remembering Wimalarathna Kumaragama

The great Tamil poets of the Chola period

Michael Gottlieb knows Harvey balls

Michael Gottlieb as the mirror image
of Patti Smith

Elizabeth Robinson’s
“Book Three: Romance”

Etel Adnan & Dunya Mikail
win Arab American Book Awards

Close reading aloud: Etheridge Knight”s
response to Gwendolyn Brooks

with Tracie Morris, Josephine Park, Herman Beavers
& Al Filreis

Talking with Kyle Schlesinger

Carlos Fuentes’ Destiny and Desire

W.S. Merwin:
Letter to Ruth Stone
(registration required)

Scotland stalls on a new poet laureate

In Tacoma, the laureate program
transitions from church to state

Angle, the archive
(something every little mag should do)

Archives (mostly audio)
from the Double Change series
(mostly Paris, mostly in French)

How to read 462 books in one year

Donald Barthelme’s reading list

Talking with Jón Örn Loðmfjörð

5 poems by Loðmfjörð

21st Century Trakl

Talking with Yasmin Ladha

Reb Livingston’s
2010 Dream Poet Anthology

Robert Zend’s Daymares

E. Gene Smith,
who rescued Tibetan literature,
has died

Kathryne Lindberg
“likely committed suicide”

Denis Dutton
of Arts and Letters Daily
is dead

The universal connoisseur

Some of the poets
who passed on in 2010

An anti-modern attack on
Poetry Out Loud

After Oulipo

Talking with Salman Rushdie

The Guardian’s hope for poetry
is more statues

The Winter 2010 issue of
Rabbit Light Movies
offers 11 new videos involving readings
Laynie Browne, Sommer Browning,
Michael Earl Craig, Emily Kendal Frey, Noah Eli Gordon,
Arielle Greenberg, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Alice Notley,
Michelle Taransky,
C.D. Wright & Rachel Zolf

Recent Elective Affinities:
David Brazil
Anselm Berrigan
Susan Landers
Hoa Nguyen
j/j hastain

E-books outsell paper ones
@ B&N’s online store

Amazon’s best-selling product ever:
The Kindle 3

The year of the e-book

Making books do what e-books can’t
& vice versa

Geoffrey Nunberg on Google Books

A new cold remedy:
women novelists

Border’s delays payments to publishers

For publishers,
it’s profits, not quality,
that matters

How librarians killed the academic library

Secret Headquarters in Silver Lake

PennSound is 6

Jack Kerouac wanted Marlon Brando
to play Dean Moriarty

Kerouac’s typewriter

Press coverage for
William Burroughs: The Man Within

Beat hagiography

Charles Plymell on A.D. Winans

Dinosaur Porn

Clunk & White
(Elements of styles
in a language changing faster
than you can refudiate)

The Fall 2010 VQR is dedicated to
Kevin Morrissey

A collaborative (soma)tic by
Bhanu Kapil & CA Conrad

Timothy Cahill’s Exposés

Peter Blair’s Farang

Talking with Lary Bremner &/or Timewell

6 views of winter’s darkest days
from poets of Vancouver Island
& the Southern Gulf Islands of Canada:
Dvora Levin
Melanie Siebert
Sheila Martindale
Brian Brett
Leanne Boschman
Rhona McAdam

Joseph Harrington’s Earth Day Suite

Matthew Zapruder & Charles Simic

The ever-disappearing

Tristan Garcia’s Hate: A Romance

Bay Area book highlights of 2010

Books for the holidays
picked by the
Santa Barbara poet laureate

2010’s neologisms

MIT’s inventional wisdom

SPD’s December best-sellers

Talking with Aase Berg

8 poems by Berg

Why criticism mutters
Stephen Burn
Katie Roiphe
Adam Kirsch
Pankaj Mishra
Elif Batuman
Sam Anderson

