Tuesday, November 23, 2010


New Directions’ new colophon

On Patti Smith

National Book Award-winning novelist
Jaimy Gordon
has deep roots in the small press,
post-avant world

Early poems by Terrance Hayes

No fairy tales at the NBA

But surprise all around

A Ayyappan has died

So has Norris Church Mailer

Talking with John Tranter

Jena Osman’s The Network

Rosmarie Waldrop:
“By the Waters of Babylon”

Stephen Ratcliffe’s thousand-page poem cycle
Remarks on Color / Sound
is the second volume in a trilogy
of such works, of which
Human / Nature was the first

Rejecting Wittgenstein’s Mistress

Jonathan Safran Foer
doesn’t have this problem
when he does his
Ronald Johnson schtick

Allen Bramhall on Paul Blackburn

Bramhall’s ongoing interview
with Jeff Harrison

has now reached the 150th exchange

Allison Cobb’s Green-Wood

The Atlantic on slow poetry

In Australia, Roberta Sykes has died

The world still doesn’t recognize
women writers

The riddles of Tillie Olsen

Dodie Bellamy:
The Howe Connection

Giving voice to women’s poetry

The women of Pop Art

Difficulty in the work of Leslie Scalapino

3 poems by the San Diego “firecracker

Rae Armantrout:
A Californian in the infidel east

Rae Armantrout’s
selections for the Omnidawn Poetry Prize

& the winner is Kelli Anne Noftle

Poetry, promotion, polemics
& language writing

The lesson on Langpo

Evolving English

The cognitive economy

Stories vs. statistics

Olson at Kent

“Constructed Anarchy”
Marjorie Perloff on Cunningham & Cage

“From the Bombast of Vachel Lindsay
to the Compass of Noise:
The Papers of Bob Cobbing

at the British Library”

Ever Saskya’s visual sound poems

Encyclopedia Project reading
at Small Press Traffic

Scientists decode birdsong

The problem with accents

Typo analysis

Reading a typo
in the work of Paul Celan

Pierre Joris:
on the history of British poetry

A win for penmanship

Describe your work in a single word

Jane Unrue’s Life of a Star

The average reader

Poetry divides people

Online literary journals come of age

S/N: New World Poetics

Joseph Beuys & the problem of ©

A guide to the © issues
of multimedia projects

Joan Dudley takes to the streets

The Telephone Project

& a second round

Nathalie Stephens’
We Press Ourselves Plainly

Rita Dove & Haki Madhubuti
share the Hurston/Wright Legacy Prize

Jerome Rothenberg
on US Poets in Mexico

On the work of Ko Un

Remembering Young-Moo Kim

Translations by Brother Anthony of Taizé

Writing in Setswana

Poets fete Fela

Martín Espada on
colonialism & the poetry of
rebellion in Puerto Rico

Duo Duo’s advice to writers:
Grow up

Hans Keilson’s
Comedy in a Minor Key

Western influences
in Bangladeshi poetry

Irish poetry news roundup

Séamas Cain
takes The Prairie Gaeltacht

back to Ireland

The lit mag returns,
bathed in technology

Orhan Pamuk’s
The Naïve and Sentimental Novelist

Ange Mlinko & Gertrude Schnackenberg

Robert Pinsky
on the king of Snark

Who’s funnier: Chesterton or WC Fields?

Philip Lopate on Thomas Bernhard

2 books by James Longenbach

Reading The Kindly Ones

Owen Sheers’
A Poet’s Guide to Britain

Adam Zagajewski
receives European Poetry Prize

The Page Turner Awards Winners

Clive James on Christian Wiman

Some nudes by Sara Mumolo

Some translations by R.H. Blyth

Adam Roberts:
7 Poets I Love
(Oppen, Spahr, Christensen, Carson,
Rankine, Creeley & Lerner)

