Thursday, January 20, 2011


Photo by Aldon Lynn Nielsen

front row, L R: Carla Harryman, Rae Armantrout, Kit Robinson
back row, L
R: Barrett Watten, Helene Aji, Lyn Hejinian, Antoine Caze, Ted Pearson

The Grand Piano @ the MLA

Hear the chorus here

Al Nielsen on the MLA

Barry Schwabsky on
Ketjak, langpo & The Grand Piano
in The Nation
(subscription required)

Subscription not required here

Rae Armantrout’s
Money Shot

Robotic surveyors

Tom Mandel’s
To the Cognoscenti

Lyn Hejinian’s Fatalist

A grander piano

More close-reading
the links list

Thom Donovan:
A course on appropriation

Visual poetry on trial!

John Olson on
Rosmarie Waldrop &
of language

Norman Fischer’s “Sixty Five”

Mark Doty, Juan Felipe Herrera
& Anne Waldman

elected chancellors of
The Academy of American Poets

Jordan Davis on
Thomas Sayers Ellis

Charles Bernstein’s
“Poetics of the Americas”

Charles Bernstein on the fly

Geof Huth’s review of the year,
with thanks

I will arise & go now
& go to Innisfree,
the Boulder bookstore
that is just the third
in the United States
devoted entirely to poetry
(it says here)

Utah state law
threatens used book dealers

One new bookstore (sorta)
comes to Laredo

What’s going on with Borders?

Borders shuts Tennessee
distribution center
& lays off others at its HQ

Borders gives publishers
to February 1

to accept its new terms

Shaman Drum
replaced by
Five Guys burger joint

But in Minneapolis
a movie theater is replaced
by a bookstore

Bookstores disrupted
by Australian floods

App wins as 2010
Word of the Year

16 years after the fact,
the National Book Foundation

notices that
“poetry goes digital”

12 million Kindles in 2011?

The research paper is dying

Talking with Edwidge Danticat

Talking with
Ann & Sam Charters

A poetry festival in Karkala, India
(The video is a must-see)

What is clarity?

John Gallaher on
What’s become of our avant-garde?

Richard Chase’s original article
from 1957

A talk by John Ashbery

James Franco is Hart Crane

the iPhone version

Poetry’s death of a 1,000 hits

Habib Tengour’s
“Five Movements of the Soul
and Hodgepodge,”
translated by Pierre Joris

Julio Cortázar’s
“Prose from the Observatory”

Talking with Shin Yu Pai

Much “dementia blogging” of late
by Susan M Schultz

Kafka’s other trial

Charles Reznikoff:
poetry after Auschwitz

by Ingeborg Bachmann & Paul Celan

Ian Fleming International Airport

David Antin’s
Selected Poems: 1963

Joseph Conrad’s
sci-fi collab
with Ford Maddox Ford

The greatness of
Samuel R Delany

will never sit still

Sit. Stay. Parse.

Spilling the bananas

One language,
many podcasts

Chinua Achebe on Nigeria

George Quasha’s
sounding portraits:
Kythe Heller & Michael McClure

Fear & loathing @ book signings

The secret histories
of book inscriptions

Spelling out China’s
calligraphic influence

Top 10 typefaces
used by book design winners

Can Comic Sans save reading?

Grzegorz Wróblewski’s
A Marzipan Factory

Eso Won Books

Alain Robbe-Grillet
talking at SF State in ‘89
in ten parts
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
(6) (7) (8) (9) (10)

Rise of the neuronovel

Paul Auster’s Sunset Park

Ben Ehrenreich
on Frederic Tuten

NY Times reviews
of short story collections by
Colm Toibin
Edith Pearlman
Charles Baxter

