Monday, November 08, 2010


Now – November 14 in Philly,
First Person Festival

Abstraction Revisited
Chelsea Art Museum
Now – Nov 27

Now – December 17 in Philadelphia
Charles Burwell

Now – January 9 in NYC
The Perpetual Peace Project

Now – April 13, in Philly,
Penn Humanities Forum
on Virtuality

Now – December 1 in Brockton, MA
Emily Dickinson
is the focus of The Big Read

November 8 in Baltimore
Tan Lin

November 8 in Chicago
Joshua Kotin workshop:
“Reading Ezra Pound & J.H. Prynne
in Chinese”

November 8 in NYC
Jennifer Karmin & Brandon Shimoda

November 8 in Philadelphia
A seminar on Thomas Kyd’s
A Spanish Tragedy

November 9 in Philadelphia
Indivisible: A First Anthology of
South Asian American Poets

November 9 in Brooklyn
Mina Pam Dick, Marcella Durand & Jeremy Sigler

November 9 in Berkeley
The psychedelic partnership of
Allen Ginsberg & Timothy Leary

November 9 in NYC
Contemporary art auction @ Sotheby’s

November 9 in Philadelphia
Chimamanda Adichie

November 9 in Philadelphia
CA Conrad, Tara Murtha, Shanna Compton

November 10 in NYC
Donna de la Perrière & Dana Ward

November 10 in Vancouver
Adam Seelig

November 10 in NYC
Cue Foundation benefit auction

November 10 – 29 in NYC
David Armstrong

November 10 in NYC
Contemporary art auction @ Sotheby’s
(different work from 11/9 auction)

November 10 – 11 in Buffalo
Aldon Nielsen

November 10 in London
A celebration of Edmund Blunden

November 11 in NYC
John Ashbery

November 11 in NYC
Stephanie Gray, Dawn Lundy Martin & Nathaniel Siegel

November 11 in Bryn Mawr, PA
Charles Simic

November 11 in Boston
Ben Mazer & Annie Freud

November 12 in Philadelphia
Cynthia Arrieu-King, Kevin Varrone,
Craig Santos Perez & Tyler Antoine

November 12 in Glasgow
Vanessa Place

November 12 in NYC,
Ezra Pound poetry reading
with Eliot Weinberger, Kristen Prevallet, Rosmarie Waldrop,
Richard Sieburth, Mathew Rohrer, Sam Anderson
& Ian MacNiven

November 12 in NYC
Gary Snyder

(Poets House members only)

November 12 in SF
Omi Osun Joni L. Jones, Sharon Bridgforth, Shia Shabazz,
Krissy Mahan, Rajasvini Bhansali & Maiana Minahal

November 12 in NYC
Michael Dickman

November 13 in Philadelphia
CAConrad, Tina Darragh, Marcella Durand,
Brenda Iijima, Patrick Lucy, Hoa Nguyen
& Jonathan Skinner

November 13 in Venice, CA
Judith Pacht & David St. John

November 13 in Perkasie, PA
It’s All About Writing Fiction

November 13 – 14 in Kent, UK
Charles Olson 2010

November 14 in Portland, OR
Jennifer Calkins, Amina Cain,
Doug Nufer, Pam Ore, & Christine Wertheim

November 14 in Chicago
Joanna Fuhrman & Suzanne Buffam

November 14 in Chicago
Thomas Lynch

November 14 in Portland, OR
Jennifer Calkins, Amina Cain,
Doug Nufer, Pam Ore, & Christine Wertheim

