Thursday, December 23, 2010


Rob Halpern’s
“Becoming a Patient of History”

Rosmarie Waldrop’s
Driven to Abstraction

Brian Kim Stefans
Bank of America Online Banking:
A Critical Evaluation

New poems by Rae Armantrout
plus a teaser for an interview

Talking with Laura Moriarty

Lyn Hejinian’s
The Fatalist

Jaimy Gordon’s
Lord of Misrule

2 articles on Dean Young’s health

Haiku Hero!

Robert Grenier’s JOEs

New work by Rusty Morrison

Conceptual fiction with Carol Mirakove

The incredible shrinking Paul Goodman

Syria’s underground poetry scene

Michael Scharf on “personalism

A.D. Jameson’s
“What’s so new about the New Sentence?”

Talking with A.D. Jameson

2 new poems by Anselm Berrigan

Poets do brood
(like this is news)

“A” & the big e
& that ain’t All

Jordan Davis on Thomas Sayers Ellis

Jenny Erpenbeck’s Visitation

Kent Foreman has died

Kathryne Lindberg has gone missing

Remembering Steve Orlen

New work from Thom Donovan

New work from Amy King

End times for bookstores?
Not if they can help it

The printed page is alive & well
but e-books are here to stay

Judging e-book readers
by their cover

On Bern Porter
& Bay Area literary magazines

Charlie Plymell on
Neal Cassady 1963

Rick Mullin’s Huncke: A Poem

William Burroughs:
Objects from the Bunker

Francis Bacon & William Burroughs

Defending Creeley from
“the thought police
(apparently that’s me)

The poetry of public life

Longfellow’s revisionism

Kristian Sendon Cordero’s

John Sakkis’ Rude Girl

Extensive Immanence:
An archive of works of 1,200 pages+

Marcus Slease:
from Primitive Pianos

All 3 volumes of
John M Bennett’s
Textis Globbolalicus
can be downloaded here

Sheila Heti’s second novel
& what’s wrong with American trade publishing

Craig Santos Perez:
“SPAM’s Carbon Footprint”

5 poems from Del Ray Cross’ Anachronizms

Aharon Shabtai’s War & Love / Love & War

Dousing books in urine at Harvard
an accident, not a hate crime

Galassi’s Leopardi

Wilbur at 89

The promise of e-books

Is your e-book spying on you?

Google’s word search tool
for identifying frequency historically
among 5.2 million books

Goodbye prosody, hello poetics

“52% of the English lexicon…
of lexical ‘dark matter’

Google’s “reading level” search filter

“Poem looked up on Google Streetview

Judging books by their covers

3 new poems from Elizabeth Robinson

Typewriter fans, unite!

Will smart pens find a market?

John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe

Аарон Белз (Aaron Belz) in Russian

New work by Joseph Donahue

The Sherlockian

Laundromat literacy

Liu Xiaobo’s book of poems
coming from Graywolf

Poetry’s role in protest

Donald Revell’s The Bitter Withy

Brandon Brown’s rollicking translation
from Catullus

Amidst globalization,
what do we read (& how)?

Whitman’s three-tiered
taxonomy of poetry

Whitman’s Lincoln

The 9th issue of Past Simple is neither

PN Review,
Carcanet’s house mag,
is now fully online to subscribers
(with a goodies available to those who are not)

Talking with John Ashbery

“At the dead centre of Eliot
is a dark confessional
into which none of his poems has ever entered
and from which none of his poems has ever emerged”

Michael Schmidt’s “The Politics of Form” (1973)

Javier Marías Your Face Tomorrow

Meng Haoran’s “Spring Dawn”

Talking with Matthew Lippman

In its never-ending fight against poetry,
Scarriet goes after Stephen Burt

Modernism takes a beating too

David Sedaris’ “book tour tip jar”
raked in $4,000

Rudy Rucker on
Burroughs’ letters to Ginsberg

B.S. Johnson’s The Unfortunates

James Tate, talking with Charlie Simic

Derek Walcott in Toronto

Readings from Seattle’s Equinox Studios

Ten years of the InterBoard Poetry Competition

The “Indianness” of Indian writing

Jane Austen @ 235

First edition of Emma
sells for

Proof of Yeats’ dalliances
for 17,000

Taking stock of rare book catalogues

Keynote videos
from the Modernist Studies Association
in Victoria, BC

Poems by Ewa Chrusciel

Writers’ partners

Indian poets in China

Oprah’s misguided view of literature

Carl Crawford will NOT
open a rare books shop in Boston

Mary Oliver’s Swan

2 short poems by Sylvia Plath

An insider look
at Seattle’s outsider poet

Talking with Christian Bobin

Bobin’s “Promised Land”

Garrison Keillor on Mark Twain

13 “best of 2010” book lists

Books of the year: poetry

2 books of poetry in the
Boston Phoenix
“Top 10 Must-Read Books of 2010”

The “most important” contemporary poet

The “17 most important
poetry books of 2010

Edward Byrnes’
“top ten blogposts of 2010”

Blogging with Montaigne

Talking with Daneen Wardrop

Talking with George Saunders

A role for fonts in the academy

Words of the year

The most irritating word:

Tales without words

The poetry of money

Poetry cuff-links

Robert Walser died on Xmas

Thomas Hardy’s “The Oxen”

R.T. Smith’s “Orchard of One”

A Klingon Christmas Carol

Shakespearean characters
write to Santa

How bad can Xmas poems be?

A KickStarter page for
Terminally Illin
cancer comics

The art of Anonymous

Bridget Riley
runs rings around us

European Commission rules
that works by
Dan Flavin & Bill Viola
are not art

The photography of John Vachon
of the American Midwest

George Pickow has died

More museums show
David Wojnarowicz’ banned video

The streets are ahead of the galleries

Michelangelo Pistoletto
@ the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Pistoletto’s Cittadellarte

Il Postino, the opera

Simon Rattle @ the Met

NY Times’ obit of Don Van Vliet

NPR on Captain Beefheart

& the BBC

Remembering Mr. Beefheart

Plus here too

O Captain! My Captain Beefheart

The Inky has a more skeptical take

Weezer time machine

Is Bob Dylan the Brett Favre of music?

Lyrics to
The Times They Are A-Changin
sell for $422,500

Margaret Tedesco, seeing dance
in every form of art

Women of the avant-garde

The debate over censorship
@ the Smithsonian

The value of higher education
vs. that of learning

Laureate International:
the global for-profit university
whose honorary chancellor
is Bill Clinton

Talking with
Mondo Guerra & Michael Costello

The “crisis” of the American intellectual

SNL, then & now

The most successful
new religion
of the past 1300 years is…

When zombies win

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