The LA Times on Edith Pearlman

Fiction & the net

Gatsby 3D

In Makati (a part of Manila),
The Philippine Star

uses a poetry reading
to celebrate its 25th anniversary

Pinsky’s poetry strikes a chord

Talking with Tadeusz Dąbrowski

7 poems by Dąbrowski

Talking with Kaira Espinoza

Ahmed Faraz

Mark States
changes states
in more ways than one

Shadab Zeest Hashmi’s
Baker of Tarifa

The hide-&-seek muse

Tao Lin’s
“An Account of Sharing an Ambien
with a Girl I Met One Week Prior
at a Party”

Marvin Bell on the fly

Tom Waits’
Seeds on a Hard Ground

Anis Shivani’s
New rules for writers

You have been verbed

Dreaming with Poe

Dante’s physics

Poets, choose your insult
(But isn’t “skittery
the perfect term to describe the work
of Tony Hoagland?)

George Oppen,
“silly love poet”

Jerry Brown’s budget
eliminates all state funding
for libraries

Volunteers can’t run libraries

Library’s survival tactic:
check out all the books,

Canada counts books

Frank Sherlock, reading

50 years of
The New American Poetry

Patrick Dunagan on
The Eco Language Reader

Poetry Time audio archive

Talking with Christodoulos Makris

5 poems by Makris

Brian Teare’s “Hello”

Class struggle:
on the haiku of
Angelo Suarez

Modern Haiku

A haiku workshop
in Palm Beach

Using poetry
to see the other side
of war

James Tate on the fly

Events planned
for William Stafford’s 97th birthday

An audio archive
for Oregon poetry

NEVER use 2 spaces
after a period

I refuse” space space

The progressive passive
(not a reference to Obama)

Controlling grammar
with Jared Loughner

DC is America’s
most literate city

NYC stakes its claim

NYC subways
dump poetry for ads

But adds artwork
to NYC taxis

San Antonio
adds poetry to its transportation

Centennial year for
Worcester poet

Elizabeth Bishop,
class of ’34,
starts career

Fighting over Robbie Burns
in Fredericton, NB

The poetry of Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Of poets & facials
in Calistoga

Manhattan is a lot like Corvallis,”
Manhattan, Kansas, that is

An epic conversation
in Palatine, IL

Is your home town Telegraph Avenue
or Columbia, MD?

What topped the best seller list
on the day you were born?

Slate likes Dwight

Who is getting published?
(and which poet is like
“reading with training wheels”?)

Batavia’s “One Book”
is Poetry 180

Poetry is not dead”

Iggy McGovern’s Safe House

Parini’s Melville’s Hawthorne

The Herman Melville summer vacation

A reading worthy of a leviathan

Paul Theroux:
The trouble with autobiography

Memory is required for poetry,”
says Ira Sadoff
who then goes on to discuss
maybe 2% of the poetic spectrum

Lorrie Moore:
Send Huck Finn to college

Reading Huck Finn

The Unspeakable
in its Jammies

Huck Finn’s conflict is our own

Colbert gets to the point

Why stop censorship at Twain?

Paul Coelho banned Iran

James Bond & Sherlock Holmes,
undead again

Not everyone in Boulder
likes their “bubble”

The Girl who Wrote
Stieg Larsson’s last novel

Piecing together
a posthumous Bolaño novel
about Real Cop Woes
(in Spanish)

Wantage is wanting a laureate

Kelly Cherry,
Virginia’s new laureate

Poets use prose
to protest
inaugural exclusion

Angry poets
scold Belfast (Maine)

Dear Guv,
bring back PA’s state poet

even has student state poets

In Worcestshire, UK,
young poets compete
for laureate

In Scotland, it’s not a laureate
but a Makar

Modest journal wins a “major prize”

Why a sequel to
Catcher in the Rye
isn’t a bad idea

Salinger estate settles:
no sequels until
public domain

An author’s journey
to print-on-demand

Talking with Wole Soyinka,
Kishwar Desai & Jason Wallace

A KickStarter page for
Words Without Borders’
Afghan issue
(watch the video!)

Feza Aazmi’s
Poet, Beloved & Philosopher

The German-Iranian poetry connection

The task of the translator
is to become known

Will Google replace translation?

