Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Armantrout’s Money Shot
is “a stunner”

Geoffrey Gatza’s
2010 Thanksgiving Feast menu
& poetic cycle celebrates
David Shapiro

Talking with Kim Lyons

Monica Youn’s Ignatz

Talking & talking & talking
with Tao Lin

Terrance Hayes’ Lighthead

Pierre Joris: Justifying
Justifying the Margins

Talking with Sheila E. Murphy

Lisa Robertson, Edward Hirsch
& Derek Walcott

all make the NY Times
100 Notable Books of 2010 list

Dwight Garner puts Kay Ryan
at the top
of his personal list

The Guardian asks all their writers
& gets quite a lot of poetry,
including John Ashbery & Timothy Donnelly

Timothy Donnelly’s The Cloud Corporation

19 poets recommend 19 titles

Talking with Margaret Atwood

Lunar Chandelier reading report

Poets provide relief to Cockermouth

Laura Hershey has died

So has Simon Powell

Bella Akhmadulina has died

Carol Malyon:
poet without an email address

400 pages of poetry:
The Equalizer: First Series
Emily Anderson, Stephanie Anderson, Nathan Austin,
Owen Barker, Jim Behrle, Aaron Belz, Mark Bibbins, Summer Block,
Amick Boone, Samantha Caan, CAConrad, Macgregor Card, Laura Carter,
Adam Clay, Shanna Compton, Joshua Corey, John Cotter, Matt Cozart,
Cynthia Cruz, Barbara Cully, Alana Dagen, Peter Davis, Richard Deming,
Buck Downs, Jill Alexander Essbaum, Katherine Factor, Noah Falck,
Lucas Farrell, Carol Fink, Corrine Fitzpatrick, John Gallaher, Allison Gauss,
Henry Gould, Whit Griffin, Shafer Hall, Matt Hart, Mike Hauser,
Jennifer Michael Hecht, Matthew Henriksen, Brian Henry, Ernest Hilbert,
Mark Horosky, Andrew Hughes, Curtis Jensen, Douglas Kearney, Evan Kennedy,
Amy King, Mark Lamoureux, Katy Lederer, Ada Limón, Reb Livingston,
Travis Macdonald, Chris Martin, Kristi Maxwell, James Meetze, Jason Myers,
Alexis Orgera, Cate Peebles, Craig Santos Perez, Christopher Rizzo,
Christopher Salerno, Morgan Lucas Schuldt, Ravi Shankar, Don Share,
Kevin Shea, Evie Shockley, Carmen Giménez Smith, Lytton Smith,
Cosmo Spinosa, Janaka Stucky, Maureen Thorson, Tony Tost,
Jo Turner, Eric Unger, & Cody Walker

Presentation is metaphor

Talking with Robert Creeley

John Tranter’s tribute to
the “most exciting” book of 1960:
Fred McDarrah’s The Beat Scene
with an intro by Elias Wilentz

A multi-media presentation on
Black Mountain College

Cedar Sigo on John Wieners

Talking with Nathaniel Mackey

Steve Benson is a PIP

Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Draft 82” & “Draft 88
translated into French by Chris Tysh

“2010 Top English Professor Blog Award”

Talking with Robert Archambeau

CAConrad & Eileen Myles
reading in Baltimore

Charles Olson in Connecticut

Charles Olson at the Harbor

The Battle of Gloucester:
Vincent Ferrini meets Charles Olson

Little Charlie Goes to Gloucester

A novel of Gloucester

Talking with Michael Palmer

Part one of a bill bisset documentary

A poetry collective
in 1970’s Bombay
(now Mumbai)

Bookthug’s fall launch videos include
Meredith Quartermain
Kate Eichorn
Mark Truscott
Stephen Cain
Steven Zultanski
Michael Boughn
Victor Coleman
(note 2 links each for Michael & Victor)

Philip K Dick’s “masterpiece years”

A Coke ad featuring Laura Lee Burroughs,
mother of William

Her two books on flower arranging

Talking with Michael Boughn

Reading Europe

Erasing five years of writing
on purpose

Annie Finch:
What makes a poem?

What would I want with images?