Barry Hannah’s train wreck

The Harold Pinter we never knew

Herbert Gold:
Not meeting Hemingway

Calendaring with Stephen Cushman

69 poets, all from NYC or Boston,
in The Portable Boog Reader 5

Eponymous poem
not penned
by Raftery

Dara Wier’s Selected Poems

Fernando Pessoa’s “Inscriptions”

The Tour of Doctor Syntax

His worst mistake, the same every time,
stopping to ask for directions”

Virtual Book Tour:
Melissa Kwasny, Deema Shahabi,
Anna Moschovakis

Books rejected at The Strand

What makes a poem
a Hanging Loose piece

Why people love Stieg Larsson

Where to place poetry?

John Sutherland’s
Top 10 Books about Books

John Maeda,
the prez of RISD, claims
that this chart
proves that the
“continual decline of books…
has impacted academia’s
monopoly on knowledge”

In fact,
the number of book titles
published in the US
more than doubled
between 2002 & 2008
(ergo this isn’t about
the decline of reading but
of monopoly)

“The Top 100 Best-Selling
Books of All Time

(which began, it seems, in 1998)
from The Da Vinci Code to
Dear Fatty

“7 best” small press books of the decade

We’re Eat Pray Love readers now

6 more myths about MFAs

Can a book save your life?

For sale:
Kindle, as is,
with bullet holes

Thomas Bernhard’s loathing

Talking with Menka Shivdasani

Dan Chiasson’s
Where’s the Moon, There’s the Moon

Andrei Codrescu’s
The Poetry Lesson

2011’s viral mashup:
Kafka + kittens

Atlanta’s “free poets on demand

The Poetry app

In Belarus,
Lukashenko cracks down
on the media

Bankers fail to censor
master’s thesis

The Kinsey archive

Opening Thomas Hardy’s home

Redoing Dylan Thomas’ park

Talking with Roselyne Sibille

Philip Roth’s Nemesis

The NYC fiction scene
comes to the aid
of the family of Charles Bock

A day with Naipaul

H.G. Wells’ war of the words

Michael Chabon:
How to salvage a “wrecked” novel

Bellow, Terkel
inaugurate the Chicago
Literary Hall of Fame

Mark Bibbins
The Dance of No Hard Feelings

A poem as monument
in Lancaster, PA

Talking with Diane Lockward

Herman Hesse’s
The Immortals

Talking with Mona Zote

Seamus Heaney’s “deep snorkel”

A biography of
Thomas De Quincey

John Bennett’s Battle Scars

Jeremy Reed & Marc Almond’s Picadilly Bongo

Most cloying performance of a poem, 2010

The price of the paperless revolution

Rare manuscripts
from the Vatican Library

Speech balloons

James Franco on reading Howl

Lilliputian screen talents
assault Jonathan Swift

Yet another film
from a book by Hunter S. Thompson
starring Johnny Depp

Anton Chekov: 5 Plays

Philip Guston: Collected Writings,
edited by Clark Coolidge

Barry Schwabsky on
Kurt Schwitters & Blinky Palermo

Warhol in Colorado

not dead yet

Ai Weiwei:
the disasters of success
& vice versa

It ain’t over till it’s over:
the fight over the Barnes heist goes on

On hand” art materials

Alice Neel: the nonconformist

3 art critics look at favorite works
in NYC museums:
Roberta Smith
Ken Johnson
Karen Rosenberg

Talking with Tomas Fujiwara

A 30-year music gig

Leonard Cohen’s tour
comes to an end

Dr. Lonnie Smith at the Jazz Standard

K. Leander Williams
on Afropop

(subscription required)

A Gertrude Stein musical
makes West Coast

Patti Smith started my heart again

Continue your life’s celebration

Cultural Resolutions

37 literary resolutions

Amateurs vs. professionals
vis-à-vis new media literacies

The “most influential European thinker
is an American

Who is Walter Benjamin now?

Peretz in exile

Caveon’s anti-cheating technology

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