Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Recently Received

Books (Poetry)

Tim Atkins, 1000 Sonnets, If P then Q, Manchester, UK, 2010

Macgregor Card, The Archers, The Song Cave, Northampton, MA, 2010

Nicole Cooley, Milk Dress, Alice James, Farmington, ME, 2010

Martin Corless-Smith, English Fragments: A Brief History of the Soul, Fence Books, Albany, NY, 2010

Nick Demske, Nick Demske, Fence Modern Poets, Albany, NY, 2010

Shira Dentz, Black Seeds on a White Dish, Shearsman, Exeter, UK, 2010

Steven Felicelli, White, Purgatorio Press, location not given (but St. Louis / Mountain View, CA), 2010

Graham Foust, To Graham Foust on the Morning of His Fortieth Birthday, The Song Cave, Northampton, MA, 2010

Valerie Fox, The Glass Box, Texture Press, Norman, OK, 2010

Allen Ginsberg, Kaddish and Other Poems, 1958 – 1960, Expanded 50th Anniversary Edition (with essays by Bill Morgan & Allen Ginsberg), City Lights Pocket Poets, no. 14, San Francisco, 2010

Jonathan Greene, Distillations and Siphonings, foreword by Robert Morgan, Broadstone Books, Frankfort, KY, 2010

Julia Hastain aka j/j hastain, Restitutions for a Newer, Bountiful Verb, ypolita, San Francisco, 2010

Lisa Jarnot, Amedillin Cooperative Nosegay, The Song Cave, Northampton, MA, 2010

Mary Leader, Beyond the Fire, Shearsman, Exeter, UK, 2010

Juliana Leslie, More Radiant Signal, Letter Machine Editions, Chicago, 2010

Farid Matuk, This Isa Nice Neighborhood*, Letter Machine Editions, Chicago, 2010

Harry E. Northup, The Ragged Vertical, Cahuenga Press, Los Angeles, 1996

Jena Osman, The Network, Fence Books, Albany, NY, 2010

Shin Yu Pai, Adamantine, White Pine Press, Buffalo, 2010

Craig Santos Perez, from Unincorporated Territory [Saina], Omnidawn, Richmond, CA, 2010

Adam Seeling, Every Day in the Morning (Slow), New Star Books, Vancouver, BA / Point Roberts, WA, 2010

Michael Slosek, Holding Place, Ypolita Press, San Francisco, 2010

Chris Tysh, Night Scales: A Fable for Klara K, United Artists, NYC, 2010

Anja Utler, engulf – enkindle, translated by Kurt Beals, Burning Deck, Providence, RI, 2010


Books (Other)

Norma Cole, To Be At Music: Essays & Talks, Omnidawn, Richmond, CA, 2010

Steve Katz, Time’s Wallet, Counterpath Press, Denver, 2010

Oliver Rohe, Vacant Lot, translated by Laird Hunt, Counterpath Press, Denver, 2010

Nathalie Sarraute, The Use of Speech, translated by Barbara Wright, Counterpath Press, Denver, 2010

Jim Shepard, Gojira: King of the Monsters, Solid Objects, NYC, 2010

Robert Sheppard, the given, The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, UK, 2010

Robert Walser, Answer to an Inquiry, translated by Paul North, Ugly Duckling Press, Brooklyn, 2010

The North Georgia Gazette and Winter Chronicle, Green Lantern, Chicago, 2009. Originally published by John Murray in London, 1821. Includes Sir William Edward Parry, Lily Robert-Foley, John Huston (the 19th C. explorer, not the director), with original artwork by Daniel Anhorn, Deb Sokolow, Rebecca Mir & Jason Dunda. Introduction by Michael Comenetz.



One Ded Cow, San Francisco, 2010. Includes Donato Mancini, Ariana Reines, Burt Ritchie, Errol Davis, Nada Gordon, Richard Loranger, Baruch Porras-Hernandez, Paula Bomer, Lewis Warsh, Adam Fagin, Roxane Gay, pElvis Jones, Kristen Kadner, Hollie Hardy, Mike Young, Samantha Boudrot, Kenton DeAngeli, Paul Montes, George Pfau, Rachel Foster, Melanie Farley, Ted Rees, J.P. Dancing Bear, Jarrod Thornton, Jesse Bradley, & Janey Smith

Open Letter, 14th Series, no. 4, Strathroy, ON, Fall 2010. George Bowering: Bridges to Elsewhere, guest edited by Ian Rae. Includes Karis Shearer, George Bowering, Michelle Hartley, John O’Brian, Jamie Dopp, Patricia Roy, Jessica Langston, Jonathan Ball, J.A. Weingarten & Anne-Marie Wheeler.

Telephone, issue 1, Brooklyn, NY, Fall, 2010. Includes poetry of Uljana Wolf, translated by Mary Jo Bang, Priscilla Becker, Susan Bernofsky, Macgregor Card & Megan Ewing, Isabel Fargo Cole, Timothy Donnelly, Robert Fitterman, John Gallaher, Matthea Harvey, Christian Hawkey, Erín Moure, Eugene Ostashevsky, Nathaniel Otting, Craig Santos Perez, Ute Schwartz, & Uwe Weiß [NB: There are only 5 poems in the issue, but each appears to have been translated separately by most if not all of the translators.]


Other Media & Formats

Jennifer Bartlett, Anti-Autobiography, Saint Elizabeth Street / Youth-in-Asia Press, Brooklyn, 2010. Hand-made papers, hand-made covers, a beautiful letter press collection of poems, whose dimensions vary I suspect from copy to copy as well as from page to page. Design by Andrea Baker.


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