Translating Kerouac’s haiku into Persian

Kerouac gets whacked in
On the Bro’d

William Burroughs: A Man Within

William Burroughs in Palm Beach

William Burroughs living the good life

William Burroughs: Naked Emotion

A film about Burroughs, the myth

A review so negative that it leads
with a homophobic title

Cursed from Birth

Living with Bukowski’s ghost

“Modern” books are too long

Roy Fisher makes the Costa short list

Costa can’t find enough biographies

Publishers have lost interest

Spain rediscovers Miguel Hernandez

Jews, poetry & the avant-garde

Mr. Conrad is not a Jew”

A profile of Iain Haley Pollock

Learning Gullah

Saadullah Shah’s Mixing Shadows

On David Shapiro

Brad Flis Peasants

Editing Austen

Poetry mashups

Maya Angelou, Yo-Yo Ma, Jasper Johns,
Bill Russell & Stan the Man

among Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients

Dorothy Porter’s The Bee Hut

Talking with Wendell Berry
(scroll down a little)

Defending Robert Hass

& here, here, here, here,
here & here

Michael Robbins responds

Zakariya Amataya:
Thailand’s Sunni Beat poet

Talking with Mike Prime

Rescuing Canadian poetry
from the international obscurity
of its famous poets

Leonard Cohen
has a poem on his time
in the Communist Party
in the new Five Dials

Minor poets, major works

Let children be the judge
of a good book

Billy Collins meets his reader

The Bard of Lard

Poetry & the flight from meaning

Chew your poems properly

Giving up politics for poetry

Michael Kelleher on
Kent Johnson’s conspiracy theory…

As modified by fear of litigation

Nominate your frenemies for this year’s Jories

Daniel Pritchard on
the decline of the School of Quietude

CB Follett,
Marin’s poet laureate

Kiki Petrosino’s “Ragweed”

Lauren Levin on Merry Fortune’s
Ghosts by Albert Ayler

Deborah Poe’s Elements

Four Minutes to Midnight: Fugue XI
collaboration & appropriation

Looking back at Soft Skull

Fighting to keep freedom of speech

Some testimony

Blogger freed in Egypt
after 4 years of prison

Why you should not ban hate speech

19 US senators
who voted to censor the internet
one who is trying to stop them
(note the different descriptions of the same bill)

Singapore jails British author

Censorship, judgment & Amazon

World’s greatest bookshops

NY Times profiles Austin’s BookPeople

Which stores survive
& which do not
in the Joseph-Beth

In Memphis, Davis-Kidd survives

But not in Nashville

Bookstore thriving despite the odds

4 booksellers look to the future

As textbooks go digital
campus bookstores will go bookless

What they’re reading
on college campuses

One way to promote books

French deal may signal breakthrough
in Google books deal logjam

21 genres of fiction
as distinct from categories
of which “literary” is only one

The value of the letter

The Offending Adam’s
holiday book list

Leopardi’s daybook

Zim poets in Chinese anthology

In Lagos, poetry for national rebirth

Collection spans
modern Mideast’s literary landscape

Mr. Walcott egrets

Tolstoy’s great estate

An index of the PIPs

The remains of Michael Chabon’s
Fountain City

Günter Grass:
yet another memoir

Harry Potter’s true nemesis

Paul Auster’s Sunset Park

Mark Twain’s runaway best-seller

This is Mark Twain

This is Mark Twain settling scores

“Hunting the Deceitful Turkey

Another best-selling author

What Green Apple Books
has decided to do
with profits from
W’s book

Poetry & boxing

Poets aren’t pugilists

Elena Fanailova
makes the poltical personal

A memoir by Ivana Lowell
(daughter of Robert)

An excerpt via Google books

Poets’ Paradise in Sierra Madre

Les Murray – a life in writing

Who is the better western novelist,
McCarthy or McMurtry

Report from Victoria:
Edgar Guest or Robert Service

John Gallaher on MFA programs

Henry Hart
wins the Weinstein prize

Talking with John Hayes

Don Paterson’s Degree of Sight

No bullying found at VQR

Ben Lerner: Letter from New York

A profile of John Ashbery

Lottery rescues Dickens’ house

Plain-speaking Mary Oliver

Lucian Blaga:
Romanian neglectorino

The Pocket Essential
Literary Theory

(registration required)

Pat Conroy’s favorite Southern novels

Cynthia Ozick’s Foreign Bodies

F.A. Nettlebeck’s Happy Hour

What makes a poem right for a wedding?

