Monday, January 10, 2011


January 10 in Philadelphia
Susan Stewart & Leonard Gontarek

January 10 in NYC
Christian Hawkey & Jen Bervin

January 11 in Boston
Stephen Sturgeon & Melissa Watt

January 12 in St. Petersburg, FL
The new Dali Museum opens to public

January 12 in NYC
Charles Borkhuis & Paula Cisewski

January 12 in Chicago
Christopher Woods
“Visible Language: The Earliest Writing Systems”

January 13 in Chicago
Matthea Harvey

January 13 in Philadelphia
Kevin Varrone, Karen Rile, Angel Hogan

January 13 & 14 in Chicago
Susan Stewart

January 13 – March 20 in Philadelphia
Anne Tyng: Inhabiting Geometry
Shary Boyle & Emily Duke
The Illuminations Project

January 14 in Fallbrook, CA
Rae Armantrout

January 14 in Tucson
William Burroughs: The Man Within

January 14 in Nashville
William Burroughs: The Man Within

January 14 in Doylestown, PA
Pam Perkins-Frederick

January 14 – 16 in Portland, OR
A marathon reading of Charles Olson
Jesse Morse, Jennifer Bartlett, Zachary Schomburg,
Dan Raphael, Laura Feldman, Michael Weaver,
James Yeary, David Abel, Alicia Cohen,
Sam Lohmann, Jaye Harris, Donald Dunbar, John Hall,
Susan Rankin, Rodney Koeneke, Endi Bogue Hartigan,
Lisa Radon, Linda Austin, Tim DuRoche, Pat Hartigan,
Mere Blankenship, Joseph Mains, Jamalieh Haley

January 14, 15 & 16 in
Tampa, St. Petersburg & Clearwater, FL
Hello Dali!

with the Florida Orchestra

January 14 17
The Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement
Dream Big
Literary Festival

January 15 in NYC
Renee Gladman & Shonni Enelow

January 14 – 17 in Cape May, NJ
18th Annual Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway

January 17 – 22 in Palm Beach, FL
Palm Beach Poetry Festival

January 17 – 30 in NYC
Harlem Renaissance Festival

January 18 in Seattle
Belle Randall

January 18 in New Haven, CT
Annie Murphy Paul & Carl Zimmer

January 18 in Chicago
Susan Buffam & Peter O’Leary

January 19 in NYC
Nick Piombino & Lisa Robertson

January 20 in Philadelphia
Jemeel Moondoc Trio

January 20 in Philadelphia
Arika Okrent
Birdo, Dosifasol, P2846
& Other Curious Words
from Invented Languages”

January 20 in Ann Arbor
John Beer & Ish Klein

January 20 & 21 in Chicago
Erin Mouré

January 21 in Chicago
William Burroughs: The Man Within

January 21 in Santa Fe
William Burroughs: The Man Within

January 20 & 21 in Philadelphia
January 22 & 23 in NYC
North of Intention
a. rawlings, Adeena Karasick, Fred Wah,
Jeff Derksen, Jordan Scott, Lisa Robertson,
M. NourbeSe Philip, Nicole Brossard, Roy Miki,
Stephen Collis & Maja Jantar

January 20 – February 19 in NYC
Peter Plagens

January 21 in Saginaw, MI
John Beer & Ish Klein

January 21 in Chicago
Czeslaw Milosz’s Luminous Things

January 21 in NYC
Leopoldine Core & Corrine Fitzpatrick

January 22 in NYC
Norma Cole & CAConrad

January 22 in Hastings, UK
The Moors

January 22 in Chicago
Robert Fernandez & Ish Klein

January 22 in Berkeley
Music for Keen Ears

January 22 – February 27 in Forestville, CA
13 Bay Area Artists
Loreen Barry, Jack Carter,
Michael Coy, Cecilia Hallinan, Elizabeth Herron,
Brooke Holve, Brian Howlett, Eric Johnson,
Lin Max, Pat Nolan, Micah Schwaberow,
Sally Seymour, & Laurie Szujewska

