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Fairfield Porter: Jimmy and John, 1957-58

Tibor de Nagy:
Poets & Painters

Talking with Rae Armantrout

2 new poems by Armantrout

Armantrout’s “magnum opus”

David Trinidad:
Miss D. Smokes

Talking with Sarah Dowling

Kit Robinson’s “Modern Living”

Turkish vispo

Chris Hamilton-Emery
saves a public poem

Joseph Torra:
“The Farmer Panics”

Michael McClure’s
Of Indigo and Saffron

The Conceptual North Pole
11 Interviews
Lytle Shaw talking with
Matthew Coolidge, Kenneth Goldsmith,
Monica de la Torre, Matthew Buckingham,
Emilie Clark, Cabinet,
Jeff Derksen, Rob Fitterman,
Gerard Byrne, Heriberto Yepez
& Lisa Robertson

“So I Shot Him”
a new story by Dashiell Hammett

Lydia Davis:
Miniatures from a mind on fire

Mark Scroggins on
academic geneaologies

Adrienne Rich:
Tonight No Poetry Will Serve

Sharon Olds
seems almost a parody”

Robert Glück:
“from I, Boombox”

Remembering F.A. Nettlebeck

William Matthews’
New Hope for the Dead

Roberto Bolaño:
Literature & Exile

Tadeusz Różewicz
Sobbing Superpower

A Mokwena praise-poet

Dodie Bellamy’s
“Family Jewels”

Adam Seelig’s
Every Day in the Morning (Slow)

Galileo & the arts

Talking with Thom Donovan

Kathy Lou Schultz’
All I Ever Had

Digging into
Lisa Robertson’s

“charm and humanity”

Iraqi poets warn Tunisians:
“the collapse of tyranny
does not mean the success
of democracy”

First non-Arab
makes it to the second round
in Prince of Poets competition

Elaine Equi
reading over people’s shoulders
on the subway

Poetry & the police

Jean Valentine’s
Break the Glass

2 poems by Kevin Killian

What Proust knew first

What do you need in order to write?

The National Book Critics Circle

31 nominees in 6 genres

Keith Tuma:
American Hybrid

Alli Warren:
“Getting Ready to Have Been Fully Ensconced”

Performance poetics
in Harare

Kenneth Koch:
“One Train”

2 poems by Bill Berkson

Late style

Even later

An elegy for Michael Gizzi
by William Corbett

Why archives are like monk fish

The Great American Novel
started here

A nation wants to switch
its second language

Taylor Mali’s
“Speak with Conviction”

Classical English Rhetoric

Ben Friedlander’s
My Vaginal Lips are Sealed

Taylor Brady’s
“Outer Space Employment Agency”

Timothy Donnelly’s
6 favorite contemporary poets

Edgar Allen Poe’s
“mystery man”
again fails to appear

But that is because
David Franks is dead

2 poems by Dion Farquhar

Kate Daniel’s “Disjunction”

Is the Jaipur Literary Festival
another example of
colonial hangover?

Not so, sez William Dalrymple

Pakistani slam poet
wins first prize at Jaipur
for the novel Home Boy

Optimism for poetry
in Jaipur

Poetry is sidelined in India,
sez Tishani Doshi

One volume of poetry
in the “Tournament of Books

From Brent Cunningham’s
Journey to the Sun

WashPo goes counter-intuitive,
will e x p a n d Sunday books section

Tada’s Forest of Eyes

Larry Kearney:
thornhill and static”

Transfer reaches 50
(taking 55 years to do so)

Going to Paul Muldoon
for help with your song lyrics

The difference between lyric & song

Lennon’s letters
to reach print

endless rain into a paper cup

Dylan signs a 6-book deal

A new poem by Jim Morrison

Jim Carroll:
what do we owe a dead poet?

John Cage:
“I don’t need sound to talk to me”

Loving Repeating:
A Musical of Gertrude Stein

Snap your fingers to The Beats

The Museum of Unnatural History
has a new idea about
the scroll

Steve Dickison’s
“from ‘Wear You to the Ball’”

2 poems by Tim Yu

Sarah Manguso
on illness

Whatever happened to modernism?

Oren Izenberg:
Poems, Poetry, Personhood

Is fact destroying fiction?

The diary as fiction

Remembering John Ross

More wild stories about John Ross
that turn out to be true

Julia Budenz,
author of a long poem,
has died

So has Wilfred Sheed

And Reynolds Price

Remembering Price

The LA Times
on Reynolds Price

In Las Cruces,
Joe Speers & Wayne Crawford

are coming to terms
with cancer

Rodney Koeneke’s
“Jazz Impressions of Gazprom”

Having hit bottom,
hiring in languages stays there

Damn Good Haiku

Talking with Ben Marcus

“Does anyone self-identify as experimental?”

