Wednesday, October 20, 2010

read in Babylonian
(with other Babylonian & Assyrian texts)

Dodie Bellamy:
“a powerful feminist strategy”

Saudi female poet
defies men & law

A Berkeley poet of the 1960s
& social justice activist,
Lowell Levant has died

Who remembers
Ksenia Nekrosova

Bryan Beck on John Godfrey

Jean Valentine & Lyn Hejinian:
“Pure poetry”

Amy King:
“A Geography of Pleasure”

Jerome Rothenberg:
The Jigoku Zoshi Hells:
A Book of Variations

Rae Armantrout’s “Custom”

Armantrout reading
at the National Book Festival

Coral Bracho, David Huerta,
Homero Aridjis

Paul Blackburn’s The Journals

The way Gertrude Stein wrote book reviews

Kit Robinson on Carla Harryman’s
Adorno’s Noise

Talking with Al Young

5 poems by Young

Sandra Simonds’
Made from Scratch

New Jersey’s poetry trail

back in the library where I first discovered it,
poetry ain’t no frilly thing

Christina Hutchins,
Albany’s poet laureate

The poetry of place in Albany

4 centuries of Black Nature
in a town that used
to be red-lined

as “impenetrable” as Pound
& yet “Muldoonish

Muldoon’s “A Mayfly”

Chris McCreary,
poet & teacher, on
Poets & Teaching


Eileen Tabios:
“A S
éance with William Carlos Williams”

Talking with Harry Northup

Talking with Dennis Cooper

Introducing Eléna Rivera

Contemporary Latino Poets Mix It Up

5 recent books by Latino poets

Def Jam poet
Dia de la Raza

British Poetry 1945-2007

The Beats & the Tea Party

William S. Burroughs:
locked & loaded

The Cleveland family
meets Mr. Burroughs

Old Bull reading The Red Death

Literary Tatts

Where LitTatt bearers find their inspiration

Remembering David Markson

All Sorts of Sports
is up for auction

The illustrated Finnegans Wake

Robert Duncan paper doll

This is your brain on poetry

Why we can’t publish you

Library, Inc.

1,000 libraries could close

Sara Nicholson
on David Jones’ The Anathemata

“Poets are very wascally folks”
Rod Smith: poems & an interview

David Berridge & Márton Koppány
on concrete poetry

A doctoral dissertation
on the visual poet Jim Andrews

Looking for Asian superheroes

Ellen Bass
& the “repressed memory” moral panic
& its victims

War & peace in contemporary
Eritrean poetry

Stieg Larsson’s year
training Eritrean guerrillas

John Taggart & Kamau Braithwaite

A book club confronts
Rita Dove’s American Smooth

Fighting to save Lawrence’s legacy

Talking with Ed Galing

Talking with A.E. Stallings

A.E. Stallings:
3 poems to Psyche

“String Theory:
The Poetry of A.E. Stallings

Rudy Rucker & Bruce Sterling:
Good Night, Moon

Andrew Fitch: “Coney Island Avenue”

Gary Snyder’s “Piute Creek”

Brooklyn’s reading series:
Storefront & Triptych

Andrei Codrescu’s The Poetry Lesson

Stanley Fish:
the collapse of the humanities

Disappearing languages in Albany

Do colleges need French departments?

SUNY Albany community protests

Google understands language
like a 10-year-old

Google starts translating poetry

Against ©

Halvard Johnson’s Mainly Black

A Cuban perspective
on Vargas Llosa

Vargas Llosa:
Enlightenment over barbarism

Vargas Llosa’s perfect protagonist

Harold Abramowitz’ Not Blessed

MFK Fisher
cooking the books

Talking with Margaret Atwood

The “mine poet

Mark Nowak on
the mine rescue in Chile

Poe & science

Walt Whitman, 8-feet tall

The work of haiku
in the age of internet reproduction

Sam Hamill’s Buson

Irene McKinney’s
The Girl with the Stone in Her Lap

The literary magazine club

Webzines & blogs look more & more alike

Joan Swift, Nguyen Trai & John Taylor

Vernon Frazer’s Margin L

Having won the Nobel,
Liu Xiaobo gets better food,
but his wife is arrested

Retired Chinese CP officials
call for an end to censorship

Slavoj Žižek:
China’s “secret”

Getting that first novel out
in time for your 101st birthday
(& getting rave reviews)

A profile of Kostas Ouranis

In Ukraine, a journal of translation
turns 85

Molly Bendall’s
Under the Quick

Roberta Swan’s
Something Happens Suddenly

Amazon comes up with “singles”
for the Kindle

E-book price war in the UK

The iBookstore 6 months later:
one “big failure”

The “worst poet of the 20th Century”