January 23 in London
TS Eliot Prize shortlist reading

January 24 in Iowa City
Ish Klein

January 24 in London
Fiona Sampson & Mimi Khalvati

January 24 in NYC
Ben Mirov & Solmaz Sharif

January 24 in NYC
Carlos Fuentes

January 26 in NYC
Lars Gustafsson & Donna Stonecipher

January 27 in Swansea, Wales
Adam O’Riordon

January 28 & 29 in SF
10th Annual Poets Theater Extravaganza
with plays by
Rachel Blau DuPlessis, David Brazil & Evan Kennedy,
Laynie Browne, Christine Choi & Drew Fernando,
Tom Comitta, Corina Copp, C.S. Giscombe,
Brent Cunningham, Ariel Goldberg, Rodrigo Toscano
& more

January 28 in NYC
Travis Nichols

January 28 – 30 @ Esalen
Ellen Bass

January 29 in Milwaukee
The Woodland Pattern New Year Marathon

January 29 in NYC
Yedda Morrison & Douglas Kearney

January 29 in Philadelphia
Noah Cutler & April Lindner

January 30 in Seattle
Edward Harkness & Anne Pitkin

January 30 in Melbourne, Australia
William Burroughs: The Man Within

January 31 in Wendell, MA
Ish Klein & Greg Purcell

January 31 in NYC
a talk by Joshua Clover

February 1 in Philadelphia (at noon)
Charles Alexander

February 1 in Philadelphia (6 PM)
Nathaniel Mackey

February 1 @ Villanova
Monique Truong

February 2 – 8 in Elyria, OH
Snoetry II:
world’s longest poetry reading ever

February 2 in Ellensburg, WA
Tod Marshall

February 2 – 5 in Washington, DC

February 3 in Berkeley
Camille T. Dungy

February 3 in Philadelphia
Cecilia Vicuna

February 3 & 4 in Chicago
Rob Halpern

February 4 in Brooklyn
Debrah Morkum

February 7 in Philadelphia
Michael Davidson

February 7 in Belgrade
William Burroughs: The Man Within

February 8 in NYC
Elizabeth Bishop @ 100
Elizabeth Alexander, John Ashbery, Frank Bidart,
Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Tina Chang, Jonathan Galassi,
Kimiko Hahn, Richard Howard, Marie Howe,
Yusef Komunyakaa, David Lehman, Paul Muldoon,
Robert Polito, Marie Ponsot, Vijay Seshadri,
Tom Sleigh, Mark Strand, Tracy K. Smith & Jean Valenti

February 9 in Philadelphia
Philip Lopate

February 10 in NYC
Sparrow with Foamola & Tsipi Keller

February 10 in Chicago
John Wilkinson

February 11 in SF
Sueyuen Juliette Lee, Maxi Kim,
Jacqueline Frost

February 11 in Bolinas, CA
W.S. Merwin

February 12 in Portland, OR
A celebration of Leslie Scalapino

February 14 in Hickory, NC
Kevin Young

February 15 in New Haven, CT
Edith Pearlman & Elizabeth Ziemska

February 15 – 20 in Chicago

February 17 in NYC
Ann Lauterbach & Paul Foster Johnson

February 17 in Chicago
Elizabeth Bishop’s
letters to the New Yorker

February 17 @ Villanova
Terrance Hayes

February 18 in Philadelphia
Marathon reading of Mrs Dalloway

February 18 in SF
David Wolach, Laura Elrick, Lara Durback

February 19 in Point Reyes Station, CA
ROVA Saxophone Quartet

February 21 in NYC
Joyce Carol Oates, Henri Cole

February 22 in Philadelphia
The Celestial Septet
(being ROVA + the Nels Cline Singers)

February 24 in Chicago
Edwin Torres

February 24 in Philadelphia
New Jewish Writing
with Bob Perelman,
Shahar Bram, Jessica Greenbaum,
& Rivka Fogel

