Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Now – October 22 in Manchester, UK
Five by 12

Now – October 23 in Berlin,
Henry Darger

Now – October 25 in Manchester, UK
Manchester Literary Festival

Abstraction Revisited
Chelsea Art Museum
Now – Nov 27

Now December 1 in Brocton, MA
Emily Dickinson
is the focus of The Big Read

Now – January 9 in NYC
The Perpetual Peace Project

Now – April 13, in Philly,
Penn Humanities Forum
on Virtuality

October 19 in New Haven, CT,
Ruth Lepson & Joanna Smith Rakoff

October 19 in Berkeley
+ October 20 in SF
Norma Cole, Paul Legault,
Craig Santos Perez & Anna Rabinowitz

October 19 in Medford, MA
Clayton Eshleman

October 19 in Paris
Jacques Demarcq, Dan Machlin & Laura Mullen

October 19 in Lake Forest, IL
Ocha Poetas

October 19 – 21 in NYC:
Virginia Woolf & Jane Ellen Harrison

October 20 in NYC,
What Dickens drank

October 20 in Parkville, MO
Kazim Ali

October 20 in NYC,
Wanda Coleman & CAConrad

October 20 in Cambridge, MA
Clayton Eshleman

October 20 in NYC
Tribute to Muriel Rukeyser

October 20 at Princeton,
CD Wright & Richard Price

October 21 in NYC
W.S. Merwin

October 21 in Lowell, MA
John Sinclair & friends

October 22 in NYC
Poets for Living Waters

October 22 in London
Derek Jarman’s Wittgenstein

October 22 in NYC
Talking with W.S. Merwin

October 23 in NYC
David Antin & Eddie Hopely

October 23 in Venice, CA:
Barbara Henning & Harryette Mullen

October 23 in Philly
2 events from the Fox Chase collective

October 23 in Lowell, MA
Steve Dalichinsky, Yuko Otomo
& friends

October 23 in Oakland,
Toumani Diabaté, Vieux Farka Touré
& Taj Mahal

October 23 & 26 in Austin, TX,
Louder than a Bomb

October 24 in Queens
Handheld History

October 25 in NYC,
Adonis at the 92nd St Y

October 25 in Paris
Bernard Noël & Eléna Rivera

October 25 in Washington, DC
W.S. Merwin

October 26 in Philadelphia,
Burt Kimmelman

October 26 in Philadelphia
Blanchot & the Political

October 27 in LA,
Louder than a Bomb

October 27 in SF
Ravi Shankar with Anoushka Shankar

October 27 in NYC
Rachel Loden & Jerome Sala

October 28 in SF,
a celebration of Barbara Guest
with Eileen Tabios

October 28 in Chicago
John Balaban & Le Pham Le

October 28 – December 4 in NYC
Stephanie Taylor

October 28 in Philadelphia,
Fred Moten

October 28 in Durham, NC
W.S. Merwin

October 29 in NYC
Andy Croft, Minnie Bruce Pratt & Thomas Sayers Ellis

October 30 in Chicago
Carol Novack& Anthony Madrid

October 30 in NYC
Arkadii Dragomoshchenko & Dorothea Lasky

October 30 in Toronto
Vanessa Place

October 30 in Philadelphia,
Kelly Writers House 15th Anniversary celebration

October 30 – November 2 in Austerlitz, NY
Jonathan Skinner’s workshop on ecopoetics

