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Recently Received

Books (Poetry)

Bernard Bador, Curdled Skulls, translated by the author with Clayton Eshleman, Black Widow, Boston, 2010

Eric Beeny, Of Creatures, Goldwake Press, Boston & Buffalo, 2011

Caroline Bergvall, Meddle English, Nightboat, Callicoon, NY, 2001

Gaylord Brewer, Give Over, Graymalkin, Red Hen Press, Pasadena, 2011

Mahogany L. Browne, #Dear Twitter: Love Letters Hashed Out Online in 140 Characters or Less, Penmanship Books, Brooklyn, 2010

Simmons B. Buntin, Bloom, Salmon Poetry, Cliffs of Moher, County Claire, Ireland, 2010

Jennifer S. Cheng, Invocation: An Essay, New Michigan Press, Tucson, 2010

Brian Clements, Jargon, Quale Press, Williamsburg, MA, 2010

Chard deNiord, The Double Truth, University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, 2011

Adam Foulds, The Broken Word, Penguin, New York & London, 2011

Ross Gay, Bringing the Shovel Down, University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, 2011

Veronica Golos, Vocabulary of Silence, Red Hen Press, Pasadena, 2011

Amira Hanafi, Forgery, Green Lantern Books, Chicago, 2010

Zachary Harris, There is Another Poem, in which the News is Erased and Rewritten, New Michigan Press, Tucson, 2010

Richard Krech, At the End of Time: The Incomplete Works, vol. II, Poems 2001 – 2009, Sunnyoutside, Buffalo, 2010

Michael McClure, Of Indigo and Saffron: New and Selected Poems, edited & with an introduction by Leslie Scalapino, UC Press, Berkeley, 2011

Alice Notley, Culture of One, Penguin, New York, 2011

Christopher William Purdom, Sailcloth Child, vol. VII, 226 Press, Philadelphia, 2011.

Jeannine Savard, Accounted For, Red Hen Press, Pasadena, 2011

Jason Stumpf, A Cloud of Witnesses, Quale Press, Williamsburg, MA, 2010

Eileen R. Tabios, Silk Egg: Collected Novels, Shearsman, Exeter, UK, 2011

Paul Vangelisti, Two, Talisman House, Greenfield, MA, 2010


Books (Poetry Anthologies)

Vito Acconci & Bernadette Mayer, editors, 0 to 9: The Complete Magazine: 1967 – 1969, Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, 2006. Includes Robert Barry, Ted Berrigan, Clark Coolidge, John Giorno, Dan Graham, Michael Heizer, Kenneth Koch, Sol LeWitt, Jackson Mac Low, Harry Mathews, Adrian Piper, Bern Porter, Yvonne Rainer, Jerome Rothenberg, Aram Saroyan, Robert Smithson, Alan Sondheim, Hannah Weiner, Emmett Williams, many, many, many more.

Daisy Aldan, editor, A New Folder, with an introduction by Wallace Fowlie. Folder Editions, NY, 1959. Signed (twice) by Gregory Battcock. Includes John Ashbery, Kenneth Koch, Larry Rivers, Frank O’Hara, Kenward Elmslie, Gregory Corse, Allen Ginsberg, LeRoi Jones, Jack Kerouac, Philip Whalen, Michael McClure, James Merrill, Emilie Glen, Harold Norse, Barbara Guest, Harriet Zinnes, Eve Triem, Madeline Gleason, James Broughton, Denise Levertov, Larry Eigner, Paul Blackburn, Richard Eberhart, Arthur Gregor, Jean Garrigue, Charles Olson, Robert Creeley, James Schuyler, M.C. Richards, more. With a cover by Jackson Pollock & drawings by Franz Kline, Joan Mitchell, Willem de Kooning, Jane Freilicher, Michael Goldberg, Robert Motherwell, Philip Guston, Grace Hartigan, Larry Rivers, Helen Frankenthaler, Robert DeNiro, Charles Henry Ford & more.