Gregory Corso
wrote the best one ever

Talking with Lan Samantha Chang
about her Iowa City roman a clef

The unopened letter in the Vonnegut Library

$100K to the library

Libros Schmibros

Elmore Leonard:
what to leave out

Why 10,000,000 novelists
keep writing

Another book for kids
from Salman Rushdie

Saul Bellow’s search
for the vernacular

Nadine Gordimer’s non-fiction

Picador will re-release
Don DeLillo’s novels
in the UK

Misreading Gulliver

Size doesn’t matter
when it comes to book awards [?]

A digital key to unlock the humanities

What bloggers owe Montaigne

James Frey:
collaboration as plantation

Aimee Bender + 100

Collaboration in the humanities

Yet another review of Antonia Fraser’s
memoir of Harold Pinter

Writers Gone Wild

Ann Beattie’s
The New Yorker Stories

Promoting literature on
juice bottle labels

Talking with W.S. Merwin

Merwin interviewed
at the Library of Congress

“To read Muldoon
is to reread Muldoon

Muldoon’s “meaty” Maggot

The Big Other’s
Wallace Stevens’ fest

David Biespiel on Wallace Stevens

Larkin in love

Walt Abbott on flarf

Fashionista flarf

Taking off poetry’s clothes

Best books of 2010:
the airport edition

Is the “new” Paris Review any good?

Interviewing Houellebecq in PR

Talking with Gerald Stern

All’s Quietist on the TS Eliot Prize shortlist

Deal clears way for Giller Prize novel
to make it to paperback

Andrew Motion on
Poets of the Great War

Nick Laird reads
Anglo-Saxon poetry in translation

As does Jane Hirshfield

& Molly Peacock

& famous Seamus

Eliot’s Four Quartets

Refudiate this!

Top words for 2010

Is there a future for Slate?

Spalding Gray’s archives
head to Texas

When Yeats won the Nobel

Chekov’s genius eludes us

Turning Wittgenstein on his head
right-side up

Translation, film & the ESL student

Another Gatsby flick,
this time with DiCaprio

John Cusack is Poe

The trailer for Jane Eyre

Film Socialism

Talking with Martin Scorsese

Fifty years of Lee Friedlander

Photography prof
embeds camera in his head

Jack London, Photographer

Nathan Oliveira has died

John Perreault on Paul Thek

Painting by Jack Yeats
sells for

Is contemporary art
“spoiling” Versailles

Takashi Murakami is no competition
for the Sun King

An unseen Rossetti
goes on display

Avant-garde time capsule
in Polish apartment

Anselm Kiefer @ Gagosian Chelsea

Reassessing the Shanghai Biennale

The politics of “deaccession

Best prep school museum?

The Chaim Gross Studio

Berlusconi gets it up
for art restoration

A biography of John Cage

Not being Cagey

John Adams on John Cage

Sex, drugs & rock-n-roll

A NY Times Book Review podcast
stretching from Keith Richards to John Cage

getting the world to admire
your spiral notebooks

John Lennon in NYC

Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel
were never lovers

Alfred Corn on Stephen Sondheim


Philip Glass’ new opera:
Kafka’s The Trial

The countertenor

GOP attempt to cut NPR funding
falls short, at least for now

Frederick Law Olmsted
& the campaign for public health

Thurston Moore to teach at Naropa

The sexual politics of
Pee-wee Herman

A month in a museum

Does anthropology
have a future?

What is intelligence?

Wittgenstein & Asperger’s syndrome

Philosophy does not contribute
to our knowledge of the world”

In the UK,
graduate unemployment hits a new high

There is no college cost crisis

The Shadow Scholar

iPad “newspaper”
created by Steve Jobs & Rupert Murdoch

Lewis Menand on late night TV

The missing unicorn in NYC


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