An introduction to Miller Williams

Christopher Burawa
wins the Joy Harjo Award

Ben Mazer’s Poems

Kathleen Rooney is,
I swear,
pimping her poems

The Poetry Brothel’s
top NYC spots for poets
(in which St Marks & Poets House
do not appear
& the Bowery Poetry Club
gets an honorable mention)

Bring a little water, Sylvie
(also electronics, kids’ voices,
a drum machine

Ms. Plath does a videopoem)

Sara Coleridge
on failing to use sunscreen
in the 19th century

Zbigniew Herbert’s
“I Would Like to Describe”

The Oxford American Summit
for “ambitious writers

Marilynne Robinson’s
Absence of Mind:
The Dispelling of Inwardness
from the Modern Myth of the Self

If James Joyce & the Commons
both place a call to G*d,
who will get thru first?

God loves poetry


Another review of
Jonathan Safran Foer’s
Tree of Codes

that gets the history wrong

The C.S. Lewis Bible

Jesus of Wikipedia

Poems for the
mostly quietist soul

Portrait of the artist
as an old man

Matt Hart & Nate Pritts on the fly

The poems of George Herbert

Poetry jams in SecondLife

Before Wikipedia

The nonfiction writer’s best friend

The Novelist’s Lexicon

Pynchon + coffee = ?

Fran Lebowitz aphorisms

Books for tatts

The deadliest book review

2 new books from
Helen Vendler

Davis Schneiderman’s Blank

Why video games matter

LaMaMa’s Ellen Stewart has died

Leslie Rogers on performance art

by Ishmael Houston-Jones,
Dennis Cooper & Chris Cochrane

Lindsey Drury on Them

Phil Ochs,
the movie

Roger Ebert’s
best documentaries of 2010

The first rule about Fight Club
is that nobody sings
about Fight Club

Trish Keenan has died at 42

Remembering Trish Keenan

“Mind-bending motorway mix”

Tzimon Barto,
poet, pianist, weight-lifter
& that’s just the beginning

If the novelist
also performs as
John Wesley Harding,
the novel might come with
some songs

Phil Minton’s Feral Choir

Begin Again
oversimplifies Cage

3 “new” works from John Coltrane

Abigail Washburn’s latest

Remembering John Sex

Rock’s own personal punctuation!

Not prepared pianos
so much as silly ones

Doomed divas
of Italian silent films

Robinson in Ruins

Gauguin “gallery rage
at the Tate

The Wayne Clough Amateur Hour
at the Smithsonian

AA Bronson threatens suit
to get his work out of Clough’s show

A collector asks to pull work from show

Shepard Fairey
& the future of “fair use”

Mark A. Landis,
our finest forger

The fireplace


Punching Out

Geodesic Disques
beneath Detroit

Winner of the 8th Hiroshima Art Prize:
Yoko Ono

Cindy Sherman’s favorite subject

Karin Lindholm’s Knäppfinger

Punks, poets, provocateurs:
the photography of Marcia Resnick

New York sleeps

“New” photos by Ansel Adams

Milton Rogovin has died

That gay boho Europhile,
Grant Wood

The photography & zines
of Alec Soth

Not a fan of R Crumb

Why Jeff Koons is a hypocrite

Timothy Rub’s faves
@ the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Frank Gehry finds honest work

scrunched-up paper bags
(Germaine Greer on Gehry’s latest)

& don’t get your hopes up
for Eli Broad’s museum in LA

Can Gregor Muir
save the London ICA?

What’s next for
Trafalgar’s 4th plinth?

The body of Ariel Sharon

San Francisco’s art bars

One really bad idea
for narrative TV

Talking with Eric Hobsbawm

What does Slavoj want?

Žižek on
manners in the age of Wikileaks

Burning Žižek

I’m no longer a Leo?!?!

Beyond the edge of the universe

Brain Storm

North Brother Island
a part of NYC
as is Hart Island
whose potter’s field
forms the largest cemetery
in the United States

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