Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Talking with Anne Waldman:
“From the Larynx”

A poem from Liu Xiaobo

The laureate’s curse

13 poems from Sharon Mesmer

Chapter 1 of Robert Duncan’s
The H.D. Book,
just out from UC Press

Clayton Eshleman on Paul Blackburn

ah, so, yes

Young Ez

Digital maps of Robert Creeley’s email

Creeley’s edge

William Burroughs: disturbed

Robert Kelly reads at Bard

Anne Gorrick’s I-Formation Book I

Tom Beckett interviews Anne Gorrick

Arkadii Dragomoshchenko
reading & talking at Kelly Writers House

Plus reading at the Bowery Poetry Club

Thomas Devaney
getting eidetic with James Castle

Talking with Eileen Myles

Putin’s worst nightmare
is a poet

Rosmarie Waldrop’s
Driven to Abstraction

Elie Rajaonarison
has died

A memorial for Laura Hershey

David Gitin’s The Journey Home

Talking with Reb Livingston

Tom Pickard’s
“Merlin & Larkin”

The impact of Basil Bunting

Frank O’Hara
& the history of gay America

Talking with CA Conrad

Dear Sandy, Hello:
Letters from Ted to Sandy Berrigan

A new website for Leslie Scalapino

The Kenning Anthology of Poets Theater

Less than 1% of poetry books in the UK
are by Black or Asian poets

Three poems by John Tranter
along with commentary

Richard Hell on Jim Carroll’s Petting Zoo

ReScript Books:
bringing back lost classics

Literary “pod people©

Google teams with indie book dealers

A Google Books preview

What will indie e-booksellers do now?

So much for loaning books

Poet of the Year:
Rae Armantrout

Reading Rae Armantrout in Brazil

Sina Queyras’ “Euphoria” explained

A syllable counter

25 outstanding book covers of 2010

Affinities & inspiration

Poetry & poverty

Wild & strange language

The dangerous new world
of digital verse

Close reading aloud:
Linh Dinh, Julia Bloch & Frank Sherlock
on Norman Fischer

Visiting Edwin Denby’s
Mediterranean Cities

Mediterranean Cities

Denby reading

Pinsky reading

Mark Truscott’s magic numbers

Talking with Sarah Rosenthal

Close-reading Anne Carson

Two poems by Anne Carson
(subscription required)

George Stanley & Barry McKinnon

Chinua Achebe @ 80

Michael Robbins riffs on Spicer

The GoodReads Choice Awards

A view of the scene in Chicago

Sawako Nakayasu’s Texture Notes

A sea cruise
with David Foster Wallace

A long, long, long, long, long
interview with Wallace

Michael Wood reads Finnegans Wake

Should MIT teach poetry?

Will newspapers survive?

on the subjects of
© & permission

Turkey’s national anthem
has no

What about videos & ©?

Robert Kelly’s Fire Exit

The most widely read article
on the Poetry Foundation
website in 2010
was by
Jim Behrle

F. Scott Fitzgerald, reading
the works of others

A NY Times obit for
Bella Akhmadulina

There Will Be Blood

And drawings

Lydia Beyoud recommends
North African émigré writers

Hank Lazer on Lissa Wolsak

Lissa Wolsak’s Squeezed Light

Talking with Sergej Timofejev

5 poems by Timofejev

Amy Catanzano
talking Multiversal

Meredith Quartermain’s
Recipes from the Red Planet

Peter Quartermain’s
Disjunctive Poetics

Fiction vs. poetry
in the treatment of alcoholism

The Jane Austen Fight Club

Daisy Fried on last poems

The December issue of Poetry

The essayist / poet as hacker

Joanna Klink’s “The Grave”

The minimum number of books
in Harvard’s libraries
that are bound in human flesh

Is American poetry at a dead end?

What’s wrong (& not wrong)
with American poetry?