February 24 in Amherst, MA
The Celestial Septet

February 25 in Boston
The Celestial Septet

February 26 in NYC
The Celestial Septet

February 26 in Philadelphia
B.E. Kahn & Mel Brake

February 27 in Baltimore
The Celestial Septet

February 28 in Washington, DC
Naomi Ayala, Valerie Martinez, J. Michael Martinez

March 3 in Berkeley
Truong Tran

March 3 in NYC
C.D. Wright & C.K. Williams

March 3 in NYC
Tiphanie Yanique & David Wilentz

March 3 & 4 in Chicago
Claudia Rankine

March 4 in Cambridge, MA
Debrah Morkum, Leslie Williams & Marc Jampole

March 6 in SF
The New Talkies:
Tisa Bryant, Jennifer Nellis, Ron Palmer, Erin Morrill & C.S. Giscombe

March 7 in London
Michael Longley & Sinead Morrissey

March 7 in Philadelphia
Daisy Fried & Sebastian Agudelo

March 10 in NYC
John Ashbery & Paolo Javier

March 10 in Chicago
Peter Nicholls

March 11 in SF
Thalia Field, Allison Cobb, Erin Morrill

March 12 in Seattle
Ish Klein & Robert Fernandez

March 13 in Portland, OR
Ish Klein & Robert Fernandez

March 14 in London
Paul Muldoon

March 14 in Eugene, OR
Ish Klein & Robert Fernandez

March 15 in SF
Jon Cotner, Andy Fitch, Kate Colby, Filip Marinovich

March 15 in Ashland, OR
Ish Klein & Robert Fernandez

March 16 @ Bryn Mawr, PA
Jhumpa Lahiri

March 16 in Chicago
Luis J. Rodriguez

March 17 in Berkeley
Ish Klein & Robert Fernandez

March 18 in SF
Divya Victor, Brian Kim Stefans, Meg Day

March 19 in Brockton, MA
Joan Houlihan & Daniel Tobin

March 19 in Santa Cruz
Ish Klein & Robert Fernandez

March 21 in NYC
A celebration of Czeslaw Milosz

with Robert Hass, Adam Zagajewski, Clare Cavanagh

March 23 @ Bryn Mawr, PA
Jorie Graham, Rachel Hadas, Susan Wheeler

March 24 in Brooklyn
Ammiel Alcalay, Julian Brolaski, Christian Hawkey

March 24 @ Villanova
Eleanor Wilner

March 25 in Brooklyn
Genya Turovskaya & Ben Fama

March 26 in Philadelphia
John Dorsey & Rebecca Schumedjda

March 26 in Providence
Ish Klein & Robert Hernandez

March 28 in NYC
Adam Zagajewski introduces
Marie Lundquist (Sweden), Tomasz Rozycki (Poland)
& Lutz Seiler (Germany)

March 28 in Wendell, MA
Whit Griffin

March 29 & 30
Lyn Hejinian

March 31 in NYC
Bei Dao & Rosanna Warren

April 4 in Philadelphia
Teresa Leo & Kate Northrop

April 5 in Chicago
Mary Karr

April 7 in Berkeley
Geoffrey G. O’Brien

April 7 in NYC
Alice Notley, Kamau Brathwaite

April 7 & 8 in Chicago
Marjorie Welish

April 8 in Oakland
Jena Osman, Brian Whitener, Ted Rees

April 12 @ Bryn Mawr, PA
Karl Kirchwey

April 14 in Chicago
Judith Goldman

April 15 in Philadelphia
Kit Robinson, Kate Greenstreet,
Ryan Eckes & Matthew Landis

April 16 in Chicago
Ari Brown, Reginald Gibbons, Mabel Kwan,
Christina Pugh, Ed Roberson, & Rachel Jamison Webster

April 16 in Brockton, MA
F.D. Reeve & Diana Der-Hovanessian

April 16 in NYC
Grand Piano at Poets House

April 21 in NYC
Michael Lally & Brenda Iijima

April 21 in Chicago
John Matthias

April 22 in Oakland
K. Silem Mohammad, Rodney Koeneke, Lindsey Boldt

April 29 in Rye, UK
The Moors

April 30 in Bury, Lancashire
Ron Silliman, Satu Kaikkonen & Karri Kokko

April 30 in Philadelphia
Nathalie Anderson & Teresa Leo

April 30 in Chicago
Nikki Giovanni

May 5 & 6 in Chicago
Jeffrey Yang

May 12 in Brockton, MA
Bert Stern & January G. O’Neil

May 13 & 14 in Salem, MA
Massachusetts Poetry Festival

May 18 – 21 in Buffalo
E-Poetry [2011]

