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The Merwin Conservancy

Talking with W.S. Merwin

safe choice,” “safe poet

Kevin Killian on Secret Historian

Money Shot
& 32 other poetry titles
to look for in 2011

Rae Armantrout takes center stage

Candice Ward has died

So has George Cain

So has Philippine poet Ophelia Alcantara-Dimalanta

& Romanian poet Adrian Paunescu

Lewis Hyde’s Common as Air

Talking with Hannah Weiner

Talking with rob mclennan

Talking with Nadine Gordimer

Close reading aloud:
Jena Osman’s “Dropping Leaflets”

CAConrad in The Nation
(subscription required)

Poetry’s 49th parallel:
Canadian / American shibboleths

Liu Xiaobo,
a hero for our time

Talking with Suzanne Buffam

Talking with Alice Fulton

Conceptual Writing 101

The Atlantic
on flarf

“Younger flarf poets
are lobbying for Argentina

Bridge Street Books

How much is
Politics & Prose
really worth?

Joseph-Beth shuts two stores

The kids don’t read

When language slips away

Save the Words!

Not dead yet

Many UK lit orgs
are threatened by fund cuts

London’s International Festival of Poetry
was “vulgar nonsense”

Janusz Szuber & Ewa Lipska

Networking with Zadie Smith

Cole Swensen in The Nation
(subscription required)

David Markson & “naïve art”

How did you spend
your 10,000 hours

Talking with Ann Cotten

5 poems by Cotten

The poetry of Luke Breit

A “literary friendship”:
Bob Hass & Morton Marcus

Connecting the dots between
Allen Ginsberg & Morton Marcus

James Wright trashes Allen Ginsberg

Howl remains relevant

On the process of interviews
at The Paris Review
+ the new, revised edition of
Olson’s Muthologos

NaNoWriMo has begun

Even better – Don’t

Or do!

A poem a day
& it actually accomplishes something

I’m famous at AWP

TS Eliot
& the demise of literary culture

Armitage plans “Olympic gig”

Leopardi on “contemporary poetry”

Blake’s America, 2010

Tao Lin in Germany

Anna Hallberg, reading

Hallberg talking
with students at Penn

Amit Chaudhuri on short list
for South Asian literary prize

Arundhati Roy’s home
besieged by nationalists

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s

Evelyn Lau’s Living Under Plastic

Cynthia Ozick’s Foreign Bodies

Herman Melville:
Sometimes a whale is just a whale

What is left to say about a white whale?

The lost rhymes of Wonderland

Talking with Paul Auster

Jörgen Gassilewski, reading

Gassilewski talking
with Penn students

Geraldine Monk / Alan Halsey:
Broadside for a reading in Madison, WI

Networks of modernism

Michael Sledge’s
The More I Love You

Jack Foley on Michael McClure

Zadie Smith & Barack Obama

Margaret Atwood,
avatar designer

Writers Gone Wild

Horacio Potel on

An illuminated chapbook

Turn your pathetic handwriting
into a font

Saving (or not)
the serial comma

The Tea Party’s
Capital Punishment

44 ways of looking at

Cliché Finder

Becoming Thoreau

Dinaw Mengestu’s
How to Read the Air

John Knechtel’s Air

Take a somatic bus ride

Mesostics for Dick Higgins

aND & Elizabeth Was:

Advancience Snakespeared

Antonia Fraser:
“My Life with Harold Pinter

Must You Go?

Edith Wharton:
“A Journey”

Journey to Ithaca

Defending Jane Austen

Jane Austen in Oregon

the best thing” in
James’ Portrait of a Lady

Literary antidotes to rom coms

Emerson’s “The Snow Storm”

The Righteous Skeptic’s Guide
to Reading Poetry

Adam Roberts:
What makes a poem worth reading?

My lunch with Ilya

Astrid L’Orange’s
Pussy pussy pussy what what
Au lait day Au lait day

Translating Dogen Zenji

Translating Kay Ryan
into 25 languages

Recent trends in German writing

A profile of O.N.V. Kurup

Geoffrey Hill,
hanging with the archbishop
& writing a lot more

The poetry of rap

Rap as poetry

Muldoon’s Maggot

Jennifer Chang’s “Love After Love”

Translating Tada Chimako

Vargas-Llosa keeps on teaching

García Márquez
is writing a new novel

Why languages in college
are not just a “nice to have”

Talking with Mark Neely

What Lawrence’s peers
thought of Lady Chatterly

9 non-writers
who influenced literary history

Schomburg Center
acquires archive of
Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou & James Baldwin
walked into a bar…

Jimmy Baldwin

A letter from Malcolm X

Günter Grass on the judgment of history

Joyce Carol Oates’ Sourland

John Fowles, Jean Stafford, Jane Gardam

Alaska’s fiddling poet,
Ken Waldman

Travels with Poe

Matthew Zapruder’s
Come On All You Ghosts

Blurb pops up in SoHo

Freedom of speech
applies to tattoos

Literary tatts in the New Yorker

A quiz on Poets & Poetry

Poetry’s new rules of engagement

Walt Whitman’s grief

O’Hara / Whitman

Staten Island reads Chinese poetry

Hidden haiku

Sam Hamill translating
any other than Bash
ō, Buson & Issa

Playing “baseball”
with Jack Kerouac

Kieran Daly’s Live Cams

Talking with Traci Brimhall

Melville House
withdraws from prize competition
to protest Amazon involvement

best books of 2010

Amazon’sTop 100
(2 Quietists at #s 74 & 92)

