Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Mimi Gross & Charles Bernstein
Some of These Daze
(64MB PowerPoint file)

5 poems by Aimé Césaire
from the unexpurgated first edition of
Soleil cou coup

Talking with Edwin Torres

Rachel Blau DuPlessis’ elective affinities

P. Lal has died

The Collected Essays of
Robert Creeley

2010 “Sexiest Poem” award goes to
Brenda Iijima’sPanthering

Can Philadelphia love Sonia Sanchez?

Numbers trouble
at the Academy of American Poets

Germane Greer:
no fan of D.H. Lawrence

A Poetics of Radical Evil

Talking with Vanessa Place

Thom Donovan:
The New (Chor)us

Hiromi Itō’s Killing Kanko

E.C. Osondu’s “Waiting
(Winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing)

Julian Barnes on translating Flaubert

Thinking about sentences

The poetry code

The little shop of banned books

Dragging the book into the future

The Poetry Foundation’s iPhone app

Say “H

A tour of the alphabet

Talking with Harryette Mullen

Stephen Ellis’ Opulence

Stephen Kessler on Luis Cernuda

Rachel Levitsky’s Neighbor

Timothy Donnelly:
“the HEAD, by way of the EAR”

Robert Hass’ The Apple Trees in Olema

Travelling with Leslie Scalapino

This is not “A Barbie Doll with Horns

Giller Prize winner is already o.p.
(D&M has acquired paperback rights)

Big prize, little publisher = big problem

Matthew Zapruder’s “It is Tuesday”

Zapruder’s Come on All You Ghosts

On Dunstan Thompson

Dorothea Lasky’s Black Life

Frank O’Hara:
the cosmopolitan

2 translations of Rilke
that drain the life from his best line

Is Muriel Spark too funny
to get respect?

Talking with Paul Auster

The agents move to Brooklyn

Sunset Park & Herb Score

Gary Snyder & The Practice of the Wild

Gary Snyder @ Poets House

Talking with Allison Carter

Talking with John Updike

Anthony Mellors “Postmodern Self-Fashioning”

Tony Lopez replies:
“Poetics and Institutional Embarassment

Roberto Bolaño’s Antwerp

Reading report:
the Sarabande series @ 21c in Louisville

Talking with James Longenbranch
about Wallace Stevens

Ulysses & the senior center

Otoliths 19 is now online

As is the Fall 2010 issue of BlazeVOX
(30 MB, 467 pages)

Ditto issue 3 of Nowhere
with Larry Fagin
on the invention of the corn dog

Mark Young on Michael Gottlieb’s
Memoir and Essay

A funnier review from Randy Wheeler

4 contemporary Native American poets

A poem by John Cornford

Alex Grant’s The Circus Poems

Ben Doller’s Dead Ahead

Michael Smith’s Multiverse

Talking with Robert Archambeau

Peter Middleton:
Language Public and Poetry

John Hall:
5 minutes on poetry & public language

Catherine Martin
on Middleton & Hall: No way out

Creative writing pedagogy
for the YouTube generation

Remembering Ron Offen

Talking with Anne Rice

Rob Schlegel’s The Lesser Fields

Kathleen Graber’s The Eternal City

Michel Houellebecq’s The Art of Struggle

Hint Fiction

Srečko Kosovel’s Look Back, Look Ahead

Talking with Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Nate Pritts & Matt Hart
do the tourist trap thing in NY

Close reading John Ashbery

Cole Swensen’s Flare

This is your brain on metaphor

The most popular way to read an e-book

Most beautiful college libraries

Karen Tei Yamashita’s I Hotel

We’ll always have McSorley’s

What jobs for a poet?

Libraries reinvent themselves

NY Times to publish e-book
best-seller list

Samuel Amadon’s Like a Sea

Mining the poetry of Ed Lahey

Excavating Daryl Hine

Fall & All:
6 Quietists celebrate the season

Dean Young’s The Art of Recklessness

Coleman Barks on
Rumi’s The Big Red Book

A poem by Carl Phillips

Franzen’s Freedom

The Impac Dublin longlist is announced

Saul Bellow’s Letters

English was Bellow’s third language

Roth returns to Newark in Nemesis

Celebrating Huck Finn

Rating Twain

The Autobiography of Mark Twain

Andrew Motion’s Rousseau

Put Bush’s memoir where it belongs

Maybe W wasn’t
the most clueless Yalie ever

Talking with Lorin Stein

UK artists
warn against education funding cuts

Kevin Killian & Wayne Smith’s
The Shakers

Tyler Perry’s Ntozake Shange:
“both operatic and tone deaf”

You are Not I

the most successful actor ever

What we see when we look

The faces of philosophy

Sam Falls:
Painted Flowers & other photographs

Photos by Linh Dinh

Barry Schwabsky on Nancy Spero

Leo Castelli: the opportunist

Jeffrey Deitch: the opportunist

Jack Levine has died

The plinth where nobody cared

Barn murals with poem

Interesting exhibitions
in faraway places

Margaret Drabble
looks at Vincent Van Gogh
but forgets to look at the painting

Will Florida pardon
Jimmy’s Willie?

Lily Brown on Courtney Love

I’d like to be trusted again

“Get me out of movie prison

The “experimental” music scene
in the SF Bay Area

Shakespeare & Rufus Wainwright

For the love of rap

A history of rap as literature

Straight outa Comp 101

Finding the measure

Hélène Cixous
on the rights of men & women
in France

The sociology of hip

Collapse III:
Unknown Deleuze [+ Speculative Realism]

is out of print
& available free of charge online

Liu Xiaobo’s lawyer
to sue China

The latest “I am Spartacus
comment on the conviction
of Paul Chambers
for excessive hyperbole

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