Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sea & Spar Between:
being a collaboration between
Herman Melville & Emily Dickinson


Nick Montfort explains

Jerry Rothenberg
on collaboration & Pierre Joris

Talking with Rae Armantrout

Reading Versed

Eliot Weinberger
reads George W Bush

Fiona Templeton’s The Medead

John Tranter’s Starlight

Talking with Kenny Goldsmith

Marilyn Hacker on
Gwendolyn Brooks, H.D. & Muriel Rukeyser

Dan Machlin’s Dear Body

Should Mary Oliver stop writing?

Liu Xiaobo’s empty chair

C.D. Wright’s One With Others

Close reading the links list

Is SF to poetry
what NYC is to fiction?

NYC’s subways
give up on poetry

The impact of a prison library

Happy Ideas

Publishers see their role
as gate keepers shrink

& turn to teen critics
for YA insight

Indie bookstores opt in
to Google’s ebook scheme

A single sentence
to say it all

Orhan Pamuk’s
“The Fading Dream of Europe”

Did Jean Toomer
“pass as white”?

High praise for Elizabeth Bishop

Gillian Clarke
wins the Queen’s Gold Medal

Jim Carroll’s A Petting Zoo

Saint Genet

has a 30% end-of-the-year sale

on all its best sellers

Buy it now!
Signed first edition of
Thomas Pynchon’s
Crying of Lot 49

Talking with Walter Mosley

The fate of
Tao Lin Studies

What would Cavafy tweet?

Talking with Karen Alkalay-Gut

Why do we write at night?
(And why doesn’t The Guardian
know how to spell
Allen Ginsberg’s name?)

Oprah & Franzen:
a tale of two personalities

Tom Waits & James Wright

If a lion could speak,
it might be David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace:
using “like” as punctuation

Village Books in Pacific Palisades, CA

B&N in Pasadena

Henry Gould:
“personalism” without the personal

Burn this poem

Plan to cut subsidizing
books for kids

not sitting well with British writers

Alexander Solzhenitsyn:
The Relentless Cult of Novelty

Will the word processor
destroy our ability to think?

The book as app

To sell a used book on a Kindle
you have to sell the Kindle

Michael Earl Craig’s Thin Komono

Talking with Craig Czury,
the laureate of Berks County, PA

William Burrough’s
The Junky’s Christmas

Tennyson frozen

Some problems with
modern Polish poetry
in translation

Why isn’t Thomas Bernhard
more famous in English?

Lucien Stryk, haiku master

When poetry in the schools
gets a little rough

What to do with the Koran
written in Saddam Hussein’s blood?

How to write
like an average undergraduate male
(True Flarf!)

Electronic submission services

A Memorious year

Short reviews of books
from American Poet
All the Whiskey in Heaven: Selected Poems, by Charles Bernstein
Shahid Reads His Own Palm, by Reginald Dwayne Betts
The Desires of Letters, by Laynie Browne
(nevertheless enjoyment, by Elizabeth Bryant
Juvenilia, by Ken Chen
The Morning News Is Exciting, by Don Mee Choi
The Wind Blows Through the Doors of My Heart, by Deborah Digges
Dead Ahead, by Ben Doller
Chora, by Sandra Doller
Bird Lovers, Backyard, by Thalia Field
Out of Sight: New & Selected Poems, by Eamon Grennan
The Living Fire: New & Selected Poems, by Edward Hirsch
Anamnesis, by Lucy Ives
Holding Company, by Major Jackson
Time of Sky & Castles in the Air, by Ayane Kawata,
translated by Sawako Nakayasu
Raptus, by Joanna Klink
Child of Nature, by Luljeta Lleshanaku,
translated by Henry Israeli & Shpresa Qatipi
Unsound, by Jennifer Martenson
World Enough, by Maureen McLane
The Available World, by Ander Monson
Iowa, by Travis Nichols
Diwata, by Barbara Jane Reyes
R's Boat, by Lisa Robertson
Other Flowers: Uncollected Poems, by James Schuyler
Destruction Myth, by Mathias Svalina
The Salt Ecstasies, by James L. White
Wait, by C.K. Williams

Charles Portis:
A cult writer’s cult writer

T. Kilgore Splake’s
Splakeus & Lillies

Ian McMillan’s
Best of 2010
includes Ruth Fainlight & Elaine Feinstein
plus a book of poems for kids

Remembering Munir Ahmed Niazi

Stephen Burt on Timothy Donnelly

Jesse Glass’ Lost Poet

Muldoon’s Maggots
worm their way

It’s a hard rood:
some questionable translations
from the Anglo-Saxon

Just how cold is Robert Frost?

The Guardian’s
2010 “best books” tally

SF Comical’s
Best Poetry Books of 2010”

An NPR “best poetry” list

Raymond Chandler’s “I’ll Be Waiting”

Jonathan Safran Foer’s Tree of Codes

Chad Sweeney’s Parable of Hide and Seek

The autobiography Saul Bellow never wrote

Bellow Whinges

The poetry Lemony Snicket reads

Sylvia Plath’s very busy 2010

debauches the educational value
of verse

Rebuilding the Globe Theater

Berlin gets a gift of art

Jack London: Photographer

Jill Moser’s prints
of Charles Bernstein’s poems

at Wade Wilson in Houston

Picasso: the mystery deepens

“10 best” street art “moments”

That point between installation & movie
in the work of Tsai Ming-liang

Ayman Mokhtar on prosodic cinema


A history of film titles

That landmark moment in cinema:
the Star Wars pre-quels

2 sides of the African-American oral tradition

Hip-hop’s money trail

A © controversy
over the lyrics of a rap song
by the president of Uganda

Because the night
belongs to Patti Smith

Remastering Elvis

John Zorn’s homage
to Bill Burroughs

Bill Burroughs & Iggy Pop

Talking with Andrew Whiteman
of Broken Social Scene

Ken Edwards & Daniel Silliman
compare Captain Beefheart to Thelonius Monk

Madame Thai Thi Lien:
The force behind Vietnam’s classical tradition

Transcribing Jeremy Benthem

Academic capitalism
& the siege of the British university

The “10 best” Chelsea Hotel moments