Friday, January 14, 2011


Jess: The Enamored Mage

Can Robert Duncan’s The H.D. Book
“save American art”?

New Lorca manuscript
“hidden in plain sight”

Rae Armantrout:
Just Saying
New Intelligence

Peter Frank on Michael Gottlieb’s
Memoir & Essay

B.H. Friedman has died

As has Malangatana Ngwenya

the performance

Talking with Charlotte Mandell
about translating Mathias Énard

Énard’s Zone

The Ivy Writers Series, Paris

The fiction of Raymond Federman

In search of spiraling time:
authors & their translators

Talking with derek beaulieu

Thom Donovan on reviewing

Rebecca West:
The duty of harsh criticism

Tao Lin & Megan Boyle get married

Michael Cross’ Haecceities

Translating “objectivist
into Bengali

Anne Parian & Charles Bernstein
reading in Paris
(In English & French)

What’s Bernstein’s game, anyway?

A Toomer responds to Skip Gates

Allen Ginsberg
& the Vancouver Poetry Fest of ‘63

Talking with Martín Espada

Jane Sprague’s Imaginary Syllabi

Craig Raine’s first book in ten years

Talking with W.S. Merwin

Leslie Marmon Silko’s
memoir of the Tucson mountains

Does The New Yorker have “girl problems”?

Vanessa Place:
After Lyn Hejinian,
the movie

Farewell to ©

Isaac Babel, Walter Benjamin, John Buchan,
Mikhail Bulgakov, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Emma Goldman,
Paul Klee, Selma Lagerlof, Leon Trotsky,
Vito Volterra, & Nathanael West
go into public domain

Execs bail at Borders

Digital divide separates B&N
from Borders

The Borders death spiral

A charity anthology
tries to save Borders

Will e-books spell
the death of bookstores?

What CES tells us
about the future of ebooks

Ebook sales outpace print

Brand Bookshop
in Glendale

What happens when Amazon discovers
it’s selling anti-Amazon book

The man who invents keyboards

A Heidelberger-Druckmaschine
prints its last page

The archive in the age of cyberspace

Wikipedia at ten

A NY Times obit for Janine Pommy Vega

Jaimy Gordon’s Lord of Misrule

The January issue of Poetry

New Year’s poetry, 1900

Is “deep reading” in trouble?

The disappearance of the translator
(Actually, Johannes,
I don’t think translators become visible
until there are multiple, competing translations)

Allen Ginsberg’s
“Mind Breaths”
@ the 92nd St Y

One of the great things about
Frank O’Hara
is that
even the conservative case
for his poetry
tends to work

Debrah Morkun on Jupiter88

A library poetry program
for middle-schoolers
based on Tom Phillips
in my home town!

Vegan verse:
Buddhism & writing

Haiku economics

Haiku & you

James W. Hackett:
A life in haiku

Ten questions for A.D. Winans

Gently Read Literature’s
January issue is online

Ruth Stone’s “Eve, Also”

Have the Lambda Awards
made themselves irrelevant

Project V.O.I.C.E.

The Noun Project

Introducing Mac Wellman

In the shadow of Anne Sexton

Adorno on Kafka’s
Nature Theatre of Oklahoma

Carlos Fuentes’ Destiny and Desire

Custom book jackets

Bury me under the library

Dear dear

William Carlos Williams’
“The Practice”

Vonnegut’s museum:
So it goes

Lost rituals, found poems

Stein, Hemingway
& Donald Ogden Stewart

The genius of Chesterton

Vernon Frazer’s Avenue Noir

Jackie Kay’s “Longitude

A children’s book
based on Fibonacci

The surrealist group of Stockholm

Talking with Ian Davidson

Transformed by Rushdie’s fatwa

The most influential book in English
turns 400

What is your word for 2011?

The Phronistery

Regional dialects
in the use of Twitter

Spun alphabet

Where the handwritten letter
still thrives

Talking with Rita Dove

New poetry by Jaime Robles

Talking with Paul Siegell

Talking with John Fuller

Constable’s sketch of Wordsworth

Jack B. Yeats sketch to be sold

Sivilizin Twain

Censoring is more like it

Twain, unfortunately,
is in good company

Literature vs. reading

Captain Underpants
& Huckleberry Finn

Censoring Twain is “nuts

Jon Stewart on Huck Finn

Top 10 censored books

Catcher in the Rye sequel
banned in the US

No poetry
at the National Jewish Book Awards

David Foster Wallace’s college essay

DFW’s active afterlife

Annie Proulx’s Wyoming

The imitation with the dragon tattoo

The clarity effect

Zug um Zug

A sampler from Angelo Suarez’
a book of blurbs about blurbing

Talking with George Swede

Lyn Lifshin’s Ballroom

The first mystery novelist

Edgar Allan Pop

Poetry & Pop Culture:
year-end report

That funny guy Keats

Literary scholars feel the pinch

Harold Abramowitz’
photos of the MLA offsite reading

Carolyn Kellog gets snarky
over MLA panel titles

LA’s best “literary bars

The ideas of Robert Anton Wilson

New Wave Vomit

Parini’s fictive Melville

Cate Marvin’s
“Let the Day Perish”

Talking with Alfred Brendel

“The Formalist”
David Orr on Richard Wilbur

A.D. Jameson
“Why I hate the avant-garde
(part 1) (part 2)

Emily D on
the “admiring Bog

Johannes Göransson
on Jameson’s anti-modernism

Disney vs. Debord

Yet another protest
against an imagined
narrative of decline

Transcribing Dostoyevsky by hand,
inserting your name

& the first ever
Twitter defamation lawsuit
goes to …

Marshall McLuhan:
You Know Nothing About My Work!

Future James Franco projects:
As I Lay Dying
Blood Meridian

Judith Malina’s
The Biblical Anarchist

Ai Weiwei’s
Shanghai studio demolished

Collages by Luc Fierens

Andy Warhol:
The Angel of Anachronism

Van Gogh
never would have won
The X Factor

PAFA discloses art sales

In Paris,
state porn goes on display

Paul Soldner has died

Talking with Brent Green

Brian Eno’s
77 Million Paintings
comes to Calgary

Great” classical composers

Bach: A Strange Beauty

Location in western movies,
video games,
& the songs of Dave Carter

Alan Lomax,
the man who recorded the world

The string quartets of
Miecczyslaw Weinberg

Talking with Patti Smith

Nick Cave: Breathless

Ballet dies yet again

The Communist Manifesto:
the comic

Public Enemies:
Houellebecq & Lévy

Linguists sing
We are the World

Publishing in philosophy:
its health
or the lack thereof

A biography of
Jürgen Habermas

Wittgenstein worked here

Stanley Fish
on free speech
& the dark side of the net

Mark Young
on the floods in Australia

Birth of an island, on film


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