Vincent Godfrey Burns
Ike’s inaugural poet

The collaboration(s)
of Wordsworth & Coleridge

A bookstore in Echo Park

Plus 3 in DC

Kostas Anagnopoulos
“Excuse Me”

Monica Youn’s

Heaney’s Chain

Brodsky’s genius

Walcott wins the TS Eliot prize

In NJ, Laurie Byro is
Poet of the Decade

The shortlist for
the Irish Times Poetry Now

Picador prize goes to
Richard Meier

5 books of poetry

Talking with Alex Gregorio

Eaven Boland at Pepperdine

Shakespeare without words

Defining Shakespeare’s
“fair friend”

Bill Maher: Twain Weck

New careers for the mustachioed

Censoring Huck Finn is nothing
consider the case of tobacco

The politics of Andrew Marvell

J.D. Salinger: A Life

William Burroughs’ Queer
gets a “25th anniversary” edition

Burroughs on courage

Video games with Allen Ginsberg

Neal Cassady,
family man & bigamist

Being at the Be-In
(in the video, onstage at the beginning,
L-R are Gary Snyder, Michael McClure,
Allen Ginsberg & Joanne Kyger)

The advice in Saginaw:
be unique

Brian Ellis,
“more basement show than MFA”

Griselda Garcia’s
Hallucinations in the Alfalfa

Peter O’Leary:

David Biespiel’s
Every Writer has a Thousand Faces

Arielle Greenberg's
"Three Pear Trees"

Liz Lochhead is Scotland’s Makar

Meet your Makar

Remembering Robbie Burns
& WG Sebald

Roland Barthes writes a novel

Ish Klein’s
“Line of Reality”

The view from Borges’ window

Honoring Wislawa Szymborska

Joyce Carol Oates:
Give Me Your Heart

The title story

Living with Isherwood

Sherlock Holmes in Minnesota

The best e-reader

Read & walk
at the same time

McSweeney’s has an app

As does Robbie Burns

How to review poetry
in The Rumpus

30-word reviews

How to turn your book
into a handbag

Mexican myths from a severed head

Reliving Iraq
through Slaughterhouse Five

So it goes

An account of
the Avant Writing Symposium
(in Spanish)

Poetry + Film =
Slope 47

New books from
Geoffrey Squires, Andrew Nightingale
& Gautam Verma
in Shearsman’s impressive catalog
of free e-books

Norwich, UK, a town for books

E-chaps from H_NGM_N

Rereading Thomas Gray

Matthew Dickman celebrates Stafford

The late great Henry James

William Gibson’s
Zero History

Donald Barthelme

With Hemingway in Havana

Talking with Paul Siegell

In Juneau,
a contest for poetry on the bus
through OmniBus

CK WilliamsWait

Ms. Hardwick, perfect bound

Elegists of finite wisdom

The beatification of David Foster Wallace

The philosophical novel, if any

Define your terms

A biography of
Claude Lévi-Strauss

Another of Habermas

Cornell West,
meet Steve Colbert

James Miller’s
Examined Lives

All Things Shining

Lives Worth Living
in a Secular Age

Talking with Lewis Hyde

The revolution
will be friended

Martin Luther King,
the comic

And the socialist

Toward a post-nationalist
comp lit

The GOP war on culture
is on

The NEA is on the GOP list of cuts

What if they gave a science war
& only one side showed up?

Irony is good!
quote unquote

The 100 best-selling
Christian books
of 2010

Poets join
to rescue St. George

from the far right

10 ways to make the most
of your
visiting-artist budget

The value of putting
free courses online

E-books are hot,
hard copy not so much

E-books & university presses:
this is the inflection point

Now B&N shuffles execs
& lays off buyers

Why Paoli
(my home town)
is not the name of an
Apple font

Thoreau’s cellphone

Here comes Qwiki,
creating video narratives
via search engine

Digital humanities =
“the cool kids’ table”

But hiring committees
are still very much “old school”

Clough’s defense of censorship
is to deny that
this is what it is

In a hole,
Clough just digs deeper

And deeper

Arts groups protest
bumbling Smithsonian director

In Russia,
censorship can be more harsh

Not to mention Chicago

Or Zimbabwe

The price of committing journalism
in Zimbabwe

Temporary hegemonic zones

Paint like a surrealist

Peter Schjeldahl
on Gordon Matta-Clark

The Literary Supplement
Claude Royet-Journoud


David Hockney on the iPad

The Julian Assange Coloring Book

New Russian graffiti
(in Spanish)

The stolen & damaged work of art
in the age of opportunity

All in the family: The Woodmans

Architect (& former baby-sitter)
Frank Gehry

Infinite City

Tao Lin + whipped cream + Bebe Zeva
= a documentary

Billionaires play at education

Debra Hughes on Tucson

Larry McMurtry on Tucson
& the courage of Clarence Dupnik

Does banning assault weapons really work?
The stats from Virginia say yes

Glenn Beck &
Frances Fox Piven

Nietzsche goes to Tucson

deserves an award
for most magical e-journal

So much more good poetry in
Shampoo 38
than I could link to here

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

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