October 31 in Brooklyn
Susan Gevirtz & Steve Dickison

October 31 in Philadelphia
Lou McKee

November 1 in London
An audience with Terry Riley

November 1 in Glassboro, NJ

November 1 in Philadelphia
Major Jackson & Daniel Donaghy

November 1 in NYC

November 2 in Hickory, NY
W.S. Merwin

November 2 in LA
Vanessa Place

November 2 – December 17 in Philadelphia
Charles Burwell

November 3 in NYC
(Jeni Olin) Truck Darling & John Olson

November 3 in Philadelphia,
Arkadii Dragomoshchenko

November 3 in London
Terry Riley with Talvin Singh & George Brooks

November 4 in Boston,
Louder than a Bomb

November 4 in Philadelphia,
Edwidge Danticat & Linh Dinh

November 4 in NYC
Celebrating Pedro Pietri

November 4 in Chicago,
Naomi Shihab Nye

November 4 in Seattle
Dorothea Lasky & Lewis Warsh

November 4 in London
Wim Mertens

November 5 – 7 in NYC
NY Art Book Fair

November 5 in NYC
Jerome Rothenberg
on experimental romanticism

November 6 in NYC
Rod Smith & Lawrence Giffin

November 7 in SF
Linda King, Jack Hirschman,
Neeli Cherkovski & A.D. Winans

November 7 in Concord, MA
Every Broom & Bridget
a play about Emily Dickinson

November 7 in London
Hortus Musicus celebrates
Arvo Pärt & Giya Kancheli

November 8 – 14 in Philly,
First Person Festival

November 8 in NYC
Jennifer Karmin & Brandon Shimoda

November 9 – 14 in Kent, UK
Charles Olson 2010

November 10 in NYC
Cue Foundation benefit auction

November 10 – 11 in Buffalo
Aldon Nielsen

November 12 in Glasgow
Vanessa Place

November 12 in NYC,
Ezra Pound poetry reading

with Eliot Weinberger, Kristen Prevallet, Rosmarie Waldrop,
Richard Sieburth, Mathew Rohrer, Sam Anderson
& Ian MacNiven

November 14 in Chicago
Thomas Lynch

November 14 in SF
Vijay Iyer Trio

November 17 in Philadelphia,
Claudia Swan:
Counterfeit Chimeras

November 17 in Philadelphia,
Ammiel Alcalay

November 18 in NYC
Eileen Myles & Stacy Szymaszek

November 18 in SF,
Cedar Sigo & Simon Pettet

November 18 in Seattle
Kazim Ali & Sarah Vap

November 19 in Buffalo
Amy Gerstler

November 22 in Buffalo
Lisa Robertson

November 23 in Philadelphia
Salman Rushdie
(auditorium sold out)

December 2 in Chicago
Johan Jönson, Sarah Riggs and Cole Swensen

December 4 in Cambridge, MA,
Iranian poet Karimi-Hakak reading Hafez

December 6 in London
Tom Raworth & Hugo Williams

December 6 in Philadelphia
A.V. Christie & Elizabeth Scanlon

December 8 in Philadelphia
Patti Smith
(auditorium sold out)

December 10 in Seattle
Robert Wrigley

December 11 in SF,
Rob Halpern gives
the George Oppen Memorial Lecture

December 16 in NYC
Charles Bernstein & Tim Peterson

December 18 in SF,
4 films by Nathaniel Dorsky

January 6 – 16 in Key West
Key West Literary Seminar

January 10 in Philadelphia
Susan Stewart & Leonard Gontarek

January 20 in Philadelphia
Jemeel Moondoc Trio

January 24 in London
Fiona Sampson & Mimi Khalvati

February 11 in Bolinas, CA
W.S. Merwin

February 14 in Hickory, NC
Kevin Young

February 17 in NYC
Ann Lauterbach & Paul Foster Johnson

March 7 in London
Michael Longley & Sinead Morrissey

March 7 in Philadelphia
Daisy Fried & Sebastian Agudelo

March 10 in NYC
John Ashbery & Paolo Javier

March 14 in London
Paul Muldoon

March 19 in Brocton, MA
Joan Houlihan & Daniel Tobin

April 4 in Philadelphia
Teresa Leo & Kate Northrop

April 16 in Brocton, MA
F.D. Reeve & Diana Der-Hovanessian

April 21 in NYC
Michael Lally & Brenda Iijima

April 30 in Bury, Lancashire
Ron Silliman, Satu Kaikkonen & Karri Kokko

May 12 in Brocton, MA
Bert Stern & January G. O’Neil

June 23-26 in Alberta.
Marshall McLuhan’s centenary celebration


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