Claudia Emerson, Best New Poets 2010: Poems from Emerging Writers, Samovar Press, Charlottesville, VA, 2010. Includes Stephen Ackerman, Sheri Allen, Mary Angelino, Kate Angus, James Arthur, Jeff Baker, Teresa Breeden, Steven Brown, Kai Carlson-Wee, Lisa Fay Coutley, Todd Dillard, Sharon Fain, Erin Gay, Brandi George, Linda Gottlieb, Megan Grumbling, Graham Hillard, Chloe Honum, Adam Houle, Melissa Hull, Luke Johnson, Douglas Jones, Matthew Kelsey, Tracey Knapp, Rachel Langille, Rebecca Lehmann, Eugenia Leigh, Hailey Leithauser, dawn lonsinger, Angie Macri, Melanie McCabe, Nathan McClain, Stephen McDonald, Brent Newsom, Alison Palmer, Joanna Pearson, Stephanie Pippin, Iain Pollock, Benjamin Pryor, Jake Ricafrente, Joshua Rivkin, Meighan Sharp, J. Eric Smith, Emily Smith, Sarah Sousa, Eleanor Tipton, Kara van de Graaf, Sarah Wangler, Matthew Williams, Monika Zobel, more.


Books (Other)

Summer Brenner, My Life in Clothes, Red Hen Press, Pasadena, 2010

Mathias Énard, Zone, translated by Charlotte Mandell, introduction by Brian Everson, Open Letter, Rochester, NY 2010

Bob Grumman, A Preliminary Taxonomy of Poetry, self-published, Port Charlotte, FL, 2010

Carla Harryman & Lyn Hejinian, The Wide Road, Belladonna, Brooklyn, 2011

Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence, translated by Maureen Freely, Vintage, New York, 2010

Charles Olson, Letters Home 1949 – 1969, edited by David Rich, with a preface by Peter Anastas, Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, MA 2010

Thomas Pynchon, Inherent Vice, Penguin, New York, 2009

Meredith Quartermain, Recipes from the Red Planet, Bookthug, Toronto, 2010



Cambridge Literary Review, vol. II, no. 4, Michaelmas, 2010. Includes Jean Day, Lisa Robertson, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Vanessa Place, Emily Critchley, John Wilkinson, Jesse Drury, Simon Jarvis, John Matthias, Raymond Geuss, Iain Sinclair & Lorqi Bilnk

Chicago Review, 55:3/4, Chicago, Autumn 2010. Includes Devin Johnston, Elizabeth Arnold, Alan Golding, Mark S. Morrisson, Matthias Regan, Robert Huddleston, Andrea Scott, Lynn Keller, Peter O'Leary, Keith Tuma Brenda Hillman, Nathaniel Mackey, Kate Greenstreet, John Latta, James Capozzi, David Pavelich, Rae Armantrout, Michael J. White, Laynie Browne, Abdelfattah Kilito, (Tr. Robyn Creswell), Edoardo Sanguineti, (Tr. William Weaver), more.

Full Metal Poem, no. 1, Amsterdam & Hamburg, June 2010. Includes Cid Corman, Joanne Kyger, Simon Cutts, Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, Ron Padgett, Harris Schiff, John Wieners, Thomas A. Clark, Jack Collom, Simon Cutts. Amanda Deutch, Kent Johnson, F.A. Nettelbeck, Kevin Opstedal, Harris Schiff, more.

House Organ, no. 73, Youngstown, NY, Winter 2011. Includes Harrison Fisher, Stephen Ellis, Susan Maurer, George Held, Paul Pines, Hugh Fox, Taj Jackson, Gerald Locklin, Serge Gavronsky, Jack Hirschman, Donald Wellman, Diane Di Prima, Duncan McNaughton, George Bowering, Kenneth Warren, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Bob Hemen, Edward Mycue, Nathan Whiting, Anna Soo-Hoo, Bruce Holsapple, Bruce Hutchinson, many more.


Other Media & Formats

Kristin Prevallet, “Picking the Bones of the Dead,” Fact-Simile Trading Cards, “baseball” trading card, Philadelphia, PA, 2010

Harryette Mullen, “Remove Offensive Language,” Fact-Simile Trading Cards, “baseball” trading card, Philadelphia, PA, 2010

Jerome Rothenberg, “A Reconsideration,” Fact-Simile Trading Cards, “baseball” trading card, Philadelphia, PA, 2010

Nathaniel Tarn, “Untitled,” Fact-Simile Trading Cards, “baseball” trading card, Philadelphia, PA, 2010


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