Alvarez: I was too lenient
in my judgment of Ted Hughes

Waist deep in the Big Muddy

Armitage wins the Keats-Shelley Prize

A lot o’ laureates

Daniel Nester on writing about writing

Uncomfortable Laughter

The Paris Review’s implement fetish

Hey, I’ve been using this pen
with felt-tip refills
to write my poetry now
for just under 30 years

On the closing of the comments stream

Are you ready for

Talking with Carrie Fountain

Allison Titus’ The Sum
of Every Lost Ship

Timothy Donnelly
reviewed in The New Yorker

Save Al Purdy’s house

Stanley Kunitz house

Rob Wilson’s book reviews
on Amazon

Magic Song Restorer

The fate of the S.S. Poet

Remembering those who vanished
with the Poet

Genine Lentine’s Mr. Worthington’s
Beautiful Experiments on Splashes

“beauty without vanity,
strength without insolence,
courage without ferocity”

What Shakespeare’s sonnets
actually say

Grace Schulman’s
First Loves & Other Adventures

Carla Cohen has died

Douglas Coupland’s cheery forecast

Barthes’ grief

Poetry as murder

Forewarning readers

Chris Price wins
a year’s residency
in Menton, France

The Big Red Book

For Tagore in India,
a museum on wheels

USB typewriters

Donald Barthelme & capitalism

Joyce Carol Oates’ “Probate”

Barbara Crooker’s More

First he was Allen Ginsberg,
now James Franco is an author

The Minneapolis mini-studio
behind Howl

“Lost in Translation”

Howl, the movie

Not one art film, but 4

Franco’s buying spree
of film rights

Mark Doty on Allen Ginsberg

Eileen Myles:
“Repeating Allen”

Ginsberg & company:
Wholly Communion, 1965

Howl comes to Boulder

Charles Olson’s “long shadow”

Text maps

Handwriting trains the brain

Poetry has to be listened to

Does poetry “need”
a special day?

Somebody Blew Up America

Paying homage to Dube
at Poetry Africa

A panacea for Philistines?

3 Punjabi poets

Books as commodities
or as something else

From text packets
to build-a-books for class

Talking with Stephanie Balzer

Heather Thomas
reflects on her time as
Berks County laureate

Philip Roth on
the decline of the novel

The “dirty poetry” of 1425

& of 2010

Ihab Hassan’s
“Toward a Concept of Postmodernism”

Bookstore sales declined in August

In Encino,
a rally to protest closing a B&N

The death of a bookstore
in Middleburg, VA

Different futures
for research universities

Benoît Mandelbrot has died

At 91, Ferlinghetti
“is still a howl”

The Novel! Live!
36 authors, no waiting

“A Kind of Gnawing Offness:
on Tao Lin
(subscription required)

The National Book Award short lists
have been announced

& Jonathan Franzen is not on the list

Franzen’s The Corrections

Jonathan Franzen
meets the Guardian book club

Franzen reading
at the National Book Festival

Howard Jacobson won the Man Booker

The Finkler Question (excerpt)

Jacobson’s “Jewish question”

What the Man Booker means

Why Canada doesn’t win the Nobel

Why poets like prizes

Vassar poets return
to honor Elizabeth Bishop

Ann Patchett’s house

The dead writers house tour

Nicole Krauss’ Great House

June Arnold’s Applesauce

Elmore Leonard & the pirates

Naipaul’s “wasted” trip

Marilyn Hacker’s Names

Book Store Bingo

Can TV put poetry on the menu?

Mike Rosen, 3-D poet

10 emerging book genres

HuffPo’s “7 most irritating
language mistakes”

British authors
discover the schools

The sideways library

“Sure is Quiet”
Karen Green memorializes
David Foster Wallace

Robert Goodnough has died

A.A. Bronson resigns
as president of Printed Matter

Virtual Public Art in Philadelphia

Ai Weiwei’s
seeds of conflict

Art as animal cruelty

The Bruce High Quality Foundation

The Chelsea Art Museum
has been repossessed

Talking with Yto Barrada

Schwabsky’s Gauguin

Preserving the work
of SF’s iconic architect

Roy Blount, Jr. on Duck Soup

Talking with Anthony Braxton
in French

The sound of Arvo Pärt

Rhymes with orange

Eminem & Anderson Cooper

Jeff T. Johnson on Pavement

Can a book have a playlist?

Keef’s view of Mick

Defining Jaron Lanier

The Tell-Tale Heart:
the ballet

Rare books about NYC

Speedism, boxism & markism:
ideologies of the internet

Meditations on mortality

Andrew Ross
on the “corporate university”

The role of new media
in humanities scholarship

Claude Lévi-Strauss:
The Poet in His Laboratory

Help launch
Swimming Cities on the Ganges!