The NookColor
won’t save B&N

Seth Abramson:
The New Face of
the Creative Writing MFA

Mark Scroggins & Seth Abramson
on the “professionalization” of the
“unmarketable” MFA

Cory Doctorow:
making $$ thru self-publishing

The Book Cover Archive

The sorry state of
the rejection letter

An appeal to poetry editors

Which literary character
is a Facebook addict?

Shakespeare criticism
that feels like blogging

A Poet’s Guide to Britain

Google maps the route to
a National Digital Library

North Beach Library
“not a landmark”

Library pleas for help preserving Dickens

Whiting Awards announced

Curtis Bower reading report

Louise Glück:
“It’s a flaw in the work”

To judge a prize named for John Lennon
let’s pick Carol Ann Duffy
(He’d appreciate the irony)

Here is why

Not the Booker Prize:
a mug’s game

No prizes?
Franzen will survive

But Houellebecq gets the Goncourt

“Premier Christian Poet” Andrew Hudgins

Julie Sophia Paegle’s
Torch Song Tango Choir

Merging poetry with science for kids

The return of Archie Ammons

The Tell-Tale Murder

Talking with E.J. Wagner

Thomas Bernhard:
the music comes first

Ben Ehrenreich on Tom McCarthy

The American critic

Mark Twain:
not an American
but the American

Twain’s brand management

Naipaul’s Masque

Saleem Peeradina’s Slow Dance

John Donne’s Sermon
Preached at the Spital
with [homemade] Sound Effects

Walcott’s verse
“as potent as ever”

A cowboy Candide

The “thorny moral dilemmas” of
a “regular guy

Baseball poems & trading cards

Young poets of the SF Giants

Adios, Pelota!

Mary Oliver’s Swan

The tweets of Dana Guthrie Martin

Full Metal Poem

Talking with MC Hyland

Christian Campbell
wins the Aldeburgh Prize

Talking with Gay Talese

Talese’s The Silent Season of a Hero

Philip Roth’s Nemesis

Saul Bellow’s Letters

Ray Bradbury “wrote me back”

Remembering Qeisar Aminpour

On Auden’s Yeats

The poetry & reminiscences of
Marilyn Monroe

Happy Birthday, Ez

Talking with Gayatri Spivak

Mark Vonnegut’s
battles with bipolar disorder

Jonathan Lethem goes Hollywood,

The Fall of the Book

Supreme Court briefs
on the video game censorship case

Censoring Al Qaeda’s videos

The latest videos from
The Continental Review
include Sawako Nakayasu & Dana Ward

Uncensoring John Osborne

“Tyler Perry
mangles Ntozake Shange’s play”

For Colored Girls:
“a serious achievement

A night of Poets’ Theater

The patriotic rhymes of Dr. Seuss

Walter Benjamin on Mickey Mouse

Terry Gilliam’s new film
is entirely online

Kristen Stewart, on filming
On the Road

Talking with Al Pacino

Nick & Jake

Is Godard an anti-Semite?

Tarantino meets Aristotle

Art as photography
& the problem of Annie Leibovitz

Before there was Photoshop

Philosophers through the lens

China place Ai Weiwei
under house arrest

Younger audiences
like their art outdoors

How political was Picasso?

Don Bachardy
painting Jerry Brown

Barry Schwabsky on Gauguin

To carve a face

The secret museum

Updating Frank Gehry’s Schnabel House

Talking Bob Dylan
with Greil Marcus, Sean Wilentz & James Mustich

Dylan “after the Fall

Christopher Ricks on
“The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll”

Ron Slate on
Frank: The Voice

Reader’s digest:
Keith Richards’ Life

The 3 lives of Keith

Keef in pix

No interest in crack, than you

Please allow me to correct myself,
I’m a man of wealth & taste”

Talking with Kurt Cobain

Bang on a Can
rethinks “Heroin”

The Boss unearths a golden oldie

Japanese poetry
in the Tuvan-Scottish-
Led Zep songbook

Poetry & the sound of
the Khayyam Ensemble

The new public radio

The International Email Audio Art Project
(vol. 1) is now online

Expired Domain Girl

The future of education, if any

Wittgenstein’s duck (if any)

Alexander Galloway’s seminar
on French theory

What Technology Wants

Learn to Live Without Masters

Žižek & the body of Christ

A new Derrida bio

Talking with Mitch Horowitz
about Occult America

Obama’s achievement

The demographics
of last week’s elections

Limbaugh vs. Lincoln
(with Adam Smith in Abe’s corner)

Seymour Hersh:
the coming cyber war

A history of genocide

Chess for Success

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