Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Harriet Tarlo’s “Recycles:
The Eco-Ethical Poetics
of Found Text
in Contemporary Poetry”

Rachel Blau DuPlessis’
Pitch: Drafts 77-95

Poetic Ecologies

Dorothea Lasky’s Poetry Is Not a Project

Bob Perelman’s 7 Works

The Dublin Poetry Review
includes (among others)
Sagicho Aibara, Rae Armantrout, Jenny Bornholdt,
David Brooks, Mairéad Byrne, Julius Chingono, Kwame Dawes,
Annie Finch, Forrest Gander, Eamon Grennan, Kimiko Hahn,
Michael S. Harper, Jill Jones, Yusef Komunyakaa,
Maha Elamin A Mahmoud, Jennifer Maiden, Mary Jo Bang,
Chris Mansell, rob mclennan, Paul Muldoon, Emma Neale,
Nuala Chonchúir, Niyi Osundare, Robert Pinsky,
Chris Price, Muhammad Haji Salleh, Ana Vega,
C.D. Wright, Lavinia Greenlaw, Lorna Goodison,
Andrew Motion, Richard Tillinghast
& of course moi

Beyond Borges:
Argentina now

Susan Bee:
Little Orphan Anagram
(with poems by Charles Bernstein)

Brenda Iijima with flowers
(or at least ferns)
in her hair

All of
L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, vol. 4

Cole Swensen’s Flare

Jeffrey Side on
Wordsworth the empiricist

Whitman’s collapsing
taxonomy of poetry

Scott Helmes:
recent vispo

Is conceptual writing
the new confessionalism?

Mary Ellen Solt:
Toward a Theory of Concrete Poetry

Remembering Ben Sonnenberg

Alta Ifland’s Voice of Ice

Talking with Francisco Aragón

The Oxford Book of Latin American Poetry

Urdu fiction from India

William Carlos Williams
& the Tea Party

Antaeus & the Tea Party

From Ezra Pound to Glenn Beck

Hyphenate this!

The page-99 test

Flarf & mysteries,
but not Martians

Penn Kemp,
poet laureate of the other London

Samuel Amadon’s Like a Sea

Elective Affinities:
Catherine Wagner

Conjunctions has begun to tweet

Literature as a competitive sport

Oddsmakers favor
Tomas Tranströmer
for next Nobel

Poets poised for Nobel glory?

Dorianne Laux’s
“Trying to Raise the Dead”

Mahmoud Darwish’s
Journal of an Ordinary Grief

Vanessa Place’s Exposé des faits

Laurie Anderson in Portuguese

Jennifer Scappettone:
What’s American about American poetry?

Afrikaans fiction
remakes itself in the image of
the American South

Kate Greenstreet’s The Last 4 Things

Talking with Sapphire

Khmer smot at Brown

Michael Lally remembers Michael Gizzi

Harriet remembers Michael Gizzi

Henry Gould reads two poems from 1983,
one by him, one by Michael Gizzi

Gould’s review of Avis from 1979

Michael Gizzi & Craig Watson
talk with Stan Mir

Stacy Szymaszek on
“the best way to honor”
Michael Gizzi

Brian Kim Stefans posts
an alternate version of
Gizzi’s “A Dreadful Claim”

Allison Cobb:
“The Question of a Name”

Anne Carson’s art object

Talking with Maryja Martysevich

A profile of Martysevich

What is tanka?

Haiku Canada Review

Tom Wisner,
bard of the Chesapeake

Talking with Paolo Bacigalupi

Interest in R.S. Thomas is increasing

Huge typewriter really works

A candy counter comes to the Strand

You are what you read

Wittgenstein tweets

Aaron Shurin in Buffalo

Mohammad Reza Shajarian:
song’s relation to poetry in Iran

Michael Cunningham on translation

Lydia Davis translates
Madame Bovary

William Burroughs:
Stairway to Heaven

Oil Kills, Poets Spill

Waking the quietist

Not everybody liked Lady Gregory

Looking for the Cryptex
in Mike Young’s poetry

What if the Postal Service runs out of money

Il Postino,
an opera for Neruda

It was the FBI that watched Solzhenitsyn in the US

David Cameron’s favorite poem

Talking with Elmore Leonard

Talking with Elmore Leonard’s biggest fan

Elmore Leonard by the numbers

Talking with A.E. Roman

Tao Lin’s Tao Lin

Jonathan Franzen:
“the greatest novelist
the 1950s have to offer”

Franzen’s soap opera

Pulped fiction
Franzen’s Freedom gets UK “recall”

Martin Amis & Will Self
on becoming a character
in your own novel

Bukowski’s papers go on view

Talking with Philip Roth

Roth’s Nemesis

very bad, very sensitive stories”

Books are made out of books:
Blood Meridian & Samuel Chamberlain

6 versions of Blood Meridian

Mistaking the kid for The Kid

Jonathan Lethem
moves back to California

Raymond Carver mad libs

Julie Doxsee in the debut of
Tourist Trap, NYC

A literary map of Manhattan

A shirt made from Moby Dick

Authors rally to defend
Laurie Halse Anderson
from the censors

Looking at one MFA program
from the vantage of another

Franz Wright:
Notes Toward an Anti-MFA Program Essay

M.L. Liebler
makes poetry accessible

Authors feel pinch
in the age of e-books

B&N’s DIY publishing tool
goes live


Amazon intros Kindle for the web

The debate over turning libraries
over to for-profit corporations

Johannes Göransson’s
A New Quarantine Will Take My Place

Mary Oliver’s Swans

A trailer for
Christie Ann Reynolds’
Revenge Poems

An account of the creation
of The New American Poetry

Linguistic obits

Ander Monson’s Available World

No poets among this year’s
MacArthur fellowships

Creepiest book review
I’ve read in awhile

Jailed Chinese literary critic
top candidate
for Nobel Peace Prize

Seamus Heaney’s Human Chain

Koichi K. O’Hara?

The Bohemia of Finances

In the UK the right
proposes to balance budget
by cutting the arts

Marc Newson’s Transport
at Gagosian Chelsea

Will LA’s
Downtown Art Walk
ever go anywhere?

Going to lengths
to view Joan Mitchell’s work

NY lets ban on
selling off public art expire

Portrait of the artist
as Lucian Freud

Enrique Chagoya touches a nerve
in Loveland, CO

The man behind
American Gothic

Wayne Thiebaud’s California

Assassination art in Brazil

Can Trey McIntyre’s dance be great
if it opens in SF?

Matthew Barney
is a different kind of Orson Welles

Black Mountain alum
& the director of Bonnie & Clyde,
Arthur Penn has died

An Arthur Penn slideshow

Trailers for Bonnie & Clyde

Howl is cautious
where the poem is not

“The answer is Yes
Howl throws caution to the wind

Eric Drooker’s
graphic novel of Howl

A film about a poem
& not just a poet
is something brand new

Reading Howl at Howl

Everybody’s fave Ph.D. candidate,
James Franco

The Norman Mailer film bio

John Cage:
How to Get Started
(you are invited to participate)

The Plastic Ono Band
makes its LA debut

John Lennon at 70:

Sitar Hero

Pete Seeger’s Sundays

Sarah Palin’s
Triple Word Score

in the Twitter redesign!

Sebastian Seung:
I am my connectome

Tim Birkhead:
The wisdom of birds

Charles Simic
on the Serbian surprise

is back tonight!


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