May 21 in Philadelphia
Maria Lisella & Gil Fagiani

May 27 in SF
Joan Retallack gives the first
Leslie Scalapino Lecture in 21st Century Poetics

June 9 – 11 in Paris
Legacies of Modernism:
The State of British Poetry Today

June 11 in NYC
Debrah Morkum, Marion Bell &
Carlos Soto Roman

June 19 – July 10 in Boulder, CO
The Naropa Summer Writing Program

June 23 – 26 in York, UK
Samuel Beckett: Out of the Archive

June 25 in Philadelphia
Paul Siegell & Ocean Vuong

July 12 – 22 in Paris
T.S. Eliot and France

July 16 in Philadelphia
Poets in the Park
Thaddeus Rutkowski, Leonard Gontarek,
Chad Parenteau, Timothy Gager
join Diane Sahms Guarnieri & G Emil Reutter

July 30 in Philadelphia
Nathan Graziano & David Blaine

August 20 in Philadelphia
Poets on the Porch
Dan Maguire, Lynn Levin, Amy King,
Ana Bozicevic, Elizabeth Pallitto 
join Diane Sahms Guarnieri & G Emil Reutter

September 24 in Philadelphia
Rodger Lowenthal & Catherine Staples

October 13 – 15 in San Diego
&NOW 5 conference

October 29 in Philadelphia
Jim Mancinelli & Michael Steffan

January 5 – 8 2012 in Key West, FL
30th annual Key West Literary Seminar
with Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Lethem,
John Banville, Douglas Coupland,
Michael Cunningham, William Gibson,
Jennifer Egan, Joyce Carol Oates,
Janna Levin, Gary Shteyngart,
Dexter Palmer, George Saunders
& more



Now – January 15 in Hamburg
Tom Schmelzer

Now – January 16 in Philadelphia
Michelangelo Pistoletto

Now – January 22 in NYC
Bjorn Ressle’s Winter Salon
Ok Hyun Ahn, Lawrence Anastasi, William Anastasi,
Carl Andre, Stuart Arends, Chan Hyo Bae,
Robert Barry, Larry Bell,
Joseph Beuys, Dove Bradshaw, John Cage,
John Chamberlain, Jinkee Choi, Mark DeMuro,
Linda DiGusta, Robert G. Edelman,
Jacob El Hanani, Ron Gorchov, Jene Highstein,
Gary Hill, David Hockney,
Sook Jin Jo, Neil Jenney,
Alex Katz, Linda Karshan,
Miru Kim, Songyi Kim, Sol Kjok,
Tadaaki Kuwayama, Kakyoung Lee, Zaun Lee,
Sol LeWitt, Robert Mangold
Robert C. Morgan, Andy Moses, Gerard Mossé,
Rakuko Naito, Dennis Oppenheim, Pim Palsgraaf,
Keun Young Park, George Quasha, Robert Rauschenberg,
Lovisa Ringborg, Dorothea Rockburne, Cordy Ryman,
Ethan Ryman, Robert Ryman, Will Ryman,
Fred Sandback, Anne Senstad, Howard Smith,
Maxwell Stevens, Yuken Teruya,
Cy Twombly, Ali Van, Bernar Venet,
Merrill Wagner, Joan Waltemath, Marjorie Welish,
Mark Wiener, Leah Yerpe, Mark Zimmermann

Now January 29 in NYC
Charles Olson Centennial Exhibition

Now January 30 in Boston
The Poetry of Public Life:
Whitman, Dickinson, Longfellow & Their Contemporaries
(Dickinson – public?)

Now – February 4 in LA
Iannis Xenakis

Now – February 5 in Berklin
Mark Flood

Now thru February 6 in Berlin
Carsten Höller

Now – February 13 in Miami
Bruce Weber’s Haiti / Little Haiti

Now – March 13 in Weil am Rhein, Germany
Frank Gehry

In Washington, DC, thru March 27
Word, Shout, Sing

Now – April 3 in Chicago
Finding Vivian Maier

Now – April 13, in Philly,
Penn Humanities Forum
on Virtuality


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