Poetry’s rich web portals

Emmanuel Moses & Hédi Kaddour

Literary landscapes from the modern Middle-East

Maghreb poets meet in Tunisia

Mark Young’s
At Trotsky’s Funeral

Young’s Some Geographies

4 pieces by Kate Greenstreet

Brenda Hillman’s
“In High Desert Under the Drones”

Steve Davenport’s
Uncontainable Noise

Some notes on sound
in the work of
Andrew Zawacki & Andrew Joron

Our brains are wired
to hear ourselves speaks

What inspires you?

2 poems from Orlando White

Anna Rabinowitz Present Tense

A gift list of women’s verse

Joel Chace’s Cleaning the Mirror

A decade of bookstore closings

San Francisco bookstores

Literary SF

Philly’s used bookstores

Publishers Weekly’s
Man of the Year:
the chair of Barnes & Noble

World’s most expensive book
sells for $11.5M

Read it here

Mark Scroggins:
My Vergil problem

& other Xmas shopping ideas

Poetry bumper stickers for 2011 AWP:
“Got Silliman?”

Carol Dorf on Camille Martin

Thomas Fink interviews Joanna Fuhrman

the lights of Tulsa spread out flat”

Les Murray:
A life in writing


Daniel Pritchard on Ben Lerner

Mean Free Path

Ben Lerner & Lisa Robertson

Paul Bowles’
“All Parrots Speak”

An elegy for Leslie Nielsen

Vegetables & verse

Libraries in literature

7 amazing libraries

Chicago to expand its libraries

W.S. Merwin
talks to librarians

Merwin sounds the alarm

Books on reading
by Orhan Pamuk, Pat Conroy & David Ulin

Ulin on Darwish

Is there a lit mag in this class?

Culture in Nazi-occupied Paris

Porn stars reading poetry

Bush poet shares poetry

The secret message behind
“Lay off the MFA students”

The Victorian MFA debate

My narratives, my self

Storytelling 2.0

Help Tim Burton write this story

Patti Smith:
learning to love books in Philadelphia

Ilya Kaminsky
appointed head of
Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute

Secret chamber in India’s National Library

Become a fictional character
for free speech

How (not) to blog

How to read,
an alternate point of view

Poor teachers make poetry a bore
alleges Andrew Motion

Multilingual academic literacies

Mapping metaphors in haiku

What do we want
© to do?

72 new reviews in all
in Galatea Resurrects

W.D. Ehrhart’s
The Bodies Beneath the Table

Post-traumatic poetry

Slam Week in Kathmandu

Poetry Idol in Berwyn, IL

Jennifer Harrison’s Colombine

Why The Cloud Corporation?

Paul Auster’s Sunset Park

Remembering Mishima

Adam Gopnik gets it wrong

& its children

Gary Snyder & Jim Harrison
argue for etiquette

Robert Sward nominated for Pushcart

Glenn Beck:
“Liberals suck at poetry”

Rachel Zucker
on the problem of marriages

Saving Haiti with poems

Top bookplates on etsy

Isherwood in the Sixties

100 years after the death of Tolstoy

The digital analysis of Victorian literature

20 titles to add to the NY Times
100 notable books list

A year in Latino poetry

The Washington Post’s
Best Fiction & Poetry of 2010
includes just 2 poetry titles

The year in poetry
the way The Guardian saw it

Poetry best-sellers of 2010
(small presses need not apply)

Eleven Best Poetry Books of 2010
from Dan Chiasson at The New Yorker

Amazon awards Words Without Borders

“10 contemporary books
that challenged
white, male literary dominance,”
NY trade fiction division
(in which Roberto Bolaño turns out not to be white)

Saying No with T.S. Eliot


A new title for Strunk & White

US poet wins Dylan Thomas prize

Accused of being a poet”

Writing poetry in English in Sri Lanka

John Updike
& the curious business
of sustaining literary reputations

Talking with John Updike

Lies, damned lies
& the autobiographical novel

Chabon to head MacDowell Colony

Huxley vs. Orwell,
the comic

A memoir of Stieg Larsson

Genre fiction is exactly that

Tintin & H.P. Lovecraft

Why are the laureates all poets?