Talking with Mark Young

Rob Fitterman’s complete works
are online

Studying poetry at Harvard in the 1990s

Dan Thomas-Glass reading

Jaimy Gordon’s
Lord of Misrule

Spanish alphabet
loses two letters

Maureen Freely
on the art of translation

Why Lydia Davis
has the best translation
of Madame Bovary

Writers pick
their favorite translations

James Frey
& the scandal of MFA funding

America’s 2 literary cultures:

42 NEA fellows in poetry

The TV history of poet
Lowell Kelly

Wislawa Szymborska’s Here

Ali Ghazanfari
& the German-Iranian poetry connection

After protests,
VS Naipaul withdraws
from European Writers Parliament

© infringement award:
$1.3 billion
(with a B)

How Google can save
America’s books

Kenward Elmslie’s aide
convicted of stealing
the poet’s artwork

Apply now
to become California’s
next poet laureate

Some Capacities & Fallacies
About Literary Hybridity:
A Card Game

In the UK, Forward Press
goes belly up

Mary Jo Bang’s
The Bride of E

John Olson: 5 prose poems

Is Houellebecq’s the first good novel
about art?

John Cotner & Andy Fitch, reading

Cotner & Fitch:
conversation over stolen food

Some poems by Joan Cofrancesco

John Oliver Simon’s neglectorinos
Ed Smith
d.a. levy
Donald Schenker
Rebecca Parfitt
Charles Potts

Ed Baker, reading
(part 1) (part 2)

Lowell memoir:
“even truly bad books can be gripping”

the most unlovable man ever”

The “fly on the wall” cathartic

The smell of Lawrence of Arabia’s
copy of Ulysses

Rethinking T.E. Lawrence

Talking with Dennis Cooper

2 poems by Kazim Ali

Grzegorz Wróblewski:
from Kopenhaga

Talking with John Koethe

Talking with Philip Davenport

Aaron Belz’ Lovely, Raspberry

From the files of David Foster Wallace

The middlebrow literature of Ian McEwan

Tom Waits
to publish first book of poems

Talking with Brenda Hillman

Badiou: On Beckett

America’s greatest word

Talking with Floyd Abrams
about the First Amendment

Sex advice from poets

Viewing Apollinaire
through the eyes
of other war poets

Zach Savich: 4 poems

Walking in Steinbeck’s dark boots

2 poems by Ezequiel Zaidenwerg

A profile of McNally Jackson Books
in NYC

How Unnameable Books
got its unname

Using poetry
to teach computers to speak

Hip-hop language lab

W.D. Ehrhart’s
The Bodies Beneath the Table

Andrew Marvell, Chameleon

A poem for the royals?

The poet gets a kidney

Is it possible to write of
Sam Willetts poetry
without mentioning heroin?

Without MS,
there wouldn’t be all these poems”

The science of stuttering

Twitter taunts test limits of speech

Anger & poetry

Pat Conroy’s characters
& the people behind them

Bellow unbound

Guerrilla distribution of poetry by
Poncho Peligroso

Talking with Aimee Bender

Jay Parini’s novel of Melville

Dermot Healy, Seán Lysaght
& Micheal O’Siadhail

Internet stunts vs. blurbs
is there a difference?

An Xmas list for UK Quietists

“I’m too tired to think when I read”

defending the commonweal

Things Charles Simic learned
at dinner

The life & poetry of WS Graham

The life of Ted Kooser
set to music

Patti Smith on Democracy Now

A curved frame

Kinetic typography


Mark Flood:
Bitch Moves

Signage: Motel

Ed Ruscha: word works
(these are not poems)

Ian Hamilton Finlay: word works
(these are poems)

Paul Thek’s “teaching notes”

How do you make ordinary art into
Black Art?

Rauschenberg @ Gagosian Chelsea

Rauschenberg slide show

Underwater sculpture

Sophie Crumb, crazy artist

Recycling an installation
under water

Frank Gehry since 1997

Elina Brotherus

“I was an art spy for Mute Magazine

False promises
at the Museum of Contemporary
Canadian Art

Talking with Tom Schmelzer

A night at the museum

My Chemical Romance
writing to the demographic

Paul Muldoon vs. Ke$ha

All Day by Girl Talk:
Mashup Breakdown

Jay-Z Decoded

2 articles by Dan Chiasson
about the reading habits
of the band
Magnetic Fields

David Lynch, pop star

Mozart’s debt

Anthony Braxton on Woody Shaw

Apollo’s Angels:
A History of Ballet

Kings of Dance

Jennifer Homans,
ballerina turned historian

GOP mounts more attacks
on NPR

New Jersey looks to dump
public television

Auret van Heerden
on the global nature of labor

Field philosophy

Why French scholars
flock to the US

Blog Theory

A random act of culture

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