November 14 in SF
Vijay Iyer Trio

November 15 in NYC
Alice Notley, Edmund & Anselm Berrigan

November 16 in Philadelphia
Susan Bee

November 16 in NYC
Leslie Scalapino’s play
Flow (Winged Crocodile) / The Trains

November 17 in Philadelphia
Ammiel Alcalay

November 17 in SF

November 17 in Philadelphia,
Claudia Swan:
Counterfeit Chimeras

November 17 in Philadelphia,
Ammiel Alcalay

November 18 in NYC
Eileen Myles & Stacy Szymaszek

November 18 in Philadelphia
Rachel Pastan
: The Anatomy of a Grant

November 18 in SF,
Cedar Sigo & Simon Pettet

November 18 in NYC
Charles Wright

November 18 in Seattle
Kazim Ali & Sarah Vap

November 18 in Venice, CA
Voices Against Big Oil

November 18 – January 22 in Philadelphia
The Wolfman Paints

November 19 in Buffalo
Amy Gerstler

November 19 in Venice, CA
Border Poets

November 20 in Venice, CA
Dominique Lowell & A. Razor

November 21 in Chicago
Kim Rosenfield & Karen Weiser

November 21 in Oakland
Tisa Bryant & Jeff Derksen

November 21 in Venice, CA
Florence Weinberger & Michael Miller

November 22 in Buffalo
Lisa Robertson

November 23 in Philadelphia
Salman Rushdie
(auditorium sold out)

November 27 in Philadelphia
Louis McKee & Jeffrey Ethan Lee

November 28 in Portland, OR
Christian Hawkey

November 29 in NYC
Lynn Behrendt, Joe Elliot & Vyt Bakaitis

November 30 in Philadelphia
Kate Eichorn & Jenny Sampirisi

December 1 in NYC
Mozart, J.D. McClatchy & The Met

December 2 in Chicago
Vanessa Place &Jennifer Karmin

December 2 in Chicago
Johan Jönson, Sarah Riggs and Cole Swensen

December 3 in Brooklyn
Conjunctions’ Urban Arias
with Brian Evenson, Karen Russell, Paul La Farge,
Stephen O’Connor, & John Madera

December 4 in Cambridge, MA,
Iranian poet Karimi-Hakak reading Hafez

December 5 in Chicago
The Kenning Anthology of Poets Theater

December 5 in Concord, MA
Ron Slate

December 6 in London
Tom Raworth & Hugo Williams

December 6 in Philadelphia
A.V. Christie & Elizabeth Scanlon

December 8 in Philadelphia
Patti Smith
(auditorium sold out)

December 9 in NYC
Galway Kinnell

December 10 in Seattle
Robert Wrigley

December 10 in NYC
Marie Howe

December 11 in SF,
Rob Halpern gives
the George Oppen Memorial Lecture

December 12 in Chicago
Bhanu Kapil

December 12 in Portland, OR
Kristen Gallagher & Chris Alexander

December 13 in NYC
Monica Youn, Kathleen Graber & James Richardson

December 16 in NYC
Charles Bernstein & Tim Peterson

December 18 in SF,
4 films by Nathaniel Dorsky

January 6 – 16 in Key West
Key West Literary Seminar

January 6 – 9 in LA
Modern Language Association

January 10 in Philadelphia
Susan Stewart & Leonard Gontarek

January 14 – 17 in Cape May, NJ
18th Annual Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway

January 17 – 22 in Palm Beach, FL
Palm Beach Poetry Festival

January 20 in Philadelphia
Jemeel Moondoc Trio

January 23 in London
TS Eliot Prize shortlist reading

January 24 in London
Fiona Sampson & Mimi Khalvati

February 11 in Bolinas, CA
W.S. Merwin

February 14 in Hickory, NC
Kevin Young

February 17 in NYC
Ann Lauterbach & Paul Foster Johnson

March 7 in London
Michael Longley & Sinead Morrissey

March 7 in Philadelphia
Daisy Fried & Sebastian Agudelo

March 10 in NYC
John Ashbery & Paolo Javier

March 14 in London
Paul Muldoon

March 19 in Brockton, MA
Joan Houlihan & Daniel Tobin

April 4 in Philadelphia
Teresa Leo & Kate Northrop

April 16 in Brockton, MA
F.D. Reeve & Diana Der-Hovanessian

April 21 in NYC
Michael Lally & Brenda Iijima

April 30 in Bury, Lancashire
Ron Silliman, Satu Kaikkonen & Karri Kokko

May 12 in Brockton, MA
Bert Stern & January G. O’Neil

May 18 – 21 in Buffalo
E-Poetry [2011]

June 23 – 26 in York, UK
Samuel Beckett: Out of the Archive

October 13 – 15 in San Diego
&NOW 5 conference


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