The women in Yeats’ life

Djelloul Marbrook’s
Brushstrokes and Glances

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen’s 4NDd2O

Lucien Stryk’s Issa

Ian Fleming interviews Raymond Chandler

Barry Hannah’sLastward, Deputy James”

Talking with William Gibson

Elmore Leonard’s Djibouti

Elmore Leonard:
This much I know

Saul Bellow’s Letters
are a novel

Jackie O as editor

Marilyn Monroe & John Keats
as told by the dog

Dennis Lehane’s Moonlight Mile

4 dead logophiles

The Robert Burns museum

2 of this year’s NEA winners
from upstate NY

Thomas Glasco,
Colorado’s senior poet laureate

Patricia Tarbox,
New Hampshire’s senior laureate

Glenna Holloway,
Illinois’ senior laureate

The foundation behind
the senior poets’ competition

Muldoon reading

Kavanagh winner
writes poetry out of
memories of hurt

Can fictive sex ever have artistic merit?

Defending confessional poetry in 2010

Whose realism?

Talking with Volya Hapeyeva

7 poems by Hapeyeva

In which language poetry
brings down the world system

Full, too full of hobbits

UK word-of-the-year is…
Big Society

An award for words
moving from British to American English
& vice versa

The Last Lingua Franca

The end of English

New Chinese poetry

Poetry by Zhimin Li

Translation as ambassador

Foreign language poetry
broadens the mind

Teaching SLANGuage

& documenting same

Talking with Efe Duyan

6 poems by Duyan

Jesse Glass’
Yin & Yang Eat at Me

Pairing poetry
with the NY Times

Kafka does standup

Aphorisms Я Us

Tina Fey, Mark Twain & the dingbat right

Twain stopped the clocks

Jonathan Franzen does Oprah

Franzen on overrated books

Franzen on underappreciated books

Cult pulp fiction

Eavan Boland reading

Remembering Larkin

Heaney poem fetches 4,800

Coming face-to-face with yourself

Language in the theater

David Cross writes poetry?

A small play in Brooklyn
is clearing the bookshelves

10 actors turned literary authors
(But no Harry Northup,
no Leonard Nimoy!

MFA student hosts the Oscars

14 actors acting

Finally, a Thomas Pynchon book
as a movie

The lively afterlife of Bruce Conner

They’ve raised enough $$
to make a documentary
that Shakespeare
wasn’t Shakespeare

The value of Shoah

Truman Capote’s profile of Marlon Brando

Christoph Menke:
The Sovereignty of Art:
Aesthetic Negativity in
Adorno & Derrida

Book covers with glittery mouths

The resurrection of “degenerate art

The National Portrait Gallery
chickens out on
David Wojnarowicz

Talking with curator David Ward

Gay-bashing at the Smithsonian

March for a banned video
which can be seen
here in NYC
& here in DC

Lucky him

Art criticism in the age of the internet

Susan Philipsz:
sound as art

On Paul Thek @ the Whitney

Photography & pain

Photographing Hemingway

The photography of Jan Watten

Galleries are moving to the Bowery?

Arms race of the mega-galleries

Who buys what art?

Picasso & the electrician,
Picasso & the chauffeur

Talking with Joe Zucker

Sargent as impressionist

Hedda Sterne

A note from Dore Ashton

Nassos Daphnis has died

Peter Greenaway’s Last Supper

Why Mahler?

Michael Heller & Ellen Fishman-Johnson
Out of Pure Sound

Handel, skin orgasms & personality

A guide to jazz & pop singers

Mahmoud Darwish’s musical synthesis

What you heard
was not what you got

Social networking
to raise funds for the arts

United States Artists

Khaled Mattawa wins $50K

Portraits of the mind

The cognitive cost of expertise

The academy as commodity

Claude Lévi-Strauss:
The Poet in the Laboratory

Fighting words:
anthropology (is) (is not) a science

A Darwinian theory of beauty

Navigating past nihilism

Slavoj Žižek:
The end of nature

Terry Castle, critical outlaw

Alain Badiou:
The Communist Hypothesis

Wittgenstein after Norway

Wittgenstein sure is pretty

What is philosophy?

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